KitchenAid KPSA – Pasta Maker Attachment

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  • Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid
  • Pasta-roller attachment offers a fun way to enjoy traditional Italian cuisine at home
  • Sturdy metal construction; attaches easily to KitchenAid stand mixers (sold separately)
  • Creates 6-inch sheets perfectly sized to feed into pasta cutters or ravioli makers (sold separately)
  • Can be adjusted between thick and thin settings; washing by hand recommended
  • Measures approximately 3-1/2 by 9-3/5 by 2 inches; 1-year limited warranty


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Bring the taste of fresh pasta into your home with this KitchenAid Stand Mixer attachment.

The pasta roller helps you guide sheets of just-made dough through to the desired thickness.

You can then cut the pasta yourself into thick pappardelle noodles, squares for large ravioli or long sheets for lasagna.

Specification: KitchenAid KPSA – Pasta Maker Attachment

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions2 × 10 × 4 in






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  1. Robert A. Veschi

    First, let me say that I have been making home made ravioli every New Years of my adult life. First with my grandmother, then I personally took over the tradition about 20 years ago. I normally have eager (hungry) family and friends around waiting to jump in and help me prepare the New Years Eve meal. Well, with my grandmother in her 90’s, my parents not medically capable of standing on their feet for hours at a time now, I was facing New Years Eve meal preparation alone! The thought of doing all of that alone, struck fear in my heart! I did some research and found this attachment was available for the KitchenAid. So, a professional 600 series kitchenAid was ordered along with this attachment. Thank you Amazon for your same day delivery service.Let me start out by saying that this review could have gone either way. Like many other reviewers, I was ready to throw this attachment in the garbage about halfway through my first attempted use! Keep in mind, I have used an atlas to roll out my dough for years so I have a good feel for dough for machine preparation. I cannot imagine attempting to use this attachment having had zero experience in dough for machine preparation. I would recommend that anyone who purchases this attachment not only read the instructions, TWICE! I also recommend you going to youtube and watching videos on it’s use. After about an hour of learning, and half a batch of dough, I finally got the feel for the proper way to use this attachment. Up to that point, I was certain that I could have prepared them the old fashion way much more quickly. However, when I had my first successful batch run through the machine, I was convinced that I could have never made three dozen ravioli the old fashioned way in just a few minutes. I pushed on and was able to successfully make over 150 ravioli in the next hour. I could have never done that with a press and rolling pin!So, let me share a few things that any person attempting to use this attachment needs to know:1) Do not roll the dough any thinner than a 3 on your kitchenAid Pasta Roller – This attachment stretches the dough as it pulls it through and if you go any thinner, your dough will certainly tear.2) Do not attempt to use overly wet (sticky) dough with this attachment. If it has a hard time making it through your KitchenAid Pasta Roller, it will be impossible to make it through this attachment. If it is too dry, it will crack and break using this attachment, You need to make certain that the dough easily goes through the Pasta Roller Attachment.3) I saw several written and even video recommendations for making all of the dough first and storing it for use in this attachment. I tried many of them and what I found worked best for me was prepare the dough with the pasta roller, remove the pasta roller and mount this attachment, use the freshly prepared dough (put a little flour on both sides before use) to make a batch of ravioli.4) Depending on your filling, mine was a meat and spinach filling, given the size of the ravioli produced by this machine, the filling would have never made it into the dough. I ground the filling using the smallest die available with my (same day delivered) KitchenAid grinder. The second thing that I learned was the fact that you cannot assume that your filling will just drop into place as you turn the crank, you literally have to go slow and push the filling into each and every ravioli being careful not to over stuff them and tear the ravioli. Yes, this is a tedious task when using thicker fillings.5) Don’t assume that your dough will feed through this attachment, even though it has rollers on both sides, save yourself a lot of frustration and manually push the dough in on both sides before you turn the handle.I hope that this saves a few KitchenAid Ravioli attachments from the same fate that many others have suffered due to dissatisfied owners. This is a wonderful attachment when used properly. Please be patient and enjoy your new ravioli maker. It was a sound investment if you have to make ravioli all by yourself!

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  2. JohnV

    Have been working with this and found that the following dough works great:(this is different from the standard KitchenAid recipe)10 oz All purpose flour2 large eggs (wt ~ 2 oz/egg)4 large egg yolks1 tsp Kosher Salt0-1 tblspn water (depends on humidity of kitchen -cold here in Maine)Mix in mixer the usual way (30 sec mix, 2-3 min with dough attachment)Then knead for 2-3 minutesRest for 30 minutes-1 hourRoll the dough on following settings:Roll out on #1 with 3-4 folds (kneading)Roll out on #2 with 3-4 folds (kneading)Roll out on # 3Roll out on #4Run through Ravioli MakerSprinkle with flour as neededFold in half and crease the fold.Remove hopper, insert folded end and give it a quarter turnLay the two ends open to each sideReplace hopperThen, SLOWLY, turn the crank.Voila –works fine. Just be patient and be sure to knead the dough and let it rest before using this attachment.

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  3. aczPrime

    This is a review of (primarily) the seller, always quality, not the item. I always try to set out to buy the best. In this case, I wanted the Kitchenaid Pasta accessories and paid the full price to buy OEM. I was expecting a new, unopened item, securely packaged and shipped in a sturdy box. What I received was indeed a Kitchenaid set but it appears to be used, with fingerprints all over the chrome finish of all 3 pieces and it was shoved into a padded envelope for shipping. Due to the weight of the item, the box arrived with crushed corners. This was to be given as a Christmas present to accompany a new Kitchenaid stand mixer and this is hardly gift quality. All this and full price too! Bah Humbug! I’m very disappointed with this seller. The items in the set appear to be sturdy and heavy. I’ll assume durability is fine, there is no assembly and it should be no more difficult to clean than my 30 year old manual pasta roller.

