Saeco PicoBaristo HD8924 Automatic Espresso Machine and Grinder – Black/Stainless Steel

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  • The espresso machine’s ceramic grinders deliver premium espresso coffee from fresh beans for 20,000 cups guaranteed
  • Enjoy 7 beverages at your fingertips, from espresso to cappuccinos and lattes;Boiler Design :Thermoblock
  • 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling your espresso maker thanks to the AquaClean water filter
  • Velvety froth at one touch with the automatic milk frother.Material water tank:Plastic
  • Large capacities in compact design: 8.8oz Bean Container, 15x Waste Container; 60.9oz


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PicoBaristo is a premium compact espresso machine which spoils coffee lovers with quality and variety.

Choose from a wide choice of espresso specialties such as cappuccinos and lattes. And now with the AquaClean filter you can enjoy up to 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling.

Specification: Saeco PicoBaristo HD8924 Automatic Espresso Machine and Grinder – Black/Stainless Steel

Weight23 lbs
Dimensions20 × 11 × 18 in






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  1. Amazon shopper

    I purchased this espresso coffee maker from Seattle Coffee Gear with the sale price to include a one year extended warranty after the manufacturer warranty. This is a nice espresso make but the grinder only worked for 14 months. I have since contacted Seattle Coffee Gear to have this machine service under their extended warranty. Unfortunately SCG will not honor the warranty they sol with purchase of this machine. If you deicide to purchase this machine be very careful of the Seattle Coffee Gear bogus warranty . You will be better off purchasing this machine from another retailer with a more affordable price and purchase an extended warranty elsewhere. Other retailer will sell the same machine for several hundred less. Beware of SCG.

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  2. Bryan S

    Great value if you can get it discount (under $850).Pros:- Makes great ristretto and cafe crema- Can be bought at a discount compared to MSRP (not the case with Jura)- Easy to cleanCons:- The rinse cycle after you select a drink prohibits you from setting a cup under the spout, pushing a button, and walking away- Again with the rinse cycle when the machine goes in standby (we put a cup under it to prevent it all from going into the drip tray)Things to be aware of:- I was slightly disappointed to find that there are more differences between the HD8924 and the HD8927 than just the milk carafe. The HD8924 has less drink programs.

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  3. Big Steve

    We were very excited to receive this machine, but that was short lived. The machine would not get passed the step where you add water because it would not draw any water into the machine. Amazon has no more in stock so they told us to contact Saeco, who at the end of a 45 minute call told us we have to ship in a brand new unit to get repaired.

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  4. Milton Soong

    Compact has all the functions. Beautiful machine but broke in 2 months. Followed cleaning step n still can’t get it working. We love the machine so much that we go thru all cleaning videos on YouTube. It was still not working until we clean a opening on the side inside machine. It is working well finally.

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  5. AZ bliss

    This is our third Saeco machine. We were able to get to about 15,000 cups before we starting having issues with our previous machines. I will be happy if we can get at least that many from this machine. We ussually make large coffees with the machine so I wish this model make a larger cup. I ussually add about 4 ounces of hot water from this coffee maker and then make the largest size available and that seems to work out perfect. This machine does have a higher setting for the water temperature that I really like. It does make a great cup of coffee.

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  6. Jessica Disbrow

    Would be 5 stars, but needs a few things. There isn’t enough water capacity, and the coffee bean holder could be a little larger, too . The instructions are not particularly intuitive for a first time user of this type of machine. An example is that I still haven’t found a way to determine how to set the brew amounts for the 3 different cup sizes. The machine ‘s electronics get a little discombobulated from time to time. For example, it will indicate that the grounds holder needs emptied even when there aren’t many grounds in it. It makes really good coffee. It’s great looking and makes a really good espresso or coffee. The foamer works well.

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  7. y3n

    Amazing machine! Makes a fantastic cup of coffee, and excellent consistency.Cleaning is fairly easy with the removable brew group.There are some minor quirks, like adjusting the grinder settings. The documentation doesn’t clearly describe how to do that (i.e. the display tells you the bean hopper door is open, but you just need to wait for the error to go away, and you can continue following the steps to adjust your grind).Would definitely recommend if you love coffee, and want a machine with minimal mess and fuss.

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  8. Paul Augustus

    i received a ‘close hopper door’ error message and after going through all the cleaning and troubleshooting steps, finally called their customer service support line where i was advised that there is a small magnet in the underside of lid for the bean hopper which tells the machine that the lid is closed and safe for grinding of the beans that must’ve dislodged itself and recommend having it serviced and the lid replaced which i declined to do since it was out of warranty. i will look for a replacement magnet that will hopefully fit in the recess of the lid, but in the meantime, you can place another magnet next to the receiving part of the lid and get your grind back on.

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  9. Walter

    Es una cafetera que cumple muy bien los requisitos para la cual la adquiri, es decir excelente el café expresso y el capuchino, muy fácil su limpieza y mantenimiento en mi hogar, así mismo me sirvieron las reseñas que leí antes de adquirirla, de tener cuidado con la tapas que no tengan ninguna obstrucción de granos de café al cerrarlas y no forzar estas que se pueden romper.LA RECOMIENDO SIN LUGAR A DUDAS!!!

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  10. Pansy

    Best expresso machine no mess and it makes a very nice coffee. Sure saves on money and from going to the coffee shop.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic machine. Boiler is nice and hot.

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  12. Ilies Corina

    Je l’aime !!

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