Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Pro Upright Vacuum – Bagless – HEPA

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  • Dust cup capacity 2.2 quarts; Lift Away; Press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard to reach areas
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology plus a HEPA filter; Traps 99. 9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Powerful and lightweight; Portable and versatile at 13.7 pounds
  • Brush roll Shutoff; Deep carpet and gentle bare floor cleaning
  • Hard floor hero attachment not included
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A lightweight 2 in 1 Lift Away upright vacuum with a detachable canister for portable cleaning power.

With the push of a button, Lift Away technology allows you to lift the canister away and easily clean in hard to reach areas.

This vacuum is also equipped with a completely sealed system and a HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens. It also includes a Brush roll Shutoff button so you can easily switch between carpet and bare floor cleaning, and fine particles off your bare floors.

Specification: Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Pro Upright Vacuum – Bagless – HEPA

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions15 × 12 × 45 in






15 reviews for Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Pro Upright Vacuum – Bagless – HEPA

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  1. So

    Purchased vacuum July 17, 2016. Used it 1 to 2 times a month. Vacuum has 5 year warranty. The power head rotating brush stopped working. I contacted Shark and talked to Chris on 3-13-18. He told me a new power head would cost me around $72 plus $19.99 shipping. I explained to Chris the vacuum had a 5 year warranty and was less than two years old with limited use. I was surprised that Shark would not stand behind the quality of their product. At this point Chris told me he would send me a new power head, but I would have to pay the shipping cost of $19.99. I asked Chris what happened if the new power head did not fix the problem. Chris said we would have to try something else. I decided to take a chance on the new power head and agreed to pay the $19.99 shipping cost. I received the new power head 3-23-18, but it did not correct the problem. The rotating brush still would not work. I called Shark again 3-26-18 and spoke with Janet. I explained the problem, my prior contact with Chris and what was done. Janet told me they would need to replace the motor and I would have to pay $19.99 shipping cost in order to receive the part. I told Janet I was not going to pay anymore shipping cost if they would not guarantee my satisfaction and stand behind their product and warranty. Janet told me she was offering what was available in the guidelines and disconnected the phone call, translation HUNG UP.

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  2. Kellie F. White

    UNBELIEVABLE! Read this first before purchasing ANY Shark Vacuum products. I purchased a new Shark on January 22 of this year. Less than a month later, the roller brush stopped working. It is frozen and no trouble shooting tips would get it to work. So, I called Shark. They had no fix for this but they are willing to sell me a replacement part – replacing the entire head of the vacuum. Apparently, this part of the vacuum is not covered under their warranty and it makes no difference at all that I have owned this vacuum for less than 3 weeks. I will not be purchasing from this company again.

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  3. Himeko Shima

    I purchased this back in Oct 2015 and have had no major issues with it so far. Not sure if things have changed since I bought this, but mine came with the dust-away floor, crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet power brush attachments. The photos on Amazon show a “Hard Floor Hero” attachment, which is new to me. My hard floor attachment is the dust-away floor attachment that comes with microfiber pads. It’s basically a Swiffer + vacuum in one, which makes it awesome. Initially, I didn’t use the dust-away attachment for my hard floors since it was a pain to hold the portable lift-away component in one hand and use the other hand to do the physical vacuuming. That said, I initially used both a Swiffer and the Shark’s motorized floor brush (bare floor setting) to clean my hard floors, which was double work. I came up with an idea to grab an old backpack and use it to hold the lift-away component so I could have more mobility. To avoid the vacuum from overheating in the backpack, I cut a hole in it so that it could vent out the filtered air. Ok, I have to say this is a very crude and not the prettiest setup, but since doing it, vacuuming hard floors has become 100% more efficient for me. I actually have fun Ghostbustering all the dust and pet hair off the hardwood floors. The dust-away attachment is now my most used attachment since my house is about 70% hard floor (tile and hardwood). My second most used attachment is the motorized floor brush (traditional vacuum) for my carpets. The suction when using the floor brush is really strong. I don’t notice the strong suction so much on my carpeted floors, but on my Ikea floor rugs, it’s super noticeable. In fact, it sucks so hard on the rug that I have to put quite a bit of force to push it through. It’s like getting a good chest workout when working the vacuum over my Ikea floor rugs. I use the other two attachments occasionally. The crevice and dusting brush are pretty useful to pickup my beard trimmings off the bathtub floor (I don’t like washing all that stuff down the drain). Of course the dusting brush is good for other surfaces like window sills, but admittedly, I don’t dust my window sills that often… After adding my crude Ghostbuster accessory, sucking up spider webs from the garage ceiling is practically effortless with the crevice tool. Lastly, I LOVE how this vacuum is bagless. I actually enjoy watching the dust cup fill up with fur, hair, dust, etc… each time I’m done vacuuming. It shows me that the Shark Navigator is doing it’s job keeping my house clean. I didn’t get to enjoy that fun with traditional vacuums with dust bags. The dust cup is also super easy to empty out and has a great design. Kudos to Shark for designing the dust cup so that it can be emptied from either the top or the bottom of it. So far, I’ve only cleaned and rinsed out the foam filter about 3 times. I haven’t cleaned out the felt filter yet (I didn’t realize that it was removable and washable until just recently). Despite that, I haven’t notice a decrease in suction power, but admittedly I don’t vacuum that often (maybe once a month). In the end, I love this vacuum especially after I’m able to carry it on my back.

