KitchenAid KSMSCA – Kitchen Machine Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment

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  • Attaches to Power Hub of your stand mixer and uses the power of the motor to run the attachment
  • Fits all Household KitchenAid Stand Mixers
  • Create sheets of zucchini, apples, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables, and inspire fresh versions of everyday dishes
  • Two blades allow you to produce thinner or thicker sheets, depending on your preference or recipe
  • The vegetable sheet cutter packs and organizes inside its own storage case


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Reinvent classic meals and inspire your culinary creativity with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The KitchenAid vegetable sheet cutter attachment produces thin sheets of zucchini, apples, cucumber and other fruits and vegetables.

From substituting pasta and wraps with vegetable sheets, to reinventing snacks and sweet dishes, the options are endless.

Specification: KitchenAid KSMSCA – Kitchen Machine Vegetable Sheet Cutter Attachment

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 11 × 3 in






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  1. Rachel L. Taylor

    I ordered the vegetable sheet cutter and tried it out tonight on a lasagne with zucchini sheets instead of noodles. It worked really well. It took a little practice to get it right but after a few tries that failed because of “operator error” on my part, I peeled a very long zucchini sheet. It comes with a thin sheet peeler and a thick sheet peeler (I thought the thick was still pretty thin and worked well for lasagna noodles). It turned a pretty big zucchini into a ridiculously long sheet (didn’t measure it so I’m not sure how long exactly). One big zucchini was enough to cover my 8×11 pan twice with enough left over that I could have made more layers.Pros: if you follow the instructions, it works perfectly. Makes a very long sheet out of vegetables that would work well as a low carb lasagne noodle. You could also further cut the sheet with a knife or KitchenAid pasta attachment to make pappardelle pasta noodles.Cons: doesn’t work with all vegetables (e.g. Yellow squash does not work at all). Cost. If you had severely good knives and knife-skills, you could do the same thing with a knife (I don’t have either lol). You need vegetables that are pretty big. Smaller vegetables are not going to work.

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  2. Angela_G

    I bought this to try to get a few more vegetables and fruits into our lives in a creative way. Just kidding I really just bought it to see if it would work. And it really does!!I pulled it out and my fiance was like what heck did you buy now. So within a few minutes I had this thing going and zipped through 4 pretty decent sized zucchinis to make sheets for zucchini lasagna. Then I moved on to all the apples we had in the household. The two of us were just laughing our fool heads off watching it. I told him you guys have dinner I’m just going to do this all night.But seriously it works like a charm. The instructions are pretty good and just took a few minutes to master. The sheet cutter holds about 4-4.5 inch veggies, so about half a decent sized zucchini and then it makes literally the perfect lasagna noodles.It does leave some core behind. After I threw them away I thought dang I could have saved those to make zucchini bread if I had ground them up.I took the apples and put them in a little casserole with some butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Great for a quick little desert but it looks neat so I could see doing that then putting them in a pretty tart pan for an elegant desert.I left my zucchini noodles on a rack in the refrigerator overnight to remove some of the water and they did dry out pretty nicely, otherwise they stay pretty wet then when you bake it makes a big soupy mess. You can dry them in the oven too.We spent the whole rest of dinner trying to figure out things we could run through the sheet cutter…I’m going to try apples, pears, potatoes and maybe a firm nectarine. FUN!!!

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  3. Mike

    Kitchenaid used to be known for quality. Now it feels like they have outsourced everything to China and are coasting on their brand name. My gripe with this vegetable sheet cutter is that it broke after 3 uses. Kitchenaid had a good idea, as usual, they cheaped-out on materials.You stick these little toothed things into each end of your vegetable. They are meant to grip the vegetable. They are cheap plastic and broke after the 3rd use.You could have made these out of metal, Kitchenaid. You cheap &@*@@@.I hope new management comes in to Kitchenaid and brings manufacturing to America and implements some long-term brand vision. Because it seems like so many things I buy from Kitchenaid just break.I called the Kitchenaid hotline (I am currently on hold now). And have been waiting 7 minutes listening to oldies music. I am about to hang up. I do not have 20-30 minutes of my life to devote to chasing down a plastic part that this company should have manufactured with quality and integrity in the first place. Back to Amazon this item goes!

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  4. Javier Campos Jr.

    Ok. I am no chef but for me, this is cool. From Amazon order date, the system claimed ship date was 1-2 months, and in actuality it took about 1.5 weeks so that was great. It comes with the housing and 2 blades, thick and thin, the skewer and two ends for holding fruit/vegetable. The box it comes with will be the permanent storage box when not in use.Setup was simple and easy to use as this is my first ever attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer. The wife and kids just use this to mix batter to make cakes/cookies.Being a carbohydrate challenged person (Diabetic T2), I really wanted to make a lasagna. This device, with a medium sized Zuchinni allows me to make it easily.Yes, it’s relatively expensive for what you can slice with it but I found an unexpected plus. My 2 kids just had braces put on in August and the whole concept of biting into apples with braces was not as easy for them.. Well, with the vegetable slicer, they were eating through apples slices with this device! So, this will make life easier for the next year or 2 for the kids and the price justifies itself for me.The slices with the thick cut blade, for me in my first Zucchini lasagna (last night) was perfect. The slices held up perfectly and the wife wanted more layers. As I said, we sliced apples and with the thin blade, the sheets are like 4-5 feet with a jumbo honey crisp apple.It is very well built and I expect it to last a long time.

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  5. Aleksandar

    Looks good overall, but one plastic piece that engages the mixer is very flimsy and it broke on the second use, now it wont turn. Very disappointed as i was looking forward to using it alot.

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  6. Deborah Clemmons

    This attachment is so much fun. My first experiment was making mini apple pies without the crust. I sliced the apples (one per well) using the thin blade, rolled them up and put them in the wells of my large muffin tin (they look like roses). Sprinkled them with butter, sugar, cinnamon and boiled cider. Baked them for 40 minutes. So good and so easy. Great tool for veggie wraps. I highly recommend it.

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  7. ShopsAlot

     This veggie sheeter is easy to use. Seems to be made well. I have only used it for a week but have made many recipes with it already. It makes zucchini lasagna far superior to any I have made. If you salt the zucchini sheets , it draws out all excess water. Then rinse the sheets with water to remove salt and pat dry with paper towel. the lasagna will not be at all watery.The video is shown making a 12ft sheet of zucchini using the thick blade with only ONE quarter of a zucchini !I have done butternut squash, apples, cucumber, potatoes, ( way easier to make scalloped potatoes with the sheets) and sweet potato so far.You get PERFECT sheets every time and it will only start to tear when it gets close to the seeds of a vegetable.I do wonder how long the blades will remain sharp, so I hope they offer replacement blades when/if needed.I am more than pleased with this machine so far.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Great tool

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  9. Patricia Santillan Sanchez

    Excelente producto, lo use para hacer manzanas deshidratadas

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  10. Martha

    Buenísimo como todos los productos Kitchen Aid …. me llego antes de lo indicado …. muy practico , cumplió totalmente con mis expectativas 😀

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  11. Prairiehill

    Very nice and handy tool!

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  12. Joseph

    funciona muy bien, pero le falta un poco de filo a las cuchillas

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  13. Ptite souris


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  14. Jason Harasymchuk

    Good product.

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  15. Pierrette Fournier

    Exactement ce à quoi je m’attendais

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