Skil RAS900 Router Table

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  • Accessory storage containers protect and store accessories with router table
  • RAS900 comes with 2 containers and includes quick clamp system
  • Two featherboards help guide workpiece for more accurate routing
  • Bit height gauge helps simplify set-up and improves accuracy of cuts
  • Starter pin and guard help support workpiece when routing curved edges
  • Router mounting with easy bit changes and no leveling required


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The RAS900 come pre-assembled with an integrated accessory storage bag and a laminated MDF top.

The self-contained structure provides storage for necessary parts like the fence and router bits.

Included with the RAS900 is a guard, featherboard, miter gauge and bit inserts; along with a tall fence with adjustable laminated MDF faces; dual featherboards, a starter pin and guard for support when routing curved workpieces; a bit height gauge for easier bit setup and cutting precision, and additional accessory storage compartments.

The RAS900 has a quick-release router mount that attaches and detaches in seconds.

An efficient folding design means the table comes pre-assembled with minimal setup needed and legs fold for storage.

Stability plus convenience makes this a great router table for any DIYer.

Specification: Skil RAS900 Router Table

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  1. RajatB

    I purchased this about 6 years back as a hobbyist router table. It works well for the most part, but these are some issues i faced (over a long term).1. The fence (wooden) is not straight anymore. It is made of wood and it is worn off closer to the part near the router bit. This leads in narrow pieces being routed on the sides to develop a “bump” when you route them. I fixed it temporarily by putting some masking tape, but this is not a perfect solution.2. The inserts and for that matter any other replacement parts are impossible to get. I broke the plastic parts (surprise!) but cannot find any replacements anywhere.All in all, i would recommend you look at Bosch model. At least it has spare parts available and you will not be stuck with a product like i have. I just ordered the Bosch model today and for the light use i do, i think that will be a better choice.

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  2. Sean C.

    I give it 2 stars only because I was able to use it, barely. I bought mine at Sears, not Amazon. I do a moderate amount of woodworking and the truth be told, this device barely holds up. Let’s start with the cheap plastic mitre. To tighten it enough to keep the angle set, the whole thing binds in the channel making it very cumbersome to use. Lastly I’ll say to be careful of the super cheap inserts. Once the tiny tabs break off it’ll fly across the garage (as 2 of them did with me) and you better hope nobody is in it’s way. As you can see in the pic, the 3 tabs around the edge of the insert are missing and you can also see the gouge in the inner circle where the router bit hit and sent it sailing.

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  3. jschirra

    I don’t do much routing and wanted something that could be easily stored when not in use. This folding table fits that requirement quite nicely. It also comes with a good range of accessories. On the other hand, the build quality is not that great. I have two significant complaints. First, the plastic bit inserts which snap into the top of the table are lower than the table top. This can cause the wood to drop as it tranitions toward the bit. There is no way to adjust this height except possibly making a shim to fit between the snap-in ring and the tabletop. Second, the attractive black molding around the perimeter of the table is higher than the table itself and must be trimmed down. Use your router with a laminate trimming bit to fix this. Both of these two can cause the wood to snag as it’s pushed along the fence.The legs are not that sturdy. I’ve clamped the legs to the bench top and received acceptable results. A better solution would be to bolt the legs to a board and clamp the board to the bench top. That will increase setup time unless you have the space to store th table assembled but it should be worth the extra stability for bigger projects. The best solution would be to directly bolt it to the bench top.The manual lists several models of routers which will fit the mouting plate. A copy of the manual page with a diagram of the plate is attached. I measured as best I could the diameter of the bolt pattern for each of the four hole patterns and noted them on the page. You can drill your own pattern if none of the supplied hole patterns will work. There is potential for interference with the router handles and cord to power box connection so chose your hole locations carefully. The center hole opening is 4″ diameter.Overall, this is an attractive, well designed, compact table geared for occassional use and it fits that bill well.

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  4. K. Rosburg

    My first impression of this router table is pretty good. Right out the box it was easy to setup, with good packaging and clear instructions. The legs, though, are a little wobbly which concerned me at first. However, I didn’t notice this at all when I had the table setup and in use. It was easy to mount my Bosch 1617 on the included mounting plate. Getting the fence set correctly was a little finicky, but I eventually got the hang of it (and I’m sure there are tricks that I, as an amateur woodworker, don’t know). With the Bosch, above-table height adjustment is easy and there is plenty of room under the table to get your hands in for coarse adjustments, bit changes, etc. I like that it has two switched outlets: at the moment I use the second one for my shop vac. The fence works well, as do the feather boards. I like it. The power cord, however, is only like a foot long which is just stupid, and the “tool boxes” in the legs don’t even fit the accessories that come with the table – they’d be better off just building sturdier legs. Other review say theirs came with a push stick and dust port adapter; mine did not, but I’m don’t remember seeing that in the list of included items. I have a small shop, so the folding legs and ability to stash this thing in a small space is really handy.Pros:- Sturdy when in use- Easy to setup- Looks nice; works well- Comes with nice feature/includes- PriceCons:- Stupidly short extension cord- Would be nice to have some cable management under the table for the router cord- I suspect some of the plastic parts will break in the first year, but that’s typical of cheaper tools- The legs are a l little wobbly (but seem to be sturdy)- The on-board tool boxes are a weird shape and don’t fit all the accessories that come with the tableSummary: Good if you’re on a budget or have small space that requires the collapsible legs, but if you have a bigger budget go with one of the Bosch tables or something nicer from Rockler.

