KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers – KSM1CBT

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  • Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid
  • Precision Temperature Technology to select from 70 degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, in 2 degree increments.
  • Digital Display with Timer Shows temperature and timer for up to 10 hours.
  • Easy View Glass Lid to monitor progress while in process; Stand Mixer Capacity: 5 Quart
  • DW safe cooking bowl & lid. Wipe base clean with cloth. Accessories hand wash only.
  • Model KSM1CBT includes Flex Edge Beater, Wire Whip, Dough Hook



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KitchenAid Precise Heat Bowl: Temper up to 12 oz. of chocolate, or melt your favorite cheeses for your next fondue party in this stainless steel-lined bowl.

The versatile bowl can be used by itself, but it also can attach to your KitchenAid stand mixer.

The digital display shows temperatures and the times for up to 10 hours.

Specification: KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers – KSM1CBT

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions11 × 12 × 10 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid Precise Heat Mixing Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixers – KSM1CBT

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  1. cmohr

    I struggled initially like some of the other reviewers in that the inner bowl temperature seemed to be wildly off what the thermometer said. What finally fixed it is that the inner bowl needed to be pushed down VERY HARD and twisted into the locked position so that it is locked down to the outer bowl. Only when the inner and outer (heating) bowl are locked together will it behave properly.The ironic thing is that nowhere in any of the instructions does it mention this step. It isn’t in troubleshooting, it isn’t in assembly instructions. If they simply updated their instructions to include this step, they’d save themselves many returns and frustrated customers.Once the two bowls were hard coupled to each other, it worked as advertised, and worked quite well. 5 star for the bowl as it works when properly assembled. 1 Star for the instructions that never mention this critical step, and overall, a 4 star review

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I had a rough start trying to understand the chocolate temper mode on the machine. The instructions for the chocolate temper mode did not make sense to me. I spent at least 90 minutes talking to KitchenAid support and bottom line is, forget what you know about chocolate tempering and just follow the instructions and it will work. I recommend chopping your chocolate into pieces smaller than the disk size.What I love about this machine is that you can keep the mixer stirring during the tempering process. Without that, you would have to stir by hand and that is not an easy thing to do for any length of time.I have used the machine 3 times for making dough and it is wonderful! I set the temperature to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I proofed the yeast in the bowl, mixed and kneaded the dough in the bowl and then put the lid on the bowl and let the dough raise in the bowl. The dough stayed nice and warm and rose beautifully.The more I use it, the more comfortable I’ll feel with it. I decided to keep it.

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  3. Elena S

    This works great for tempering chocolate – and keeping it in temper, if you use high quality chocolate. At first I tried it with baking chocolate chips (which are not really created to be tempered), then with real Belgian couverture chocolate: the difference is night and day. The former clumped while getting warmed up,never though I added some cocoa butter. The latter stayed super fluid and clump free, and stayed at the temperature set. As others indicated, the temp indicator shows the temp of the bowl, so once you know that it is easy to set the correct temp: in my case, I just set it about 2-3 degrees higher than what recipe indicated. It is not true that the heating element is in the very bottom: it is the entire lower portion of the heating bowl (up to about where it says “max fill line” on the inner bowl, or half way up. I subtracted a star because for my purposes (tempering chocolate and then dipping), it would have been more convenient if the sides were not as tall. But then if I wanted a device totally dedicated to tempering , I would have gone with the table top tempering machine which costs about the same. I see other useful applications for this, such as making nougat, so it gives me options, and I like that. It is easy to set the temp and timer (once you read the instructions))), and it does hold the set temperature for the selected time. Definitely a very useful device, even though not perfection.

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  4. Chrissy R

    I have been using this to temper chocolate at home for the last few months. It’s really easy to use — and I don’t use it with the mixer at all, just as a stand-alone device. I haven’t used the specific chocolate tempering button — I just set the temperatures manually based on my chocolates. I really love how I can temper my chocolate and it will hold the temp for hours if I want it to. Makes it really easy to fill molds, and then cap without having to worry about anything! I do still use a probe thermometer as the temperatures aren’t always exact.

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  5. N. Russell

    This works great for tempering chocolate. I don’t use the tempering function. Maybe it would work, but after reading so many people having problems with it, I just don’t want to put $50 of chocolate in there and ruin it. Instead I just temper it using an instant read thermometer and manually adjusting the temperature on the bowl. It works great without using a double boiler and risking contaminating the chocolate with steam, and once you get the chocolate in temper, as long as you give it a stir every few minutes, it keeps the chocolate perfectly in temper for hours. It might not be as nice as an expensive tempering machine, but it’s a lot easier and less messy than the two bowls and heating pad method I used before.

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  6. Bill Tang

    The very first time I saw this gadget the light bulb in my head lighted up — does it work like heating the cake batter or chocolate over a bath of water? If so then it would be perfect for me since most of my cake batter require to be heated. Sure enough, the unit worked exactly like a bath of water — if I set it to 190F (87C) then the mixture inside the bowl would be around 130F (~55C). I tested many time with different settings side-by-side with bath water and it behaves the same. I think this is the reason why many reviews said the temperature was off because they are expecting the internal temperature to be at the set temperature. In any events, this temperature differences turned out to work well for me. One negative is the included rubber mixer splashes too much, it pushes too much against the wall.

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  7. Andrew B Warner

    I bought this product to temper chocolate. I tried three times. Each time I got an “error 3” message. I’ve tried calling customer support for Kitchenaid twice. Each time they listen to my question and then put me on hold while they “research” it. After waiting for very long times, I hang up. Both the product and the customer support is very disappointing.

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  8. Sylvain Boisvert

    Le contrôle de température interne des mélange précis, j’ai comparé ave un thermomètre électronique et a peine quelques centième d’écart.Parfait pour monter une meringue italienne en un rien te temps.Merci

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  9. The one who had to come.

    IT is kind of slow to get to the temperature because the temp gauge is on the element and NOT on the bowl so the temperature in the bowl takes for ever to get there.

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  10. Mark

    The temperature is far from exact. Takes forever to heat up. Waste of money

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  11. Kindle Customer

    Took a bit of practice but now absolutely love it!! Keeps my choc in temper while I am working.on each project..

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  12. Moj Sen

    Great addition to my business where the temperature of ingredients is crucial

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  13. joanne schnurr

    this is a xmas present,so it has not been used yet,as Santa has not [email protected] house

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  14. DZC

    Funciona muy bien

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  15. Jen porter

    Melts chocolate perfectly

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