KitchenAid KHM926ER Hand Mixer – Empire Red

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  • 9 Speeds: Combine ingredients at speed one for slowly stirring in chunky ingredients, speed six for mixing bread batter and creaming butter and sugar, then speed nine for whipping meringue.
  • Soft Start Feature brings the beaters up to the selected speed gradually to help prevent ingredients from splattering.
  • Lock the cord into either the left or right side of the mixer so you can approach ingredients from any angle. The round cord is easy to wipe clean.
  • Soft Grip Handle provides comfort while mixing.Number of Speeds:9
  • Easily and quickly remove any accessory from the hand mixer with the single-handed press of a button.


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The 9-Speed Hand Mixer, with Exclusive Accessory Pack, offers endless opportunities in one hand-held countertop appliance.

This Exclusive Accessory Pack includes 2 Stainless Steel Turbo Beater II Accessories, Stainless Steel Pro Whisk, 2 Stainless Steel Dough Hooks, Blending Rod and a Storage Bag to neatly protect and organize everything.

The perfect go-to small appliance for mixing, kneading, whipping, blending and so much more.

Specification: KitchenAid KHM926ER Hand Mixer – Empire Red

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions4 × 8 × 6 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid KHM926ER Hand Mixer – Empire Red

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  1. Larry Blakely

    I had always revered Kitchen-Aid as a top tier quality company. I have a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, dishwasher & double oven. All of these are quality and dependable products, however, they were also purchased nearly 10 years ago. The Kitchen-Aid hand mixer is an entirely different story. It appears that Kitchen-Aid has evolved from a high quality company to one that is now selling cheap junk. When I was reading reviews for hand mixers, the Kitchen-Aid hand mixer had a number of comments that the beaters were out of balance and that would make the mixer wobble. Because I thought, Kitchen-Aid was still a quality company and I decided to purchase this mixer anyway. When it arrived, the first thing I did was put the Turbo II beaters in the mixer and turned it on. The beaters wobbled and made the entire mixer shake to the point it was uncomfortable holding it. FYI the beaters were inserted all the way in. In addition, the speed switch has nearly no tactile feel and would be difficult to use. There was no way I was going to keep this mixer. It appears that Kitchen-Aid currently has no quality control and if so, its very bad quality control. There is no way this mixer should have passed a quality control inspection. Also, other reviews had complained about cheap plastic gears that wore out soon. I had always been good Kitchen-Aid customer, but after seeing how much this company has apparently disintegrated, I will never purchase a Kitchen-AId product again. To all of you out there I say: “Buyer Beware!” Kitchen-AId ain’t what it used to be!

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  2. Cheryl

    I am a small woman with small fingers, yet it is very uncomfortable pressing the button because the up and down button is divided by a silver raised divider which limits the space where the finger can press. I have to use the tip of my finger to press it in and then it sinks in further requiring me to press harder. I actually was using my fingernail at first. I have had a Kitchen Aid handheld mixer for 10 years and loved it so much (and why I just bought this model to replace it) but I dislike this new model and I’m very sad that they ruined their mixer. I am including a picture. Normally we press with the first section of our finger but they have made that area too small.In addition, the whisk is awful, it actually looks mangled and I read another review that stated it was flimsy, and well I guess they are right. I have included a picture of their whisk next to another one, the Kitchen Aid is shown on the right. You can see the big hole in the Kitchen Aid. I contacted customer service intending to show them a picture of the whisk to get a replacement but I will be returning this mixer I’m afraid.I did some research after posting this review, comparing different mixers. KitchenAid has the lowest wattage at 145 watts, compared to Cuisinart’s 220 and Breville’s 240 watts. It took me forever to make a meringue, now I know why. Very disappointed.

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  3. Mary B

    It would be a nice mixer but it failed after less than a year. This mixer always starts up at its slowest speed, which is actually a nice feature. Unfortunately, there’s no way you can whip cream at that speed. And that’s the only speed this mixer achieves, though it did work properly when I first bought it. No matter how many times I push the button it just won’t change speed. In all I’ve used it maybe 10 times, so I can’t really accuse it of longevity.That said, it’s a pretty color and a pretty design. The attachments aside from the beaters are nice (whisk, dough hooks, milkshake mixer) and when it did work it worked well. It’s quite disappointing that it didn’t lastI’ll be returning this tomorrow under warranty.

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  4. Astute Consumer

    I hated this mixer. Kitchenaid does have a great “soft start” but this barely has enough power to cream butter. I’m going back to Cuisinart.

