KitchenAid KTEN20SBIS – Whistling Kettle With Cover – 7.52 in Diameter x 8.03 in – 0.5 gal – Citrus Sunrise

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  • Removable Lid
  • Levered Spout With Silicone Grip
  • Polished Stainless Steel Full Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Vibrantly Colored Porcelain Exterior
  • Attractive Trim Band


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Quickly prepare and serve seasonal drinks, delicious soups, or hot cereals in style using this well-crafted kettle with attractive handle.

A graceful contoured profile lends an ornate touch to an iconic image of hearth and home.

Specification: KitchenAid KTEN20SBIS – Whistling Kettle With Cover – 7.52 in Diameter x 8.03 in – 0.5 gal – Citrus Sunrise

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions8 × 9 × 8 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid KTEN20SBIS – Whistling Kettle With Cover – 7.52 in Diameter x 8.03 in – 0.5 gal – Citrus Sunrise

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  1. Will L

    I purchased this kettle in early May 2016. When I received it, I loved it and couldn’t be happier. The kettle is beautifully made with an amazing blue color. I thought that my search for the perfect kettle was over. The whistle was loud and I didn’t have the spout dribble problem that others had. The handle does get hot but I made sure I didn’t touch the metal part and I could deal with it.Unfortunately, I had just noticed recently that the inside is rusting! I don’t even know when it started and how much rust I’ve consumed. I use the kettle every single day and make sure not to let water to sit inside for too long so I don’t know how this happened.I loved this kettle but I wouldn’t purchase again knowing that the inside can rust.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I am really disappointed… Looks great, but… it leaks during water pouring.. Water drips down from the outlet- everything below kettle gets wet.

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  3. Julian E. Parks

    I bought this from Amazon on April 26, 2017. Not even a year old. The whistle broke. Now get this. The whistle is held together by a spring. Yes, a spring. I was boiling water as usual, and when I pushed the whistle lever down to pour water the whistle popped apart. There is a lower section, a spring, and the top part. Who does that? Junk. And for $65.00!!!! I went Bed Bath & Beyond and Century 21 to get another tea kettle, but guess what? No matter the brand most all had this spring mechanism in the whistle. Poor design. What whistle needs a spring? Older models did not have this, and they worked fine. My doorman and I looked at it and tinkered with it. The fix: Put the whistle back together on the spout and hold it in place. Cover the whistle/spout with a cloth or slice of leather to protect the whistle and spout. Now use a medium or large pair of pliers over the cloth or slice of leather and pinch the whistle together. It worked. We used a piece of leather off a key chain. And I tried out the tea kettle, and it whistles. I think it might even whistle better. Now I will see how long this last. I have had no other problems with this kettle.

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  4. Since1999

    This is the most handsome tea kettle I’ve ever owned… but… it leaks all over the counter when pouring hot water out. I tried several times over 24 hours, like pouring fast, slow etc. but same thing every time I poured. What a shame, very disappointing! I don’t understand why; well I hesitated but had no choice but to return it.

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  5. Jewelry Lover

    As someone who reads a lot of reviews before ordering something, I was a bit unsure of this item because the reviews were so mixed. However, after having quite a few cups of tea since my purchase, I’m overall pleased with the product. A lot of reviewers talked about water dripping from the spout when your pour it, rust issues, and the handle being too hot to hold on your own without an oven mitt, but I’ve had None of these issues. I was particularly worried about the handle being too hot, but I can comfortably hold it without an oven mitt. We’ll see how it holds up as the months and years go by, but for now it works well. The only thing I would say is the price is a bit steep for a tea kettle, but other than that (and the Prop 65 issue that still has me a bit concerned) it’s good.

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  6. Mrs. M.

    I purchased a less expensive tea kettle elsewhere about a year ago and got exactly what I paid for! Realized that it had been foolish to try to “go cheap” for an item that I use every day, several times a day! This kettle is well constructed with quality materials and the 2-quart capacity is perfect for those who prefer a larger size. The Mandarin Orange is a REALLY pretty color! I was looking for yellow, but am really happy with this cheerful shade … : )IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to use medium to medium high heat (NOT high!), and also, do not exceed water level recommendations. Adding too much (beyond the bottom of the spigot opening) and the kettle will “spit” and potentially cause burns when you go to pour. Both of these cautions are noted in the use instructions.DEFINITELY would recommend to anyone looking for an attractive, well-made tea kettle; hope to have mine for YEARS!

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  7. Deb

    I had an old tea kettle for the longest time and it worked fine, but it was pretty unattractive to look at. Being that I highly value aesthetics, this always bugged me. I make French Press coffee daily and so my kettle is always out on the stove. Finally, I decided I’d had enough and needed to get a new one. After a LOT of research and reading reviews for pricer kettles that people said were tough to clean or had started to rust, I got nervous about picking up another kettle (I’m not even sure HOW a good tea kettle would rust unless you NEVER used it…?) but anyway, I dind’t want to invest the money to just have the thing get rusty or whatever, so I kept looking. I found this KitchenAid one and, while it was more than I wanted to spend, I also loved how it looked and figured I’d risk the investment. I LOVE IT. It’s heavier than you’d think, so it’s super-sturdy, well-made, has a nice whistle when the water boils, and it looks gorgeous on my stove 24/7. Oh, and it hasn’t rusted. 🙂

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  8. MH

    This is very well-made and solid. I want a kettle that works well and lasts. My last kettle (no idea of brand) was with me for over 20 years, and as much as I liked my last one, I like this one much better. The handle has a good feel to it, and the kettle is well-balanced. It is heavier than the cheap models, but the weight feels like a quality piece of cookware. There is a little bit of steam that escapes from the lid when the whistle is closed, but it is not enough to even warm the handle. There are no drips when pouring. I prefer a kettle without a whistle because I don’t like the noise. The ability to flip up the whistle is a huge bonus for me. When the whistle is down, it goes fairly quickly from a slight whistle to a full yell.Yes, this kettle costs more than many others, but it is well worth it. I am happy every morning when making my tea. The pyrite color is fantastic as well. I’ve had this a few months now, and see no reason that I won’t have it for a very long time.

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  9. Kuhokas

    Best quallity

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  10. miss nia lewis

    Good quality

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  11. Catharine T

    We loved this when we first got it but the handle and spout-mechanism is covered in a black plastic that is NOT heat safe. After only a few months of use the plastic is melting and the kettle will need to be replaced. NOT a good use of money. Our previous kettle lasted 10+ years. I will try to get my money back. Avoid.

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  12. Liv

    I like the look and was willing to pay the way to high price, now I will not buy kitchen aid again, the design is bad this kettle will no whistle properly and actually can not pour hot water without dribbling all over the counter or stove, back to my old cheap kettle, this is just a show piece now…how can a kettle not work properly? Wow kitchen aid

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  13. David Keegan

    Unfortunately, this kettle doesn’t whistle as advertised. It is quite hard to hear the whistle. (I was surprised to see that the “return window” was only 1 month. As a prime member, I would have thought it was longer – particularly if it doesn’t work.)

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  14. Itsmentah

    Kettle looks good, feels sturdy and solid. Upon first opening it up I thought it was well worth the money. Boiled it a few times in a week and the black plastic on the handles has already melted and disfigured…wouldn’t waste my money on an expensive thing that can’t handle heat on a stove.

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  15. Danny

    We bought this when it was on sale. We use it 3 to 4 times a day for coffee and tea and so far it’s been performing perfectly. If using with gas range, don’t place it on the largest burner because it will overheat the rubber handle. Overall great product and I highly recommended this!

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