KitchenAid KEK1322SS Steel/Schott glass Kettle – 1500W – 1.6 qt – Stainless Steel

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  • Premium Schott DURAN Glass and Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5 specialty tea settings designed to preserve each tea’s unique flavors and aromas
  • Use the stainless steel tea steeper for brewing tea in the kettle or simply remove it to boil water for other uses
  • Keep warm mode keeps water or tea warm at 158 F for up to 30 minutes This low temperature setting can also be used for delicate teas
  • Built for speed it quietly boils water in minutes


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The KitchenAid Glass Tea Kettle is ideal for brewing your perfect cup of tea with streamlined glass and stainless steel design The Glass Tea Kettle simplifies the process of making tea with five preset temperatures and fast all-in-one brewing

Specification: KitchenAid KEK1322SS Steel/Schott glass Kettle – 1500W – 1.6 qt – Stainless Steel

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 11 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid KEK1322SS Steel/Schott glass Kettle – 1500W – 1.6 qt – Stainless Steel

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  1. Lemon Cookie

    My kettle had a STRONG plastic smell. I boiled water (almost 30 times) and then a few times I boiled water and vinegar, I was hoping it was just a NEW product smell, but the plastic odor never went away. Other than the smell, I loved the kettle, unfortunately I had to return it.KitchenAid KEK1322SS 1.5L Electric Glass Tea Kettle – Stainless Steel

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  2. Erika Terriquez

    After a week of use:I’ve recently decided to try and cut plastic out and started with a kettle. I drink tea everyday sometimes twice a day. I was looking for a kettle that had and infuser, temp setting and was more stainless steel with minimal plastic. While this one has glass I thought it was a good option over all. The plastic scent is strong when you get it, I washed it by hand and boiled a half dozen times but it didn’t go away. I realized it was the lid that had the strongest scent and popped it in the dishwasher. It says not to but seeing as it was just rubber and steel I took my chances and put it on the top rack. It came out fine and the stink was almost gone. When I use it there is still a slight scent from the ring inside the kettle which I assume will always be there but maybe over time it will diminish. My tea does not taste strange so I was happy about that. Ideally I do like this kettle but there are a few things I would have liked. For one the infuser has a nice tight mesh on 90% of the infuser. The bottom has a slightly larger mesh which means fine teas make a slight mess when you prep them. Would have been nice if it was the same mesh on the whole infuser. Second I would have loved for this to have a analog temp display. Sometimes I forget about my water and it be nice to know if I needed to reheat or if it was still good temp. Third is a small thing but for $120 kettle it would have been nice to include a timer. I now use my stove timer but I don’t see why it couldn’t have been included on the base. Overall it’s a good kettle, I do like it and will keep it unless something goes wrong with it. I’ll still keep an eye out for a stainless steel kettle with no plastic but so far I’ve only seen two that are considerations and neither include infusers.Update:I’ve now had this kettle since January of 2019. I do really like it. For everyday tea/coffee for myself and my boyfriend it is bit oversized but, I have a large family so when they come over I can easily heat up water for all or make a big batch of tea. I’ve only used the infuser a few times so I haven’t had any issues with the kettle being stained from tea so I hope that continues. I do still wish the infuser mesh had the same fine mesh holes throughout seeing as I always make a mess when I prep it and since the holder ring is silicone it’s a pain to get the leaves off it. Another thing that is a bit of an annoyance is the lid mechanism. The lid has two components one is the silicone seal on the underside and the other is the part that opens for the tea infuser to attach. Both of these have slight issues. If you are not paying attention when you line up the gap for the kettle lid what happens is as you pour the weight of the water can push the lid. I’ve yet to have it fully pop off when this happens but I have needed to remind my boyfriend to watch it since he just plops the lid on without securing it properly. The other is the lid cover for the infuser, this lid just turns to lock but it doesn’t have a click or strong way to keep it in place and I find when I am dealing with the lid sometimes it pops right off because I’ve turned it slightly each time I use it. There are times when I shake of the condensation the main body of the lid flies into my sink and I’m left holding the small cover. Since then I’ve stopped shaking off the water and just let it air dry upside down but it would have been better if I didn’t need to worry about it for this price. Other than those hiccups I have enjoyed it overall. I’ll still keep an eye out for something better but for now this fits the bill.

