Vortex Recce 8×32 Pro HD Monocular RP-100

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  • The recce Pro HD is a tactical monocular with 8x magnification and a 32mm objectives lens. A mil-based reticle with quick-ranging silhouettes assists with range estimation, calling shots, and other reconnaissance work.
  • The recce Pro generates bright, sharp high definition images with its high density, extra-low dispersion glass and XR anti-reflective coatings. The flared eyecup Blocks extraneous light and folds down for use with glasses.
  • The large focus wheel is easy to adjust and allows for smooth one-handed operation once focused while the reticle focus keeps your reticle looking tack sharp.
  • The versatile utility clip securely attaches to pack webbing or pocket edges for quick access. The unit also comes with a MOLLE/PALS Compatible pouch.
  • Textured rubber armor improves your grip and enhances durability while armored coatings protect your lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt. Fully waterproof and Fog proof this unit can be used anywhere for any mission.


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The RECCE Pro HD delivers high-end optical performance, extreme durability, and practical functionality, all in a lightweight, compact, easy-to-carry package.

Once focused, single hand operation allows for discrete observation and keeps your off-hand available for other tasks.

The integrated carry clip attaches to webbing or other flat-edged surfaces for quick access, and the included MOLLE pouch attaches to standard kit.

Tethered flip caps won’t get lost and protect exterior optical surfaces. HD optical system, fully multi-coated with XR anti-reflective coatings, delivers tack-sharp views.

The winged fold-down eyecup protects against blowing grit and blocks view-degrading side light.

Specification: Vortex Recce 8×32 Pro HD Monocular RP-100

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions7 × 4 × 3 in






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  1. WayneChicago

    This Vortex Monocular is not ready for prime time. It is full of design flaws that limit its utility.The case is too small for the device. Even with the pocket clip outside the case, it is tight and one must use two hands to put the scope in the case. The ideal case for a monocular would allow a “quick look” with a drop-in, easy-out case.The pocket clip is in the wrong place and is not adjustable. It is right where one’s hands need to hold the bottom of the scope. Were it on the right or left sides, it would not interfere with the use of the scope.The rubber tab that holds the objective lens cap onto the body of the monocular is placed exactly at the pocket clip, which is on the bottom of the scope and cannot be relocated. Every time you slip this monoc onto a pocket, the pocket lip will run over the rubber tab for the lens cap, sometimes even opening it. Sure, you can rotate the rubber objective lens cap so that the tab is off to the side, but then when you open the cap to use the scope, the cap will not be dangling straight down, but rather flopping out to the side. This is a very poor designThe focus wheel is far too stiff for one handed focus. Some monoculars (e.g Vixen brand) has a smooth and easy focus wheel. This Vortext model has a very stiff focus wheel that prevents easy use. Even trying to loosen it over a couple weeks of avid use did not loosen the wheel. I have other waterproof binoculars and scopes that do not have a difficult to turn focus wheel like this one. You will be using two hands to focus, period.The focus wheel is in the wrong place, forcing a use to hold the scope out by the objective end, and focusing with the non-supporting hand nearer the eyepiece. You’ll have to try to use it to know what I mean. The wheel should be further out to allow holding the monocular near the eyepiece.The eyepiece lens shade is, as another reviewer mentioned, made from thin rubber like a tire inner tube. It feels flimsy and cheap, particularly when folding it down for eyeglass users. Also, one small tug and it falls off.The glass and view is good, but not as good as my other ED pieces of kit. Although it is bright through the 32mm objective, the focus is difficult…objects appear sharp, but not ultra-sharp. Objects always appear slightly out of focus when compared to a one-eyed view through a tube of my ED glass binocular. Because the focus wheel is overly tight, fine focus is difficult. The glass works well in dim conditions compared to smaller objective monoculars (eg Vixen 8×16), but once in light conditions, the competitors’ monoculars are simply easier to carry and to use.The price at three hundred dollars is extreme once one sees ands uses the scope. It is not nearly worth that price as other manufacturers offer similar warranties (e.g Bushnell ED mono, Zeiss, etc.), and have better functionality.The objective lens cap is fine and works well, but pops off every single time when one pulls the scope in and out of the too-tight storage case. On the other end, the eye lens cap is atrocious. It simply tucks inside the rubber eye shade, and as such cannot be used with the eye shade rolled down or removed. It pops out constantly, and is a nuisance.The MRAD reticle is useable, but it is very hard to use the reticle focus knob as it is sticky and difficult to twist. While the silhouettes seem like a good idea…and they are acceptable if you solely use this monoc for manual distancing…they get in the way of the one clear viewing pane of the monocular. Why? The reticle itself is placed slightly off-center (unlike the Bushnell ED monocular), which is nice for viewing through the right lower pane. However, the head and shoulders silhouettes, unique to Vortex, hog up the viewing pane making this not a great choice for those that will use it for both distancing by reticle and general viewing.I am sorry that I cannot recommend this monocular. I much prefer any of the Vixen monoculars, and others have great reviews of the Bushnell ED Monocular, and if one can afford it, Zeiss or Leica monoculars. At the exact same price of this Vortex Recce Pro is the Zeiss Terra ED Compact binoculars, which weigh in at exactly the same 11 ounces; this is a consideration that one should make when looking for portability and great glass (the reviews for that binocular are exquisite).I regret the purchase of this Vortex Recce Pro Monocular.

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  2. Patrick D. Myrto

    A well built and rugged unit. While it’s no Swarovski, at this price point the glass is excellent. There is a slight bias toward the reds – looking at a white surface through the unit vs viewing same surface via naked eye, there is a very slight pinkish tone. Without making the direct comparison, this bias is not noticeable. It’s for quick peeks at stuff, not for spending a day bird-watching. :-)Haven’t had a chance to check the reticule against a known size object at known distance yet, but I’m sure it fine. Reticule offset to the left so it doesn’t interfere with field of view when one is not using the unit for ranging. Focus rings are quite stiff (both reticule and view focus). I suspect this is a by product of the seals. Better to have seals that will not fail vs very easy to move focus with seals that will end up leaking with use. The lens covers are a nice touch. The rubber eyepiece rotates so one that is left eye dominant can use it with the left eye.This unit will live in the console of my truck for viewing stuff at a distance when I feel the need or in the range back for viewing groups. My Swaro binos are both two damn big (and expensive) to toss in my truck for casual peeks at a distant item.

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  3. Flimflamflom

    Excellent glass. I can only ding it because the focusing ring is quite stiff and hard to manipulate quickly.

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  4. DAVID

    Got these for my son to monitor goings-on at distance at construction sites. He needed something light and one-handed for easy notetaking. He says they work perfectly.

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  5. D7

    The quality of these is great. Maybe a little heavier and longer than expected, but I’m willing to trade that for durability in the backcountry. Easy to focus, clear and accurate colors. I only own Vortex because of the warranty, too.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    much better than first version. highly recommended

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  7. Brian L.

    Not overly powerful magnification, but for its size, this product has good clarity and focus for hiking and outside exploration where you don’t want to carry binocular lenses.

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  8. Guillermo A. Grilli

    Perfect pruduct, perpect quality!!

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  9. Amazon カスタマー


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  10. 尾崎 和雄


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