KitchenAid Nespresso KES0504SR Coffee Maker – Sugar pearl Silver

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  • Easy loading capsule system
  • Brew strength selector
  • All-Metal, die-cast construction
  • 1.3-Liter Removable water tank
  • Includes milk frother



Nespresso by KitchenAid with milk Frothier combines the iconic and premium metal design from KitchenAid with an innovative technology (19 bar pressure system) guaranteeing the incomparable Nespresso coffee quality.

Specification: KitchenAid Nespresso KES0504SR Coffee Maker – Sugar pearl Silver

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions13 × 8 × 13 in






9 reviews for KitchenAid Nespresso KES0504SR Coffee Maker – Sugar pearl Silver

3.0 out of 5
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  1. Ken Irvin

    Compared to my last Nespresso machine (an original entry level Essenza) this thing is a tank. It heats up fast, unlike the Essenza’s few minutes, and a double shot (2 ristretto pulls) is so much better than anything I’ve ever gotten at a Starbucks, that I really don’t understand why there is thousands of these around the world when a pod based machine can blow them out of the water. If I have any complaint it’s that this machine is not much more sophisticated than the bottom of the line entry machines, considering its price tag, but then again it is also perhaps one of it’s best features as well. What it lacks in features it surely makes up for in heft and build quality. Some of the less than 5 star reviews mention its issue with crushing capsules, which it does, especially if you let the expelled capsule bin get full and the used capsule can’t fully drop. There is a certain amount of feel you need to develop when using this machine. The fit on everything about this machine is heavy and tight, and if I’m being honest, probably to the point of overkill. Pulling the lever on this machine is like operating a drill press. The down side of this is that I think the machine’s designers put a higher level of expectations of the consistency of the capsules than is the reality. I frequently get my capsules in the mail with some slightly denting from shipment. My old Essenza was light and loose, even when new and didn’t really have this problem, ever, but then again if the capsule didn’t seat correctly you would feel like you were forcing things. The Kitchenaid will effortlessly crush a capsule unless you really try and ‘feel’ what you are doing. That said the Kitchenaid seals so well that usually it will process a retrieved capsule from the bin, that was mangled because the bin got full and the previous one didn’t fully drop, just fine. It also recovers from running dry, so, so much better than the Essenza which was a big ordeal when the water reservoir ran dry, and an almost certainty that the capsule that it ran dry on was lost. I do fully understand the frustration of losing a capsule, in most places capsules are mail order only and losing one when supplies are low is an aw crap moment.I have no regrets whatsoever in buying this machine, it is expensive, it is extremely simplistic, and it is far more industrial than elegant and to that end sometimes less than forgiving, but you absolutely feel like you have a quality item on your counter. A steam tube would have been a nice feature as would having the small cup rest on the top of the machine heated, which it isn’t. There is also no water heat setting available. The combination of these things being that milk beverages do not have either the heat of the cup or the heat of the milk or an elevated heat of the water to compensate so the end result is some beverages may not be as hot as some might like. Preheating the cup under hot water is enough to compensate, though it is an extra step.

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  2. Divecar

    One of the better expresso machines with pretty good capsule products. Probably the best machine available for under $300 (Christmas Sale) in the US. I lived in Italy many years and am a picky expresso taster. Good after-market capsules available from Singapore, UK and Australia, carrying types not made by Nespresso. Overall I am extremely happy with the Kitchenaid machine. The milk frother is an absolute must for you cappuccino drinkers or macchiato aficionados, producing either hot or cold frothed milk of high quality and is very easy to clean. Both the expresso maker and the milk frother have fast heat-up times, making it a pleasure to use. You will not be disappointed. You can find Orzo, Ginseng, Decaf, flavored, robust and less robust expresso capsules as well as Lungos.

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  3. Ivana Cherie

    This Kitchenaid Nespresso machine is fantastic! I bought it because I had one in my room on a cruise and LOVED it. (I am not normally a coffee drinker).This machine looks very elegant and expensive. I am surprised that for a similar price to other plastic machines, this machine is all metal construction. It is solid. It is heavy. It is quality.It warms and brews quickly and makes delicious espresso. Livanto is my favorite roast so far. I have also used Cafe Joe off brand with no problems (make sure you look for original line compatible NOT vertuo). The machine is a bit noisy while it brews, but so was the machine on the ship and it’s only for a few seconds. Coffee shops are loud too.Some reviews mention the plastic water tank is hard to remove. Do NOT force it. Instead of yanking the handle and breaking it, I pulled the handle then grabbed the top of both sides and tilted it out. (In the instruction video the jug goes in and out tilted, not straight). It fits snug, yes. However, after removing a few times to make sure it didn’t get stuck, mine was perfect.Just to be sure, I looked at the latches on the machine that hold the water canister in place (photo: two little clips underneath the top where the jug sits). I gently pushed on each to allow more give for the canister. Perfection!

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  4. Vance

    I should have kicked keurig out the door along time ago. I love this machine. Now I know how my wife feels about her kitchen aid stand mixer. This thing is metal and feels like quality. It is amazing to me!! The frothier that came with it works great!!

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  5. Michael Donahoe

    Really easy to use and looks great. I have had a number of regular espresso machines in my day. Ran into one of these in a vacation rental and liked using it. Meanwhile my kitchen was under construction and I decided I needed a clean and easy solution – at least for a while.The water reservoir on mine is tough to remove in order to refill. In fact I broke the plastic trying to force it out. Customer service was good and sent me a new one.Separately, my frother just died after 3 months of usage. Again customer service addressed the issue professionally and sent me a new one without much discussion.Overall a good purchase. Note this is a first generation Nespresso machine and the now have a new line that has more capabilities. Be sure this generation meets your needs. I doubt I will be going back to the regular espresso machine despite the cost savings.

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  6. Angela

    I’ve had this 2nd machine for less than 2 years. I had to have my 1st one replaced during the warranty period. As far as I understand, the warranty does not get extended if they replace the original, therefore the 2nd one is now out of warranty. I cleaned the machine following the manual’s directions. It is now stuck in cleaning mode and won’t return to brew mode. I have unplugged it, let it sit until the cleaning mode light stops blinking, but as soon as I try to make a cup of coffee back to cleaning mode it goes. What a piece of junk! For $350 I’d expect something a little more reliable. Lesson learned.

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  7. Christl Scholz Ramirez

    Excelente producto, desde la estructura de la maquina es una belleza y se puede usar perfecto con las cápsulas de nespresso o si decides podrías comprar la cápsula de acero inoxidable para rellenarla con el café de tu agrado. Te recomiendo buscar en la red, tu tienda nespresso más cercana.

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  8. Adem

    Not sure what I love more the coffee or the coffee maker–either way, I am very happy

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  9. isabelle Pinard

    Excellent !

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