Philips Viva Collection Analog Air Fryer – 2.75 qt – Black

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  • Featuring Rapid Air Technology, the Philips Airfryer circulates hot air with speed and precision for perfect results using less oil
  • Cook delicious and crispy fries with 75% less fat!* *As shown in a laboratory using fresh fries and canola oil compared to a deep fryer
  • When you purchase and register this Philips Airfryer you’ll get an exclusive offer to try Noom’s Healthy Weight Program for free. Noom is a fully mobile weight loss solution, that helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle and lose weight for good
  • Includes Quick Start/Food Reference Guide and free app with more than 150 recipes
  • Dishwasher-safe parts for a quick and easy clean up. Power – 1425 W.Voltage – 110 V
  • Included Components: Airfryer, Quick Start/Food Reference Guide and Instructions



Air is the new oil and now with the Philips Airfryer you fry in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat* The Philips Airfryer makes it possible to enjoy healthier version of your favorite foods by frying them with a tablespoon or less of oil and draining excess fat during cooking.

The unique starfish shape circulates air around the entire unit, heating up to 390 degrees to ensure all food is cooked evenly.

Food becomes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Philips Airfryer does more than just fry.

It can also grill, roast and even bake your food so you have more quick and easy options when feeding your family or entertaining guests. *As shown in a laboratory using fresh fries and canola oil compared to a deep fryer.

Specification: Philips Viva Collection Analog Air Fryer – 2.75 qt – Black

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 15 in

Philips Kitchen Appliances





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  1. Mary

    I spent a lot of time trying to decide which air fryer was right for me. This one is perfect. I can cook healthy “fried” mushrooms or zucchini in just 10 minutes. I have cooked everything and anything from the freezer and made wings from raw chicken. Clean up is fast and easy. I love this machine and use it many times a weekAs an online shopper I rely heavily on reviews left by others when trying to decide what to buy so I try to leave useful reviews for those products that I feel strongly about. Please let me know if you find my review helpful. Thanks so much!

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  2. farfel5678

    No problem with the product. Does what it is supposed to do – performs a limited range of tasks without heating up a big oven – good for the planet! It’s a bit small, but that was my choice, I don’t have much room for more appliances!I got this on an Amazon “Deal of the Day” for $99. Came back now to get the two-level insert, and I see now it’s regularly-priced at $89, and currently marked-down to $79.Will never buy a “Deal of the Day” again.

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  3. Kindle Fire HD7 User

    The handle and latching mechanism on the removable wire basket and insert drip tray is of lightweight construction. The durability of the appliance is under review. Read the instructions that come with the fryer on how to use it and remove stuck on food. The outside of the appliance got only warm to touch when in use. While cooking, do have the fryer under a vent hood. And keep hands clear of the top of appliance as it emits very hot air. If oil/fat accumulates in the drip tray while cooking, the fryer may smoke. Do not cook fatty foods in it. Use a minimal amount of oil on food to be cooked. Air fried packaged battered fish filets and fries came out delightfully crispy outside and steamy succulent inside. The appliance is easy to use. While cooking, I do recommend carrying a digital timer for an additional alarm synched with the mechanical timer on the fryer. When the set cooking time ends, the fryer timer dings once and the heat shuts off. Empty the cooked food out soonest. It may become soggy while enclosed in the cooling appliance.

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  4. Ritesh Swain

    The cooking basket is Teflon . I called Phillips customer service and they confirmed the same. I am returning the item.

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  5. YKim

    I bought this because they are super popular now in Korea. My sister had this for years and she said she uses it for everything and it can replace the oven/ microwave.I’ve tried cooking some chicken breast and salmon with this, and they turned out amazing. Home made fries and sweet potato fries weren’t disappointing, plus they are way healthier than what you get from one of those fast food restaurants.Honestly you can really explore and try to stick everything in there to see how it turns out. A lot of the times you will be very surprised how good they turn out.One thing is cleaning could be a little tricky. I used scrubbing “non scratching” sponge at first and it made some scratches. Also my sponge would get caught in the wire mesh, so it’s extra work to clean that stuck sponges out. I think having a brush would be a better way to clean the mesh.Anyways, except for cleaning I’m really glad I bought this!

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  6. Candice Hill

    Such a great product. I’m very happy with my purchase and do not care that I don’t have “all the bells and whistles”. It’s really unnecessary to have a digital upgrade, unless of course that matters to you. This is simple and easy to use. Someone placed in a review that this is an unsafe product bc it doesn’t have a “power off button”. That seems silly to me- turn the timer to zero and it powers off. My food tastes fabulous in no time. This will personally be a life saver in the middle of Florida summer as I won’t need to use the oven and heat up my entire house. I did a lot of research and would definitely recommend this product. I also got a great deal (99$).

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  7. BC

    We liked the food we tried, but it is very frustrating that you can’t adjust the timer or turn it on/off without unplugging. We accidentally set it, and had to pull the plug to reset it. We decided to return it because that is very poor design.Wish I’d heeded the negative reviews. I didn’t realize just how limited this is. It was also difficult to set the timer where we wanted it, so I’ll look for a digital one with an off/on button.

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  8. Jenny

    Excellent results! Mom of two hungry boys, I dont have the time nor I cook well, this airfryer makes my life easier! The meat comes out juicy and delicious, potatoes, sweet potatoes, shrimp!! Everything is very good and with very little oil!! Very satisfied!

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  9. Chris Connors

    I tested a few air Fryers and this one by far is the best. Freshly cut Potatoes 1/4 square (Fries) seams to be the hardest food product for air Fryiers to cook so I used this set the Bar. The Philips Viva Collection Air fryer with Rapid Air Technology, Black, HD9220/29 beat the others by a mile.I bought the Phillips Viva Air Fryer on Amazon’s Black Friday Sale and paid slightly more than the cheaper Air Fryers and it was worth the extra few $$$

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  10. Lindsay

    After it arrived, it’s huge! I didn’t bother to take it out from the box. Was thinking to return to buy tfal smaller version then I heard good things about this model. I decided to give it a try, I put cheese sticks in it and it cooks so fast. I like it a lot but it’s a bit pain to clean after use

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  11. Joseph W.

    food made with this fryer taste good, like oil fried food just not as oily, and it works like an upgraded oven. happy i finally got one.

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  12. Scott

    Have used for fries mostly and they turn out better than with oil. Tried cheese sticks and they made a mess, probably in too long. So far happy with the machine and look forward to trying other things. No oil smell in the house for hours afterwards.

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  13. steven

    Need little bit work to clean once the food is stick, also the smell is strong than expected. But it’s easy to use and my family loves the food compared to traditional pan fried.

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  14. Snowy

    It is a very good air frier

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  15. Joel Rabinowitz

    I no longer use my microwave!! food tastes great!!

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