Saeco Xsmall HD8645 Automatic Espresso Machine and Grinder – Black

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  • the Espresso Machine’s Ceramic Grinders Deliver Premium Espresso Coffee From Fresh Beans
  • classic Milk Frother For Creamy Foam
  • customize The Grind To Your Taste With 5 Grinder Settings
  • one Click Removable Brewing Group. Cord Length Is Less Than 3.3 Feet
  • auto-cleaning Cycle Removes Any Hassle.material Of Main Body: Abs Plastic
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Whatever blend of espresso coffee you wish to try next, the Xsmall will grind the beans fresh on the spot at the touch of a button.

It also comes equipped with a manual frother to add a touch of velvety pleasure to all your fresh coffee drinks. Voltage – 120 V

Specification: Saeco Xsmall HD8645 Automatic Espresso Machine and Grinder – Black

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions15 × 17 × 15 in






15 reviews for Saeco Xsmall HD8645 Automatic Espresso Machine and Grinder – Black

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  1. Paul Jaime

    ZERO STARS. I can not recommend this coffee machine. It is poorly made and breaks every 20 to 30 usages. I have spent many hours on the phone with Saeco support to the point where we had to send it back to them. Four weeks in and they have finally called us back saying the they will send a refurbished unit, but, we have to wait another six weeks for delivery. Truly insane. Do not buy this product.

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  2. Andrew J. Martindale

    Vapore, where have you been all of my adult life?Our single cup machine was aging and the per cup cost was annoying me. If I had money to burn, I would buy a $3,000 super automatic. Who am I kidding? No I wouldnt. I’m too cheap!That is where the Vapore swooped in and saved me like a valiant knight does a distressed princess. Perhaps a little dramatic, but I’m no less thankful.Why? Because for about twice the cost of a decent single serve machine you can have a better cup everytime with less waste for less money per cup. That said, this machine isn’t for everyone. First, this is strictly an espresso machine. It will do a shot or Americano, but not coffee (technically) because it isn’t a dual pressure machine. That is important if you don’t like the espresso taste. Second, because of it’s size you can only get 5-6 Americanos (~5oz) before you need to refill water. The machine holds about 30 ounces which is conveniently refillable from the front. The water is the limiting factor as the bean hopper with adjustable ceramic grinder will cycle through the water a few times ( I fill above the finger guard). That said, the hopper isn’t nearly as big as a premium standalone grinder.Otherwise, this machine gets it done. You can pour hot water from the wand or use it to steam milk. How about the espresso? It’s a quality shot on par with you local coffee house. It’s not as versatile as a more costly machine, but I find it much better alternative to any single serve machine.

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  3. Ordinary buyer

    We got this machine to avoid having to manually grind the coffee or use the ESE pads. We had another Saeco espresso maker before (without grinder) and we are very happy. First the positives. This is an easy to install and use machine. The strength of the coffee is acceptable if you put the grinding to its finest. When it warms up it discharges the water that is left in the hoses (some coffee aficionados like this because this is not very hot water), so you need to be careful and not put your cup underneath too early. The base (water collector basin) has a floating point to alert you when it becomes full.Now the negatives. The water tank is really small. It makes about 5 coffees before it needs refill (it might make 6-7 if you do not switch on and off between makes). There are only two set up for coffee: the small which makes a double espresso and the larger. This is typical on many smaller machines, but I would expect something more from this one. I left it on only once and I noticed that after a while some more water was discharged. I do not know if it has a shut off timer nor how much water it looses with these discharges until it shuts off. The basket that collects the used coffee is good for 6-8 coffees.Bottomline: this is a good reliable machine (so far) for the occasional use and small parties, if you do not mind the nuisance of refilling the tank and emptying the basket every 1-2 days.

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  4. Andrew

    I have owned this for a month now and I would estimate that it has pulled about 100-200 shots for me. I was holding my breath at first, but now I’m pretty confident that this will be a good machine for me. I purchased this as a warehouse deal in very good condition (repackaged) and it seemed to be new.This machine is a really low cost way to enter into the world of superautomatic espresso machines. The removable brew group is great in terms of maintainability. It looks great on the counter. I have removed the panarello from the steam wand and I’m able to make nice small foam and steam milk quickly. The warm up time is very short.There is no turning back now that I’ve expreienced the joy of painless espresso production. I’m making a couple americanos a day and sometimes lattes for my wife. I have kids and the time savings of this machine makes espresso possible when I otherwise wouldn’t have time (I had been drinking drip coffee after my youngest was born 7 months ago… Bleh). Manual espresso is fun if you have time to enjoy the process and toy with your methods. Superautomatics are great if you just want to enjoy a better than average cup of coffee.My day-to-day beans are the Costco house blend, which are about $5/lb and they are not too oily for this machine. This means my cost per cup of coffee is crazy low considering the quality (about $0.09 per shot if you’re just considering the bean cost). Say what you will about the beans and machine I’m using… I’ll just sit here and enjoy another great cup.Possible downfalls of this machine: Bean hopper / water reservoir / dregs box / drip tray are all fairly small. There is no bypass doser. It’s a little noisy (no more than my old baratza grinder and pump machine, though). Cup height is limited. It can only pull a single shot at a time (limited by brew group capacity) but if you double click the button it will brew 2 in a row. I understood all of these limitations ahead of time and they do not bother me.Will update if I have any trouble, but so far I am in love.

