Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven, Silver

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  • Double Infrared Heating High Efficiency Quartz and Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements Are Positioned in the Front and Back to Evenly Toast, Bake, Brown and Reheat to Perfection
  • Precise Temperature Control Easily Bake Piping Hot Fresh Breads and Prepared Meals, an Endless Variety of Tasty Side Dishes, Home Made Hors D’oeuvres and More with a Convenient Manual Touch Button Temperature Control Sensor
  • See Through Glass Door the Resilient, See Through Door Is Connected to the Baking Rack to Smoothly and Safely Pull the Rack Toward You As the Door Is Opened
  • CLEAN COMPACT DESIGN The FlashXpress toaster oven’s compact design accents any kitchen décor or countertop.Power Supply:120V AC, 60 Hertz
  • Easy to Use the FlashXpress Toaster Oven Includes a Square Shape Inner Tray — a Perfect Fit for Pizza Up to 9 Inches in Diameter or Up to Four Slices of Bread — plus Baking and Removable Crumb Trays


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Panasonic FlashXpress compact toaster oven technology featuring double infrared ray heater for cooking up to 40% faster than conventional toaster ovens, instant heat eliminates preheating, 6 cooking menus with illustrated preset buttons, automatically calculates the cooking time for a variety of foods: bread (toast, waffles, bagels), frozen food (pizza, hash browns) and reheat (rolls, breads, leftovers), digital Timer (up to 25 minutes and temperature settings (250 Degree F to 500 Degree F), square shaped inner tray which is perfect for pizza up to 9-Inch in diameter of 4 slices of bread, removable crumb tray for easy cleaning, reminder beep lets you know when food is done, interior light allows you to view your food while cooking, internally measures 4.1-inch (H) by 10.2-inch (W) by 9.8-Inch (D), 7. 5-Pound, white fire hazard safety warnings do not place any of these materials or foods in this toaster oven, as they can ignite and cause a fire: paper, plastic, cardboard, taco shells, tostada shells, tortilla chips, buttered bread or bread with jam.

Raw fish or meat should always be wrapped in foil. Do not put oil in the crumb tray, cook with a dirty crumb tray or cook without the crumb tray in place.

Never leave the toaster oven unattended when in use.

If food begins to smoke or catch fire, first turn off the oven’s power button then disconnect the power Plug.

Do not open the oven door until the flame recedes. Always read and follow cooking instructions on all food packaging.

The FlashXpress G110P compact toaster oven externally measures 10.2-inch (H) x 13-inch (W) x 12-inch (D).

DISCLAIMER: Before using this toaster oven appliance, move it 10 to 15cm (4 to 6 inches) away from wall or any object on the countertop.

Remove any object that may have been placed on top of the toaster oven appliance.

Do not use on surfaces where heat may cause a problem.

Specification: Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven, Silver

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions12 × 13 × 10 in






15 reviews for Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven, Silver

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  1. VLH

    This is the best toaster oven I’ve ever owned. Period. And over the course of 30 years I’ve owned just about every imaginable kind of toaster oven – and toaster oven combo (usually with convection feature). As I’ve gotten older I’ve really gravitated toward the pricey ones that aren’t “just” a toaster. The last one I bought was a highly rated Cusinart stainless convection Combo that cost well over $300. I ended up giving it away after a year even though it was barely used. It was too big, too complicated to simply toast, took up too much room on my counter—and while it did lots of things well, the toasting could have been better. That’s when I realized that I was too enamored with finding a toaster oven that did MORE than toast….yet the ones that did MORE tended to be very big & bulky & complicated, and simple toasting was a hassle. Then I read about this Panisonic while reading many online lists of “top ten 10 toaster ovens for 2016-2017”. The description on the Panasonic stood out because it really is just a simple oven with simple intuitive buttons, but it can easily and accurately toast six slices of bread at once. Ultimately, that appealed over everything else. Simplicity, usefulness, large enough to toast 6 slices at once but doesn’t use up too much counter space. So….I’ve had it about 5 months and it is the second most used appliance in our home after our microwave (which is the kids favorite appliance.). I am thrilled. One other thing? It’s a slightly different shape than a traditional toaster over — square shaped instead of long and boxy. The shape seems more logical for some reason, fits much better on our counter, and the toast seems easier to get to.

