Philips Viva Collection HD9621 TurboStar Plastic Hot air Fryer – 1425W – Black

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  • The new and unique TurboStar technology swirls hot air continuously through the whole cooking chamber, resulting in even heat distribution throughout the entire basket. Since all the food is exposed to this constant, circulating heat, it is cooked through simultaneously while draining excess fat.
  • The Airfryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds. With no preheat needed you can save time and start cooking right away. The voltage is 220-240 volts
  • The next genearation Philips Airfryer has been thoughtfully designed to fit on your countertop, now 20% smaller with the same 1.8lb capacity.
  • The Philips’ Airfryer includes a QuickClean basket with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy. The removable nonstick coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Philips Airfryer is the world’s #1 air fryer with over 8 Million units sold.



With the Philips Airfryer, you can cook healthier without giving up the taste and texture of your favorite foods.

Using its unique Rapid Air Technology, the air fryer fries, bakes, roasts and grills with a tablespoon or less of oil making it a perfect solution for fast and healthy meals and snacks.

The innovative TurboStar rapid air technology swirls the hot air rapidly through the whole basket of the air fryer, resulting in more even heat distribution.

No pre-heating is required prior to cooking food in the air fryer.

The Quick Clean basket includes a removable nonstick mesh and can be easily cleaned in up to 90 seconds.

Specification: Philips Viva Collection HD9621 TurboStar Plastic Hot air Fryer – 1425W – Black

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 in

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  1. Finch

    First the pro: It cooks wellNow the cons: The instructions specifically say not to operate with the drawer open. However, all cooking instructions I’ve seen so far say to flip, shake toss, etc the food half way through. There is no way to pause or power off the unit so you can safely remove the drawer! You would have to unplug the entire thing to do so. However the instructions, from the manufacturer, also state never to unplug it while it’s on!!!! There is no safety shut off if you remove the drawer either! So anyways, it’s got a critical feature missing and is possibly unsafe to operate.Along those lines, the timer can be adjusted forwards (add more time) but cannot be turned back. So if you accidentally put too much time, you’ll be waiting for it to burn that extra time before you can start cooking.Next problem: the temperature dial has dots that don’t correspond to the numbers. e.g. 175• •250• •325• •400So do the dots correspond to even numbers? I was running it at the dot to the right of 325 and measured the internal temperature as 300F with an infrared thermometer. So the dial isn’t correct and the temperature on my unit is wrong.Oh and also, this thing looks cheap – low quality plastic, poor instructions, sharp metal pieces, not easy to clean with towel or sponge.Anyways, I’m stuck with the thing because it’s been over 30 days but I contacted Philips to see if they might do something since this thing would be dangerous to someone unfamiliar with the complexities of it…My tips: Set the timer for exactly half the total cook time and precisely because if you go past the time, you can’t fix it. Don’t let anyone else use it because they might pull the drawer out after trying to find a way to pause it or turn it off and get their hair sucked up and burned or some other terrible tragedy! As for the temperature, just pick something in the middle and hope it turns out alright!