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  5. Julien D.

    I had been using Saeco espresso machine for more than 10 years…I recently bought this one to simply make espresso (maybe 6-8 a day), no more, no less!It completely serves the purpose… yes it is small (great for space), yes water tank is small (up to 8 espresso), yes coffee trash is small too…But so much better than Nespresso machines and its capsules’ waste!!For those who like tasteful espresso and embrace sustainability, this eco-friendly Saeco coffee machine is made for you!

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  6. Mar Palma

    MUY MALA EXPERIENCIA! TANTO EN EL PRODUCTO COMO SERVICIO AL CLIENTE!Al poco tiempo que llego la cafetera se le descompuso el recipiente en el que se queda el café ya usado, dejo de embonar en la cafetera y si no embona no puedes hacer café. Entrando en garantía la llevamos al ÚNICO lugar donde la podían arreglar aquí en Monterrey, (donde tienen la peor atención y el peor servicio al cliente), ahí la arreglaron, sin embargo a las dos semanas volvió a dejar de embobar el mismo recipiente. Tuvimos que llevarla al mismo lugar a arreglarla desgraciadamente ya que no hay más opciones en esta Ciudad, y nos dijeron que no aplicaba más la garantía. Al día de hoy (después de tres semanas) no he recibido mi cafetera ya que no contestan más el teléfono. No puedo creer cómo Philips haga algo de tan chafa y más que sus proveedores no tengan la calidad de servicio que deberían para brindar la atención a sus clientes, espero alguien me pueda solucionar pronto ya que a la fecha sigo sin cafetera y sin saber nada del lugar poco profesional donde la lleve.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    After using Nespresso capsules for some years, i wanted to get closer to the coffee beans once again without the hassle of doing everything by myself. With a 500$ budget, i think this machine is the way to go. At this price range the machine is made of plastic, but it should’nt be an issue. You choose your beans (not too oily, only restriction), and there your go. You have a nice espresso or luongo avec the press of a button, with fresh grounded beans everytime. Clean and descale once in a while and you’re all set. How can it get better than this.

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  8. Amazon Customer

     Excelente compra estoy feliz, tengo casi 8 meses de usarla y es un excelente artículo

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  9. KC

    We chose this model to replace a more elaborate machine that was too expensive to fix. We chose this model because it was automatic, inexpensive, and produces a good brew. The small size was a bonus but we had the counter space for the previous, larger unit. This unit met those expectations and the coffee is good.However, this model is way too fiddly. The water tank is small. Both the water tank and the waste tank rattle loose easily. The water tray fills constantly as the process leaks water. For the money saved, we will replace this unit when it fails with a more expensive model. The extra cost is worth the lesser hassle of not using this unit over the life the more expensive unit. We got 9 years out of the more expensive unit.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Spent half an hour on the phone talking to the manufacturer but they referred me back to Amazon for a return under warranty.Amazon in turn wants me to ship the unit back to them. Seriously??? Who has time or money to do this.Why can’t someone simply mail out the faulty part?Owned an older model of the same machine and the old receptacle for the coffee grinds fits perfectly and the machine works fine.Unfortunately the old receptacle is a different color…I have attached a picture of the brand new black tray with the arrow pointing to the little notch which is just slightly too short to hold the tray in place

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  11. Steven Román.

    Tengo dos semanas usándola y la verdad estoy muy satisfecho, lo fácil de usar y el excelente sabor del café nos tienen muy contentos en casa. Les recomiendo que primero se documenten muy bien acerca de lo que conlleva tener una máquina de este tipo, ya que hay que darle ciertos cuidados y mantenimiento cada tanto. También hay que tener muy a la mano el manual de instrucciones ya que ciertos comportamientos de la máquina te pueden asustar al principio pero ya leyendo el manual te das cuenta a qué se deben. La verdad por el precio es muy recomendable.

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  12. Jen

    This is a replacement for the Saeco Talea Ring that I had for 15 years. The new X-Small really doesn’t take up any less counter space but holds less water, holds fewer beans and needs to have it’s drip tray emptied more often. The coffee it makes is great, just as good as my older machine but the fact that it rinses water through it every start up and start down is a bit inconvenient.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    I really liked this but it’s making me crazy because every time I turn on it drips some water and as soon as I finish two coffee this machine turns off and l have to press the button on/off every time I use it

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  14. Juan Antonio Guzman

    La Máquina me parece más pequeña y frágil de lo que yo esperaba y sus controles en base a avisos luminosos es confuso pues tienes que recurrir al manual cada que la máquina te muestra una falla de operación para poder interpretarla.En realidad yo escogería un modelo más grande y mas amigable con la operación y además más robusta.

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  15. Alex Yeffal

    El café expreso o americano excelentes. Tenia duda de comprarla por el precio “bajo” comparada con otras opciones, sin embargo quede muy contento con la cafetera. Hay que leer las instrucciones, muy sencillas, para entender los indicadores luminosos, toma un poco de tiempo acostumbrarse. La volvería a comprar sin dudar.MUY BUEN PRODUCTO.Llevo usandola como 3 meses, hago de 6 a 10 cafés diarios.

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