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  • SIMPLE SINGLE SERVE SYSTEM: The Lattissima One is a simple and easy to operate single-serve system. Simply fill the milk jug with the desired amount of milk, then use the machine to froth directly into your Coffee drink for the perfect Coffee & milk drink.
  • POWERFUL COFFEE MAKER: Nespresso Lattissima One Espresso maker has a 19 bar high-pressure pump that allows for a barista-style result, unlocking the delicate flavor of each Coffee capsule.
  • FEATURES: The Lattissima One has a 33.8 ounce water tank, a great size so refilling is not as frequent as other single-serve machines. This machine also has a fast heat-up time of only 25 seconds for Espressos and 40 seconds for milk beverages.
  • VERSATILE AUTOMATIC COFFEE MAKER: Brew different single-serve Coffee cup sizes at the touch of a button depending on your Coffee needs – Espresso (1.35 ounce), Lungo (5 ounce), froth the perfect milk to create the perfect Cappuccino or Latte in the comfort of your own home. Pour over ice to create your favorite iced Coffee drinks. Auto shut-off
  • COMPLIMENTARY GIFT: Each Espresso machine includes a Nespresso Original capsule welcome kit with a range of 14 capsules with unique aroma profiles.Input power (W):1400


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The Nespresso Lattissima one by De’Longhi enables you to indulge yourself with top-quality cappuccinos and lattes in the comfort of your home. Lattissima one is equipped with a new and innovative fresh milk system that takes simplicity to the next level when preparing your favorite coffee & milk drinks.

Just fill the milk jug with the amount of milk you want for your drink, then the machine will froth it directly into your cup and brew your coffee for a perfect Latte or cappuccino.

The cleaning process is also very simple as the milk jug is dishwasher safe. More affordable and compact than its predecessors, this convenient one-touch machine fits perfectly in any kitchen.

Lattissima one also features a premium design with high-quality finishes and materials.

The Nespresso Lattissima one by De’Longhi includes a high-pressure pump and fast heat-up system, plus an automatic energy-saving function switches the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Each machine includes a complimentary welcome set with a range of Nespresso capsules with unique aromatic profiles.

Specification: Nespresso Lattissima One Espresso Machine – Warm Slate

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions13 × 6 × 11 in






5 reviews for Nespresso Lattissima One Espresso Machine – Warm Slate

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  1. I Do The Speed Limit

    This is a five-star machine, IF you fully understand its one limitation….Are you comparing the Lattissima machines? Trying to decide which one is for you? If you are looking for a machine to make no more than one milk drink a day, or if you have limited counter space, seriously consider this machine. I think this is a good choice if you only make a cappuccino or latte macchiato for one person, as the machine does not have self-cleaning built into its system. (The other Lattissima machines do have a cleaning system.) I think this is the machine’s only fault: The milk system must be cleaned after every use. And (according to the “Daily Care” instructions), the milk system parts need to sit and soak for a half hour! Now, if you make only one cappuccino a day, this would not be a big issue for you. If the machine needs to make two cappuccinos in a row, then that is a big issue….. And you should choose one of the other Lattissima machines–not this one.If you don’t often, or ever, make a cappuccino, and you are looking at one of Nespresso’s smaller machines, (CitiZ, Pixie, Essenza, for instance), then this is a step up and a good option for you. From experience, I can say that there will come a time when you want to try a milk drink…..But, it is a beautiful machine! Really stylish and striking with its minimalist look. Besides being a smaller, more streamlined machine, the other main difference between the One and the other Lattissima machines is a streamlined, simpler, system of dispensing milk.This machine always puts the milk/milk froth in the cup first, (which is a cappuccino or a latte macchiato), coffee pours second. It also dispenses the entire amount of milk that you have put into the milk container. In other words: The milk container holds enough milk for one serving, and it is up to you to put in the amount of milk that you prefer, (up to 4.2 ounces). If you usually forgo milk, this machine makes an espresso, (1.35 ounce), or a lungo, (3.71 ounce), or can be programmed for any amount in between.We’ve had a Nespresso machine in our kitchen for over a decade. We first bought a CitiZ. Then added a separate Aeroccino for milk froth. When we determined that the Aeroccino was not as efficient and convenient as we’d like it to be on a busy work day morning, we moved to a Lattissima machine. (DeLonghi makes a Plus, a Pro, and an “American” Plus.) And those are all great machines that can be programmed to size/strength of pour and amount of milk froth. They can give you just hot milk or water. They are large enough to serve a dinner party. They work quickly, efficiently, and clean up easily. How to top those machines that last for over a decade and work effortlessly, and use the best coffee blends that we could ever wish for? I can’t think of a feature that these machines don’t have. (Okay, I do wish that DeLonghi would make a drip-less machine, but I don’t think that’s possible.) So, here comes a streamlined model for one person.Cleaning is tedious, but easy: You rinse out the machine by pressing the lungo button without a capsule inside. And all five pieces of the Rapid Cappuccino System must be disassembled and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand. But, on a busy morning, if you’ve made a cappuccino, this means that you cannot just turn off the machine and walk out the door. You need to run a cycle of hot water through the machine and take apart the milk system. (I run the hottest tap water into a large tupperware container and drop the pieces into it, then out the door I go, to deal with cleaning it further when I get home.)Other facts:–The little stand that sits on the drip tray, used to elevate an espresso cup, is completely detached. On other machines, this riser is part of the machine and slides in and out as needed.–Water tank holds 34 ounces.–5 1/4″ between drip pan and spout.–Drip pan is 2 1/2″ wide. You might be able to wedge in a bigger diameter cup, but it would not necessarily sit evenly.

