Saeco PicoBaristo Carafe Black HD8927/37 Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Black)

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  • The largest variety from a compact machine: brews 11 Coffee varieties
  • Enjoy up to 5, 000 cups of Coffee without descaling
  • Delicious hot cappuccino and latte macchiato at one touch
  • Extract maximum flavor with the 100% ceramic grinders; Material boiler: Stainless steel
  • Adjust and store your individual length, strength, and temperature with 5 aroma strengths and 10 grinder settings


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Pico aristo is a premium compact machine which spoils coffee lovers for variety.

Via theuser interface you can choose from a wide choice of specialties at one touch. And withthe Aqua Clean filter you can enjoy 5, 000 cups without descaling

Specification: Saeco PicoBaristo Carafe Black HD8927/37 Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Black)

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions21 × 20 × 13 in






15 reviews for Saeco PicoBaristo Carafe Black HD8927/37 Super Automatic Espresso Machine (Black)

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  1. Alexander K. Malcom

    The problems started with my brand new machine 1 month after purchase. I had several different error messages, in particular the magnet on the hopper door kept malfunctioning. After several long sessions with their help desk, it was determined that I had to send it back for repairs and wait three weeks which is about how long it actually functioned normally. This is a machine I would definitely steer clear of. For a $1400 dollar machine this was about as disappointing as it gets.Ok, so I sent the machine back and waited three weeks. When I opened the box and started it up I received the same error messages as before. It seems that the repair people did nothing to fix it. This machine is of terrible quality, and the support and repair people are worse. The best they will do is send me another machine, which I don’t really want given the problems I’ve had. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE

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  2. K. Martin

    UPDATE: I found the magnet that fell out of the hopper door in the coffee beans I dumped out while preparing to return. I put the magnet back in the slot, taped in place with a small bit of Scotch tape and wahallah. Worked great. Been more than a year now. No issues. So, other than the stupid bean dooe switch, now resolved, this has been a great purchase. Just a one star ding for the pain and suffering. \\ Prior Review >> I had a great refurbished Saeco automatic I bought on Amazon which worked flawlessly for almost 7 years before the brew unit started leaking. The thing paid for itself many times over in saved Starbucks fees. I decided to replace it with a new machine and after looking at all the reviews got this HD8927/47 with the milk cartridge. It worked great for about a month. Nice cappuccinos, macchiatos, espresso and cafe creamas. Tonight, the machine kept saying the hopper door was closed. I tried opening and closing. Emptied the grounds and water in the rinse tray, cleaned the brew unit, emptied the hopper unit and made sure that there were no obstructions in the ground coffee dispenser, as per the manual. Nothing worked. It was kind of obvious that there was a circular prong on the hopper door which probably had a magnet in it … but no more. Was the magnet in the bean hopper? In the grinder? With my lost socks? Anyway, poor design and likely to be a repeat issue based on recent feedback. So, I returned it. Might go back to the coffee press … takes a few minutes longer, but great coffee just the same.

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  3. Colby Ford

    While the machine makes a wonderful cappuccino, it is simply not made well. The reservoirs on top for the coffee beans and water cannot be opened at the same time as one’s cover will scratch the other. The container area that holds the discarded grounds and water bends very easily and is made from cheap plastic. The metal grate on which the cup rests is easily scratched, even when just using smooth-bottomed glass cups. While this machine is advertised as “stainless steel”, it’s mostly cheap plastic with a stainless steel-like cover.I would not recommend this item as the price is far too high for the quality of the machine (although it makes phenomenal coffee…).

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  4. Rob Hughes

    I’ve purchased several “super” automatics and this has ended up being one of the worst. It started out just fine (not great) with the main issue that the milk frother wouldn’t heat the milk up hot enough (wouldn’t even come close to 160F) and today it’s even worse with the milk barely getting heated. After 6 months a problem started to occur where the dispensing of milk started to become inconsistent… not by a lot but sometimes it would dispense too much milk and other times it would be just fine. Now after a year of use, it dispenses way too much milk and we need to stop it and need to adjust it. It would have been better to just have a steaming wand as this milk frother is a joke and useless now. A waste of money and I will never buy a Saeco again.

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  5. DvCWulf

     Just got this little hummer today, and am in love!1) The coffee is hot at standard setting and the high setting it is burn your mouth hot. So, I don’t get the reviews… are these people dragons? Jeebus!2) I am lactose intolerant and this bebe steams oatmilk and froths it quite amazingly. I mean it’s not wand velvety magicness, but it is still great for someone like me that couldn’t give 2 sh*ts about latte art.3) I use the super nonoily organic beans and they are delish. This is not an issue at all.4) It takes like no time to make a drink.5) Clean up is stupid easy and I just empty the grounds at the end of the day if used, because the idea of potential mold grosses me out.

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  6. Cat-Grandma

    It is easy to clean. It does not have as many custom settings as I expected (my daughter has a Bosch machine for several years that has many more settings). The biggest drawback is the incredibly loud, rattling water pump. It is actually louder when it pumps the water than when it grinds the coffee beans.

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  7. Alberto

    El sabor del café es muy bueno y consistente entre todas las preparaciones, el expreso es delicioso así como el capuchino y el Latte. La jarra de leche que se puede desmontar y guardar en el refri es muy practica. Estéticamente la cafetera se ve genial. El grupo de preparación de cafe se puede remover, lo que permite darle limpieza y mantenimiento muy fácil, que creo en lo personal es uno de los puntos mas fuertes de las cafeteras Saeco.Pese a que tiene algunas funciones de personalización como: temperatura, cantidad de leche/cafe en cada receta siento que se queda un poco corta en las funciones de personalización, las funciones de limpieza rápida después de cada preparación solo son accesibles justo después de la preparación y no es posible acceder a travez del menú, lo cual se agradecería. El ajuste de altura de la salida dual de cafe es muy limitado, pero se puede remover al cabezal y poner una taza de tamaño completo, aunque estéticamente ya no se ve tan bonita la cafetera.100% recomendada si lo que buscas es hacer todo tipo de cafes automáticamente.

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  8. M. ION

    Bought this as I wanted originally to stay in the up to $1500 range. Had a DeLonghi for 11 years but there were a few things that bothered me so it was time to try a Saeco. Beautiful machine, silent, very easy to use but i couldn’t extract the same flavour as DeLonghi did from the Starbucks coffee I am buying at Costco. I was getting closer but I already decided I need more features and will eventually go for Xelsis, which I did so I returned the PicoBaristo which still is a fine machine. However depending on the coffee used, you might need to work a while adjusting settings to get the coffee flavor you expect. With the Xelsis the 2nd coffee was already 95% and in 5 coffees it was already surpassing my expectations.

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  9. CGad

    Je l’utilise depuis environ 6 mois So fare So good ; c’est ma 4ième Saeco depuis 20 ans; en général ce sont de très bonne machines.

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  10. Sean Cluff

    Makes good hot drinks and has much selection. We have been happy with it

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Such a great machine. Product as described & promptly shipped

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  12. Alain

    Excellente machine, facile à utilisé, donne un excellent café riche et crémeux. Le mousseur a lait donne une bonne épaisseur de mousse. Le tout en appuyant sur un seul bouton, tout simplement wow!!!!

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  13. Caroline Dube

    Le goût est extraordinaire ! J’utilise les mêmes grains de café qu’avec une ancienne machine et le goût est totalement différent!

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  14. Mireille

    Le pot à lait est très difficile à ouvrir et la buse pour faire mousser fait des éclats partout et ne mousse même pas !

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  15. Chuck Austin

    Had an older model that pumped out 25,000 plus cups. This machine is everything I’d hoped.

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