Vitamix Quiet One Blender – 2237W – 1.5 qt

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  • The Quiet One On-Counter Bar Blender
  • 48 oz. polycarbonate container
  • 6 program buttons
  • Magnetically-secured back cover to reduce cleaning time
  • Made in the US.15 Amps
  • Power: 120 V, 50/60 Hz
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The quiet one blender countertop. 48 oz. Capacity, Clear Tritan BPA free advance container. 24. 5 H Width lid open, stackable, removable compact cover. 6 touch control buttons with 34 program options.

Also known as “The Quiet One,” this unit produces less noise than your typical commercial blender. Utilizing vibration dampening technology, the blender has plastic secure sound enclosure that covers its blending container . If you’re looking for a blender that will help maintain a comfortable environment for both your staff and customers, then this is the unit for you!

Featuring 6 program buttons, 34 optimized programs, and 93 variable speeds, the Quiet One Blender ensures its users can make exactly what they want. The unit is capable of making smoothies, frappes, frozen drinks, spreads, gravies, sauces, nut butters, and much more.

This Vitamix blender is perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes, concession stands, and smoothie operations. Coming equipped with a 48 oz. Tritan container that has precise measurement markings, this blender makes it easy to measure out recipes. The container also has a pitcher-like design that makes pouring simple.


Specification: Vitamix Quiet One Blender – 2237W – 1.5 qt

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions13 × 14 × 22 in






12 reviews for Vitamix Quiet One Blender – 2237W – 1.5 qt

4.2 out of 5
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  1. stacmac

    Yes, this is one of those one star reviews. I am not one to write negative reviews. However, I think I needed to this time. We purchased this unit new, in-the box 2 years and 1 month ago. We use it on average about every other day, not including week ends. So, 108 weeks x 3 times per week = 324. I’ll round it up to 350 cycles that this unit was used.This is sold as a commercial unit. We purchased the unit for our home. We thought, it ought to last a long time, it being a commercial blender.It has stayed in our indoor, environmentally controlled home kitchen in the same spot for the entire time we have owned it, except on the occasion that we move it to clean. We also only do smoothies in it with ingredients like liquid and leafy vegetables and powdered mix concentrates. No ice or other difficult to blend foods. Except for one time I did a few dried mushrooms about 6 months ago. No big deal. Because of its location, we unplug it when we are not using it. So no stray voltage that could damage the electronics when not in use. So, to say the least, It has had a good life. Heck it almost looks like new.This morning when we plugged it in and turned it on, nothing happened. No lights, nothing. I called Vita-mix. The mixer is now at their level of warranty which states that they will only cover the cost of parts, not the cost of their labor. After I expressed my thoughts, they eventually were kind enough to offer to send a shipping label which would cover the cost to send the unit to their company. Bottom line, before they even saw the unit, they have determined a flat repair fee of $185.00 labor cost for their company to repair their defective product that was used in a residential setting with 350 cycles of use. I pleaded with them. The women I spoke with just continued to use her 25 cent words to tell me that it was their policy and would not recognize the concern I was trying to share with them. She also did not understand how charging $185.00 for labor was gouging.I have a background as an aviation mechanic among other things. A blender is a motor in a box with a switch. The company has placed a microprocessor in the box to give the user various speed options. That’s it. A very simple device. The machine ought to last far longer than it did and for the price it sells for, over $1000.00, it ought to last much longer. For the manufacturer not to realize that a failure this early with so little use is a problem. Then to add to this the $185.00 they want to charge as a flat fee to repair. This is gouging the customer both ways. A machine with so little life and use that is supposed to be commercial and designed to last far longer.I really think I am being reasonable to expect a company, with its positive reputation and the price that was paid for the machine, to at least stand behind their product and not try to gouge the customer. And if it were to fail prematurely that the company ought to stand behind their product. She also communicated early on in not so many words that she did not trust what I was telling her. What a way to start a conversation. Sadly, Vita-Mix may just be another company, for various reasons, that appears to be taking the path of taking their previously earned positive reputation and milking it for all it’s worth until the brand means nothing. We all know so many companies, particularly American that have taken this path. In some ways, they can’t be blamed. It has become the lay of the land for the manufacturing companies in America. What a sad day.

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  2. Grigor Xhani

    This machine looks nice from the outside but doesn’t work! It’s a good just to make a soup 🤷🏻‍♀️ just water is running good on this machine…. not for a smoothie or a açaí bowl.. I don’t recommend! I’m dealing with this..for a four month, calling customer service nobody care!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Promoted as “The Quiet One” definitely could be more quiet!!!

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  4. Radio Doctor SC and Nurse DJ

    Fantastic productGreat packaging, very secure for shippingExpensive but worth the dollar value!

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  5. Irma M Diaz

    This product crush the ice really good to make smoothies

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  6. richard zolliecoffer

    Best blender I’ve ever had . the quietness is amazing

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  7. LLisalou

    very quiet and upgrades since the last version have the blending down to a science. Love it

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  8. aberdeenfitness

    I love these blenders. I had a hard time swallowing the price but my hearing is important. I can also talk with my Herbalife Nutrition Club patrons while blending

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  9. Amazon Customer

    It’s a quiet machine and does a amazing job blending

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Amazing productVery quiet comparing other and super powerful.

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  11. Normand Lacelle

    Bubble Tea, good texture

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  12. Fernando Trasmundi

    I no longer need to go to a juice bar.The money that it is saving me will pay for itself in less than 6 months.Powerful, quiet, and unobtrusive.

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