Saeco Incanto Carafe HD8917/48 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

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  • Elegant design, best materials, and high quality workmanship
  • Creamy cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button thanks to detachable, hygienic milk carafe
  • Professional disc grinder made of 100% ceramic for consistent performance and natural taste
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to removable brewing unit and automatic cleansing and descaling procedures
  • Large capacities in compact design: 8.8oz bean container, 15x waste container; 60.9oz


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The Saeco Incanto sets a new standard in its class.

The refined stainless steel front houses high-quality Italian technology, engineered to brew divine coffee, every time. And now with the Aqua Clean filter you can enjoy up to 5,000 cups of coffee without descaling.

Your coffee dreams have finally been answered.

Specification: Saeco Incanto Carafe HD8917/48 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions17 × 9 × 13 in






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  1. MommytoZacharyA

    We have had this for about 5 days now. It took some learning to get used to. There are some aspects that aren’t intuitive, like how to program it to the amount of milk you like in your latte’s, but once you figure it out it is a game changer. I’ve been a coffee drinker for years and my husband has preferred espresso. Now that I get steamed milk I can see why, the smooth flavor with the fresh ground beans is amazing. I purchased some sugar free caramel syrup and am making skinny caramel macchiatos at home every morning. At first I thought I would still use my Keurig for my first cup in the morning when my eyes are barely open but now that I’ve figured out the Incanto it is just as easy to brew to use and tastes so much better. I’m afraid I’m spoiled for life now. How do I convince my office we need to replace the Keurig with one of these?!Things to note:We do have the push the beans towards the grinder after every few cups, this is not a big deal to us.Don’t put your cup in place until after it warms up if you don’t want the purge water in your coffeeIt is no wider than my Keurig but it sticks out furtherIf you accidentally hit the espresso lungo button twice be prepared to be awake for the rest of your life! 😉

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  2. Ellen

    One month in, and I LOVE my Saeco Incanto with caraf machine!My programmed latte macchiato is perfect every morning and, so far, I figure I have saved about $250.00 because I have not had to go to Starbucks. (latte at Starbucks is now just over 5.00, and then you have to buy a treat or two.)What’s not to love about having an awesome latte at the touch of a button, any time you want – without leaving your house! As I live where we have had record snow fall this year, this little work horse of a machine has been a lifesaver!BUT you must be willing to care for this machine properly – as with any fully automatic espresso machine. If you are not, than this is not for you.(Yes, that’s my goofy cat sitting in the snow. He’s got cabin fever, bless his heart)Update – 9 months in and my Saeco Incanto is going strong! Regular cleaning, making sure to clean the milk carafe and each of its parts is key to a great latte macchiato.Check out this morning’s latte (pic of mug with “20 venti” on it

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  3. dom

    This machine is like a ponzi scheme: looks like it works perfectly for the first days, but then it starts loosing capabilities.First thing that stop working properly is frother: it was able to make a foamy milk perfect for the cappuccino, but after less than 10 times it became unable to do so. Now it only warms milk, but goodbye to the foam.Possibly either something inside the frother is dirty/obstructed and does not pump enough pressure, or just broken.Second thing that stop working was the capability of making coffee from already grinded coffee beans: I use this capability so to make decaf when I drink too many coffees, but it worked only a couple of times.Also, there is no way to clean the frother so the frother pipe must be very dirty with no way to clean it upI am not sure if Amazon buys bulk of defeated items and resell them at 10% discount without telling consumers that these are half broken machines or the product is really bad (paid 800$, not 8…) that does not deserve any consideration by consumerWill have to buy a 80$ frother to keep drinking cappuccino… .I am Incredibly disappointed!

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  4. Monika

    great espresso and any espresso based drinks ( latte, cappuccino…) but if you like your American cup of Joe then espresso lugo (espresso extended with hot water) will not cut it for you. 🙁 . ( i had to buy a single serve coffee drip machine for my hubby so he can enjoy his coffee)I am not sure why so many mixed reviews for this product as it does the job of making mean cup of espresso really well. Taste is great and options of different brews, customization of milk to coffee ration as well as customization of beans grind. I am no barista but I do have a taste for coffee. I do find that medium roast works best for me in this machine and beans that are not overly oily nor burnt. If you like dark roast coffee perhaps the machine will make the beans taste more bitter you get in a coffee shot, but hey this is a $1000 machine not a professional espresso machine.You do have to commit to maintain it: that is clean the insert weekly, follow up with descaling and cleaning as prompted by the unit along with putting the lubricant after descaling. Keeping up with filter change is also a must. I had few issues when after cleaning machine would not “jump into place” and there was no coffee coming out. Had to reset the unit and then it worked again. Also learned that after cleaning I run some hot water ( water option) to make sure everything is aligned. I had one more issue after a week of not using machine where the espresso spout kept falling down, didn’t stay in place, but that not a big deal now. For transparency and reference I purchased this unit in May of 2018 (almost 1.5Y) and still performs like it is new. I LOVE IT and recommend it.

