Oster Electric Oven – 1500W – Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • Countertop convection oven features convection technology for fast, even heating
  • Digital settings for pizza, bake, broil, toast, and defrost
  • Large interior fits 2 take and bake pizzas, a family sized chicken, or 18 slices of bread
  • Easy clean interior and 90 minute timer with auto shut off feature
  • Includes 2 oven racks, a baking pan, and an integrated broiling rack. Watts: 1500W





Cook with the convenience of an oven on your countertop using the Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven.

Perfect for the holidays when you need extra oven space or just for cooking dinner quickly on a weeknight, this large countertop convection oven uses convection technology to distribute heat evenly for thorough cooking and excellent results.

The oven’s generously sized interior offers enough space to accommodate two large take and bake pizzas, a family sized chicken, a roast, or 18 slices of bread.

Its two adjustable racks can be placed in two positions, allowing you to customize the space whether you’re cooking a tall roast or baking chocolate chip cookies.

An energy efficient alternative to turning on the full size oven, this convection oven uses 50 percent less energy and offers digital settings, including bake, broil, toast, pizza, and defrost options, to take the guesswork out of cooking.

A 90 minute timer with auto shut off feature lets you know with a bell when your food is ready.

The Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Convection Oven includes a baking pan and an integrated broiling rack. Oven shuts off when the timer beeps

Specification: Oster Electric Oven – 1500W – Brushed Stainless Steel

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions19 × 22 × 13 in






15 reviews for Oster Electric Oven – 1500W – Brushed Stainless Steel

2.2 out of 5
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  1. WMonch

    Worked great until this happened, had it for three weeks and no return policy. Bummer

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  2. Silvia B.

    I love it! It’s perfect for my studio. I don’t have a kitchen and I was eating out everyday.. junk food. So I decided to start cooking healthy meals and I’m doing everything easily on it. Look at my pics! The first one I cooked at once! It’s huge inside. My food tastes great! I definitely recommend the purchase!

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  3. Kindle Customer

    Very disappointed in this oven. It consistently cooks too hot and has burned everything we tried when the recommended package temperature was set. We even tried cooking with the temperature turned down and have gotten inconsistent results. The problem with settting our own time and temperature is the guessing part. We have a smaller countertop oven of another brand and have never had anything turn out badly when using the recommended time and temperature. We bought the Oster oven so we could use larger pans occasionally. However, based on how poorly this oven performs we are going back to using our other oven. We have used other Oster products and have always had good results. We can’t believe Oster would turn out a product that performs this poorly. Unfortunately we missed the return window established by Amazon so we guess we are stuck with it. Looks like someone will inherit this one in the next garage sale.Update: After contacting Oster customer service about the problem of excess heating they are replacing the oven under the warranty. They are shipping the new unit at no charge. We will update our comments once we receive and are able to try cooking in the new oven.Update: We received the new oven and tried cooking with different foods. Same results.We have discontinued using the oven and gone back to the old one until we can find another brand that meets our need. We would recommend not spending your money on this turkey.

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  4. Ellen D. Harman

    This item is not working properly. The timer and clock will not work. It just keeps getting hotter, the thermostat does not appear to be working. the timer will not work. I have tried to call Oster but I keep getting a message that “due to high call volume, they cannot take my call at this time, try again later” I need this replaced as soon as possible and am not sure how to get to talk to someone about it.

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  5. Ashley Teller

    Awesome oven, but the door opens too far (past 90°) with almost no resistance. This means that if kids (or adults) that open this carelessly could easily break the glass door.Other than that, it’s a great oven capable of holding almost anything that if usually cook in a traditional oven!

