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Philips HD9621/06 Viva Turbo Star Air Fryer, White/Black

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  • The new and unique Turbos tar technology swirls hot air continuously through the whole cooking chamber, resulting in even heat distribution throughout the entire basket. Since all the food is exposed to this constant, circulating heat, It is cooked through simultaneously while draining excess fat
  • The Air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds. With no preheat needed you can save time and start cooking right away
  • The next generation Philips air fryer has been thoughtfully designed to fit on your countertop, now 20% smaller than our previous version with the same 1. 8 lb. Capacity
  • Philips air fryer is the world’s #1 Air fryer with over 8 million units sold.
  • The Philips’ air fryer includes a quick clean basket with removable non-stick mesh so cleaning is fast and easy. The removable nonstick Coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


Last updated on April 29, 2023 12:16 pm

$249.95 $99.95

Air is the new oil, and now with the Philips Airfryer you can use that air to fry in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat! thanks to Philips unique turbostar technology, all food is exposed to constant, circulating heat allowing you to cook your favorite foods with a tablespoon or less of oil.

The result is evenly fried food – with no turning needed – even when food is piled up. In addition to the heated air flow, powerful direct heat from above quickly crisps the food for delicious, golden-brown results while draining excess fat.

The efficiency of turbostar technology also means the Airfryer is instantly hot and ready to use immediately.

With no preheat needed you can save time and start cooking right away.

The Airfryer can do more than just fry; it also grills, roasts and even bakes so you have more options when feeding your family and entertaining guests.

With over 200 easy to make and inspiring dishes to try, the Airfryer will become a one-stop solution for all of your meals.

Philips Airfryer also creates less smell and splattering than conventional fryers, it is easy to clean, safe and economical for your daily use

Specification: Philips HD9621/06 Viva Turbo Star Air Fryer, White/Black

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 in

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32 reviews for Philips HD9621/06 Viva Turbo Star Air Fryer, White/Black

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Min Lee

    I purchased this because i thought this is new product but when i received mine, the box was plain brown box. Not the original philips picture printed box that normally sells at other retail stores… if this is refurbrished product, seller has to put the word “refurbrished “ on the title or on description box at least. Who would like to pay $150 for refurbrished product which you can buy new one with same price at other stores. This is totally deceiving customers. I am so dissapointed with this seller.Also the handle of this product was not tight enough so it was very shaky and the bottom basket part doesnt close tight either…. I am definitely returning and do not recommend buying this!

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  2. Foodie in Utah

    With this air fryer, I could make my own chicken wings and drumsticks and the taste is way better – crispy outside and tender inside, healthier and less grasy than the wings at BWW. I’m so happy with this purchase. I know exactly what kind of oil I put there and rest assured on how fresh the children wings are. Overall it’s just a blessing to have this in my life. Thanks Philips!

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  3. Amazonbestie

    When I decided to get an air fryer I was confused with all the different models/makers/sizes. I did some research on the pros/cons of different fryers, their capacities, and the ability to stop/start when cooking.I decided on the Philips brand simply because of the reputation and the higher than average ratings. Than it was a matter of which model air fryer I would purchase. I have 2 children, and wanted a fryer that would be able to handle a larger quantity of food, which was why I settled on the XXL model. The ability to stop mid cooking, and than pick up where I started was great. I didn’t want to have to constantly reset the temperature and time every time I wanted to check on the food cooking inside. The footprint isn’t that bad, considering the size of the cooking area. And clean up is relatively painless. Granted, there are pieces to wash (and I wash by hand, I do not use the dishwasher) and sometimes the mesh bottom is a pain to clean. But I did like the bottom of the fryer with foil to help with clean up, which makes it easier when I fry food with higher fat content (like wings – which are really tasty air fried).Overall, I love my new airfryer. Maybe some days I wish it was bigger (like when I have to fry 2 batches of fries for my kids), but I would recommend this fryer to anyone. It’s relativelt quiet, *easy* to clean, works beautifully, and fulfills its purpose with ease. I actually use this appliance more than my Instapot!!

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  4. Joyce K.