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  5. Hammergirl

    We replaced our broken down 10 year old Saeco espresso machine. Not bad for a small appliance nowadays – given that we like really oily beans, which are hard on automatic espresso machines, and it was well-used. Saeco customer service is amazing, so I don’t think I’d order any other brand. They are willing to help out customers, even on old machines which no longer have a warranty. The espresso is excellent. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the drip tray/dredge tray is tricky to remove and awkward. Our old one was easier. Highly recommend.

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  6. Cliente de Amazon

    Me encanta la cafetera. Hace todo menos limpiarse sola y eso es fåcil. He tomado miles de cafés desde que la tengo hace menos de un mes porque no puedo dejar de hacerme capuccinos! Los espressos saben deliciosos, para nada amargos, incluso la leche con chocolate del niño la hemos hecho con la leche espumada de la cafetera y ahora no quiere su leche de otra forma. Si quieres un café pro pero no quieres echarte la curva de aprendizaje de una cafetera de espresso tradicional, esta es la opción ideal.

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  7. PRO

    Fue un regalo para mi esposa, y ella estå FELIZ!!! De excelente calidad y apariencia. De fåcil uso y programación. Produce el café conforme se seleccione el grano, con la calidad y sabor que uno decida. Fåcilmente se ajustan los espesores de molido del grano y la cantidad que se quiera producir. TOTALMENTE RECOMENDABLE.

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  8. Atrevino

    La mĂĄquina comienza inicializando su circuito de agua, pero nunca pudo sacar agua. Revisamos tanque, filtro “Aquaclean”, que estuviera correctamente asentado y nada, el problema es interno. Al tratar de buscar algĂșn telĂ©fono de apoyo, no encontramos ninguno en la documentaciĂłn del producto.Es increĂ­ble que un aparato de $500 dĂłlares no cuente con algĂșn apoyo tĂ©cnico.

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  9. Juan carlos terrats

    Para uso de una o 2 personas es perfecta, despuĂ©s de una semana de uso diario se calibrĂł la maquina.Me gustarĂ­a que tuviera mas memoria para Programar los cafĂ©s. La comprĂ© a mitad de precio asĂ­ que si es una buena relaciĂłn valor precio (por menos de 8mil mx)Es una buena maquina, pero Si eres amante muy muy muy quisquilloso del cafĂ© definitivamente ve por una manual, ninguna superautomatica alcanza ese nivel de detalle… aĂșn)

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  10. NH

    Looking to replace my 15 year old Saeco Incanto RapidSteam with something new as it was starting to leak, I decided to get the new Incanto 8911/48. What a mistake! The first one to arrive couldn’t get out of Error mode 1 (coffee chute is blocked). Returned it and exchanged it for another one. This one kept indicating the bean hopper was empty. It never produced a single cup of coffee. I now have to return it for a second time. Come on Saeco, ever since being purchased by Philips does it mean your quality had to go away? For a $1000 machine this is very disappointing. Stay away. Far away.

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  11. River

    Great machine, just wish you could adjust the size of coffee and the instructions where better, had to have a neighbor over to help figure out how to put the machine together after I cleaned it. Instructions suck. With more then just that.

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  12. Juan Sebastian Iñiguez Rodriguez

    Excelente cafetera automåtica, Saeco es sinónimo de calidad y durabilidad, el espresso lo hace muy bien y cremoso, es para uso doméstico, la capacidad del tanque de agua no es grande y necesita filtro aquaclean, su limpieza es sencilla.

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    Se puede personalizar practicamente todo, el tamaño del cafe (si hace americanos), la temperatura del café y la intensidad, luce bien y se siente todo de buena calidad, creo por el precio es de las mejores opciones.

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  14. Cliente de Amazon

    Contentó con el producto, si hay diferencia en el sabor del café, también es verdad que gasta mås café pero por el sabor vale la pena, muy sencilla de utilizar y programar si lees el instructivo

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  15. VGS

    Es de uso fĂĄcil y nada complicado. Perfecto para cualquier nivel de entendimiento. Casi imposible equivocarse. My claras las instrucciones de uso.

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