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  2. Robert Ames

    Great (but funky) toaster oven.1) Does not *quite* fit corelle plates easily. You can get them in, but they push a little on the sides of the toaster2) Alien-space-ray lighting while cooking. Lights blink on and off as food is cooked. Slightly funky and noticeable when heating up pizza rolls while watching a movie.3) Plates get REEEALLLY hot! Other toaster ovens where you pop a corelle plate in and heat it up aren’t quite so aggressive at heating up the plate itself. It’s basically impossible to serve / eat from a plate that’s been used for the heating/cooking, so plan on transferring / dirtying two plates.4) Time Adjustment issues => better now. Other reviews talk about not being able to adjust time after cooking is started. What really happens is that if you click (for example) the “Toast => Medium” button, you are locked out of turning minutes up/down. If you use instead: 400-degrees, 5 minutes, then you can click minutes up/down to your heart’s desire. Think of it as “toast machine” or “oven”… and when in “toast machine mode” you can’t mess with the time, only the shade/darkness settings. “Oven” mode give you full time/temp control whenever you want. Turns out it hasn’t really bothered me, but it is a bit quirky. 5) Speed of cooking / heating. OMG, the best! Open the door, hit 300 degrees, +1minute, put your hand in, and *BAM* it’s really hot right away. This thing is great for “combo cooking” 1-2 minutes in the microwave, 2-3 minutes in the toaster oven and almost everything will work great! Because there is almost literally zero pre-heating step for the oven, a regular toaster oven might take 2-3 minutes to come to temperature, while this one will immediately give you 2-3 minutes of full-temp cooking time.6) I’m a huge fan of toaster ovens vs. toasters. In the 1-2 months I’ve had it, I’ve made 5-10 items I wouldn’t have normally (3 servings of frozen mini-burritos, 2 servings of mozarella cheese sticks, 2 servings of pizza rolls, 2 totinos pizzas, 1 frozen chickent pot pie). I’m not going to microwave pizza rolls or cheese sticks (soggy, unevenly heated), and I’m not going to pre-heat a full oven for 5-10m to cook 5-10 cheese sicks for 10-15 minutes. With this thing, you spread 5-10 cheese sticks onto a plate, set it for 10 minutes, flip them once, and you’re done. Soooo much more convenient. Dangerously convenient.7) Shape. It’s the borg-cube of toaster ovens. It’s not breadbox-shaped. It’s a little funky. Knit a sweater for it and cover it up when it’s not in use. It’s not that bad, but it might clash with elegant modern design sensibilities.8) External heat. Other reviews have talked about extreme heat issues. Most toaster ovens have an issue that it’s convenient to put things on top of them, but for cooking times of less than 10m I haven’t noticed any extreme heat, with ~6 inches clearance around the device.

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  3. Jeffrey Ellis

    After less than two months, toaster has malfunctioned, due to bad timer — it takes two full toasting cycles at “dark” for medium toast. Panasonic requires that I pay to ship the item back to them for warranty service. Then two weeks (supposedly) to fix. I can understand that sometimes products malfunction, but this is terrible customer service by Panasonic. Consider before buying.

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  4. malcolm s

    This is my second Panasonic Flash Xpress Toaster Oven in two and a half years, but I still like it. When my first one started acting up after two years I opened it up and found it had poor quality short life selector switches. The electrical contact material on the soft touch pad selection switches wears away and eventually fails to make electrical contact, therefor impeding function selection. Same for the main start switch,we ended up having to jam a tooth pick down the side of the big square button to maintain the power on. I did try contact cleaner but there was no contact material left there to clean. This would be a five star product if it wasn’t for the short life cheap switches, I have been an electrician for over forty years and when I decided to buy the Panasonic brand and pay a premium price I thought my days of cheap toasters would be over.

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  5. Dan

    When first buying this i was a bit taken back at the price of just getting fancy toaster that just took up more space on the countertop…but I took the leap after reading multiple reviews.Well great news!…it is worth the price although if it were cheaper I would be even happier of course! This is way more than just a toaster – it’s a very versatile cooking appliance that will have you no longer having to preheat your conventional oven for small servings that need toasting, broiling, reheating and crisping! Throw up to 6 pieces of leftover fried chicken in there and it will come out steaming hot while maintaining or enhancing the crispiness of your fried foods. Tuna melts, french fries, small apples, mini frozen pizzas…this thing does them perfectly once you get a hang of the cooking times….and yes it’s toasting abilities are equally great and if you are like me and don’t like it too browned then the select-a-shade cooking method will have you very happy!So with the great cooking qualities aside how is the construction? Well it seems solid enough and even though it does have the oddly placed side plug, it seems very well constructed. My only concern would be that once the infrared lights burn out is the replacement and the cost associated with that task….I cannot imagine it will be a cheap or easy task.So until that time I need to replace the heating lights I will give it the 5 -star rating!

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  6. Faule

    I was looking to replace my toaster and came across this. I was skeptical since I have had toaster ovens before and they ended up collecting dust and wasting space on my counter. They took too long to cook anything and were massive. I read lots of reviews on this and figured I’d give it a try.I absolutely love this thing. It’s so convenient for cooking smaller meals that you don’t want to heat up the oven for. I love roasting mushrooms and other veggies in it since it’s super quick. It also toasts super evenly and reheats food so much better than the microwave. We hardly use the microwave anymore! My husband was super skeptical of this thing and was sure it’d just be another dust collector but he absolutely loves it as well.It cooks somewhat faster than a regular oven so adjust your times a bit and keep an eye on things while they cook.