    I got hooked on air frying when I bought a very expensive Power Air Fryer Oven from a TV infomercial. It only lasted 5 months, so I was screwed when it just suddenly stopped working. The company refused to do anything since it was outside it’s one month warranty. I did a lot of research, and finally decided on the Philips XXL Twin Turbo Air Fryer. It is expensive, But it comes with a ONE YEAR warranty. I have made tons of stuff in it, and LOVE everything about this machine! It has a large removable screen base pot above the “star” base. You can comfortably fit a small pizza in it. It makes the best frozen products! Crispy and hot fries, chicken tenders, shrimp, etc., in 10 minutes. It will hold a 5 lb. raw chicken and cook it to the same crispy-skin, tender, juicy meat perfection you get with a rotisserie; all the fat drips below the star and is ready to be drained when you are ready. Steaks, pork chops and hamburgers are a snap and cooked to perfection according to your preference, without splattering grease all over your stove and walls. Toasted subs are great! French bread pizza is perfection. Clean up is a breeze! I take my whole pot out, with the star, and the cooking insert and removable screen. I fill the base pot with hot water and Dawn detergent, add back the star, the cooking pot and screen and let it sit while I eat. Afterwards, it’s just a quick rub with a Dobie, rinse and done. It also can go in the dishwasher, which I occasionally do. Unlike my first AF, this unit does not get hot on the bottom. The air is vented at the top all around. And it is a tiny bit smaller than the oven I had. I love everything about this air fryer. You may think it is expensive, but if you, like I, buy the cheaper model, when it breaks, you will have spent at least half of what this one costs. I would suggest you forego the cheap one and go with this one. Also, this is the digital model which is more expensive than the exact same non-digital model, which has now dropped in price.

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  5. AppleCody

    I used this Air Fryer for the first time to fry breaded Cod fillets. Here’s how I did it and what I will do differently next time. I cut three (3) very large Cod fillets into 12 pieces and fried in batches of four (4). I breaded them in Louisiana Cajun Fish Fry. Point to note – I use this same breading in my deep fryer and noticed that when fried in this Air Fryer the coating retained ALL of its zing – VERY spicy – I guess because it wasn’t being doused in the fryer oil. Next time I will use 50% Cajun and 50% regular breading to cut the zing! I placed the pieces (4 at a time) in the Air Fryer and sprayed with olive oil to coat them. I used the “fish” preset and set the timer to 12 mins for the thicker pieces and 10 mins for the rest. I paused the cooking halfway through, turned the fish with a spatula and then sprayed again with the olive oil to coat. I pushed the control button to resume and finish the cooking cycle. The fish came out very well with a nice crisp to them. Next time to help retain that crispiness I will cool them on a cooling rack versus putting them on a plate with paper towel (forgot I had so much less oil to worry about it – the paper towel was not necessary!) The fish was moist and delicious. My family and I were VERY impressed. Clean up was a breeze. I waited for the Air Fryer to cool, wiped the bottom plate to remove the crumbs and then placed all basket components in the dishwasher. EASY! It was wonderful not to have to drain fryer oil and dispose of it! I can’t wait to try chicken!

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  6. GIGI

    I absolutely LOVE this air fryer! I listed a few photos to show some of the things I have cooked. I am still in the learning stage. I don’t have a problem with cleaning it after each use, it is not hard @ all. I did buy the extra accessories. Baking pan, Grill, Party The one thing I did not like …Not enough room to cook bacon. I will work on this. If I figure out how to do bacon without having to cut in small strips, I will post @ a later date.

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  7. Tommy Tran

    Product was good. Make sure to insert the fat burner/plate into the holder or your home will be covered in smokes. Other than that, the product is really convenient and easy to use.

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  8. Roman Cecilia

    This is a great air fryer from Philips. I also have the smaller version turbo star from Philips, but sometimes I want to cook bigger size of meal and this XXL is great for that, (They are two great air fryers ) Very happy with this purchase. Very fast delivery by this company. Very well packed. Great addition to my kitchen.

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  9. akins

    I have used this several times for chicken, fish, bacon and vegetables. You don’t feel like your eating greasy foods, it all comes out perfect. Money well spent!

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I was very skeptical to spend this amount of money, however, this air fryer is everything I was expecting it to be. Very easy to use, the food is delicious, the clean up is easy.

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  11. kestral120

    This air fryer is indispensable in our household. It has been used a lot, as this is our second one. The previous one was too small for our needs. Once you tried cooking this way, you will never go back to the traditional means. Its quick, easy, clean and healthy way of cooking. It takes a few tries to get your individual processes right, but it is a quick learn. BTW, this Philips is the best in the market. Any other brand and/or design of airfryers are just imitators that cannot match Philips performance. (no I am not being paid by Philips).

