KitchenAid KMC4241OB Multi Cooker – 4 qt – Onyx Black

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  • Over 10 cooking methods, with 4 step-by-step modes
  • Even heat technology
  • 4-Quart cooking pot with coating and pour spout
  • Dual purpose steam basket and roasting rack
  • Soft grip handle with clear tempered glass lid
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Simmer, sear and sauté ingredients, create one-pot meals, cook rice, steam vegetables using the included basket insert and keep dishes hot for up to 24 hours.

Ten different settings and a precise temperature control system makes this KitchenAid 4-quart multi-cooker easy to use.

Specification: KitchenAid KMC4241OB Multi Cooker – 4 qt – Onyx Black

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions12 × 15 × 12 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid KMC4241OB Multi Cooker – 4 qt – Onyx Black

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Meredith Sivick

    I have ruined so much chicken that I now hate this crock pot.After you select a cooking mode and set the timer to a specific amount of time once the pot finishes pre-heating, you have to physically press the Timer start button. If you don’t it will cook forever. It does not go into warm mode.So, if you think you can just quickly throw in your stuff, set the timer and push start, you will be very disappointed to find that after the preheat the timer does not start automatically. Thus, you have to hang around and watch it like a hawk until the preheat is done!!I understand that some people will want it to function this way, but it should at least be an option to have the Timer start automatically after the pre-heating has finished.

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  2. MyD — The Viewpoint

    ALLOWS MORE FREEDOM TO COMBINE FUNCTIONS OR ELIMINATE PANS, FREE YOUR HANDS TO DO SIMULTANEOUS WORKI was looking for a different appliance in a local store an saw this new multi-cooker on display. To be quite honest, the unique look is what caused me to ask questions and I thought it was a very attractive appliance. I had been considering a crock pot or multi-cooker anyway so it really engaged me and I went through a series of demos. I was hooked and took the only one they had besides the floor model because it was so new at that time. I have been running it through a number of tests and researching the specs a little. I have a few impressions on use and have included some of my findings below. I hope it helps.SOME NOTES ON USES: — REMEMBER THIS IS 4qt WHEN CONSIDERING ROASTS – The non-stick pot is rated at 4qts and is about 8 1/2 inches across once you get down inside. The mouth is wider where the lid sits. For some uses, this machine is more than large enough. For others, it might be on the small side. However, I was buying according to my needs so there is no reason to fault the machine. Oblong machines that do large roasts for big family dinners are available. If you are doing a large solid roast, there isn’t much room to place vegetables around the sides. If you cube the roast and mix it all in with the vegetables, then the broth can get high enough to ensure everything cooks properly. It’s not an oven roast anyway. (Oven is my preferred roast though) — NOT A PRESSURE COOKER – The lid is well vented so you can’t expect a tight seal. I do not suggest rigging it to seal tighter against it’s designed use by manufacturer. — HANDLES RICE WELL – I have a very high end rice cooker but the venting mechanism is more complicated for special rice styles. I prefer this machine when using recipes that require cooking the rice with other ingredients because it gums up my rice machine. Same with some wild rice. There is a specific setting for brown rice. This machine will also do larger pots or act as a second when I have company. — LEAVES YOUR HANDS FREE LONGER ON THINGS LIKE RISOTTO (with attachment) – If you get the stir tower, you can do things like risotto and have a little more hands free as the tower stirs the rice for you. You still need to check it a few minutes here and there to add broth. This was a big deal to me, not to have to sit there and stir. Staying near, I was able to split my attention much more easily over other foods. — ONE POT PREPARATION WITH BRAISING/SEARING – I don’t know if this is a big deal to some people, but it’s nice to not have several pans out while you make something that requires searing first, then slow cooking. It helps on the cleanup. I will be honest though, in some cases I prefer the wide low mouth of a good frying pan while I set the cooker to it’s eventual setting and dump the items in once it’s all set. Personal preference on this one. — YOGURT – It’s nice to have the option of making a homemade yogurt that I know what’s in it. It’s as natural as the ingredients you choose. That was a bit of a novelty for me. I am not an expert yogurt maker though I may become one some day. You can also do low temp creamy scrambled eggs.NOTES ON TEMPERATURES AND FUNCTIONS: — EASY TO USE ONCE YOU READ INSTRUCTIONS: The settings and use of this machine is fairly intuitive and easy though you should read the instructions first of course. Experts with multi-cookers might find they can work it with little instruction right out of the box. — SOME FUNCTIONS REQUIRE MULTI ADJUSTMENTS AS YOU COOK, OTHERS DON’T – There are a few functions that you can add ingredients and walk away after start (such as rice). However, others still require you to be present and change to the appropriate setting once ready. That is mostly intuitive, but I thought it worth mentioning. For instance if you are braising, you have to change the setting once you are ready for slow cooking etc… — CHANGE TIME ON THE FLY – As you cook, you can adjust the time if you realize a change is in order. However, that is generally a matter of dialing in the new time you need rather than adding a minute or hour. — MANUAL OR SET TEMPARATURES, FAHRENHEIT OR CELSIUS – There are a number of auto temp settings or you can set your own temperature manually. You can set your machine to read Fahrenheit or Celsius. I will give specific temps below in Fahrenheit. — AUTO SETTING TEMPS – Slow Cook Low 190′ — Slow Cook High 212′ — Simmer 205′ — oil/steam 212′ — saute 350′ — sear 450′ — Warm 165′ — There are also specific recipe settings for temperature but the manufacturer does not supply all the information. Yogurt for instance rises to 185′ and then cools down to 110′ to cure for the correct number of hours. — MANUAL TEMP SETTINGS – You can manually set your temperature between the ranges 165′ – 450′ — note that the auto settings will go lower for certain periods and uses, but adjust for the recipe so you can’t maintain a lower temp when doing specialty low temp cooking below 165’FINAL THOUGHTS: I have been really happy with this machine so far and it has a terrific feel of quality and beauty. Though for some uses I would go with a larger machine, a large oblong would not really work for the uses an additional stir tower attachment provides. In the end, those are some of the most useful options that I like about it to begin with.