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  4. Jenn

    I am a fanatic for really good suction in a vacuum because I like to keep my carpets as clean as possible and I get a lot of dust and have a cat. I had a Shark Rotator before this one and it was fantastic; my gold standard.The reason I bought this vacuum when I broke a piece off my Rotator was the reviews I read on a couple of sites.This vacuum has a ton of suction but it doesn’t pick up well. I can’t figure it out and it drives me nuts because it should do better than the Rotator. I wonder if I got a lemon. The reason I wonder that is the dust going into the canister gets stuck on something close to the top that projects out a bit, inside the canister, so the dust doesn’t spin round inside.It works extremely well on hardwood floors, better than the Rotator, and it is smaller and lighter which I like, but in the end I couldn’t live with inferior performance, so I bought another Shark Rotator. I tested the 2 and the Rotator does pick up more, enough that I am satisfied having purchased it.I would have sent the Navigator back but by the time I figured I was going to buy the Rotator, about 3 weeks, it was well used and I had no idea how to disassemble it and get it back into the box.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    This is our second one. The first fell down the stairs and smashed. Love it! We have an extra large shedding dog and 2 cats, so lots of fur. It picks it all up without burning out the motor. We’ve tried other “pet” vacuums and they only lasted a year and went through several belts. Our vacuum that smashed was almost 3 years old and had no problems. So we bought another one!

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  6. Madison Reid

    I absolutely love this vacuum. With 2 dogs, a cat, and a 6 month-old I needed a good vacuum for a good price and that is exactly what I got. Amazing suction, lots of accessories, and perfect for both carpet and hard floor. Picks up dog hair like you wouldn’t believe.

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  7. Joel

    I got the vacuum on good sale and have been using it for almost a year now, I think. The biggest issue I have is one that I think would likely occur on almost any vacuum… hair gets wrapped around the brush/roller at the bottom and I have to use scissors to cut it off. This only happens after a couple weeks of vacuuming, but it’s a little frustrating. But I am always so impressed by how powerful the suction is on this vacuum. It works great, and as well, the ease of removing and emptying the canister is the best I’ve seen on a vacuum. I don’t want to go back to anything else. The pet brush is also really awesome!

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  8. Madison McQueen

    This vacuum is a complete lifesaver.better than any Dyson I’ve ever used it is still functioning a year-and-a-half after it’s been bought with absolutely no issues. I’ve lent it to my mom and grandmother both of which have raved about how great it is. This is in a farm community with many pets so it gets put through quite a bit!!

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  9. Kevin vine

    Pros: Astounding suction. Excellent carpet cleaner. Excellent at getting rid of dust and cat hair. Stores easily.Cons: Too gimmicky. Cord too short. “Flexible hose” too short and not very flexible.But for CA$220 delivered to your door, what more could you expect? Vacuuming sucks at the best of times, but once I figured out how to use the not-very-intuitive Navigator, I found our home to be appreciatively cleaner than the “old” vacuum was ever able to make it.

