Nikon Monarch 7 8×42 ATB Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof – Black

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  • The MONARCH 7 8×42 provides an exceptionally wide field of view that makes it easy to find your subject.
  • Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coatings are applied to all lenses and prism coatings to provide high-contrast images and accurate color reproduction.
  • Thanks to a durable rubber armored coating, the MONARCH 7 is comfortable to hold and rugged enough to stand up to any conditions.
  • Extra-low dispersion glass enhances brightness and color fidelity
  • Roof prisms with phase-correction preserve clarity and detail
  • Highly reflective dielectric prism coating renders
  • Anti-reflective multicoated lens system
  • Nitrogen-filled housing for fog proof and waterproof performance


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The hallmark of the MONARCH 7 is its optical system-a seamless carrier of light that utilizes Nikon’s premium ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass and proprietary lens and prism coatings.

This heart of the MONARCH 7 not only pushes resolution and brightness to extreme levels, but also further enhances your viewing experience with an amazingly wide field of view, close-focus capability and comfortable eye relief.

Specification: Nikon Monarch 7 8×42 ATB Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof – Black

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5.7 x 5.1 x 1.6 inches, 1.3 pounds

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15 reviews for Nikon Monarch 7 8×42 ATB Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof – Black

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  1. Tim F

    I spent a lot of time researching binoculars before settling on this pair, and I love them! I took them to Ecuador for the rain forest and the Galapagos, and they were the same set my guide was using. The last thing I did before deciding on these was perform a functional test between these and the 10×42 Monarch 7. I found that while very similar I was able to read fine text (and see detail) much better with the 8×42; for example, I read the words on a power converter a couple blocks away, and also read the fine print of a bill across the room. I’m a young guy and my hands are not particularly shaky so I was surprised at the result, but it was repeatable even hours later.If you’re looking for a pair of indestructible high quality binoculars I think this is the best option available.

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  2. LuckyFeather

    Wanting to watch birds in my 1/2 acre back yard and on the walking trail, I did my research on the best binoculars before purchasing these. In several on-line articles the Nikon, Monarch 7, 8×42 was rated by avid birders as the best in it’s mid range price catagory.I find them to be exactly that. Clear, lots of light, easy to adjust, can be used with or without eye-glasses. Large eye relief (expanding eye cups). Nice padded strap and case. Nice non-slip feel. Comes with great lense peotectors.This was an excellent purchase, and I highly recommend them for bird watching or similar activivty.

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  3. rdmjr

    first of all I have no complaint with the optics. My beef is with the warranty. Nikon USA and the amazon website shows a 25 year warranty. the actual warranty in the box I received from Amazon is only for 1 year worldwide warranty. for a pair of binocs this expensive a 1 year warranty simply is not comparable to others in this price point. Nikon USA will not honor a grey market warranty.The optics, however need to be admired. The images are razor sharp and the contrast outstanding. I compared this side by side to an Opticron model costing over $600 and the Nikon was clearly sharper.Expect to pay $479. Get from US seller. I got mine from Adorama. I would worry about those costing much less unless you simply don’t care about the warranty.

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  4. Ron Bogdanoff

    For the price, they are good. I was unable to try before I purchased or was able to do side by side comparison with the Zeiss Conquest which was also considered. They are clear and perform well in lower light, but there is noticeable chromatic aberration especially against a bright overcast sky, I was just looking at a noisy mockingbird sitting in a tree and the chromatic outline was a bit distracting. I am probably more critical of optics then most (been a camera equipment freak for decades) so I would think the average person would not be too bothered. With that said, I can live with it, the Zeiss Conquest were twice the price and while I have not tried then, I am sure they would have some c.a. too so for what I paid for the monarch they will do. You would need to go to a Swarovski at $2500 to be devoid of c.a. and I can not justify that cost, I would rather pay $500 for these and put the cash difference towards a high end spotting scope

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  5. Dcloin

    Just 2 weeks after purchase while Kayaking- I accidentally dipped these in the water for just a few seconds. The lense had moisture in them so I sent them in for repairs at my expense. I am over a month now still waiting for the repairs and Nikon repeatedly gives me the run around. So would not recommend. If they can’t fix them- they should send me new ones.

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  6. Marv

    I already have the Monarch 5 and thought they were excellent binoculars. We needed a second pair and I was hesitant to pay the extra money for the 7s but thought I had nothing to lose and could always send them back. I have no regrets. The 7 is much brighter and the detail is so much better than the Monarch 5 that now I prefer to use the 7’s. Yes they are more expensive and if you didn’t have the 2 to compare you would be perfectly happy with the Monarch 5s. So it comes down to $ and do you want the best or can you live with good. I may have to buy a second pair now.

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  7. Douglas L. Dean

    A nice set of binoculars. These binoculars have one of the largest fields of view available. They work surprisingly well for close in work and for medium distance subjects as well. They are a standard in a sea of binoculars. The ed glass is spectacular. The eye relief is amazing. It is important to set the eye pieces extension to the farthest extent if using bare eye balls. The depth of field is generous and helps with quick acquisition of your target such as a little bird. The 8 power magnification helps minimize shake due to your hands and breathing. I also own a monarch 5 12×42 and use it for long range subjects. Shake is a significant factor with the 12×42. It is much less tiring to use the 8×42 instead of the 12×42. Both binoculars will mate up with a tripod adapter. I have a small tripod that I use on picnic tables and such. The small tripod also serves me well sitting on a hillside while scanning.