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  6. Jessie Singley

    I have had this oven for a few months. I would definitely buy it again, although it isn’t perfect. I do not own an actual oven, so this gets used at least once a day, for everything. Biscuits, cakes, muffins, casseroles; everything. This is going to be a longer read. The temperature seems right on, but it does cook unevenly. The back cooks slightly faster. The easy fix is to remember to turn the dish about half way through. You basically always want to use the convection setting.A lot of people say the top gets too hot to have anything on it. It does get hot, but I’ve had my coffee maker, plastic coffee container and a box of hot chocolate on top for months and they are all fine. I just make sure they aren’t covering the vents to the right side.My biggest complaint are the buttons. It would be better to have a microwave set up, where you enter your time and hit start. With this, you hit convection, it starts at 350, you hit temperature up and down to select your temperature. Not that big of a deal. The worst is the time. It starts the timer at 30 minutes and you have to use the up and down arrow to go to whatever time you need. If times almost up and you decided you need to add time, you have to hit up for every single minute (or 30 seconds if the time is under 5 minutes). This is an inconvience, but not the end of the world.Overall I am happy with the purchase and would buy it again.

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  7. Bryan

    I got this just about a year ago, and I’m not one for product reviews, but this morning when I tried to open the door the glass front shattered. I had read reviews where this had happened to people and ignored them. I thought that they were probably being really rough and slamming the door shut. However, what happened in my case is that the hinges became gradually stiffer and stiffer making it harder and harder to open. Just when I was thinking, I really need to figure out how to lubricate them, it shattered on me. Luckily the glass is safety glasses so I got away with a small scratch on my foot and small very small piece stuck in my hand that did not even cause bleeding.I’m an artist and used it to warm up clay using the warm setting for five minutes. I probably did this once-twice a week over eleven months, when it shattered. This is a cheaper version which is why I got it (since I’m only using it to heat clay). For my purposes it worked very well, but it only lasted 11 months. If you’re going to be using your oven everyday, it probably won’t even last as long as mine did. I really suggest investing in a more expensive, higher quality oven, which will pay for itself over the years instead of buying a cheap one that may not pay for itself in use.

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  8. David Spencer

    I was looking for a good-sized, actual countertop oven, not just a toaster oven because I already have a 4-slice toaster for toast and bagels. This Oster has probably the largest interior of appliances of this type, at least for household use. The unit seems well built and can be used for essentially anything that I would normally have to use the oven of my kitchen stove for. However, I am very disappointed in the operating controls. I have owned several countertop ovens over the years and one feature they had was the built-in ability in most situations to pre-heat. It is pretty much standard when cooking or preparing frozen food that the packages specify that the food be cooked at a specific temperature for a narrow range of time. So the standard routine is to set the temperature and time, start the oven, and when the desired temperature is reached the oven beeps and then you place your food in the oven. This Oster cannot do that. They have a strange, supposed work-around for pre-heating where you choose the temperature you will be using, set the time for 7 minutes, press “Bake”, and when that is done you then set the oven up for what you really are wanting to do. If you do not do that if you, for example, select “Pizza” (which is preset to 400F and cannot be changed) and set the time, as soon as you press “Start” the timer starts to count down immediately. That is true for “Bake” and all the other settings (as far as I can tell) except for toast/bagels where the unit uses a selectable darkness setting to control how long the unit runs. I am puzzled by such a stupid design in a moderately expensive Oster-branded appliance.

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  9. John Macnro

    Excellent toaster oven. I cooked everything I wanted, beef roast, porchetta roast, roasted potatoes and veggies. Large pizzas 14″ + diameter. Easy to clean. Digital functions. Convection for crispy chicken wings and fries. Love this unit. Very sleek looking.CONS: wish it had a built in light

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  10. kendra shot

    Gets very hot on the outside

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  11. NB

    We recently purchased this countertop oven for our daughter. It cooks just like a regular oven and is large enough to fit a full 9 x 13 pan for baking. The controls are easy to use.

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  12. Fidel Yamasaki

    Magnifo diseño y funcionalidad…Resuelve la necesidad de hornear en pqueña y mediana escala para el hogar y economiza consumo de energia o gas del horno grande

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Great size super convenient. Only downside is the loud beeper (sounds like a smoke detector) wakes you up when it ringsother than that love it!

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  14. gilles r.

    merci je suis tres satisfait .

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  15. Brenda

    Amazing! Love the size and style!

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