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  3. tripleMonkey

    Great looking and functioning multi-cooker.This cooker heats up fast and is programable to many different temps and settings. I actually thought I was ordering a crockpot when I purchased this but it is quite different. Still works as a crock pot but is smaller inside than I thought it’d be. Fitting a whole fryer chicken inside is possible but it’s a tight fit and I don’t recommend. Works great for a small pot roast with all the fixings and many other ‘throw in a pot and cook it’ recipes.However, the lack of operating instructions and limited recipes included makes it a bit of a guessing game when it comes to cooking different meals. Additionally, the inside surface is coated with a non-stick substance the scratches VARY easily. DO NOT USE METAL UTENSILS inside this cooker.

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    very disappointed in my new Kitchen Aid…the interior is scratched, and I’ve never used anything but plastic in it…am I eating this in my meals that I prepare? Everything takes so much longer to cook than my previous crock pot and I’ve never even used the other options. I would like to return, but do not have the box in which it came. please help me!! I am a Amazon shopper as you can see!

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  5. Echo4Sierra

    This makes absolutely perfect oatmeal. In the morning, put in oats and water, play with the dogs and perfect oatmeal awaits! KeepsIt warm in case of extra frolicking. Has a sort of al dente texture-some chewy. Rice is the same way. With rice, it tends to foam up and spill over if not rinsed first. Made chili and it’s one pot since you can sear/sauté then turn down low. Haven’t made anything else, it has replaced rice cooker and slow cooker. The ceramic insert is truly non-stick. Left on oatmeal slides right off. It takes a bit to figure out which buttons to push. The chart with the types of heat is handy. I heat up leftovers with the Rice function-boil then simmer. I like it enough to keep out in the counter, and I have very little counter space!

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  6. laura

    Wow I have used it twice already and I am very pleased with this purchase. So far I have made Tuscan Chicken and Chili Verde and the best part is it is all in one pot I can cook the meat and onions and the add the rest for simmer-just perfect for a small kitchen with minimal counter space.

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  7. AngieG

    I was looking for a smaller and more aesthetically pleasing slow cooker. Little did I know about multi cookers. I’m so glad I found this. I can use it as an extra burner and boil pasta or make sauce as well as steam, sear, slow cook, and make yogurt. I’ll skip the yogurt making. Looks appealing and the size is perfect for a family of 4. The non stick compartment is holding up very well. We are very pleased.

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  8. BRay

    I love this slow cooker. I got it a week ago and have already used it 6 or 7 times. I use it for both dinners during the work week and to make dog food. It’s a breeze to use and clean. The high function does not burn the food at all and works extremely well. The long keep warm function (24 hours) is very convenient. Easy to use and clean.

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  9. Karen Schiarizza

    I love my multi-cooker!!!This product is amazing, it has so many cooking options, and is very easy to use. I love being able to brown, boil and/or slow cook.I thought it was a bit pricey, but I’m glad I spent the money.I would highly recommend this product.

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  10. Sue C

    Love love this Multi cooker. Really can saute properly before adding stock to meat of vegetables for a slow cook soup or stew. Clean up is a breeze.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic appliance

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  12. Jodie

    I am very pleased with the multi-cooker. I’ve made yogurt, risotto, soup, chili con carne, stew, sauteed chicken and rice so far. The saute feature is my favourite since all the browned meat flavour stays in the pot when it slow cooks. I like the pour spout and it is fairly easy to set. I am still trying to tweak it to make decent rice, though. Like it so much that I bought the stir tower. Together, they are excellent…don’t have to stir risotto, soups, stew, etc. Highly recommend the pair together. Have to access the recipes online…didn’t come with a booklet of recipes.

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  13. Michael D.

    Quality product with clear and easy to use controls. I expect it will last a long time. Maintains temperature precisely.

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  14. KG

    It is ok. You can do everything this product does on a stove. Well, everything but rice however there are cheaper options for a good rice cooker.

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  15. Vanessa Thevarge

    This is an awesome small appliance for any kitchen. It is remarkable. Very light weight.

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