KitchenAid Professional 600 Design Series KF26M22SR 6-Quart Mixer – Sugar Pearl Silver – 550W

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  • Multipurpose Attachment Hub
  • 67-Point Planetary Mixing Action
  • Bowl-Lift Design
  • 10 Speeds- Powerful enough for nearly any task or recipe.
  • Includes: 6-Qt glass bowl, F series coated flat beater, F series coated PowerKnead spiral dough hook, F series 6 wire whip


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The Professional 600 Design Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer with glass bowl represents power and beauty on the counter.

The F Series coated Flat Beater, coated Dough Hook, 6-wire whisk will help you mix, knead and whip ingredients into culinary masterpieces quickly and easily.

And for even more versatility, the power hub fits optional attachments, from food grinders to pasta makers and more.

Specification: KitchenAid Professional 600 Design Series KF26M22SR 6-Quart Mixer – Sugar Pearl Silver – 550W

Weight36 lbs
Dimensions12 × 15 × 17 in






9 reviews for KitchenAid Professional 600 Design Series KF26M22SR 6-Quart Mixer – Sugar Pearl Silver – 550W

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  1. MyD — The Viewpoint

    IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE UPGRADE TO GLASS BOWL, I RECOMMEND THE PRO 65OO (that’s not on this page) THOUGH IT IS A BIT MORE EXPENSIVE. IT HAS UPGRADED MOTOR WITH MORE POWER AND QUIETER OPERATION.***NOTE: The Pro 600 KF26M22CA on this page is slightly different than the regular Pro 600. The motor differences are important.Those looking for a compromise in price and inclusion of the glass bowl are likely landing on this page. This Pro 600 KF26M22 is a slightly different model and motor than the standard Pro 600 that I did a recent comparison side by side, but the differences I noticed are actually even more applicable in some cases with this model. I would recommend getting the regular Pro 600 model with metal bowl and adding the expensive glass pack – instead of buying this version. At least you get both bowls for a price coming close to (but still more) than what you find here. However, I also recommend getting the Pro 6500 standard with glass bowl before either of the previous options I mentioned because I feel it is a higher quality and quieter motor. Below you can read the rest of my comparison with the standard Pro 600. Again, the comparisons are still applicable to this machine.The PRO 600 has been around for over a decade and has been a standard in kitchens everywhere. Readers will notice the reviews have been around a long time, but have been conscientiously updated by reviewers. There were some problems with earlier models though many of those problems were fixed by the company (like the change to metal gears). However, Kitchenaid has introduced a new model with the same body and different motor. Which one works for you may depend on the money you are willing to spend and your comfort level with the sound levels. I brought in both models and did some side by side testing and comparison. The newer version of the 6 qt Professional line changes the motor from the previous AC 575 watt (in the older 600 KP26M1X) to the newer version with DC motor 1HP (6500 KSM6521). I will give a little more detail below, but you will notice the power is not a direct comparison as the older Pro 600 on this page is in wattage and the newer 6500 is in horse power. However, the company claims the newer is more powerful and I can confirm it at least feels more efficient and substantial while also being more quiet. The body is essentially the same as most 26 series so some aspects are interchangeable. More on that below. Here are some key differences and impressions as I tested them side by side: — The motor on the newer 6500 is much more quiet yet substantial feeling. The 6500 is almost more quiet on speed 10 than the 600 is on setting 1. I did at least get the feeling the 6500 was either more powerful in general or better at delivering torque. It sounded smoother and less whiney or rickety than the 600. That is not to say there is a problem with the 600. I understand some old issues have been fixed many years back. I felt the 6500 was more capable of handling heavier dough than the other machine. However, this has only been on the market since around the start of 2014 so the longevity of the machine is still being proven. I suspect it will go well. — The bowls are interchangeable between the glass and the standard metal. I tried it myself. However, it is important to remember that the bowls are different shapes though the width is the same where they mount and you MUST USE the mixing attachments for that specific bowl, metal or glass.. You have to use the F series beaters that come with the glass bowl, when you are using the glass. They are actually smaller than the ones you use in the metal bowl. Also, the glass bowl and beaters do not touch at bottom the way the metal bowl does. You will have to do a tiny bit more spatula work on wet batters when using the 6500 and glass bowl. It was necessary on the sides when using the metal bowl (and Pro 600) so getting down to the bottom a little didn’t bother me on the glass bowl and 6500. It rests maybe an 8th inch off the bottom where the beaters on the metal bowl will scrape the bottom lightly. The glass bowl with its accompanying beaters is well over $100 as an accessory, so if you are considering buying just the 600 machine and the glass bowls, you are getting closer to same cost. At time of writing, the 6500 still costs more than buying the 600 and adding the bowl later. — NOTE ON COLORS: The 600 has been the high volume seller in the 6 qt size for over a decade now. So there are myriads of colors and you will get crazy good deals on it during the holidays. The 6500 at time of writing this review only comes in a handful of colors if you search around and the deals are not as great. — This is a small thing but it’s nice. The attachment cap on the front of the machine is chrome on the 6500 where the one on the 600 is matt. It is a matter of personal choice which you prefer. I thought the chrome looked classy.FINAL THOUGHTS: If cost is an issue, the 600 is still a great machine at sometimes half the cost or less. I worry that it would have to be replaced before a 6500, but that is such a subjective and conditional thing. If money is no object, then I definitely recommend the 6500. Color is also an issue since many people wish to go with a theme in their kitchen. For the moment that is a real problem with the 6500 at maybe 6 colors until they expand the line. I was told that the DC motor is the direction Kitchenaid is beginning to lean. I can’t verify that is correct but I suspect the 6500 was released as an answer to some concerns expressed in the past. For me it answered the bill.

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  2. Michael

    The kitchenaid mixer came very damaged with both a broken glass bowl and scratched mixer stand. The item doesn’t appear to be new as described. I tried to work with the seller and they turned out to be very aggressive and hard to work with.

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    It was a nightmare to use it… It was a nice glass bowl BUT this mixer has a basic design and it is possible to get the whiskey close enough to the bottom of the bowl. This one fact makes this mixer a poor buy, not recommended. The beaters / whisks / etc do NOT reach the bottoms or sides. Kitchenaid provided a second glass bowl knowing this fault …. didn’t work either!!!!!! Very Frustrating!

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  4. Paula McCallister

    I love love love my new Kitchenaid. I had one before but lost it in a fire. I decided to upgrade and glad that I did. Roarrrr More Power. I love the color. I like that the bowl lifts up to the beaters and the top doesn’t have to come down to meet the bowl. The bowl is nice and thick and helps to see if everything is mixed at the bottom. The bowl is a little heavy but you wouldn’t want it thin and break easily. Kitchenaid is the best. Get yours now.

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  5. D. Thompson

    Disappointed that the attachments don’t come close to the bottom. You can’t whip egg whites or creme. Buy the model with the metal bowl.

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  6. Elizabeth

    Mixer is beautiful and powerful I purchased the stainless steel bowls to take place of the glass bowl since the whisks do not reach the bottom of the glass bowl.

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  7. George W

    This mixer has a basic design fault as even using the height adjustment to its full extent it is not possible to get the whisk close enough to the bottom of the bowl. This defect does not exist on the next size down mixer. This one fact makes this mixer a poor buy, not recommended.

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  8. Joanne N. Erickson

    I had to reorder the glass bowl,as the holder for the bracket was upside down on one side. You could not mount the bowl on the mixer because of it.I find it interesting that they are not inspected before being packed and sent out.

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  9. Shawn

    Recieved faster than expected. Very happy.

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