Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away, Standard, Cinnamon

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  • Our bristle brushroll and powerful suction are relentless against dirt and stuck-in debris.
  • Our soft brushroll removes stuck-on dust for an almost-polished finish.
  • No matter what surface you are on, piles of small particles are no match.
  • No front wall means no snowplowing when confronted with large particles.
  • Capture and trap 99.99% of dust and allergens while preventing them from escaping back into the air.
  • Shark’s advanced steering technology provides excellent control when maneuvering around furniture and other obstacles that may stand in your way.
  • Navigate dark corners and under furniture with LED lights on the handle and nozzle-you’ll be amazed by how much dirt and dust you’ve been missing.
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Shark’s compact Powered Lift-Away vacuum is their first ever upright with DuoClean Technology.

It features a bristle brushroll to deep clean carpets, and an additional soft brushroll to pull in larger particles and directly engage floors.

Powered Lift-Away gives you the ability to clean under furniture and above floors with the push of a button.

Equipped with Advanced Swivel Steering and powerful LED headlights, this vacuum has a completely sealed system with a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens.

Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch between hard floor and carpet mode.

Specification: Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away, Standard, Cinnamon

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 46 in






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  1. E. Ray

    I absolutely LOVE this vacuum.The Backstory: I agonized endlessly over whether to get this Shark DuoClean Lift Away or the Dyson Cinetic Animal (which costs a decent bit more, by the way). I even posted to Facebook looking for input because I was SO split between the two (The results from my Facebook friends, by the way, were as follows: A few Dyson fans, but overall, the response was much more in favor of Shark). I see a vacuum purchase as something that I plan on keeping a long time (10 years at least), so I didn’t mind spending extra for one that would last.What I SO love about the Shark Duo-Clean Lift Away:1. The steering/handling- Let me just tell you, this thing handles like a DREAM. The steering is flawless, it turns on a dime, it cozies up to edges with no problems. It even gets to the edges under my kitchen cabinets and gets all those little crumbs due to the low profile of the motorized head.2. The flexibility- One of the things that sorely tempted me to get a Dyson was those commercials where it shows that skinny lady effortlessly disconnecting the wand and dusting up high, and all those fancy attachments. The Shark can do all that and more! (well, it hasn’t made me skinny…) You can detach the long wand, or just the handle, and you can even attach the motorized head to the long wand to get under beds. It also comes with a motorized pet brush just like Dyson that works wonders on the pet hair that gets on my couch and the stairs. And with the Shark, not only can you detach the wand and handle (which the Dyson can also do), you can go into “lift away mode” and detach the canister body from the upright and carry it up the stairs (or wherever) making stair cleaning SO much easier.3. The attachments: In the box, you get a crevice tool, a pet multi tool, a dusting brush, an under appliance tool, and the motorized pet tool. I have used all of them and they are all actually useful! I actually really love the dusting tool, its so easy to use it to dust blinds and ceiling fans by disconnecting the wand.4. The DUOclean: Honestly, I was not convinced from the pictures that the second brush roll was some sort of revolutionary innovation that would really make this vacuum work better. BUT- I stand corrected. It really does work well. It does two things well- First, it removed the plastic front of the vacuum that usually goes all the way to the carpet and added a soft brush roll, which allows it to actually pick up larger particles (i.e., round cereal pieces, cat food, small legos) instead of just pushing them around in the front which most vacuums do. Second, it works WONDERS (wonders, I tell ya) on bare floors. It has sort of a polishing effect, and its also great for picking up dust and tiny particles on the floor.5. The 3 floor modes: I love the I can control from the handle whether the brush rolls are in bare floor, deep pile, or short pile carpet. Great design.What my husband SO loves about the Shark DuoClean:The Brush Roll Garage and the Hair Cutting tool- Living with 3 long-haired girls, my husband has been doomed to constantly cutting long hairs that get wound around the brush bars on every.single.vaccum.we.have.ever.had. (Hey, I vacuum, he does the maintenance. It works for us!) Now, this vacuum doesn’t make that problem go away exactly. However, it used to involve him having to turn our vacuum upside down and use a pair of scissors to try and reach in there to cut all the hairs off the bar. Shark, in their infinite wisdom, has included a brush roll garage, which essentially means that, from the top, you can remove a panel to get easy access to the brush rolls, and even snap them right out with ease. It also comes with a little hair cutting tool stored right in the vacuum by the brush roll. What a great innovation! I’m sure they didn’t think of it first, but it’s the first vacuum I’ve ever seen it on. Love it!Get this vacuum, you won’t regret it. (By the way, I paid full price for this on Amazon)

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    Bought this vacuum after lots of research and reading reviews. We’ve only had this vacuum for 7 months. The roller brush stopped spinning halfway thorough normal vacuuming, I cleaned it out thoroughly and it still wouldn’t spin, even though the green light was on. Called SHARK customer service only to be told that the motor burned out and we will have to replace the entire bottom motorized floor nozzle, which is $90 and not covered by the warranty. This is completely unacceptable and should not be considered “normal wear and tear” after only 7 months of owning this expensive vacuum. Very disappointed in SHARK and the quality of this vacuum.

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  3. K. Himrich

    I purchased this model because of the supposed ease of cleaning the roller. Let me tell you, it more than met expectations. Between my cat and long-haired daughter, previous vacuum’s roller was a nightmare to clean. This Shark’s roller is visible from above (so you can see when it needs cleaning), pops out easily, and is a snap to clean with the built-in hair cutter. The roller even features a groove (see photos), so you can lift and cut the hair away. Well-thought-out design indeed! This model also has great suction, empties easily, effortlessly maneuvers around and under furniture (especially when using lift-away feature) … and retrieves lost cat toys using the convenient under-appliance tool!

