Nikon ACULON T11 8-24×25 Binoculars – Zoom – Black

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  • 8-24x Zoom Range
  • BaK4 High Index Prisms
  • Smooth Central Focus Knob
  • Multicoated optics for supreme brightness
  • Porro Prism System assures image reproduction is essentially the same as when viewed with the naked eye


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The Nikon ACULON 8-24x binoculars are the perfect viewing option for the on-the-go outdoor enthusiast.

The ultra-lightweight compact body paired with a 3x magnification range make the ACULON zoom binoculars one of the most versatile options on the market.

The fully multi-coated optics make the target pop with extreme clarity and dusk to dawn brightness. Additionally, users can customize their binoculars with the adjustable right eye diopter and twist out eye cups for all day viewing comfort.

This compact unit can go anywhere your adventures lead you, with the included belt loop soft case or neck strap, and is available in both a red and black body style.

Specification: Nikon ACULON T11 8-24×25 Binoculars – Zoom – Black

Product Dimensions

1.9 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches, 13.6 ounces

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1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

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10 reviews for Nikon ACULON T11 8-24×25 Binoculars – Zoom – Black

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  1. DTodd

    These are great for what they are. However, some reviews bash them for what they are not. So, I’ll try to clear up some misconceptions so that you’re not disappointed when you receive them.I am an amateur astronomer of 40 years. I have dealt with optics and optical qualities during that entire period. And without going down the rabbit hole of technicalities, I will say that the number ONE item that will affect your ability to see things at a distance is aperture size. We astronomers always say “aperture, aperature, aperture” -The larger the aperature, the more light you can gather and the more light you can gather, the more detail and brightness you’ll experience. Otherwise, professional observatory scopes wouldn’t have lenses (or mirrors) 1 to 20 feet wide, right? So, when your aperture (the end of the scope, or in this case, binoculars) that faces away from you) is a mere 25 to 50mm wide, you’re gathering a much smaller amount of light than you would be on a telescope with an aperture that’s 400mm or more wide. Just as a bathtub holds more water than a drinking glass, a larger aperture gathers more light than a smaller one.Now, it gets even worse when you’re going from 8 times magnification to 24 times magnification. The incoming light is basically being being divided even further at larger magnification. That’s why professional binoculars almost never employ any gadgetry such as increased zoom factors. For the same reason, cheap department store telescopes will say ‘600 times zoom,’ but a real quality telescope manufacturer will never make such a claim, because they know the USEABLE or useful zoom is limited by the aperture and usually not by the optics.Another factor is that higher zooms tend to magnify the movement of the lenses, or in this case, the binoculars. At the highest zoom factors, these binoculars will just give you a headache or make you dizzy unless you have them mounted on a tripod, which defeats their portabity.Now onto the image quality: This is a quality Nikon piece for what it is. Every good pair of binoculars is designed to give you the best possible sight picture at a given magnification. ‘Chromatic aberrations’ are minimized by laboratory tuning so that edges of viewed objects appear crisp and colors appear vibrant. But THAT all goes out the window when you’re magnifying using higher settings. Colors will appear washed out because you’re taking in less available light obtained by an already limited aperature and dividing it up even more.So, what does this all mean? These are great for casual bird watching, or watching a baseball game on a sunny day because they’re light and small. They’re not going to be that great for a cloudy, dark day, or looking at stars because they just don’t gather enough light. And forget the higher magnification on these because any extra detail that you might see at higher magnification is countered by the movement of the binoculars, no matter how steady your hands may be.In using binoculars, as in any other task, use the right tool for the job you’re trying to do. Just as you would have more than one wrench in your tool kit, you may need several pairs of binoculars for different tasks. That’s why I generally keep 3 pairs of binoculars. 1 of these, a pair of 10 X 50s and a pair of 12 by 80s mounted on a tripod (for stargazing). So, if you’re in the market for a small pair for casual viewing, these are great AS LONG AS you realize that the higher magnifications are basically a gimic.Nikon is known for quality optics and these a no exception. They are a great pair of light observer binoculars. And if you keep all of the above in mind, you will be very pleased with these.

