Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender Chrome

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  • All-metal drive system for extra durability
  • Stainless steel “ice crusher” blade
  • 2-speed toggle with pulse
  • 1000 power watts/600 blending watts
  • Dimensions: 15.75″ x 8.25″ x 8″, Cord length:16″



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The Oster 4096 Beehive Blender has two speeds and 500 watts of power so you can blend everything from frozen drinks to dips, sauces to smoothies, soup to nuts.

Its large capacity, 6-cup glass jar is dishwasher-safe and has been thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature.

Features a stainless steel “ice crusher” blade, Oster All Metal Drive for durability, and a removable filler cap

Specification: Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender Chrome

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions9 × 14 × 10 in






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  1. Dan H. Miller

    Want a blender that is 90% as effective as one of the trendy boat motor brands? Follow these instructions:1. Order this Beehive blender.2. Order an Oster-compatible glass cloverleaf jar and use it instead of the square jar which comes with your Beehive order (keep the stock jar as a backup).3. Order one of the Oster fusion blades and use it in place of the stock blade which comes with the Beehive (very important–the fusion blade is MUCH better).The Beehive has plenty of power, the sharp fusion blade pulverizes almost anything, and the cloverleaf jar is very effective at facilitating a good vortex during blending. So this combination, IF USED WISELY, will do 90% of what the Vitamixes and Blendtecs do, at about 1/5 the cost. “Used wisely” means: don’t overload the blender, use liquid, don’t move the jar around on the base, (especially when the blender is running), not too many frozen solid items, make sure the bottom blade assembly is screwed tight onto the jar, etc. The great thing about Oster blenders is that parts are easily replaced and many are interchangeable. Case in point: say the blade assembly on your Kitchen Aid blender goes bad. Get ready to shell out $75 for a whole new jar/blade assembly. Now, say the blade on your Oster Beehive breaks. Order a $15 replacement from Amazon and you’re good to go! Which would you rather do?

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  2. EH

    I used this blender to make bulletproof coffee, and 3 or 4 times the bottom cap unscrewed while the blender was working and the coffee splattered all over my kitchen. When I called Oster, after spending a 40 minutes on hold, I was told that you are not supposed to blend hot liquids. I then pointed out that the manual has instructions on blending hot liquids and precautions to take to make sure steam is escaping. At which point I was told that even though the manual does not say it, you are not supposed to blend liquids hotter than 120 degrees. (Note: no steam escapes at that temp!) When I told them it was extremely misleading, I was offered no apology, and there was still no explanation why the bottom cap became unscrewed. I was literally told by the supervisor that she had no idea why it happened and offered no remedy for the problem. So much for customer service and taking responsibility for their product! I will never buy an Oster product again if this is how they treat their customers! Amazon was much more helpful when I called them even though none of this was their fault.

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  3. calee

    I’ve had mine 2 1/2 years and the driver pin broke. It doesn’t seem you can take this model apart to replace the part, which I’d love to do. Its only a $7 part.

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  4. Lauri C

    Leaks out of the bottom of the glass pitcher. I had the same blender previously and it lasted for more than 12 years. I’m not sure how this could have passed any quality control.

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  5. Mr. T

    I was looking for a blender that was glass, no plastic, heavy duty, simple with off/on switch, no bells and whistles, durable, built to last and powerful. This blender seemed to meet the requirements until I used it. First it does not blend well unless you have a high liquid to solid ratio in the pitcher. 2) Second it unscrews itself while it is blending so you have to hold it down when it is on. It is very unstable. 3) Third it does have plastic parts painted to appear as stainless (not built to last).

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  6. T Ellis

    Just like the trusty blender you remember from childhood only much worse. They managed to find useless new plastic for the lid and removed the low speed so that as soon as you flip the switch you are spraying the wall and everything else around. .. buy an extension cord to do your blending in the bath tub or get get drop cloths or maybe cover the blender with a dish towel before you touch that switch. The base is sharp on the outside and a real pain. They created a nightmare out of a classic.

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  7. Ken Sternberg

    Received this blender today and have made one smoothie. Very nicely blended. The outer housing is plastic, but for the price what else is new?The blender is EXTRAORDINARILY loud, so I highly suggest that your wear ear protection. Seriously.I will update after making a few margaritas.UPDATE Aug. 8, 2016: I’m really liking how this blends icy drinks/smoothies. The key is to put the liquids in first, THEN the ice. Occasionally but rarely, the top section won’t move around when blending. But adding a small amount of water/tequila or other liquid solves this.Bad: Aside from being as loud as a Saturn V rocket launch, the glass container has a small but annoying design flaw. No matter how carefully you pour, a small yet irritating amount of your beverage will run down the front. The pour point has no indentation to direct liquid away from the outside surface.

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  8. Andre

    FURTHER EDIT AND UPDATE – over two years since purchasing this and still going strong 🙂 .. common sense tip that applies to all blenders 😉 .. make sure you have the bottom screwed on TIGHT so it doesn’t leak from the bottom.EDIT AND UPDATE – it’s been a year since we first purchased this and the blender is still going strong, absolutely pulverizes anything you ask it to blend (in a good way!) .. I’m pretty good about going in and updating my reviews even years after the review was posted if a device fails on me so if you see no further updates assume this blender is still going strong even years later ;)Works as advertised… powerful blender that gets the job done… I notice it has only three settings, off, ” I’M GOING TO BLEND THE CRAP OUT OF THIS STUFF AND TOTALLY PULVERIZE IT ! ” and “pulse” (which is I’M GOING TO BLEND THE CRAP OUT OF THIS STUFF AND TOTALLY PULVERIZE IT ! with more control over the blending the crap out of it part)… but then again when we use blenders don’t we often just crank it up to maximum setting to begin with? It does indeed look like impressively sturdy solid steel construction vs the flimsier looking plastic (and cheaper) blenders we’ve been using up until now.We only blend stuff once a week at most (mango, ice cream, milk and sugar together to make a smoothie in our case so haven’t tried it on harder stuff like nuts or ice cubes yet) … still, for our purposes it’s doing great !

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  9. Gabriela Castro

    Excelente licuadora, es la mejor que he utilizado aunque tenga dos velocidades no necesitas más.

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  10. Jose luis dorantes

    Al 100

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  11. Ivan S. Chimal

    Muy buen producto, me llegó con todos lo accesorios que venían anunciados en la caja.

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  12. Patti

    Like the finish and works great

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  13. Shannon Nicholls

    Great blender. Pulverizes everything you put in it. Fantastic for the price.

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  14. Rafael Cortes

    El motor es tan poderoso como dice el fabricante, pero eso hace un problema porque la licuadora literalmente gira completa por tanta potencia. Los accesorios están bien pero se usa únicamente el pulso, no se puede dejar licuando porque sale volando.

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  15. Dustin Doerntlein

    It blends like it is supposed to, unfortunately it is sooooo loud that I need to have my kids leave the room before turning it on because I fear permanent damage to their little ears. Should have believed the other reviews that stated as much but… I didn’t and am now stuck with this insanely loud blender.

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