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  4. kathy trask

    This damned thing ran great….one time. The next time I tried to use it, it was for about 10 minutes, then the main motor shut off. I thought well it should not overheat in 10 minutes, but I waited a day or 2 and tried again. It ran for about 90 seconds and shut off. Update: I finally convinced Shark to send a replacement vacuum. It took a fight and calling every day for weeks. But, the new vacuum is no better. It runs a few minutes, then shuts off. It takes a whole day to vacuum my living room. And frustrates me beyond belief. I think it is caused by that second brush, which I was so excited about. Something causes the motor to overheat without anything ever even being sucked up. JUNK

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  5. Okieyankeegirl

    I bought this unit and was happy with how much dirt and dog hair it picked up. When vacuuming , I noticed a burning odor. When I was cleaning the bristle brush, I noticed that the end that fits into the motor was melted. I didn’t have the original box so couldn’t return it to Amazon, so I contacted Shark, who agreed to accept this item and send me a new unit. I received the new unit on Sunday and today opened the box and put the unit together. I did a test vacuum and after vacuuming a second room I noticed that burning smell again. I did clean the roller brush twice to remove the dog hair. I also had the setting to high pile since I was cleaning carpeting. I shut the vacuum off, popped out the roller brush to see that this roller brush is melted in the same spot as the first unit that was returned to Shark. It is now past the 30 days when I received the first order from Amazon so I can’t return it. I called Shark and they can’t accept a return for a refund since I bought it from Amazon, so all they can do is send me a new unit. There is a design flaw since the roller brush overheats and melts, so it wouldn’t do any good for them to send this unit back for a replacement because that one would have the same issue. So I just spent $299.95 for a product that is defective with no way to return it for a refund.

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  6. Dinzi

    This vacuum is a disappointment. I have owned a few shark vacuums. This is the worst. The suction is very poor. I have only had the vacuum for 5 months and the roller stops spinning. I am not sure what is wrong with it. The only positive about the vacuum is changing the different attachments is a lot easier than in the older version of vacuums. I highly recommend not purchasing this vacuum.

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  7. 4wilkies

    I have had this vacuum for just over a month and I couldn’t be happier. I was originally on the hunt for another cordless Dyson to replace the one we’ve had for several years. But I couldn’t bring myself to spend over $700 to get the model with the hardwood floor attachment. Thankfully I ran across an awesome YouTube channel: Vacuum Wars where they put all the vacuums on the market to the test! I watched a dozen videos and saw that this model had “DuoClean” which essentially lets you vacuum on hardwood floor and with one switch of a button on the handle, go to carpet vacuuming all using the same attachment! Plus it was $300 less than the Dyson I was looking at. After the first use I knew I made the right decision. 😃The suction is fantastic. I love how there is a light on the power nozzle. It maneuvers really well. I actually like vacuuming now. My floors have never been cleaner. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate not having to rush to finish my vacuuming now that I’m not in a race to beat a cordless battery. My only negative feedback would be that the colour (cinnamon) isn’t my favourite, but I see now that there is a Blue model available! I would have ordered that for sure. Lastly, it’s a bit heavy/awkward on the stairs, but I could switch the attachment and fix that.

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  8. Fabian Hoyos

    Tenía tiempo investigando sobre aspiradoras bien calificadas y después de ver muchos reviews y dedicarle tiempo, me encontré con un buen descuento en Amazon por este modelo. Es de notar que es un electrónico de casa de muy buena calidad. Su diseño es sobresaliente tanto por las funciones que tiene como por lo intuitivo que es su diseño. Es cuestión de leer el manual y descubrir las funciones cuando la usas la primera vez y realmente te sorprenderá su desempeño!.Antes de su compra, utilizamos la aspiradora vieja sobre un tapete. Utilizamos el mismo tapete para probar la Shark y fué impresionante la cantidad de polvo y partículas que salieron!. Este juguete tiene POTENCIA y mucha!.. Si bien está diseñado para alfombas y pisos, también es muy util para aspirar los muebles y debajo de ellos (con un accesorio incluído). Le dedicamos un día entero a aspirar cada rincón del departamento y recolectamos una cantidad de polvo que jamás imaginamos que teníamos. Es claro que hay que estar pendiente del rodillo pues jala cualquier hilo o cabello y se puede enredar, hay que mantenerlo limpio, pero gracias a su diseño, ésta es una tarea más que sencilla. No hay aspiradora que se compare con el desempeño de una Shark. Si tienes alfombras o mascotas o vives en un lugar donde hay mucho polvo no puede faltarte una Shark para ayudarte a hacer la limpieza del hogar. Fabulosa compra, estamos muy contentos con ella!!.

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  9. Meghan M.

    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned and well worth every penny spent on it. I researched a ton before deciding on this brand and model and it has made my life so much easier with hardwood floors. I haven’t brought my broom out once in the last year!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I bought this 2 weeks ago and so far so good. Picks up a lot. User friendly

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  11. Diablo 666

    100 percent love it… But if u have a wife that sheds alot maybe get the one with the tangle free roller, otherwise works awesome!

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Better than expected. Worth the money. Easy to use and makes vacuuming almost fun 😉

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  13. Ingrid Hernández Reséndiz

    Es ideal para personas con gatos, ya que tiene un aditamento tipo cepillo, el cual se maneja con la mano y contiene cerdas que van arrancando el pelo de entre la tela y es muy útil para aspirar sillones, camas, etc.Es ligera, cuenta con un filtro donde va atrapando todo el polvo y el pelo de animal, muy fácil de usar.

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  14. C V Gilbert

    We had a Shark Navigator whilst living in New Zealand so when looking for a new one in Canada we started with Shark. This new version is lighter and cleans just as well.

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  15. Kevin M.

    The power head could be a bit bigger but very happy with purchase

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