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I find it interesting that a review already exists on this item that says it has been on the person’s shelf for months now. They weren’t available months ago in this specific model. Hmmm.I have had it all of a week. But it is a replacement for an older one I handed off to my son.Note that this is the manual, not digital model. It does not suffer as a result. There is nothing really to set electronically on the digital ones anyway that cannot be controlled with the manual dials. All the digital ones do is let you set the temperature and time to cook the food just like this one does. If anything, the manual controls give you more flexibility.The one I gave my son was a digital version. I do not miss it, although I would if I did not have a replacement. I love these appliances and they are second only to my microwave as a necessity in the kitchen. Well, maybe the electric pressure cooker is close.Philips is the leader in air fryers. These are small convection ovens that circulate high heat throughout to more rapidly cook foods at high temperatures up to about 390 degrees.The ability to crisp foods is a key quality of the unit. You can make your own french fries and potato chips for example with much less work and a rapid results. The chips come out crispy every time, unlike some cases in which frying leaves you with less consistent results and soggy greasy fried potatoes. I have made both and never had a batch that did not come out great.Other foods that crisp very well are broiled chicken (with skin), potato skins, mini pizza or slices, cheese sandwiches, baked potatoes, battered fish, frozen food products, fried chicken (dark meat bone in thighs best), onion rings, chiken wings, reheated fast food, and some vegetables. I even find myself making some sandwiches in it like hot pastrami, grilled cheese or ham and cheese.You can also bake and broil in the unit for quick results. I did try a broiled fish recipe, but I did not care for it much. It is not necessarily due to the unit, it is more likely the recipe, but the advantage of the unit is crisping items, so broiling something not intended to crisp does not gain that advantage. And baking would be fast, but limited given the size. Now broiled chicken with a good rub on it is amazing, although the best part is how it crisps the skin so healthy alternative…well…maybe not so much. LOL.There is a statement about the unit placement and the cord being short. This unit is for simulating frying. As a result it generates heat and sometimes some amount of smoke, so you do not want the unit placed just anywhere, you want to use it under a cooking vent, and most people have a plug near their stove. I usually use it on or directly next to my cook top so it vents like any oven would. So a longer cord would serve no purpose for me unless I wanted to use it outside or near a screen door or something.The unit comes with a minimal amount of documentation probably more concerned with telling you how to care for it and safety precautions (such as proper venting) but a phone app, multiple cookbooks, tons of forums and online recipes, etc. should keep you busy. Experimenting on your own is fun, and you learn from it. For example, emulating fried chicken works very well with small pieces such as drumsticks or bone in thighs. The latter are best. You can use white meat portions, but larger pieces of chicken are difficult to get the fried effect with and take up too much of the basket, so if you use white meat, use it in smaller pieces if possible and take extra care not to overcook it. And use the dip in egg first, then in powdered mix (such as flour, pepper, etc.) method, not the batter approach. Thick batters burn up on the outside, but the flour mixes crisp with the skin and fat. The thick batters tend to turn into cookies and break away from the meat. If you use less fatty pieces of meat for frying, then add oil to the surface. I recommend you get a good spray bottle for oil.Home made potato chips in the unit are a cinch, especially if you have a food processor or other device making them easy to slice. French fries are a cinch as well. Frozen or home cut.The pan on the outside does not get hot to the point it would burn anyone. It is plastic casing all around and when shut is relatively fool proof. When you take the basket out, the inside is obviously hot because you have been heating it to 360 to 390 degrees typically. But it does not spatter like oil and it is much much safer than hot oil or grease.The innards are relatively easy to clean. They say they are all dishwasher safe and that has been my experience, but some say to wash by hand. I do wash it in the dishwasher. The surrounding piece that snaps into the outer casing gets a film on it that is a pain to get off after a while, so you have to scrub it to get it off. It will not come off completely in the dishwasher.I will not downgrade the product for not coming with accessories that make it better. I have made a couple of my own accessories, so being clever can save you money. The cover of the box wants to sell you the product, just like many products do, they want to show you all it can do, but that does not mean a television set showing a video of Avatar playing comes with the avatar bluray DVD or a blu ray player.The main thing you would want is some way of increasing the cooking space. It is limited. I cook for only two, so it is fine, but a family of four demands more space, or cooking multiple batches. The batches cook faster, but still, 20 minutes is a long time if you have to repeat it two or three times. You can set it and forget it and then place the food in a low heat oven to keep the first round warm, but at some point, that is too much work. The base can fit about four to six small bone in chicken thighs, but if you like leg quarters (drumstick and thighs attached) without the upper rack, you are going to cook two at most and with the upper rack they do not cook as well and are slower to cook.There are accessories online to help. I made my own upper rack from a flexible aluminum grill grate. Works to stack some things, but even that is limited, because it blocks airflow and you cannot easily get at the food below to move it around or flip it, so an accessory may look great in a picture, but in real use, it may fail to pass muster.Tons of instruction videos out there and tons of ways to use this unit. It does what it should and it is well made. It is the best of its kind and a great brand. I have had this model or a predecessor unit for well over a year and a half now, and I use them at least three times a week, making it the most used cooking appliance other than a microwave in my kitchen. Even my electric pressure cooker comes in slightly behind it.I have owned convection toaster ovens. They work nowhere near as well as this. I cannot speak for large expensive convection ovens, but I have a less expensive convection oven and love it, but this does things the larger oven just cannot touch.The only complaint about this for me is size. I would like it to be twice as large, but then it would not likely be a practical counter top kitchen appliance.

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  3. Cassandra_was_right

    I was skeptical about this, thinking it couldn’t possible perform as well as so many other reviewers claimed. But as a single person I am always looking for ways to cook a modest meal without using lot of time or power, or heating up the kitchen in summer. I have a small microwave for reheating and a small toaster oven for reheating things you don’t want to get soggy (pizza), but neither of those are the best for actually cooking something, so decided to try this Turbostar.I love it. It is super-fast, browns things perfectly, cooks fast and evenly, gives off very little heat, doesn’t smell up the kitchen if I cook a bit of fish, and it cleans up in moments. I’m a fan.

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  4. Quinkin

    This air fryer exceeded my expectations. I saw one of these a few months ago in a store and became curious so did some research and finally decided this was the best. I think Philips has a newer model with digital timer and other digital controls — but in my view that is just more things that can break. When introducing new products manufacturers tend to over engineer the first one or two models. I think this is the case with this one. It is very simple. I has a heating element and fan inside and only controls are the manual temperature dial and timer. All you have to do is put your food in the basket; insert the basket; set the temperature and then set the timer. Check your food by simply removing the basket. About half way through you might want to stir the food with a fork — but that is about all you have to do. Once cooked put your food on a standard bakers cooling rack with a couple paper towels under it. Clean-up is very easy. Use a plastic spatula so you don’t scratch the non-stick coating.