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  5. michael warren

    does have some problems however I modified it and use it regularly

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  6. Fa B.

    Zugegeben in diesem Preissegment findet man kaum etwas – also habe ich den Artikel mit der “besten Bewertung” bestellt.Positiv ist, dass die Lieferung deutlich vor dem Ankündigungstermin ankam und ordentlich verpackt war.Zu dem was ich mit überdenken meinte:- US Stecker und Schalter – also für den Einsatz in der BRD nicht einsetzbar. Ein Umbau ist so aufwändig, dass es sich eher lohnt einen deutschen Schalter nachzubestellen.- Die Montage der Oberfräse ist nur mit einem gewissen Aufwand möglich – Aufgrund der Konstruktion verliert man deutlich an Frästiefe. Dies mag von Gerät zu Gerät unterschiedlich sein.- Alle Führungsteile sind aus Kunststoff. Eine präzise Einstellung ist in allen Achsen kaum möglich- An eine Höheneinstellung wurde nicht gedacht. Dies bedeutet für unterschiedliche Frästiefen entweder Tisch umdrehen, mühsames einstellen am eingebauten Gerät oder eine aufwändige Nachkonstruktion einer Höheneinstellung.Persönlich werde den Tisch nicht zurück senden sondern als Grundlage für eine Eigenkonstruktion verwenden.

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  7. Rick W.

    This is a great router table for the money. Has everything you need – the feather boards both vertical and horizontal are really nice. And, the vacuum attachment works perfectly, although I had to 3D print an adapter as I’ve had to do with all my tools because the industry doesn’t seem to be able to come up with a standard for this. When I use the router table, there’s not a single bit of sawdust that’s not collected – which was always something that deterred me from using the router more – just too messy.Only thing that was strange is that it comes with a silly 1′ long power cord to the switch box. Really weird and not sure how they even managed to get through UL approval with that. So, I took the switch box apart and installed a proper 6′ long power cord so I don’t have to use an extension cord all the time.Clamps to a work surface nicely and makes a nice sturdy, functional router table for intermittent use. Not something a professional would probably want, but for the home hobbyist, it’s perfect. Folds down to a nice storage size without too much trouble.I installed my Ryobi router in it. The mount plate had holes pre-drilled for a number of routers, but didn’t seem to fit my Rybobi, although it did say in the manual that it was supposed to support a Ryobi router – must have been a different model. But, with a little measuring I was able to drill holes in the mount plate to work with my router no problem. So, it’s very adaptable to routers that it doesn’t list as being supported.There is not height adjustment in this router table though. So, you have to use a router that has a good height adjustment system of its own – mine was a plunge router so it has a simple lever to adjust height. Otherwise, you’re faced with using the arbor to do the adjustment of tool height. Kind of strange because I figured a good router table would have a proper height adjustment system for the router table.

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  8. Thomas Hicks

    This is great little table. It’s sturdy and we’ll built. I like the fact that you can plug your router into the table and use the safety switch on the front of the table itself. The exhaust port is more than ample for the sawdust it produces and it’s a standard size port so works with my little Shopvac. It comes with multiple templates and instructions for mounting the router and all major brands of router are covered. The only shortcoming or complaint I have is that the power cord that’s built into the table is pretty short. It would have been better if it were longer and/or removable.The storage built into the legs is enough to hold the accessories that come with it like the collet adapters and guides.I’ve used it for routing and jointing by putting washers on the one side and using a straight flush bit. Just remember to take the washers out when you’re done jointing or you won’t be happy with yourself later.

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  9. Steve D.

    The adapter plate did not fit my Skil router. I had to re drill the mounting holes. I had to bolt the legs down to a work bench to make it sturdy enough to use. All in all it is a good starter Router table.

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  10. Shane spencer

    This thing will take me years to master but the product is super easy to use and sturdy considering the price. Just clamp it to your work table.

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  11. Lindsay Loeppky

    Opted for the SKIL table as my router is the same brand but it will fit many others. It assembled easily. Won’t be using it often but even for the odd job, I still didn’t want a poor quality table. Was able to achieve good results with my first cabinet door task.

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  12. erika hernandez

    Exelente solo que no es 100% comparible con todos los routers tuve que adaptar el mio aun asi es de gran utilidad

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  13. Mishmish

    Good product.Easy to use. Slightly overpriced but it is what it is

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  14. Lee

    Instructions are not for the simple mind. Kind of confusing but went together well

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  15. Amazon Customer

    The router came on time fit my Porta Cable router I’ve tried it a few times seems to work good my opinion is it’s a good product.

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