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  5. Andy Christ

    Wow this is one powerful hand mixer for just .9 amps! Its electronically controled DC motor exhibits equal torque on all settings, so even at the lowest speed it doesn’t bog down. While another reviewer complained that you have to click through the up and down arrows to adjust speed, discovered I could simply hold either button to travel back and forth between 1 and 9 on my unit, whew! Had also been a bit hesitant to purchase at first because was unfamiliar with the newer style of beater attachments with the wire loops, but found them to be a noticeable improvement over the older fashion bladed variety. For one thing they generate less friction so take less effort to stir with and don’t unduly warm batters that need to stay cool prior to baking. And of course, the reduced surface area means hardly any batter clings to them when done mixing, so there’s less waste and much easier clean up. Whatever newfangled stainless steel formula the manufacturer is employing seems really strong too so I’m not terribly worried about these attachments bending or breaking with use.Must confess I’d been a bit skeptical as to whether The KitchenAid would be able to mix a semi-whole wheat pizza dough but it came through like a champ on a one pound ball, which was twice as much as I needed for a thin crust recipe. Not sure what its limit might be in this regard, the dough hooks are not very long so effectively prohibits the user from overloading the motor with too large a batch. Worked really well on an eighteen muffin cranberry orange nut recipe where the chunky ingredients get mixed in last, finished product had a wonderful pull-apart quality while retaining a soft crumb. Would have been difficult to obtain similar results by hand, that’s for sure.Blending rod’s five spoked translucent white disk seems to be made of either nylon or polypropylene, should be quite durable. Immersion blenders, especially with mashers, might be more efficacious for puréeing, but this slim attachment will eventually get the job done. Doesn’t generate much of a vortex, which is sort of a good thing in that you can fill any vessel near to the top without risk of splatter even on the highest speed (soft startup really helps too.) Long shaft reaches to the bottom of a typical 24oz tumbler. Won’t produce a spectacular amount of foam in a shake, for that you’d need the whisk attachment which does generate quite a vortex, demands about 75% headroom (because contents will expand ~ 50% on their own, in addition to spinning up the sides of the mixing vessel.)Have only been using this KA a short time and while pleased with its performance thus far can’t attest to its longevity — sprang for the four year protection plan just in case. Honestly it’s plastic casing seems kinda flimsy and mars easily (just wiping it down with a Viva paper towel left faint marks) but on the plus side it’s comfortably light in weight. Do wish it had silicone pads to rest on in the standing position though because the two tiny raised dots and one thin line the mixer depends on don’t offer any impact resistance and can’t keep it from sliding around on a wet countertop. Fortunately the rubbery, heavy duty power cord makes an effective brake, while left and right locking positions keep it turned out of the way no matter which side of your work area your electrical outlets might reside. Icing on the cake of course is that unlike a conventional stand mixer, this hand beater can be used over the stove, convenient for preparing those glazes and frostings that have to be heated while mixed. Perfectly balanced in the hand so attachments naturally hang straight down, makes all kinds of food prep seem effortless.So glad my ancient Oster finally bit the dust, giving me the excuse I needed to pull the trigger on this way more versatile KitchenAid!Hmmm…. Wonder why only two of the four photos I posted are showing up here now. Sorry folks!

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  6. Rob Gygax

    Terrible product – it iblew up less than 2 months after purchase. Utterly hopeless.

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  7. Jesus

    Producto nuevo, funciona excelentemente, llegó antes de lo indicado, muy buena calidad y si volvería a comprar . Gracias .

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  8. Hamza Ahmad

    Even though we used an a power adaptor, the machine got fried on the first use. Amazon does not provide a warranty card or any time bound free repair service, it was an absolute waste of money, which cannot be refunded because we waited too long before using it. If you dare to order it from amazon make sure you give it a good run for your money on the first day of delivery.

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  9. Bernadette Mason

    I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase !!! This mixer is perfect and was beyond how I expected , Thank-you , one extremely happy customer !!

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  10. Nadine Ritchie

    Love it. Works great and worth the money

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  11. Luis Manuel

    Como todos los productos eléctricos de la marca es de muy buena calidad. El precio fue excelente.

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  12. Dra. Isabel Barrera

    Excelente calidad, no hay mas que decir

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  13. Brenda Hoyne

    Very Happy with the hand mixer. Like all the speeds and the different beater attachments that are included with it.

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    Excelente en todos sus usos y velocidades!!

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  15. Rhonda Ljunggren

    Love this machine!

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