Ninja Foodi 8-Qt. 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer – Stainless Steel

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  • Pressure cook, air crisp, sear/sauté, bake, broil, steam, slow cook, dehydrate, yogurt
  • Xl 5 qt. Cook & crisp basket
  • Tender crisp cooking technology
  • Deluxe reversible rack
  • In as little as 20 minutes, pressure cook frozen meats to quickly defrost and cook them at the same time. Then drop the crisping lid to give your meal a crispy finish


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Meet the Ninja Foodi Deluxe pressure cooker. The 8-qt.

Deluxe pressure cooker that crisps. Tender crisp technology lets you quickly go from frozen to crispy in as little as 20 minutes.

The 8-qt. Cooking pot and 5-qt. Cook and crisp basket make it easy to cook and air fry delicious treats and meals in an instant.

The Stainless Steel finish and enhanced user interface provide the most premium Foodi experience yet.

Dishwasher-safe parts – Yes


Specification: Ninja Foodi 8-Qt. 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer – Stainless Steel

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions16 × 15 × 14 in






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  1. Bugs

    There are 2 downsides that I’ve identified so I will list those first-1. The machine can be side heavy. The air fryer lid stays on no matter what – and it causes the machine to be a bit side heavy when it is open and not in use. It won’t be a problem if you keep it turned around backwards, but I had an issue when I was cleaning it. I turned it towards me and it fell off the counter and I got a nice big bruise on my calf. I thought it would be very dangerous if full of a hot liquid, but I don’t think I’d ever put it in that position with it full. Still, I thought it worth mentioning. In use, I’ve always wanted it going the other way but to be doubly safe, I don’t get it anywhere near the edge of a counter!2.-The inner bowl is nonstick. I’d really rather it be stainless, but it does work very well and the nonstick is OK, it’s what I call ‘the good kind’ – safe and long lasting.This really does do everything. I pressure cooked some pork loins in it, drained them after cooking, added some sauce and used the air fryer top. Oh, it put a perfect sticky sweet sauce on those loins. The whole thing cleaned up in less than 3 minutes too when it was time to wash up. I’ve used it to steam buns with too – it comes with a steamer pan that you can put the buns in, and just a bit of water in the bottom of the pan. It sears, it steams, it slow cooks – it really does almost everything I need done.The controls are easier for me to use than the Instant Pot. I have both and will probably get rid of my smaller Instant Pot. It doesn’t take the place of the extra large one though because of sheer volume and canning.It comes with a ‘cheat sheet’ that had me cooking once I got it washed up. It also has a very nicely done cook book with it.I gave my “BIG BOSS” to my dad and my “Crock Pot Multicooker” to my sister. I will also be getting rid of my ‘regular’ sized Instant Pot, so I can definitely say that for me this takes the place of at least 3 small appliances. Now, if you have a BIG BOSS or large airfryer, know this is only going to do a smaller amount, but I never used mine for large amounts anyway. I keep most of my small appliances on a set of shelves and get them down as needed, but for this one, I cleaned off a permanent place on the counter.

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  2. Heather LaRee

    We have evolved from a slow cooker to pressure cooker to air fryer to the Foodi. Our InstatPot was the closest thing to the Foodi. We loved it. And still do but… it doesn’t do all that the Foodi will do. Yes it is larger, heavier and has a separate piece (the crisping lid) but we find it still more convenient than all separate appliances. I guess the drawback is if it breaks you likely loose all of those cooking options. We’ll cross that bridge if that happens. For now, we will continue to enjoy the all-in-one Foodi.The first thing I made was simple air fried sweet potatoes. Slice them up, shake up in a baggie with some olive oil, salt, pepper then drop them in the basket. Drop the crisping lid, follow the suggested cooking instructions and wait. You can check the progress by opening the lid. The timer/temperature pauses and restarts where you left off when you close the lid. Foolproof.The next thing we tried was a frozen pork steak. There are many recipes online but all of the ones I found called for lots of ingredients. Vegetables, gravy mix, herbs, spices, etc. We just wanted to cook the steak to use in a shredded pork sandwich. So we kind of guessed at it. Since it was frozen we added some time and about 1 cup of water. They say add 50% more time if the meat is frozen. We set it on high for one hour, then let the pressure release (not the quick release) that took about 30 minutes and opened the lid. When the countdown timer reaches zero it begins to count up. The meat thermometer said 170* so we knew it was done. Perfect! Tender, moist and lots of flavor.We also tried a small beef roast. First searing it in the Foodi, adding a little water, closing the pressure lid, pressing a couple buttons and waited. Again, it came out perfect. We cant’ wait to try it for some more complicated recipes.Cleaning is easy as many of the parts are dishwasher safe. The pressure lid is not but the silicone gasket is. The gasket does take on the smell of the food you cooked but a little soaking in soap and water took care of that.This is a terrific all-in-one cooking appliance that should provide years of satisfaction. We have had the need to contact Ninja’s customer service for one of their other products and they were very knowledgeable and responsive.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Love this product EXTREMELY DISAPOINTED IN THE PRICE. have always thought Amazon price the best but absolutely not! Found the same unit at in larger size WITH extra accessories for 60.00 less at my local costco. Gotta check all prices now, kinda defeats the whole convenience thing because now I have to spend day shopping because I cant trust pricing

