KitchenAid KMT4116OB 4-Slice Toaster – Onyx Black – 16.5″

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  • Long Slot Design with Extra Wide 1.5 Inch Slots
  • High Lift Lever / Easy-to-Clean, Removable Crumb Tray
  • Simple Start to Finish Toasting
  • 7 Shade Settings with Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Keep Warm
  • Under Base Cord Storage


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Make a statement on your counter with the newly designed KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster, which accommodates a variety of shapes and sizes of Artisan breads.

This toaster features 7 shade settings, including Bagel, Defrost, Reheat and Keep Warm.

A high lift lever is convenient for removing smaller slices of bread or to check toasting progress at any time.

Specification: KitchenAid KMT4116OB 4-Slice Toaster – Onyx Black – 16.5″

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions8 × 17 × 8 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid KMT4116OB 4-Slice Toaster – Onyx Black – 16.5″

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Armchair Shopper

    I thought toaster buying was simple but it’s not. If you think genuine toasted San Francisco fresh sourdough bread is the best invention since the Gold Rush, I can save you some time. For the un-initiated, any sourdough bread worth it’s crust is large and round. When they machine cut it, the slices are all varying length and some of them are very very long. Cutting a slice in two does not work for various practical reasons, plus it just looks wrong. You have the same problem with various artisan breadsSo you need a long slot toaster that is a single element so it can take a combination of very small pieces of bread (the ends) and long pieces (the middle). And everything else. As I looked around in stores I realized they are phasing this type out. I had an old Cuisinart for 10+ years and it was gradually failing and Cuisinart no longer offer this type. So after some searching I assembled a list of five models but only the Breville and Kitchen Aid had controls on the front. The rest have them on the right (at the end) and I don’t think that is efficient for many counter tops especially mine and that is all that matters. Then it turns out the Breville has four elements, so your sourdough comes out with a nice stripe in the middle. Quelle horreur. Several of the end-control ones have that issue as well.So that leaves you with exactly one choice – the Kitchen Aid KMT4116CU. See I told you I would save you time.So …. you may ask … how was the toast? The toaster works reasonably well after about four days and we’ve tried a number of different breads and slice sizes. One concern is that it would get too hot, the sides get warm but you won’t get burned. The top is a little hotter but I touched it after a running it for a while and you won’t get burned.Then there is the much cited issue of the beep that you can’t turn off. Yes it beeps (only once), but it’s not that loud at least on the one I got. I happen to have a Kitchen Aid kettle, and that is actually louder. It is quieter than my digital timer and the alarms on both the microwave and oven. I don’t think you will wake anyone any more than walking around the house.The controls are easy to use, probably better than my last one. The element seems to have mostly even heat, the build quality is generally reasonable. It has various heat settings like defrost, bagel, reheat that seem to work. It has 7 darkness settings, and you need about a 6+ for some dense frozen breads, 3-4 for medium breads. Not like some toasters where 2 is bread and 3 is charcoal. The center of the bread does not seem to get too dried out. The only thing that would be nice is an option to turn off one side when you are only using one slot (the last one had that). But it’s minor.As with all things in life your mileage may vary but I’m keeping this toaster.

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  2. L. Blumenthal

    Though not perfect, this is as good a toaster as this bread/toast-a-holic has used.What I love:1 – large slots that accommodate large slices from my home made boules2 – finally a toaster that heats hot enough to toast fast, get good color, and not dry out bread in the middle3 – push button quick pop in case it’s suddenly done4 – no useless gadgetry, like digital displays, “a little more,” etc.5 – lift-and-look lever6 – simple, sleek designNot perfect:1 – seems to toast the edges faster than the middle of the slices2 – one side of toast is darker than the otherPictures show front and back of same piece of toast.