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  3. WJO

    I almost didn’t buy this because of the funky plastic & rubber smell & taste that’s been reported. When I received this the smell was immediately evident. As one previous report states, the instructions include washing with soap & water before using it. I also followed these instructions. I’ve made 4 pots if delicate green tea so far and there has not been one hint of a smell or taste.Love this machine. Easy to use, easy to clean, beautiful pot, works exactly as advertised.

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  4. Dave

    Really well-thought out devices. Has a pleasant bell tone when it starts and the water is ready. The stainless tea trap is removable and it becomes a normal kettle. The lid stays in place but is removable and not hinged like so many others (which often break and makes them harder to clean) so that’s nice. The lid has a strainer to catch loose leaves and a removable center section to make refilling easy. Only downsides for me is the base. The lettering is too small for me to read without glasses, it’s a little taller than I’d like, and the finish differs slightly from the pot itself, although it’s still an overall attractive addition to my kitchen that I use several times a day.

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  5. Deb in Texas

    After researching many tea kettles, I finally settled on this one since it seemed high quality and toxin-free (it was described as glass and stainless steel). However, there is a strong chemical odor in the kettle which leaches into the water. I have tried rinsing with white vinegar and water multiple times as one customer suggested but that did not remove the odor. The odor is probably coming from a seal which joins the glass sides to the stainless steel bottom. You can see this seal when looking down into the pot. Just for a notion I stopped by Walmart to look at their tea kettles. Lo and behold there was a Farberware glass tea kettle with the same German-made Schott glass and stainless steel bottom and funky chemical plastic seal for $19.94. Very disappointed in this KitchenAid product and will not be using it because I feel it is not safe to drink water that has been boiled in it.

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  6. Sheila

    This was the brightest purchase I have made recently! It is so pretty, so easy to use. It’s wonderful having the water heated to exactly the temperature that matches what you wish to brew. It also a warm setting. It is easy to clean. It is attractive and I love the nice modulated tone of a discreet bell that sounds when the water is ready and when you shut it off. I love my tea and getting the correct temperature is difficult. I like seeing the inside of my “kettle”. The simple beautiful glass design goes well in any color scheme. They have thought of everything in the design of this electric kettle. Love it and am thinking of giving one to my sister for Christmas as she was intrigued by it and said it made her want to have a cup of afternoon tea. You can brew your own or just heat the water for a simple single cup with a tea bag.

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  7. Ocean Sparkle

    In love with it… I did a lot of searching before purchasing this kettle. I have been in the process of tuning up our kitchen, and have purchased 4 KitchenAid appliances recently. I am very pleased at the quality of each item. This pot is the perfect size, gorgeous on my counter, and the chime is so nice when I’m brewing my sencha in the morning. I can heat as much water or tea as I like with no odd plastic taste (unlike my last kettle). I am thoroughly impressed with my new kettle and my other KitchenAid appliances and bakeware, attachments… etc.

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  8. Cheryl

    Love this kettle! So glad we paid a bit extra to get it. Using and enjoying the features it has. As previously mentioned, there is a bit of a smell but I wonder if it’s coming from the base? I took a soft cloth with dish soap and carefully cleaned and rinsed the base before using. Do not submerse in water! The smell seemed to disappear very quickly. I like how the water doesn’t touch any plastic. Had it for a few months so hopefully it lasts awhile.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I bought this kettle to replace my Breville. I have owned it for a couple of weeks now and have been disappointed. As other reviewers have mentioned, there is a plastic taste that has not dissipated. Also, the kettle does not heat near its promised 212 degrees– this makes for a mediocre cup of tea. The kettle is going back.

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  10. jonathan zhao

    a heavy plastic smell,I have to return it.

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  11. A.h

    The only thing I dislike about this kettle is the weird buzzing noise it makes when it is plugged in. Maybe it’s just my outlets but whenever it is plugged in it makes a constant bussing noise. other than that it’s perfect!

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Plug is problem if you are in IndiaOther quality is very good

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  13. Moe

    It is easy to use and boil the water fast.

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  14. Reza salehi

    I love this tea maker.TnX 🙂

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  15. Mario borg

    Nice kettle

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