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  10. Eddie M

    Lets be clear – i’m not a cheapskate. I was going to buy my wife a top-of-the-line Dyson vacuum cleaner when her old one died. We went to look at some of them in the store, but when she saw the price and felt how flimsy they appear to be she wouldn’t contemplate it at all.So I did some research – I googled reviews websites and read up on them. This Shark vacuum cleaner was among the top performers in every review website I looked at – when I saw how inexpensive it was here on Amazon (I don’t remember if it was in a sale or not) I thought I would take a gamble and buy it. We have now been using it for a few months and my wife is already a big fan. It’s not too heavy, its powerful, it’s easy to use, it can come apart to make it easier to clean stairs – it’s well built and generally appears to be great value for money. At half the price of an equivalent Dyson – i’m delighted 🙂

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  11. Joanne

    Works great on carpets, not so good on hard floor.The ‘wand’ handle is awkward and shaped funny.I like that the canister comes apart to use on stairs; but the placement/design of the canister and brush head make it awkward to use under tables and chairs.Mine did not come with all the attachments it said it was supposed to come with, disappointed, because I spent more money on this one than the other because it said it had the attachments I was looking for.Easy to clean and store.

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  12. David Jackson

    I bought this vacuum about a month ago after doing a good amount of research, and I am very happy so far with its performance.Key points:- It is not overly heavy, as some other reviews may have indicated.- The ability to detach the main canister and to use the wand is a game changer. It was pointed out in some other reviews that the hose stiffens to the point that it becomes too short. That is simply not the case — it stretches out easily.- The unit has a cord whether operated as an upright vacuum or with the detached portable canister. The cord is not a burden in either of its modes. The vacuum should be held by the canister handle when operated in detached mode, and there is no reason to hold the cord.- The level of suction on carpet is very powerful. Importantly, though, users have the ability to adjust the level of suction by turning a section close to the handle.- **My vacuum did not come with the microfiber pad that is pictured** The ability to turn off the brushes is great for preventing scratches on hard wood floors. Because the brushes are not used, however, the vacuum will not pick up absolutely everything. This is a necessary compromise. This vacuum is best used for a “first over” of hard wood floors, and then followed up with by a other cleaning methods.- The canister holds a lot of dirt and does not need to be emptied often. Additionally, it’s fairly easy to dispose of its contents.- I paid $222.38 CDN for it over amazon.caI cannot comment too much on the effectiveness of the HEPA filter or how often it needs to be replaced because I have owned the unit for only about a month.

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  13. Mike

    I bought a Miele c3 and it just didn’t meet my needs. I found that with 2 dogs the bag filled extremely quickly (and costly to keep replacing) and that the non-electric turbo-brush didn’t get pet hair super well out of area rugs.At 1/3 the cost, the Shark NV356E addressed both of these issues. I’m happily returning the Miele for this vacuum.I was weary that it would be cheap plastic junk, but I am impressed by the amount of design engineering. Everything is well thought-out. The suction is on par with the Miele, the electric brush far outperforms, the dust bin seems to work great with no noticeable smell of leaking particles, and the lift away feature is actually very nice. I can’t attest to how long it will last, but the only thing I miss from the Miele will be the retractable cord.Needless to say I am very satisfied.

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  14. Marlene Bucci

    Firstly, it was incredibly easy to put together, which is always a bonus. As far as vacuum cleaners go, it’s pretty quiet. I love the fact that you can empty the receptacle from both the top AND bottom, making it much easier than having to jam your hand up the inside to grab the dirt and hair. It holds quite a bit before you have to empty it, which is another plus. When you are vacuuming carpet, the vacuum almost moves itself the suction is so good. The ability to take the canister off for stairs is a great feature, especially for someone like me, who has back issues. All in all it’s probably the best vacuum I’ve ever purchased and having never bought a Shark product before, I’m absolutely sold!

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  15. Gord

    Very happy with the performance and quality of the product. The picture shows a small dent in the aluminum tube. It came this way. I do not know where this happened (shipping or factory), but appears to be working well at this time. We don’t think will affect the performance of the unit, so not sending back. Will live with it. Cleans really well. A little heavy, but weight is indicative of the good motor quality. It rolls well, and is very easy to change modes

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