Technivorm Moccamaster 39340 CDT Grand 60, oz Brushed, Silver

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  • Perfectly brewed coffee in 6 minutes
  • Perfectly brewed coffee delivered by our copper element and no pumps
  • Coffee maker features a stainless steel thermal carafe to keep Coffee hot longer
  • Backed by a 5-year Manufacturers. Voltage is 120 V
  • Handmade in the Netherlands.Watts: 1600W



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The Moccamaster CDT Grand is perfect for those who entertain, small offices and Coffee shops. This brewer 39340 brews a full 60oz pot of Coffee in six minutes and includes a thermal carafe that will keep your Coffee hot up to an hour and brews A full 64 oz pot of Coffee in six minutes. To keep Coffee hot longer or for traveling with your carafe, switch to the included travel lid. The CDT Grand has a commercial style, flat bottom brew-basket and it is recommended to only brew a full pot of Coffee with this model. All Moccamaster Coffee Brewers are handmade in the Netherlands and backed by an industry leading 5-year .


  • Manual-adjust drip-stop brew-basket with stainless steel thermal carafe; pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect Coffee bloom
  • Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that produces a full carafe in just 6 to 8 minutes
  • Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit which is important for Coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty
  • Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf & phthalate free plastics
  • Ideal water saturation time to maximize Coffee complexity, flavor and aroma – achieved thru a flat bottom brew-basket design that regulates a 6-8 minute steep
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturers

Specification: Technivorm Moccamaster 39340 CDT Grand 60, oz Brushed, Silver

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions7 × 13 × 18 in






3 reviews for Technivorm Moccamaster 39340 CDT Grand 60, oz Brushed, Silver

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  1. LB

    Coffee pot worked great when we got it and made great coffee. Now it is less than 5 months old and has started leaking water. I contacted Moccamaster regarding my leak and was sent a note saying send $99, proof of purchase, and ship to us so we can look at it! It has a 5 year warranty but ONLY if it is a manufacturer defect – and they determine if it is or is not a defect. I responded to the email, explaining it was less than 5 months old and got the same chain email back as a reply.! Cheap coffee makers have a better warranty than this expensive piece of crap. Would not recommend buying especially if you ever need to use the warranty. Customer service is nonexistent!

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  2. Kudzu

    For several years, my wife and I used one of the smaller Technivorm Moccamaster coffeemakers and liked everything about it except that it did not brew enough coffee at one time. When I saw the Moccamaster CDT Grand, I did not hesitate for a second! As one of the half-dozen, or so, automatic drip coffeemakers approved by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) as meeting their criteria for optimal brewing, the Technivorm Moccamaster should be high on the list of anyone seeking the best coffee obtainable from an automatic drip coffeemaker.The only minor quibble I have with the Technivorm is that I find the large paper filters a little awkward to get really centered in the filter basket. This has not caused a problem, but I have to fiddle with it a bit before dumping in my ground coffee. Some might fault the lack of automated features. The coffeemaker cannot be set to automatically brew at a preset time.Besides making excellent coffee, the Technivorm is exceptionally easy to use and, especially, to clean-up after use.Highly recommended!*****UPDATE: Having used the CDT Grand Moccamaster daily for a year now, I would like to add two related comments that might be helpful to to a prospective purchaser.Several times during the year when my wife was away, I pulled out my older, smaller Technivorm, a KBT 741 I think it is, and have to say I actually prefer the smaller coffeemaker. It seems to me that it is a tad easier to use and clean-up after use. You might think of it as the difference between driving a nice tight sedan and driving a long-wheelbase pickup.Also, in reading the FAQ’s on Technivorm’s website, I stumbled on the following:”Why doesn’t the Grand Brewer have graduated liter/cup markings on the cool water reservoir?””The Grand models were designed for small offices or the entertaining home and must brew a full carafe each and every time to meet Golden Cup standards. The flat-bottom, commercial type, brew-basket (filter), needs sufficient coffee bed depth and water ratio to assure essential saturation and extraction.”While I remain delighted with the CDT Grand, still rate it 5 stars, unless you absolutely need and will use the larger capacity of this coffeemaker, I would recommend one of the smaller Moccamasters.

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  3. JumpMaster’s Wife

    We (well, “we” being primarily the JumpMaster, which defaults to “me” as the buyer…) are incredibly picky on coffee. And not that frilly “coffee” with creamer, additives, flavorings, and all the other crap that you snowflakes put in it. That’s what *he’d* say. He takes it black – soot black – and piping hot, and about 20 oz. every morning. Most coffee makers would do an okay job, and leave me with, oh, about 9 oz remaining to start my morning.Fast forward a couple of years, and oldest son has now started drinking coffee. Now, we have a quantity problem. This will just not do. The search begins for the best coffee maker, which will make soot black coffee, not bitter, in bulk. (And please, a Bunn? You joke.)It’s taken me a long time to get used to his coffee. It’s an acquired taste, like him. But, alas, here we are, in our search for the perfect coffee maker to meet his…I mean, “our” needs. I searched, and decided to give this one a shot. It has performed way beyond “our” expectations. I’ll admit, I didn’t realize the difference that a coffee maker of exceptional quality could make in your morning brew. When we started drinking “Alpha Coffee” brand coffee, my tastes drastically changed (Look them up!), and I really love how this just makes the coffee come alive. For us artsy fartsy folks, it’s pretty to watch in action, AND everyone gets a full mug of joe.I hope he doesn’t see the credit card bill for the amount, but figure since it is one of his basic needs, I might get away with the cost. Plus, if he gets too irate, I can always whack him in the head with the thermos and knock some sense in him.Take the plunge. It’s worth it.

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