Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa 1100-Watt Professional Performance Blender with Two 20-Ounce Blend’N

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  • Powerful: 1100 watt motor for blending perfect smoothies
  • 64-ounce BPA-Free Tritan(r) Jar, 5-cup food processor with slicing/shredding disk and a chopping blade, Two 20-oz blend’n go cups
  • Control: Combination of manual settings for precise control as well as pre-programmed settings so it can do the thinking for you
  • Reversing: Blades alternate forward & backward; drawing food & frozen ingredients into the blade giving perfect results time after time
  • 7 year warranty backs up the durability and quality; recipes to inspire creativity in the kitchen
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Powerful performance at the touch of a button! The Oster Versa Performance Blender is superiorly designed with a 1000-watt motor and matching speed to crush ice, make smoothies, whole juices, puree soups, chop veggies and more.

The BPA-free, Eastman Tritan, plastic jar combined with the reversing blades option creates a forceful blending vortex as ingredients are pushed from the walls of the jar, down into the blade, giving restaurant-quality results every time.

The pre-programmed settings on this Oster Versa blender with food processing and Blend N’ Go accessories take the guesswork out of mixing.

Featuring a number of accessories, including a five-cup food processor, this blender has the power to turn every party into a success, whipping up homemade salsa, guacamole and dips with ease.

Combine fruits and veggies with this black Oster performance blender to take them on the run with the Blend ‘N Go Cups two 20 oz bottles, which can perform double duty as water bottles throughout the day.

A seven-year warranty and recipe booklet are included

Specification: Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa 1100-Watt Professional Performance Blender with Two 20-Ounce Blend’N

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions9 × 8 × 18 in






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  1. AmazonReader

    Edit August, 2019:The blender has run into issues twice since purchasing it. Two times, Oster has replaced it with a brand new one. Contacting customer service has been a breeze and obtaining a replacement has been hassle-free. They truly do stand by their 7 year warranty.So many blenders on the market, so why choose this one?I was looking for a well built, powerful blender and considered the usual suspects (Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja). Then I saw the Oster Versa 1400, and that quickly became my first choice. After a bit more research, I realized that part of the appeal of a powerful blender was flexibility- mainly, the flexibility to have a variety of jar sizes at my disposal- I don’t want to grind a few tablespoons of coffee in a huge, 8 cup container, or buy an outrageously expensive 4 cup jar to make but butters. That narrowed it down to the Oster Versa 1100 or one of the many Ninja models available. With those 2 choices at hand, I realized I was going to have to compromise either quality (Ninja) or power (1100 watts vs the Ninja’s 1500 watt model with a wide variety of accessories). Given the fact that I don’t plan on blending my phone or an avocado seed, I figured that 1100 watts would probably be enough for my needs, and planned on ordering the Versa 1100 from Amazon. Nevertheless, I found myself in Bed Bath and Beyond, and the saleslady talked me into buying a Ninja Professional 1100 watt system, which was slightly cheaper than the Versa with the 20% off coupon. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to test out the power behind a 1100 watt system before ordering the Versa from Amazon. I even figured that if the machine seemed sturdy enough, I’d keep it instead of the Versa.Comparison between Ninja Professional and Oster Versa 1100I’ll try to keep this short and explain what the Oster has going for it over the Ninja:-Single blend cups come with lids that close. The Ninja’s single serve cups have a large hole that can not be covered.-The Ninja’s jar blade system is attached to the the jar lid with a rubbery looking plastic material. The Oster’s blade system is large, metal piece which is nested into a jar bottom. (As an anecdote, I had a Ninja Prep a few years ago that totally burned out while I was trying to make confectioners sugar. The heat turned the sugar into caramel and completely melted the blade system).-The versa comes with pre-set buttons, which means you can walk away from the system and let it do the work. With the Ninja, I had to be constantly touching the buttons. I never quite knew when smoothies were ready.-The Versa has a 7 year warranty, and the Oster brand has been around for a long time-The Versa’s replacements are cheap and easy to find (and if, for example, I ruin a blade, I would just have to replace the blade; not the whole blade and jar bottom system).-The Versa’s reverse blade technology is brilliant- it dislodges food stuck to the sides without having to open the container. This is particularly useful when using the single blend cups (with the Ninja, I had to remove the cup from the base, unscrew the lid, stick a spoon into it to move the food around, screw the lid back on and set it back on the base).-The Versa’s large jar lid has an opening that allows you to add food as you blend. The Ninja’s lid had to be completely removed, and there was one and only one way to remove it and put it back on- it was not necessarily intuitive or quick.-And finally- and this was the clincher for me- standard mason jars can be used with the Versa using the Blend and Go cup’s blade and jar attachments. The possibilities are endless- I can grind coffee in a small, glass jar, pop on the lid, and store it. I can blend nut butters in the jars I plan on storing them in without having to mess with transferring the sticky butter to another jar and washing the container. I can have a dedicated garlic paste jar, and another dedicated spice grinding jar. I love the fact that you are not locked into exclusively buying brand-name jars for an outrageous sum, as you have to do with virtually every other brand. Perhaps Oster would prefer if I did- but the Mason jars work beautifully and often a ton of flexibility not offered with any other system. (This, by the way, was the main reason I chose the 1100 model over the 1400 model.)As far as performance is concerned, both the Oster Versa 1100 and the Ninja 1100 watt model work pretty well. Thus far, I have made creamy cashew butter, ground coffee down to an espresso grind, and made a variety of smoothies. Iced coffee and slushy iced tea are a breeze. I made mock ice cream using a frozen banana and frozen berries (super creamy and had real ice cream texture- no sugar necessary and the kids devoured it). I made tabouleh in under five minutes using the food processor attachment (this is usually pretty time consuming as you need to finely chop onions, tomatoes and parsley). I love the fact that neither the onions or the tomatoes turned into mush. I have not had it long enough to testify as to its durability or to try more recipes, but so far, I’m very pleased with this purchase.