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  8. Thomas Wright

    Two of my brothers and I bought this set of binoculars for our bird watching fourth brother as a retirement gift. It’s pretty pricey but if you’re looking to get serious about your spotting this is the only way to go. It’s pretty much known that with optics you only get what you pay for. Lightweight with excellent optics and a huge field of view. Smooth focus and they work equally well if you are wearing glasses or without. Comparing this set to the decent grade binoculars that have been hanging around our house made those other devices seem like toys and made me very jealous of my brother and not just because he was retiring!

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  9. R. Paquette

    Bought these for faunic watching from the house since we live in a wooden area and enjoy frequent visitors of many species. We also owned a pair of 8×40 by Bushnell for a few decades. The latter have Porro lenses, are quite heavy with average optical quality; they will be left in the pickup truck for the occasional side of the road sighting.The Nikon are lightweight, easy to use and appear of sturdy fabrication. They come with lens caps, a carry strap and a good case.The field of vision is sufficiently wide and the details are enhanced by the superior clarity of light transmission. They are clearly of superior quality when compared to the Bushnell, but at about 5 times the cost, $559CAD that is. Expert reviews have compared them to some high end and much more expensive products, not equivalent of course, but even so.We are very satisfied so far and recommend this product

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  10. Rubn

    The adjustment knob on the reverse end almost got lost on the first day.. it got unscrewed by itself. Luckily I saw it ..Not good for a Nikon brand.Otherwise price is OK for the quality of the lens and the output observed. . As good as a swarovski, but not that good… especially at dusk in low light conditions. And yes it is fog n waterproof… tested.Very clear n bright output. .. final verdict after 1 year usage.

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  11. Savvy buyer

    These fairly compact units are better suited for travel in place of my hefty Monarch 10 x 50’s. Monarchs have strong reputation for quality while also not breaking the bank. Excellent quality at a fair price, and Amazon pricing was significantly better than from local vendors.

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  12. Neil

    The lenses are superb, with brilliant clarity and large field of view. The close focus is terrific. And the neck strap is well designed, making the binoculars very comfortable to carry for extended periods. Lens caps are really good, too.However, I have two concerns regarding the diopter adjustment control, located on the right eyecup:1: It is very stiff, even after 3 weeks of daily use, thereby making adjustments awkward. Perhaps this is intentional, since once correctly set there would be little probability of unintentional movement.2: Another diopter issue, and this is a more serious concern regarding the ‘Adjustment Range’ indicator, which is stamped on the right barrel ( ” – . + “). The indicator range is narrow and my diopter adjustment falls outside the left edge, where there are no alignment marks. With several users, the indicator should simplify the resetting of their correct diopter setting. However, the range shown on the binocular body is too narrow to indicate my adjustment, so I’ll have to guess it’s position. It would be better if I could place it on an alignment mark.Overall though, I’m impressedNeil MacIntyre.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    J’ai mis 4/5 mais je donne 4.5/5. La clarté de l’image est à l’égale des commentaires. Le confort est excellent et elles sont très belles. La dimension est géniale et ces 8×42 ont de meilleures caractéristiques que les 10×42 sauf pour le zoom mais ça vaut le coût. La photo indique un petit truc pour pallier au défaut décevant que les capuchons d’oculaires sont trop grands: il s’agit simplement de les pincer puisqu’ils sont en caoutchouc souple et ils deviennent alors suffisamment serrés ! Les capuchons d’objectifs sont très bien. J’avais lu que les accessoires sont déficients, mais ils sont convenables finalement. J’ai acheté aussi un support de trépied et je reviendrai ajouter mon évaluation finale. J’ai mis 5/5 pour le rapport qualité prix parce que j’imaginais des jumelles d’il y a 50 ans qui coûtaient 150$, celles-ci valent bien ces 150$ d’il y a 50 ans ! Livraison très rapide 3 jours.The clarity of the image is equal to the comments. The comfort is excellent and they are very beautiful. The size is great and these 8×42 have better characteristics than the 10×42 except for the zoom but it’s worth the cost. The photo indicates a little trick to overcome the disappointing defect that the eyepiece caps are too large: it is simply a matter of pinching them since they are made of flexible rubber and they then become sufficiently tight! The lens caps are fine. I had read that the accessories are deficient, but they are finally suitable. I also bought a tripod stand and I will come back to add my final evaluation. I put 5/5 for the value for money because I imagined binoculars from 50 years ago that cost $ 150, these are worth those $ 150 from 50 years ago! Very fast delivery 3 days.

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  14. Peter

    I use these for Insect and Bird watching during the summer months and animal winter behaviour. I observe in all conditions day and night. The light gathering and low light observations are amazing, The coating and lens quality is excellent, I use these at night, tripod mounted, using the Nikon tripod mount. The image stability is excellent when used in the tripod mount. Free hand they are easy to grasp and stabilize, allowing clear sharp images of moving objects. I recommend these.

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  15. Mitch of the East

    These binoculars are an excellent choice for birding or general use. The field of view is bright, in fact in shadows or dim light they seem to be at their best. Focus is quick, easy, and there is easy adjustment for fit and vision correction, they are not heavy and have excellent balance. Easy to view distances without shaking, and very close focus too. I have rated them four stars only because there are those that are more expensive and might need a higher rating but for me they really are five star!

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