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  4. Doug Marke

    Great product, love it, does great work. But…After you’ve made dough and it’s covered in flour, DO NOT wash it in the sink. The flour turns to dough inside the nooks and crannies and becomes impossible to clean. In fact it comes with a little brush and a note that very clearly tells you never to do this. Clean it solely with the stupid little brush and don’t be like me

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  5. Emeldy I. Thompson

    Great stuff… 100% better than manual. Just see the picture result. Im so glad i got all d attachment of kitchenaid. Totally happy with everything…😚😚😚

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  6. Heather Petrig

    I was skeptical about how these would work after a disappointing ice cream freezer attachment, but they are worth every penny. I used to roll pasta either by hand or hand crank machine and couldn’t imagine these would be much different. Wow. Wow. Wow! Is all I have to say. They work so well I bought ALL the Kitchenaid pasta attachments. The dough comes out leathery smooth and elastic with perfectly consistent results every time. This has taken my home chef pasta making to a whole other level. I even bought semolina flour because I felt my regular bread flour just wasn’t on par with the professional quality of this equipment. As I am not the most coordinated person, it also takes about 1/4 the time required to use the hand crank version. Fresh homemade pasta is now a weeknight dinner instead of an all day art project in my house. You have Just got to try these to appreciate the efficiency and quality. Thank you, husband! ILY!!!

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  7. AEC

    I have never made fresh pasta before, but did so last night, and it was unbelievably easy and satisfying with this pasta attachment!Making pasta dough turned out to be very quick (using a simple recipe from the BBC Good Food website, using 5oz / 140g 00 flour, one whole egg and one egg yolk – although there are several recipes in the instructions themselves, which I didn’t read..!). I made the sauce while the pasta dough briefly rested in clingfilm in the fridge, and then it was ready to roll out.You slot the roller attachment into place on your KitchenAid stand mixer, couple of twists to screw it into place, flick it to speed 2 , and you’re ready to feed the dough through it. I rolled the dough in 4 separate go’s, otherwise it would get too long to handle. The next trick is to keep folding the dough and rolling it through the widest two settings to make it silky smooth and into a rectangle shape. I can see that with a hand cranked pasta roller this would be a real pain to do, and you’d most likely need someone’s help to either feed the pasta dough through, or to hold the roller down and crank the handle. With the KitchenAid attachment the roller stays firmly in place, and constantly rolls automatically so you just have to drape the dough through and collect it with your other hand. I can’t explain how easy this was.The next stage is to crank the rollers thinner and thinner and roll the dough through each setting. To do this you don’t even have to stop the machine – you just gently pull the nob and turn it to the next position. I stopped rolling at setting 6 (of 8) to make tagliatelle which worked well. Setting 7 was a little thin (but would be perfect for ravioli).The final step is to hang onto your sheet, change the rollers (which is simple and fiddle-free) to the tagliatelle cutter. Then simply feed the sheet through one last time. Out came strands of fresh home made pasta, like magic. So satisfying to watch.I hung the pasta out to dry on the KitchenAid drier (great product) but I understand it’s equally find to put it in little piles. I found the TINIEST bit of flour over the strands was useful to stop them sticking to each other. Then literally 4 minutes in boiling water, and it was ready to eat.The results were great. The pasta was tastier and chewier than either dried or the fresh stuff you can buy in supermarkets. I will definitely be doing this again, and look forward to trying different colours and flavours of dough.Looking back, I realise this review is more about the dough, but perhaps that’s the beauty of the KitchenAid attachment – it works so well and easily that there’s not much to say about it!Wonderful bit of kit, quality product, and so easy to make some poncey home made pasta to make you feel smug.

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  8. Mr. Paul Graham

    Brilliant tool set and very easy to use. Simply make your pasta, leave for 30 mins, quarter the pasta ball and flatten to make a small, thick disc….the rest, as they say, is child’s play using the roller from setting 1 to whatever thickness you desire. Easy to clamp on and off to your Artisan Kitchenaid and easy to clean too – once your pasta sheets have dried further for around 15 mins, use the pasta cutter for simple tagliatelle or, if you’ve rolled your pasta thin enough, spaghetti!!! Superb item and worth every penny – superb build quality, robust, easy to use and easy to clean – simples 🙂

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  9. Alex

    This is an expensive but well-made attachment for KitchenAid mixers. I’ve been making pasta at home for several years. It’s never been easier that now. The KitchenAid takes all the effort out of rolling and speeds up the whole process.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    Bought as a gift as they already had a pasta making machine very pleased with this item

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  11. Harper Lee Fan

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find this attachment really difficult to work with. The dough has to be the perfect consistency to not stick to the attachment, and even then it comes out in ribbons instead of sheets. Plus, it was horribly expensive.

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  12. Ms A.

    I bought this from a wish list for my daughter and she’s absolutely delighted with it. There’s no stopping her now, and bought pasta is definitely a thing of the past. An excellent kitchen aid and the shipping was fast too.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    What a brilliant piece of equipment this is. We’d suffered using the hand held pasta machine, and having to replace it on a regular basis, but this, well what can one say, it is absolutely brilliant. It’s efficient, it’s easy to use, easy to clean etc etc etc.

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  14. Doriefish

    Was sceptical that this would replace the hand pasta maker but they are brilliant and so much faster when making a lot

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  15. sagai

    works well as described.I have a manual one for pasta making, it does a difference having both arm free to focus on the pasta itself.It is three attachment for different pastas not one as indicated on the main image.

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