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  4. Prairieboy

    Purchased less than a month ago & as each week goes by, we are starting to use more & more!Our actifry was 5+ years old & we used it at least 2x per week but were sick of the cleaning its PITA stirring paddle, the chipping teflon coating, & how poorly it fit in the dishwasher.Finally purchased the Foodi & are sure glad we did! So far, we have done rice (excellent), wings (way better than actifry, & as near to deep-fried as one can get without a deep fryer), two beef roasts (excellent & moist) one with potatoes/carrots (turned out gret), one without, & beef jerky (first time ever & it was freaking phen-om-en-al!!Pros: – Pressure cooking reduces time cooking certain foods & leaves them moist – Tendercrisp function crisps up wings way better (than actifry) – Dehydrating function — soo easy to make beef jerky! – All pots fit in dishwasher nicely AND clean by hand easily – At least 60% quieter than the actifry – Multi-pot / trays are great for variety of mealsCons: – Takes up counterspace (but same as actifry just taller) – Have to store pressure cooking lid separately – Have to teach the wife how to use it now (she’s upset I can cook circles around her now)In summary, if you are on the fence about investing in, don’t hesitate when it goes on sale because it is so very versatile!

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  5. Jane

    I was skeptical at first because reading these reviews that quality wasn’t good and that it makes loud noises when dehydrating…thankfully the one i bought works well, its quite. I didnt have instant pot before but I am in love with this product! I love the air crisp and dehydrating function…i am making a bunch over night and it works great!The pressure cooking is amazing, the smell and food turns out to be so much better than baking. I really recommend this product. Hope it will last a long time 😊

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  6. Carol Chartier

    I just received my ninja foodi and could not wait to try it. I made my air fryer chicken recipe and did not even need to flip the chicken and it came out perfect. Nice crispy skin. Moist meat and cooked thoroughly with no dry parts. My husband said it was the best fried chicken he ever ate. He has been complaining about a sore knee all day but this great chicken made him forget all about the pain. Now we can’t wait to try other things. It is also a pressure cooker and a slow cooker and roaster so we will be cooking up a storm Hope this unit keeps working well for years to come. You will not be disappointed if you decide to spend the extra money and get this multi purpose cooker

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  7. CustomerAmazon

    Best purchase ever!! I have been using this almost every day since I bought it. It does a fantastic job making rice, pasta, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, veggies, whole chickens, soup, apple sauce, banana chips, cinnamon buns, burgers … the list is endless! My favorite is tender crisp option. It is absolutely amazing for wings and sweet potato fries. My guilty pleasure! I have recommend this to many friends and family.

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  8. Mlchel Laflamme

    Pour la cuisine, préparation de mets, cuissons des viandes roties etc, cette instrument est d’une polyvalence incroyable.Nous à la maison ont ne s’en passerais plus, je recommande ce produit qui va vous allèger les tâches cuisinières. Sa capacité de 8 qts est mesurée au delà de la marque de 24 tasses ( 7,57 qts au rebord du chaudron) sa capacité utile est de 6 litres. 5.

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  9. Kelf

    I love the 8 qt foodi and uses it frequently for both air fryer and pressure cooker features. It replaced my Philip Air fryer and instant pot, and saved me some counter space.Made the tenderchisp chicken recipe twice on the first week. Also made other air fryer food. Pressure cook congee was great.And it came with extra rack (two racks in total)The only recipe that didn’t work out was the Rice and salmon recipe. The cooker kept complaining out of water error code.

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  10. 6o’s were great

    NINJA does exactly like its advertised. Did a 5lb. chicken perfectly. Crisper function worked great. Did a 5lb. prime rib roast . Browned out side first then oven function to 140f. Meat was most tender ever.

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  11. Providence Salumu

    I just received the unit (30 min ago), it won’t start. It keeps showing a LID error message, as I’m going through the first steps to set it up. That’s the recommended first Pressure test for first time users.

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  12. ShopsAlot

    Well made. Works well. I am truly surprised how well it works and how often I use the pressure cooking mode.It pressure cooks foods perfect! Steams perfect. I absolutely love the sear/sauté function. Not really happy with the air crisp, but I have other air fryers that do the job.I am pleased with the purchase. I use it twice a day, everyday. I will probably purchase the 6 quart as well.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been wanting this for a while, bought it when on sale. Loving it! I don’t have room for a whole lot of accessories on my counter, and this one does it all.

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  14. Canadian

    I was looking forward to using the multi-cooker. I read all the instructions and put the unit through the pressure cycle with water as was suggested. When I tried to pull off the Anti-Clog Cap with a squeeze and pull for cleaning, it wouldn’t come off. I spoke to Ninja’s customer service twice. They had no solution to offer except return the unit. It was admitted that it could be rather tight. To say I’m disappointed over such a small part causing such a big problem is an understatement.

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  15. Andre Laforge

    This is a wonderful cooking appliance. Not that easy to use at first but with time one becomes better at it!!But it is useful to buy one fof the many cookbooks sold at the same time.I would recommend a purchase of this model to anyone seeking great flexibility for cooking in the kitchen!!

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