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  5. Sir Wolly

    I love it. You simply place your meat in it. Set the timer and surf on the internet. No looking after it like when you brown something in a pan. The meat is juicy inside and cross on the outside. The basket is not so easy to clean but also not too hard. I got the pan which is much easier. Unfortunately you have to pay extra for it. It should be included. If I could I would take the bigger one instead of this one. But now it is too late. I can even put spiced frozen meat into it. Just let it run a bit longer and everything is fine. Hope it helps. Cheers

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  6. Cleo

    There is only two of us in the house and this airfryer is just the right size. We have used this unit quite a bit since getting for everything from homemade french fries (they were crispy brown on the outside and tender in the inside) to wings and chicken tenders. Very easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Another bonus is if you are using it to cook up something like premade chicken wings the grease will drip down off them and collect in the bottom of the tray. I was disappointed that for the money spent, it didn’t come with the baking container. The unit is very well made unlike some of the competition.

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  7. Eva Krejci

    If you are realistic and do not expect same result as deep frying in cancer causing trans fats oil, you will be happy like me with Airfryer. In old age I refuse to use big stove oven, no more burning my self and fogging my glasses when opening the oven. Philips Airfryer is small enough on the counter in my tiny apartment kitchen. No heat no grease no preheating and no scrubbing oven !!!Take time to experiment with temperatures, but the instruction are pretty accurate. “Cooking for two or one ” it is a great helper!

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  8. Gordon S McBride

    We are very pleased with the Philips Airfryer. Breaded fish and chicken come out nice and crispy outside and moist and tender inside. The Viva model is small so it will not take a whole chicken unless you can find one under 4 kg. We cut one in half and it was done to perfection. It is too bad the accessories are extra and cost so much. The basket shelf would have been a nice accessory to have included.

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    Se me hace un excelente producto, queda bien cocida la comida, crujiente y gratina perfecto.He intentado hacer algunas recetas y todo ha quedado bien, en freidoras de aire recomiendan mover constantemente lo que quieres cocinar para que quede dorado parejo, sin embargo creo que por el diseño de esta marca en específico no es tan necesario voltear los alimentos, no en vano la califican como una de las mejores marcas de freidoras y ni qué decir del precio, durante el buen fin la compré como en $1700mx.Único detalle a considerar es que la canastilla es más pequeña de lo que hubiera esperado, aprox 18cm x 19cm, sin embargo, para una pareja o familia pequeña está perfecto.

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  10. Luis A.

    Ahorro importante de aceite y de energía, ya que cuento con paneles solares en casa. Comidas mucho menos grasosas, ricas. Un poco pequeña la capacidad de este modelo, aunque para mi familia de cuatro es más que suficiente. Buena compra.

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  11. Prince

    I’ve had this for a few months now and I have to say, it has made my life easier when it came to dinner time. I live in a dorm and wanted something to cook food easily without effort and in a small living space, and this air fryer has helped me in achieving just that. I’ve had issues in the past with my air fryer creating smoke but Philips had since replaced my cooker free of charge. Therefore, I recommend this as it makes life so much easier, and is backed by a manufacturer that stands behind its word.

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  12. Ulises Salas

    Muy útil, y práctica, es cuestión de hayar la temperatura y tiempo para cada cosa, (aunque trae su manual) no hay como el que uno practique y salgan las cosas a su gusto. Cumple con lo que dice, y las cosas no necesitan aceite, aunque yo terminé usando un poco de aceite de oliva en spray para las papas. La limpieza es muy fácil, y siendo sincero si se ensucia bastante de la base, me pregunto cómo será en la parte del motor dónde no tengo acceso para limpiarla. La compré en oferta y por ello estoy satisfecho con mi compra.

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  13. consumer

    I love this appliance! When I first tried it out, I did the usual no oil since that’s the reason most people buy it. The food, chicken breast, turned out more baked than “fried”. I was very disappointed and regretted my purchase. Then I watched some Youtube videos and saw how you’re really supposed to use the fryer — parchment paper lining the bottom of the fry basket and a couple of spritzes of oil on the meat. WOW!! What a difference. Now when I do chicken thighs, I season them, spritz with olive oil and set the timer for 30 minutes. Then turn them over, spritz again and set the timer for another 5 minutes or so. Awesome! Tastes like fried. My salt and pepper wings and fries taste identical to pub fare.Best purchase I’ve ever made!

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  14. RR

    Our entire family uses this product. Works very well, a little loud, time consuming to clean. Cleaning the unit is my biggest complaint, mainly because my teenagers leave it for me or my wife. It takes time to disassemble, clean the four pieces and you have to let it air dry. There are far too many difficult areas to towel dry. On a more positive note, it’s better than oil fryers, cleaner, no oil, works just as well. It would be nice to have a larger basket, but we would need that capacity very often.

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  15. Fer

    Los platillos son muy ricos, no saben exactamente igual que los fritos en proceso normal, pero obviamente, por la cantidad de aceite que evito comer, diria que el sabor es excelente, no me arrepiento de haber comprado este producto.La limpieza, es facil de hacer, quizas mejorar un poco la calidad del teflon para que no se le quede pegado nada, pero, al final no es un desastre de limpiar.

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