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  12. Lee

    Quality product with high quality performance. You get what you paid for. First thing to do is to download the app for the appliance because this was very helpful in all ways. Be sure to look at how to clean it because its fast and easy. This XXL can hold a whole meal. At first i had trouble figuring it out but now i am seeing more and more potential for it. I LOVE fries and this appliance does fries well. Try the McCain crinkle cut (frozen) fries and you cannot tell a difference from deep fried. so the healthy component lets me eat guilt free. I did ground turkey meatballs and they were perfect. I am still playing with my time limits. I also did stuffed pork chops! Divine. Everyone thought it was haute cuisine. I also did Jamie Oliver’s vegetables which were par boiled at first them I fluffed the outer edges of the potatoes and they were crispy and golden on the outside but soft on the inside. This worked well with the parsnips and carrots too. I do shake and bake topping on my chicken and this was delicious!!! Bacon in this is cooked to perfection minus the grease which drains to the bottom. I then added my hash browns (cut up potatoes) because of the space to add to my breakfast. The chicken wings cooked in this are UNBELIEVEABLE! My husband says they are better than deep fried ones and less work. I dip each wing in milk then roll in flour and cook quickly in this. Half way through I shake then in my sauce in a bowl and put them back in to finish cooking. The technology in this appliance is superior because it can cook at such a high heat and so quickly which is a bonus on the busy family with short time frames. I’m cooking as healthy as possible which is why i bought this model. The reviews for this one were very good and I can see why.

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  13. Philip Pigeon

    Great fryer. I upgraded to this from the small model to this one because the quality is awesome and I needed a bigger size. It’s well worth it. The XXL does seem to take a few minutes more to cook compared to the smaller model and there’s no rack to have a second level of food that the smaller model had but this one does have the grease catcher which makes sense. This is the only reason it’s losing a star in my rating.

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  14. AndK

    It’s very expensive for what it does. I have 100 dollar air fryer and it does everything this close to 400 dollar Philips air fryer can do. The worse part of this air fryer is not being able to purchase accessories for it. XXL model accessories are available from third party vendors fulfilled by Amazon and the price is literally double after the conversion of the USD to CAD. There is no way I am going to pay for a grill pan for 130 dollars. Philips Canada do not carry a Grill pan for XXL. You can order the accessories from the US directly, but after the currency conversion, duty fee and shipping it cost more than 150 CAD for a Grill Pan. The Air Fryer itself is okay but the price is way expensive for what it does especially when there are many other companies provide the same or even better at half of this unit. The unit does not have any accessories and forces you to purchase them on top of an already expensive air fryer. On top of that, you can’t even buy them in Canada.

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  15. Nikki H.

    I researched for several months deciding which air fryer was the right one for my family. Having never used one before I decided to go big or go home! I am so happy I chose the Philips XXL. It’s perfect for my family. I’m feeding my husband and our two teenage boys so I wanted the largest basket I could find. I’ve made meats, vegetables, mini pizzas, and more. You won’t be disappointed with this model. Clean up is simple and food tastes great! Highly recommend.

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  16. John

    So I know this isn’t recommended for Bacon, but wow, 3 strips at 12 minutes @ 350F is amazing, literally 1/3 of a cup of grease pulled out. I think the trick is to do small batches and dump the grease. Never burnt and totally cooked to perfection. This is a great machine, glad I purchased it. Highly recommended seems like any issues they had have been worked out, no extra white smoke even for Bacon. I had a Breville convention oven but this ups the game to a whole new level.

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  17. LH

    It’s the perfect size for family of 3. Any smaller and it may only be good for 1. Love everything about it – quality is fantastic. Only disappointed that it didn’t come with accessories like a rack. Purchased non-oem accessories that fit in Airfryer perfectly.