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  7. Mason

    I moved into a smaller place without a microwave and decided to try this instead. It’s fairly compact. It reheats foods better than anything. Toasts bread evenly. Fits a 9″ pizza. And helps you with your tan.Of course you do have to adjust what you buy. Forget frozen dinners and microwave popcorn. Frozen foods like burritos are closer to oven speed. Anything too tall will burn on top. Following instructions on packaged foods doesn’t work–some trial and error is required.The design is dated, but apparently tried and true. Panasonic seems to have little to no competition in this market. For now, this brave little toaster will do.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    This toaster is truly what it claims to be Xpress Toast! My old B&D took at least 5 mins to toast multigrain bread. This Panasonic takes 2.5 mins maximum, and the toast is evenly done. Bonus, you can see the toast being done thanks to the bright light emitted by one of the heating elements, so if its getting too dark you can rescue the slice of bread. Haven’t tried the other features, but will do soon.

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  9. Gadget Hoarder

    I have been using the $30.00 Black & Decker type toaster ovens all my life. We used ours so much that I started looking around for a better one. I couldn’t resist the reviews on this one. It’s smaller than it appears in the photos and does not take up as much cabinet space as I feared. The rack will perfectly accommodate 4 slices of sandwich bread or a nine inch frozen pizza. I was sort of surprised that a device that quickly pops up in internet searches for “the best toaster in the world” does not make very evenly cooked toast. The bottom is not toasted as much as the top and there are cool spots from front to back. The toast does have a nice quality of being crispy on the outside while still somewhat moist and pliable on the inside that I really like. In short, it takes a week or so to get the machine dialed in. This is the BEST day old pizza re-animator out there. Yesterday’s Domino’s leftovers are as good as new (much better than the microwave) in 2 minutes. Cheap frozen pizzas come out much better than frozen pizza has a right to. It does a great job at heating up a full plate of leftovers as well without making everything wet and mushy like the microwave.One more thing…I was surprised how many people were complaining in the reviews about the “painfully bright light”. This is a feature not a bug. It’s a bright light. You don’t need welding glasses to look at the oven. You do get to perfectly see your toast as it cooks and pull it out when it’s just right.Overall, I am very happy with the oven and I have used it every day during the month or so I have had it. As long as it lasts 2-3 years, I will happily buy another.Update after 1 year. This oven has become indespenible to us. We use it absolutely every day. Friends and family who have stayed with us have gone looking for one of their own. It works as well today as the day we got it.

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  10. Harlan Torrealba

    Product is 10/10Have used for reheating and toasting mostly. Very easy to use and arrived very quickly for a third party seller.This product is not cheap but I feel comfortabke with the cost after using for the firdt 2 weeks.Usually try not to purchase third party but was happy with the packaging and quickness of my purchase.

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  11. Mr. S

    This infrared oven makes great toast, but the cooking tray, at 9.25″ square, is too small for any serious cooking. The wire rack is quite high in the cooking space, which means food with any thickness is very close to the upper elements, and tends to scorch. I had a Black & Decker Infrawave oven for 8 years, until the elements got so weak cooking took forever. It was the best toaster oven I’ve ever had, with a larger cooking space, and more room between elements and food. In the Flash Xpress, for example, there is no room to heat taco shells without scorching, nor would I attempt chicken wings (which did well in the Infrawave). Unfortunately, I couldn’t replace the model I had, so this was the closest replacement.The timer has a maximum of 25 minutes, which is a nuisance when trying to bake potatoes. They require turning anyway, so it’s not really a problem. It bakes potatoes in about 50 minutes, but I find the skins are a bit scorched, and hard, compared to what I got from the Infrawave. I won’t eat the skins now. But it makes GREAT toast and bagels. Nicely evenly browned on the outside, still soft on the inside. It will fit four slices of regular bread tightly, but other shapes and sizes greatly reduce the number of slices at once. Does frozen fish quite nicely.The cooking tray seems to be aluminum, with raised ribs on the bottom. This makes it very hard to clean, and it stains easily. The instruction book suggests cooking on aluminum foil on the tray, but I’m not interested in cooking on foil. So in spite of lots of scrubbing, the tray is stained, and quite quickly. The unit is not well insulated, so the sides and top get very hot, and it will burn you if you touch it.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Pros: it is not too large so doesn’t take up too much counter space. Unlike a microwave the food toasts and browns, not comes out steamed and soggy. It toasts evenly and has a lot of settings so you can adjust the toasting/heating. It easily heats a small casserole.Cons: The white top discoloured slightly with the heat over time. The outside gets hot so should be operated pulled our from under a cabinet. After about 3 years of use, the toast button stopped working. However, it is still possible to toast with the other settings.

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  13. Dave Snelling

    After a couple of months, it is working well with no problems. I selected it with help from Consumer Reports.After 2 1/2 years, this product has continued to work flawlessly. It makes far better toast than our old toaster that we retired and has proven very useful for hitting smaller quantities of food. No regrets

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  14. SM Maison Solution

    Nous venons de recevoir le grille pain. Le look est rétro année 90… pour le fonctionnement c’est rapide et efficace. Jusqu’à maintenant la famille est satisfaite.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Very handy, fast cooking. A little bit small my old one was twice then this. I like it. Good quality! Very fast delivery!

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