Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large

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  • Convection toaster oven with easy open French doors , Watts to 1525 W
  • Extra Large interior can hold two 16 inches pizzas, family sized chickens, roasts, casseroles, or 14 slices of bread
  • Digital controls provide simple cook functions, including “dehydrate” to make your own dried fruits and vegetables
  • Turbo convection baking technology cooks faster and browns more evenly
  • Interior light allows you to conveniently check food without opening doors



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With its blend of style and superior performance, the Oster black stainless digital French door oven is the perfect choice for your kitchen’s matter your decor.

Its innovative finish is warmer and softer than traditional stainless steel, and it requires minimal maintenance to retain a lustrous appearance.

Simply wipe with a dry cloth to remove any smudges in seconds.

This counter top oven also features two racks for maximum cooking real estate, a durable baking pan and baking rack that can be combined to make a broiler, and a one handed door pulls that open both doors simultaneously.

A preheat ready indicator lets you know when your desired cooking temperature has been reached, and the oven’s Turbo convection baking results in faster, more evenly cooked food.

You can set a cooking duration of up to 90 minutes with the integrated timer, all while getting a clear view of your food thanks to the interior light.

When the dish is done and the signal sounds, your oven will automatically turn off, allowing you to grab your meal and remove the crumb tray for easy cleanup.

Specification: Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large

Weight29 lbs
Dimensions21 × 25 × 17 in






15 reviews for Oster TSSTTVFDDG-DS Black Stainless Steel Collection French Door Oven, Extra Large

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Terri PIke

    This is a nice little oven. It functions well, and keeps the kitchen from getting too hot.The cons are that it doesn’t cook nearly as fast as your regular oven. I don’t know if it’s a calibration issue or what. The food will eventually get done, but don’t count on it happening when you want it to happen.The main problem with this oven is the doors. They’re spring loaded so when you swing them open they’re supposed click into place at its widest. It is SO weak that if you don’t pause for a couple seconds to make sure it holds open, it’ll snap back to the closed position.If you don’t pause, and start reaching your hand in, the hot doors will close quickly on your bare hand.That is the reason for the 3 stars. There’s only one issue but it’s a big one.

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  2. Dp

    This thing is a BEAST! I purchased this because I have no oven in my apartment and wanted the option to be able to cook and this toaster oven does NOT disappoint. So far everyone that has been over to my place has complimented on how awesome it looks. Then I cook them some bomb food and they love it.The buttons are a little mushy and require a little more pressure then I find is necessary for a touch sensor button. Also the power cord is pretty short so make sure the outlet is close by or you’ll need an extension cord. Two prong so no biggie.I’ve noticed that the toasting option doesn’t visibly display a countdown to let you know when it’s done. I’ve tried different options and can’t seem to get a counter going. It does display a shading number though starting at 4 and then automatically shuts off when it has that shade. I think it does it in terms of quarters. So 4 is pretty much whole thing toasted. 3 = 75%. Etc. I usually stick with 3 since 4 sometimes overcooks just a little.Baking is a lot simpler. Set the temp, lights come on to tell you it’s preheating. Lets out a chime when it’s ready. From there it gives you an actual timer that you can feel free to set to your liking. Default is around 20 minutes or so. Just add or subtract however much you need. Lots of room in this behemoth. Doors stay open automatically once you’ve open the doors to their full swing. I saw another reviewer saying they shut on their own but that’s not the case. Just open them up all the way and they’ll stay open.The clock seems to work fine. Have noticed other people saying they’ve had issues with theirs but mine seems to be okay and I’ve had it for a bit now. Will update should anything arise.Overall, this thing is absolutely amazing.

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  3. Wanda Rausch

    This oven was delivered on June 26, 2018. I’ve used it 6 times. Twice for pizza, once browning bread and three times for toast. This morning I had baked waffles @400 – 5 min. Turned off oven. A few min later, the glass door exploded. Shattered glass everywhere. What a mess. No one was close to it thankfully. A lot of money to only last 3 months.

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  4. Vb

    I like that the preheat and temperature seem to be accurate, and it’s quiet. Dislike is: baking pan is not flat but uneven ripples, and that hairline gap between doors allows loss of valuable heat and adds to cooking time. Was this not addressed by Q/A? Because otherwise it’s perfection.