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  18. Tim

    I’m a newbie at AirFrying but I have some thoughts specifically about the standard size Philips AirFryer models. I have the Philips 9641/96 (USA model with the improved V2 airflow technology) with the Dual Level Rack and Grill accessories. This model Philips is expensive, if you buy at list price, but I see them discounted regularly. Yes, they are more costly than other AirFryers, however there are reasons why.In my limited AirFryer experience (4 weeks) I’ve cooked bacon (with the dual level rack), steakhouse style baked potatoes, French fries, curly fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, Parmesan asparagus, Hasselback potatoes, tiny chickens (Cornish Game Hens here in the USA), buttermilk chicken tenders, buffalo wings, frozen potstickers, chicken thighs and honey roasted carrots. All have come out quite good, even with the stock recipes from the Philips recipe book or from Internet recipes where I’ve compared several approaches and taken the average time/temps.The DesignI’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos about AirFrying and note that most of the non-Philips airfryers either have large holes in the main basket or none at all. The Philips baskets have a mesh bottom and a wide trough around the inner basket, which I believe allows greater airflow to evenly and quickly heat the food based on the fact that I don’t need to toss recipe ingredients as frequently as with other AF designs to achieve even cooking results. The unique starfish air circulation design doesn’t appear to just be hype. I also chose this ‘advanced’ model as it’s supposed to have improved V2 airflow and a slightly smaller counter footprint. This Philips model is VERY quiet. The cooking basket and accessories are non-stick but are not Teflon, I believe.Philips AF comes only with a std basket with mesh bottom panel. The good news is that the std Philips design allows maximum airflow during cooking the majority of things while optional (bad new$) accessories like the grill and deep cooking pan give you the flexibility to cook more foods in the same device with max efficiency. This was certainly a design choice and I’ve come to appreciate the path that Philips took, even though it cost me more to acquire the optional accessories.Cleaning, which you should do after every cook, is exceptionally easy as the basket comes completely apart (basket frame, handle and mesh screen bottom) for scrubbing over the sink. You can put the parts in the dishwasher but I prefer to quickly hand wash them.Things that annoy meThe capacity is modest, although the dual level rack does expand the capacity for some recipes. It’s perfect for one or possible two people, but would not serve a family of 4 (I know Philips offers a larger model). I look at the modest capacity as a way to enforce portion control for myself. But the Std size models would work nicely for a family as a second oven for side dishes, quick meals for kids or dessert. Second, the temperature only increments 25F at a time. I would prefer to be able to set more specific temps, however I note that adjusting the cook time seems to compensate quite well for temps that are only close to times I see in online recipes.Things I’ve learnedI LOVE the speed of counter top convection cooking and the use of less fats in my cooking. I use an oil MISTER, which produces a more delicate mist than other oil sprayers that seem to default to a gloppy stream after a few sprays. I’m hoping to enjoy some energy savings by not having to heat up a full oven to cook a single baked potato or sheet pan of roasted vegetables and chicken breast.SummaryI think that this Philips AF offers well thought out design and exceptional quality, albeit at premium pricing. I’d recommend the Philips AF if the capacity meets your needs and if you’re not too price sensitive. — Remember, you only buy it once and it will last for years.

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  19. Danny Matthews

    Received it today, unpacked it and fired it up. The first food I cooked in it was Coconut shrimp and fries both entries turn out perfect with the right amount of color. Shrimp was crunchy and golden and the fries were perfect brown. Taste was great. If your on the fence about purchasing this don’t hesitate you will not be disappointed. Food was awesome and cleanup is a breeze. Fryer has some weight to it. that I like, it feels solid and well made. Cut the cooking time from a toaster oven that I’m use to using in about half the time and turned out much better.The grease from the picture was off the Shrimp.

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  20. Mike Z.

    Having gone without a deep fryer for over 40 years (I’m already fat), I of course still missed the flavor, having used a conventional oven to heat fries, onion rings, etc. so I decided to give an airfryer a shot. I’ve ended up using mine, up to FOUR TIMES in the same day !!! Hash brown patties at breakfast, toasted ravioli at lunch, mozzarella sticks for my son, sausage balls in the evening for both of us. My conventional oven + stick-free foil are now practically retired. Clean up is simple, using either hot, soapy water in the sink, or the dishwasher. Not only am I eating healthier, but also saving on my electric bill !!! Best recipe so far has been roasted potatoes, using olive oil, and Lipton’s onion soup mix. This fryer is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone interested in buying one. Enjoy !

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  21. Deborah

    I have never fallen in love so fast with a kitchen appliance. It works well. The second cooking rack is essential. With it, I can cook all the chicken I need for 2 people. Without it, it holds enough for 1 person.

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  22. kathee1g

    Unknown to me, the temperature settings on this fryer are limited to 25 degree increments – 200, 225, 250, 300 etc. Not being familiar with this type of cooking, I searched online for recipes and VERY few have settings for these degrees – many require like 230 degrees or 380, etc. The app and documents that come with this fryer only include a handful of recipes. Maybe I missed this detail in the description, but if I had known this, I would have opted for a different model. Too expensive in my mind to be this limiting.