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  2. Amanda Keller

    I don’t really recommend this product. I have had it since 2015.The good: The smoothie maker function works quite well. Even spinach blends.The bad:1) The smoothie jars are super hard to clean. They have these non-functional extrusions near the top that catch food. They don’t come clean without some annoying cleaning with a toothbrush.2) The many different parts all require different kinds of care and some can and can’t go in the dishwasher. This is all well and good for me who knows the unit but when my family uses it or does the dishes it’s a nightmare.3) The unit itself can be tricky – you can use high with blending but not with processing. You can use reverse with blending but not with processing. Again, fine for me but when my family uses it they can never remember these details and it’s not printed on the front anywhere.4) The black part that goes under the processing bowl falls out while processing. This causes a horrendous noise which has caused me to panic and in the process of quickly opening the lid I broke off the two pieces that hold the lid on. They are thin and made of rigid easily breakable plastic. Now I have to manually hold the lid on while processing.5) The grater on the processor is so far down that food spins around on top and doesn’t grate.6) The reverse function is not as life-saving as I thought it would be. This is still a better blender than a regular cheap one but the reverse only works marginally well. Thick stuff still doesn’t blend.7) The food processor can’t be used on high and medium just really isn’t enough sometimes.If I had to do it again I’d save a little longer and get one of the two big name blenders and a separate food processor.

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  3. Annette Wand

    When our Cuisenart blender/food processor burned out, I went on the hunt for a new blender. I was prepared to buy a solid, stand-alone blender and get a cheap food processor because I rarely use a food processor. I was also tempted to buy the Ninja that’s always on sale at Sam’s Club. However I had recently signed up for Consumer Reports online so I researched their blender review data and found that the reliability was much higher for this Oster blender. It’s ability to make smoothies was nicely rated as well (translated to Margarita’s and Pina Colada’s in my mind). The fact that it came with a food processor attachment and was significantly less expensive than the lower rated Ninja sealed the deal in my mind.I’m happy to report that this blender is awesome! It’s smoothie program is amazing. You just add ice cubes and your favorite pina colada mix, press start and watch the blender start to blend slowly in one direction, then reverse in the other direction. Back and forth it goes, speeding up until you have a perfectly blended drink without any annoying ice chunks. My wife claims it’s just as good making her healthy fruit and protein powder smoothies.This is without question the best blender I’ve ever used. I could have spent much more on the Sam’s club Ninja or Vitamix, and who knows? Maybe they make great blended drinks too. But when you can get flawless, perfectly blended iced drinks for a fraction of the price, and with a decent food processor attachment thrown in, and a Consumer Reports highest durability rating? This one was a no-brainer.