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  5. Tawnya K

    I bought this for my mom’s Tiny House in the mountains. She doesn’t have room for a full size stove/oven, and really didn’t need one. We wanted her to be able to make casseroles, bake a few cookies, or make things like cornbread etc. This oven is fantastic.It feels high quality, the controls are precise, it holds heat wonderfully, takes up very little space, yet you can fit a full sized pan inside if it doesn’t have handles. The controls are intuitive, just select the function you want, and it automatically selects a temp and adds a 20 min timer. Press the up/down buttons to easily adjust either one. The oven shows it is preheating and displays the temp once reached. You just don’t need it to do anything else. We made Nachos in it the first night on our Correlle plates. It only took about 5 mins each to melt the cheese, & warm the beans and toppings at 350 deg.Overall I would definitely purchase this again. My mom loves it and it’s doing perfect for the job we wanted it to do.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    just an FYI, the doors swing way past the sides of the oven and they must be opened all the way if you want them to stay open and no slam shut..I did not take this into consideration when I measured the space for the oven, so just be aware!

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  7. Campmommie

    This is a beautiful oven. It truly is spacious. It is relatively easy to set, but some things, like toast “doneness” have to be set by the temperature setting arrow, which is a little confusing until you know. I had to explain the feature to all my family. One nice feature is that when it is On, the oven light is on. This helps you remember to turn it off when you are finished using it. I didn’t realize when I purchased it that it can also dehydrate, and I am excited about trying that feature.I like that the light stays on while the oven is On. You can easily see how things are browning, plus it just looks nice that way, I think.This oven is BIG. And, you have to leave 6 inches oven all around, which is more than my old toaster oven required. So it takes up a lot of real estate in the kitchen. Be prepared for that. I had to rearrange a few things to make it fit.I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because if you are not careful, you can burn yourself on the door. The doors have to be all the way open, or they will start to close by themselves. My hubby burned his wrist the first time he used this oven, because of that. Needless to say, kids have to be well supervised and trained about how to use this oven. I think kids would need to be older to use this by themselves, than with a regular toaster oven.I ordered a oven liner to help keep the bottom of the oven clean. The oven has a slide out tray, but I can expect lots of yuck falling on there, the way my family uses the oven to cook items. Like pizza directly on the racks!This is like a second oven, on your countertop. I am happy with it. I wanted a second oven when we remodeled our kitchen, but couldn’t figure out where to put it. Well now, I have one.

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  8. Enrique

    Muy bueno. Tiene muchas ficciones. Debido a su gran tamaño puedo cocinar 2 pizzas grandes simultáneamente o dos pasteles grandes, en fin abre muchas posibilidades

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  9. Omillo

    Es muy amplio, cabe un pollo entero sin problema, muy fácil de programar y usar, calienta y hornea muy rápido y el calor fluye uniformemente, hasta ahora es mejor horno que he tenido.

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  10. JJ O’Glez

    Horno de acero inoxidable. Lo único malo que puedo reseñar es que no trae un instructivo como otros artículos similares, que hasta recetario traen. Lo busqué en la página oficial de Oster y no fué bueno el resultado. El horno es excelente en su material, capacidad, accesorios que incluye y poco a poco le hemos ido comprendiendo la utilidad de los botones. Llegó muy bien empaquetado, una caja sobre el empaquetado original, sin abolladuras u otro accidente exterior.

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  11. Cliente de Amazon

    Me gusto fisicamente es lo q queria tamaño adecuado y muy bonito pero los tiempos y temperaturas son muy diferentes y no traen referencia asi q va para largo hasta q los vaya apendiendo…..pero lo recomiendo ampliamente por tamaño, por q en todo momento ves lo q horneas y por q al ser de mesa queda a una altura muy comoda para checar constantemente lo q horneas… si van a hornear pan ponganlo en 275°f sin duda. Lea acabo de ahorrar mucho tiempo de prueba y error…. suerte

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  12. Stony Plain Ab

    I needed to replace my old Toastmaster simply because I couldn’t clean it properly any more. I’ve been looking for another toaster oven/convection for a long time that has a door that opens sideways. The french doors on this are great except there’s a small gap between them. It looks beautiful and professional, and it’s working perfectly. It’s got a large capacity interior and is super easy to use. I roasted a prime rib roast from frozen with the convection option and it took half the time as it would have in my regular oven. I love it. It takes up a lot of counter space, but it’s worth it.

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  13. Ivan

    El horno llegó en perfectas condiciones dentro del tiempo estipulado, después de usarlo por varios meses no ha dado ningún problema, me ha servido de maravilla, he horneado pasteles, cupcakes, pizza, papas, galletas, piernas de pollo adobadas, pan de caja, etc y todo a quedado delicioso. Lo que si es que el cable de alimentación es muy corto pero se soluciona con una extención.

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  14. Keri Hernández

    Muy buen horno, un poco difícil de programar al principio pero ya que le agarras es bueno.

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  15. sarai coronado

    Excelente producto. Lo compré para sustituir el horno de mi estufa ya que dejó de funcionar

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