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  2. Albert L.

    While I’m no coffee expert, I consider myself a coffee aficionado. I drink my coffee black, no sugar. I like to actually taste the different notes in the coffee. My wife, likes it 75% milk, 25% coffee. It was hard to find a machine that would be easy to use and easy to clean while serving both of our different coffee needs. I must tell you, we absolutely love, love, love this machine.1. It’s the perfect size (it’s small, it won’t take much counter space at all).2. It’s easy to clean and maintain.3. The coffee is just the right temperature.4. It creates amazing foam which makes the coffee look amazing with milk and without.5. Most importantly, the coffee just tastes amazing.Now for the cons:1. It makes all other coffees taste like dirt. Specially the big S. So, you really enjoy your coffee at home. Outside, its just average.2. Not a big deal, but because of it’s size, I fill the water reservoir about 2x per week. But, then again, we love the machine so much, we drink about 2-3 cups each, per day.3. The dispensary gets filled quickly, then again, we use it a lot.4. The price, while for us the price is every well worth it, this machine is not for your average cup of joe drinker. This machine are for people who really enjoy drinking a great craft coffee but don’t want to pay $5 at the big S store.All in all, I highly recommend it.A couple of recommendations:1. Use the Original Nespresso Capsules. I’ve tried the other coffee and there is inconsistency on the actual capsules which you sometimes have to force it. Furthermore, I have yet to try another brand of coffee that has the same consistency, depth and flavor than those produced by Nespresso.2. Use filtered Water. Don’t use tap. Keep in mind that no coffee maker that I know actually boils the water, if so, long enough to kill any of the bad stuff. Plus, better water, better coffee.3. When using the Milk system, rinse the milk system before drinking your coffee. Milk dries quick and it doesn’t dry very nicely. We drop it in the dish washer about 2 times per week for thorough cleaning.4. Share the love. When people come over to your house, give them a cup of coffee, it will bring joy into their lives.Lastly, I wrote this review because I truly enjoy this machine. I have no compensation, incentive or rewards for writing this review. I hope you enjoy this machine as much as we do. Have a wonderful cup of Joe day.

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  3. cttbay

    Started leaking within 5 months of purchase. Called De’Longhi customer support (who in turn farm out to Nespresso) expecting a replacement. Nope. They instead send a postage paid box to put the machine into to be sent to them for repair. So now I’ll be a few weeks without a way of making espresso. Totally unacceptable in my opinion – especially since this happened while the machine was still fairly new. I expect a product like this to be issue free and reliable for at least 10 years.Very disappointed!

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  4. momg

    Was excited to get this. But after 4 days the “Lungo” button stopped working and does not dispense coffee. Other two buttons work fine and dispense coffee. Searched online and user manual. Did not find any fix so back it goes. Hope the replacement works better.

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  5. Kate San

    I love this machine, mostly for the built in milk frother/steamer. The steamer and milk cup are easy to rinse out after each use.

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