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    Update: Ya rediseñaron la jarra y la tapa, y el nuevo modelo de Jarra se llama BOROCLASS (BLSTVB-G00-013) y es de Vidrio en vez de la TRITAN que es de Acrílico (BLSTVB-P00-013). Me deberían mínimo ofrecer algún descuento para cambiar la Jarra de mi maquina que compré hace poco por la nueva JARRA. Espero la nueva Tapa y Jarra corrija los errores de la TRITAN. El resto es todo lo mismo. El motor es super potente (si lo comparas con los modelos de $1300-$1800 pesos) y gracias a éste motor es capaz de moler los congelados más duros y todas las COSAS que metes normalmente a una Licuadora. Pero la combinación de las 6 aspas y los 4 vértices del vaso irrompible TRITAN provocan un centrifugado demasiado irregular, a tal extremo que hasta me hizo pensar que el Motor estaba malo. Pero NO era problema del Motor, sino de la Jarra. Este centrifugado muy irregular hace saltar todo hasta el techo de la tapa lo que denota imperdonablemente la razón por la cual le doy 3 estrellas: SE SALE el líquido por el Centro de la tapa. OSTER por ahorrase incluir una llave plástica PARA DESATORNILLAR la Base (como la que trae la Oster Pro 1200) se le ocurrió escuchar a un IMBERBE que diseño el “CILINDRO y DESATORNILLADOR”. Groso error, el Diseño que funcionaba desde que mi bisabuela usaba Oster en el siglo pasado, que era hermético y no se salía el Líquido de la Licuadora por el Centro de la Tapa valió CACAHUATES. Eso déjenselo a las licuadoras de menos de $400 pesos pero no una que vale más de $3000 MXN pesos. Una Lástima que no se hayan dado cuenta de ese detalle antes de sacarla a la venta.

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  5. JQ

    Por el precio pagado no veo donde se pueda encontrar una licuadora de ésta potencia con los accesorios que trae. La otra opción es la ninja pero cuesta 2 mil pesos mas. La he usado diario con mis licuados de fruta congelada y la verdad lo hace muy bien. No más pedazos dejados sin licuar en el vaso. Los vasos intercambiables son muy practicos. Lo que no me gusta es que casi todo esta hecho de plastico. No se siente muy solida la construccion y hace un ruido considerable. Pero supongo todas las oster son asi ruidosas. Estoy satisfecho con la compra

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  6. Fu Yung Lin

    No vale lo que pagas, es realmente difícil cerrar bien la tapa de abajo de los vasos, por lo que se empieza a filtrar el líquido, y si lo cierras bien es imposible luego sacarlos para limpiarlo bien, sinceramente por ese precio esperas algo mejor, después de unos meses ya había un vaso que no podía licuar nada, la cuchilla no se movía con el cortador de verduras y carne, prefiero comprar una licuadora de las más baratas que gastar en esta porqueris

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  7. Eduardo Rios

    Ayude a comprar esta licuadora a mi madre le gustó pero no del todo por qué la siente así muy frágil del plástico que cubre el motor pero todo está bien lo único que inconveniente que tuve cómo es de importación la aduana lo abrió y lo rayo los vasos chicos pero en fuera llegó rápido antes tres días antes de la fecha indicada y completa satisfecho con mi compra, ahora que tanto nos tardará la licuadora

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  8. howlinwoofer

    Horrible product & atrocious customer service. Food processor quit after 1 use & manufacture originally refused to honour warranty. When they finally agreed to the warranty they made the conditions impossible so I’m stuck with an inoperable processor. Pitched the whole unit into the basement.

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  9. JCLB

    Funciona perfectamente para lo que necesito. Particularmente el botón de smoothie es ideal para preparar licuados ya que muele e integra muy bien todos los ingredientes. El único motivo por el cual no le doy 5 estrellas es porque es muy ruidosa.

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  10. Sveinn

    Llevamos buen tiempo usándola y funciona muy bien, tiene muy buena potencia y nunca hemos tenido ningún problema. El accesorio para hacerla procesador de comida funciona también muy bien.

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  11. Cliente de Amazon

    Me gusto el producto y si fue lo que pedí, sin embargo no esperaba el cobro de los gastos de importación, que al final pagué y quede satisfecho con mi producto.

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  12. pat

    Easy cleaning

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  13. Tarek Peregrina

    Hasta ahorita no me ha dado problema con nada, smoothies, salsas, cortar verduras, todo es un suspiro para esta licuadora, la uso diario

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  14. Juan Carlos Betancourt

    Funciona muy bien, lo único que no me agrada es que el vaso es de plástico. Por lo demás está excelente 🙂

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  15. Ge. Erre

    Perfecta para mezclar hielo y fruta. Es ruidosa. Buena para margaritas.

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