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  3. Cristina

    We bought this toaster and there appeared to be plastic bands from the manufacturing process still in the machine. So, we returned it and bought the same one again hoping that the new one will not come with this defect, but unfortunately it’s the same.The area where the bread is inserted seemed clear of any extraneous objects when we first plugged in the machine to test it. A strong plasticky smell appeared shortly after pressing down the lever for just a few seconds.Upon closer inspection there appear to be 6 transparent plastic bands in multiple locations inside the toasting area of the machine. In each toasting slot we see 3 plastic bands: two on tabs that support the bread, and one around the main bar to which the tabs are attached. Please see attached photos; the bands are indicated with wooden skewers. Perhaps there are more in hidden places.It looks like these should have been removed earlier in the manufacturing process.

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  4. Arlington Anne

    I gave myself this for my birthday, and it was a very good choice.First, the red is a perfect match for my Blue Star stove and the red tiles in my kitchen backsplash, so I’m happy they have colors available.Second, it works really well. The bread toasted as desired.Third, it’s versatile. I even put a folded flour tortilla in it, and was happy with the results – crisp around the edges, chewy in the middle, and it blistered up nicely. Then I took half of a small baguette, sliced it lengthwise into planks, and toasted the planks – best garlic bread ever (put melted garlic butter on AFTER it comes out of the toaster!).Fourth, the crumb tray works great.Fifth, the lifter – you can push up the toast to look at it without interrupting the toasting cycle.Sixth, and this is my favorite feature, there’s a 3-minute “keep warm” setting. Ridiculously easy to use – just push a button if you want it – this lets the toast finish giving off steam, like putting it in a toast rack, so it doesn’t get soggy, and the toaster keeps giving it a low level of heat so it doesn’t cool off. No more soggy toast, I love it. It isn’t scalding hot when it comes out after 3 minutes, but it’s still really warm.I found that the toasting was most even if I put bread in both slots. If you put bread in only one side, I think the heat from the empty second side adds to the middle side of your toast and overcooks it. So I always toast at least two pieces. (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it)This is the best toaster I have ever had. I absolutely love it. Worth every cent, and I didn’t get it on sale.

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  5. GP

    Ordered this to replace our 12 year-old Kitchen Aid Toaster because the inside elements had burned-out. Did a lot of toasting in 12 years, so KitchenAid seemed like a suitable replacement product. 1st set of toast on setting 3 did not toast at all. 2nd attempt at setting 4 burned both sides of the bread. 3rd, 4th, and last attempt would only toast the outside of the bread. The inside elements of the toaster were apparently burned out. Ordered a replacement, hoping this is just a dud, but disappointed that quality control let this out on to the shelf; that’s not what I expected from KitchenAid.Update: If I could give this zero stars, I would. The replacement unit did not yield a better result. Parts of the interior and exterior elements simply don’t work consistently and so it produces different toasted bread every time. Sometimes level 3 only toasts half the slice and sometimes it toasts the whole slice but burns the edges. Sometimes level 4 only toasts 1 side of the bread. The replacement is going back and will look at a different brand.

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  6. Dorota

    I decided to ignore negative users’ reviews because like everything else everyone has their own opinion and the majority users liked this toaster (including my hubby). I also like it but not love it. It’s pretty and user friendly, however, getting it to toast perfectly is an art form on it’s own which I am yet to master. I find that this toaster does not necessarily toast evenly, sometimes my bread edges get way too crispy (read: slightly burned). I don’t find the slots to be comfortably wide for bagels or other gourmet breads, although, you can certainly manually push in such thicker slices and get them toasted. I like two features in particular -(1) the long slots which allow for European style bread slices to toast; and (2) the beeping signal announcing the end of the toasting (something that some users hate apparently), which allows me to quickly grab my toast and butter it while still hot.