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  2. Mark R. Wietstock

    The Past:I had a pair of Nikon “Travelite” compact zoom binoculars for about 15 years until they finally got misplaced, lost or stolen somewhere … haven’t yet figured out when or how. I didn’t use them all that often (e.g., sporting events, concerts, hiking, etc.), but liked them fine when I did.The Present:This “Aculon” model is apparently Nikon’s current version of the same nocs, and I was able to get the price under $100 by applying some “points” I had built up over the Christmas season, so I went ahead and ordered a replacement pair. I think I would have tried another, less expensive brand if I hadn’t gotten the discount, but I also would not have gotten the spectrum of zoom offered by this product.Optics/Eyepieces:I think the optics are every bit as good as the originals. Very clear and sharp to my eye, even at the highest zoom magnification. My previous pair had flexible eyecups on the eyepieces. These ones have a screw-out fitting/extension on each eyepiece instead. Works fine for the purpose (screen light entering between your eye and the lens), and probably a bit more stable/strong than the eyecups were.The movement of the eyepiece barrels when adjusting for individual eye separation is smooth and tight, but the point where the barrels contact/stop at the glossier, fixed-position plastic housing in the top/center of the nocs is a recess that will pinch the tips of your fingers if you have them too high up on the barrels when you open them up all the way to put the nocs back in their case. Just a design quirk to be aware of/get used to, I guess.Zoom:As many (including me) have previously said, the field of view (FOV) for these compact binoculars is fairly small to start with (that’s the tradeoff for their compact, lightweight size), and use of the zoom function progressively: 1) reduces both the FOV and the amount of light passing through the lenses to your eyes, and 2) makes it more difficult to control “jitter” in your image. Translation: you probably won’t be able to use much zoom for moving targets at all, and will need some kind of support accessory (e.g., monopod or hiking pole) for best zoom viewing of stationary targets.The zoom on this pair works with a lever on the top of the case, instead of a rotating eyepiece knob like the old ones … makes it easier to operate the zoom while you’re looking through the nocs. The zoom lever is smooth and easy from lowest magnification to highest … it doesn’t “stick” at any fixed magnification points (as one might think from the appearance of the labeling on the lever) … definitely an improvement over the older version.Summary:All in all, I’m happy with these. Only “negative” impressions I have are actually “two-sided.” These nocs just look and feel a bit more “plasticky” than my old ones. The rubberized armor coating that used to cover the eyepiece barrels seems to have been replaced with some kind of flat-finish plastic. However, the “business” parts of the nocs all seem to work just as well as my old ones, and the design changes/lighter materials make the nocs a bit easier to carry than their predecessors, which is definitely a good thing in a set of compact binoculars … same performance, lighter carrying weight. That’s an acceptable trade-off for me. Four stars.

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  3. Pinstriper

    Powerful, clear and bright. Very compact for the power, will fit into a large jacket pocket like on a field jacket, or cargo pants pocket.We went from those compact 10×25’s you get everywhere and are so cheap they are disposable – which they have their place, in the glovebox for when you forget to bring something. They are better than nothing.Then I got my wife the Pentax 8-16 compact, which was SOOOO much better, brighter. Larger than what we had, but still compact. Made me jealous, so I got these Nikons. Same size as the Pentax, bit more power on the zoom. We love ’em both. The Pentax is cheaper and lower power but still quite good. If you can spring for the Nikons, do so. Either set you will not be disappointed.

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  4. Roberta Trunzo

    I really am in love with these fine binoculars. They are light in weight and so much easier to use than the heavy old things we have. I read all the reviews on line and decided to try these, and I have not been disappointed.

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  5. Ryan A. Bingham

    They’re okay, I bought these hoping to do some spotting for target shooting and to see out a little further then my 10x scope. I thought the 24x would be great. It’s really not any better then my 10x scope. I wouldn’t return them, they are worth the price, but don’t buy them expecting a lot.

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  6. dfg445

    It is a super portable and versatile binocular. The damp of the knobs are perfect with proper rotating resistance. It is light weight, handy and able to be continuously adjusted from 8* to 24*, but never sacrifice its capability of magnification and clearness. I highly recommend it and would like to give it a 6-start rating if I can. It is the best binocular you can have at this price.

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  7. Malin

    They are one of the most amazing and compatible binoculars.ProsEasy to carryLight weightClearity is amazingGood choice for trekkers and ornithologistsConsCost is too muchBiocular setting not up to the markI wish there was a camera attached to the eyepiece

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  8. Amazon Customer

    not that great. returned it.

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  9. See the quantity . quality is best AMIT Madhukar Aundhakar


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    So so optics.

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