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  23. L. Kennedy

    I am so glad I chose this. Can’t compare to others as this is my first but I did a lot of research and this one is living up to my expectations. The material seems to be sturdy. I’ll have to give it some time on durability although I did drop the basket once and nothing happened. It is very easy to either wash by hand or pop in dishwasher. I usually didn’t fry foods because I don’t like all the grease and spatter wreaked havoc around the stove area. No longer a concern for either. I’ve cooked legs, pork chops, shrimp, scallops and all come out excellently cooked. I use creole seasoning which seems to marinate into the meat without an hours long marinating time. This air fryer isn’t cheap but for me, it was money well spent.

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  24. Sharon Fallon

    I love my air fryer! Most packaged foods like tater tots, cauliflower tots, veggie burgers, Texas Toast, have enough of their own fat content to fry up perfectly without adding a drop of oil. The rest like homemade falafel and spring rolls get a spritz of spray oil and they’re good to go. It also cooks quickly and evenly. The turbo feature of this air fryer is what makes it great and worth a little extra money over cheaper brands. I can’t live without it! It’s a dream to clean but, I also use the parchment paper liners with holes to help keep it clean. I found them here on Amazon. I heartily recommend this Philips Air Fryer.

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  25. NC

    The fryer is easy to use and easy to clean. Because no oil is used, the inside of the fryer does not get messy. The temperature and timer selection can be done with the knob and the press of the button very conveniently. You can pause the cooking which is very convenient for turning the frying items for even frying. The inside pot can be removed very easily for cleaning either by hand or in a dishwasher. I fried chicken wings, fish, eggplant and samosa within the first few days just to see how well the fryer works. All of them turned out very good. There are many air fryer recipes available online. In fact my chicken wing recipe was from an online source which turned out to be excellent with this fryer. The fryer volume is good for frying for 3-4 people. However, since the cooking takes only 10-15 mins, you can go for another batch if you have the items prepared beforehand.

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  26. Jay

    Works just as advertised. I love crunchy foods and this is the perfect machine to “fry” everything. I’ve made avocado fries, roasted green bean, fried cauliflower and so much more. It’s turned my cooking much healthier and tastier. Would highly recommend if you can afford the premium price.

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  27. Nonamer

    If you understand how air fryers works then this is a really good investment. For me it was either Costco one (ninja or something like that) or Phillips. Ended up with Phillips because of the quality build.-The plastic doesn’t have a “plastic” odour like the cheap brands.-Easy to clean and use. Just follow the manual, is very detailed.Too bad they don’t come with all the additional accesories.

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  28. Allison Burns

    This is a replacement for the first one I bought [and wore out]. The temperature control is in 25 degree increments [the original was 5 degrees]. There is no pre-heat but you can run it empty for a couple of minutes if you want pre-heat. I do this if I am cooking something that I would normally put in a hot pan [like a steak]. The mesh bottom is easy to remove for cleaning. My original accessories fit except for the grill pan, which now uses a removable handle. The element is more open and easier to reach for cleaning. It doesn’t heat the house up when using and many things cook faster than in a regular oven [and you are not waiting for an oven to heat up]

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  29. Coffee

    I wanted it to get an airfryer after a few of my bestfriends tells me how much they love it, so i started to do research on them and at the end i choose this one.I like it but don’t love it, it still make your house smell even though they advertised that it won’t.I don’t like the fact that i can’t open up the back to clean the vent.I tried making chicken wings in it and it didn’t turn out as great as the ones my friend makes in her Ninja airfryer.I think Philips can do better.

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  30. SW

    I’ve had this for a few months now and I use it multiple times daily. It has earned its counter space! Only thing I won’t cook in it is steak because I prefer the cast iron – but so far it’s made the best wings I’ve ever made. EVER. no one could tell they weren’t deep fried. Easy to use, quiet, small (perfect for two people – yet I can still roast a small chicken in it). I’ve owned two air fryers prior to this and it’s the best so far. Highly recommend.

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  31. E Lee

    I love fried food but don’t cook it often because I try to eat healthhy. This is a great alternative. Of course, the texture isn’t as good as deep-fried but it’s close enough for me. I also use it to make toast, bake cake, roast veggie and meat. One of the best things is this is very easy to clean. Warm soapy water would do the job. Great product overall.

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  32. D. Wood

    This is an amazing appliance. It is constantly in use. It is essentially a mini convection oven (or an easy bake oven for grown ups). It is very easy to clean and does a great job cooking the food. Most of the time I do potatoes but I’ve also cooked a small chicken, pork tenderloin, frozen croissants, breasts, wings and legs. Pretty much anything you would put in the oven. No need to heat up a large oven. I’m very happy with it but glad I got it on sale. Note that the temperature scale is in 25 degree increments from 100F and 400F.

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