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  7. ryan redecopp

    Delivery was quick, the toaster was bigger than I realized haha, which is fine. Just didn’t realize it was such a monster when looking at the pics.I like the bagel setting as it just toasts one side of the slice but sometimes its not very warm all the way through if you just toast the one side, so depending on your tastes you may or may not see that advantage to using that feature. Regular setting toasts the bagels excellent as well and its warm all the way through.I haven’t used it enough to give it a full 5 star review but it works great overall so far. I really like the long slots for toasting long/wide bread slices and buns. The slots are fairly wide too so you can toast some buns in there without much issue, but for super thick buns broiler toasting in the oven or toasting burger buns on the bbq is probably better.I mean, its Kitchen Aid so its hard to go wrong. My entire new kitchen is Kitchen Aid and I love each and every item especially the new dishwasher.

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  8. Max

    What I like? The colour. Looove the colour. What I don’t like? The way it toasts – which is pretty much the point of a toaster, isn’t it? I find that a medium (3) setting is not quite enough to toast the middle of my bread but a 4 setting toasts the edge of the bread too much, almost to the point of being burnt. It also toasts more on one side than on the other so I have to turn the bread halfway through the cycle. (Being able to raise the bread to check and, thus, allowing me to turn the bread, is a slight plus.) Toasting a bagel is no better – the 3 setting does little more than warm the bagel whilst the 4 setting gives it a ‘firmness’ that buttering cannot fix.I had to throw out my old Oster toaster because – after many years of service – it started to do in the past couple of months what the KitchenAid toaster did from the beginning! I thought being a KitchenAid product that it would be worth the higher price… and I really liked the empire red colour. But I wish now I had stuck with the Oster brand.Definitely would not recommend.

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  9. james campbell

    I am not liking it ! It does not brown bread evenly on both sides I have to turn them around after first cooking time then push it down again! not to pleased with this product Jim

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  10. Amazon Customer

    First few months it worked pretty good. Then it started to make uneven toasts, we have to toast the slices of bread once, when done we have to flip them over and toast them again. Same on both slots. It’s like the Bagel setting is stuck, but it’s not. And after reading a few reviews, it seems to be a common problem. Not something I would expect from Kitchenaid. For the price I paid, I’ll keep the thing, but I sure won’t recommend it to anyone.It looks good next to the mixer on the countertop, so it got a second star.

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  11. Vivaro

    It toasts, but not very well. One side better than the other so sometimes you have to flip it. It’s the same all along the length. It toast better the fuller it is. The best thing about it is the keep warm setting, other than that maybe splurge a bit more for a better toaster.

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  12. JandT

    Perfect size toaster for a family! This toaster is able to toast two bagels simultaneously which is perfect when you’re trying to get everyones breakfast done quickly. It looks great left out on the countertop. I like that it also makes a sound when it’s about to pop in case you’re in another room so you don’t need to worry about forgetting that you’ve put something down.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    We’ve had this for a couple months and are already noticing that it doesn’t always toast evenly.Update: purchased this toaster in May 2018 and it has since stopped working— the lever on the side won’t catch, so you have to stand beside it and hold it down while it toasts. Not what I expected from this name brand and at this price point.Love the way it looks, but, clearly, not very functional!

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this to replace an old T Fal toaster I had, I’ve always been a fan of Kitchenaid appliances and assumed the quality wouldnt be any different. It’s a fantastic toaster, toasts evenly and has nifty features such as “Keep Warm”, so if your multi tasking and cant get the toast right as it pops it will keep it in for an extra bit of time so it stays warm. It also has a beep to let you know it’s done. It does take up a fair bit of room but, most 4 slice toasters will. The empire red matches with my mixer and kettle perfectly.

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  15. Philippe Lamoureux

    Amèrement déçu par ce produit. Nous en avons reçu un, même en le mettant au plus haut niveau, il ne grillait pas le pain au centre et brûlait les croûtes. Nous avons retourné le produit et demandé un nouveau, l’autre était aussi inefficace. Nous avons retourné le 2e aussi. Vraiment déçu de voir Kitchenaid vendre un produit de si basse qualité à un prix si élevé. Ne perdez pas votre temps avec ce produit et commandez autre chose.

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