KitchenAid KCO275AQ Electric Oven – 1800W – Aqua sky

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  • Even-heat technology provides consistent heat throughout baking cycle for delicious results.
  • Use your countertop oven to bake pizza, broil a side dish, keep an already cooked dish warm or toast bread.
  • 9 pre-programmed functions such as the Asado Roast Function to precisely adjust from high sear to optimal cooking temperature for superior roasting.
  • 120-minute timer can be set to remind you when a dish is finished and offers plenty of time for the requirements of most recipes
  • Offers enough room to cook 2-12″ pizzas, or cornish hens. The oven cavity also features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
  • Includes 12″ non-stick multipurpose pan, 12″ broiling rack, cooling rack, non-stick drip tray.


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Enjoy full-size oven performance on your kitchen counter with the KitchenAid 12″ digital 1800 watt convection countertop oven.

Nine memory settings for exceptional cooking results, including Asado roast that adjusts temperature for superior roasting performance and pizza to deliver optimal crisping of crust.

Specification: KitchenAid KCO275AQ Electric Oven – 1800W – Aqua sky

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions15 × 18 × 14 in






10 reviews for KitchenAid KCO275AQ Electric Oven – 1800W – Aqua sky

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  1. Jason

    Beautiful toaster oven, however it is crap. I’m on my third one, it doesn’t work either. Got a replacement from amazon after the first one started shutting off randomly. Then that one did the same thing so I called kitchenaid. They sent the third one. Now it does the same thing. Really unfortunate. I want this toaster to be awesome, but it’s crap

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  2. George

    We bought this countertop oven last March, and drove it to our cabin in Cape Breton, Canada. not more than 4 weeks of use later, the logic/display board failed to the extent that temperature is unsettable, starting it is impossible, and the oven is unusable. this is a very iffy product, and i’m not sure how Kitchenaid could stand behind such a bad design. hope the repair experience is better…George

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  3. dlynne

    I purchased this KA Convection oven in August of 2016. This oven continues to be one of my favorite appliances. We use this appliance daily for baking, toasting, roasting, pizza making, etc. I roast whole chickens, baked banana breads, bake sweet and white potatoes, make 9″ pies and pans of brownies, make bundt cakes, toast bread and make pizza, all with perfect results. The oven is easy to clean with the pull out tray that covers the entire bottom of the oven. The features work well. I purchased the white counter top oven to match my other appliances and the color and exterior remain in excellent condition with no fading of the white exterior. My regular kitchen oven is rarely used these days, so that oven stays clean too! Just wanted to share with you Amazon users that this oven is well worth the investment!

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  4. Vicki

    I did a lot of research to find a toaster oven that did not have Teflon coating on the interior. I have pet birds and the chemicals in Teflon can be dangerous for birds. This Kitchen Aid model has Ceramisafe coating on the interior which does not have PTFE or other chemicals known to be dangerous for birds.I mostly use this oven for toast, and it works great. Yes, it takes about 4 minutes to toast 2 pieces of bread, but that is the same as my old Black & Decker toaster oven. I know, because the timer on the old oven was broken (would not turn off by itself) and I would make toast using another timer set for 4 minutes.I’ve also made frozen pizza, baked sweet potatoes, and re heated tarts. All worked well. The convection feature helps to cook things faster when you’re hungry for dinner!I have no problem with the preheating function. Yes, you do have to press “start” to begin baking after the oven has finished pre heating (it beeps), but that’s not a big deal.This oven takes up more space than my very old toaster oven, but it has useful features and I like the design (especially the blue color). I don’t find that the exterior gets dangerously hot, but I do keep it the recommended 4” away from cabinets and make sure the power cord in back is not touching the oven wall.I’m very happy to have found this at a good price on Amazon. The delivery did take quite a while (around 10 days) so I was really missing my toast during that time!

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  5. MTech2

     I was excited to receive my new countertop convection oven to replace a Cuisinart I’ve had for almost 10 years.Once I had it set up I started the convection oven feature and it was super loud; the fan is rubbing against something. On inspection I could not see any foreign objects that might be causing the issue. I immediately set up a return, and will not be purchasing another one.

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  6. Lisa

    The digital timer broke after less than 9 months making the oven unusable. I will stick with basic analog control toaster ovens in the future as they will usually last 8 to 15 years.Giving an upgrade rating a bit – I called kitchen aid and they are sending a new one to me (still under the 1 year warranty). They are making the return pretty easy and free. I have to ship the old one back but again they are giving me a pre-paid label for that. The replacement will also have a full one year warranty from the date I receive it.Here’s hoping the new one is ok

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  7. Joan Mcmullen

    I have had this for Judy about 1 year, and it was expensive. It had stopped working. Keep getting beeping and ERROR shows on the screen. Very disappointed. Would not recommend to anyone

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  8. Joe

    This is a worthwhile investment. you can cook a meal in 3/4 the time as a regular oven and save on electricity for cooking and cooling your house after the cooking is complete. It doesn’t matter if it is frozen or thawed it will cook it faster than a big conventional oven. One thing you have to adjust is your cooking times especially if you are given a time on a box. you can broil a 13 ounce steak in 8 minutes and be tender and juicy throughout.Less if you want a rare steak. I can bake 9 ounces of fresh breaded chicken breast strips in 15 minutes and they come out crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside. If a lasagna box says 70 minutes it only takes 55 minutes. That is because of the convection fan keeping the heat circulating around the pan. You can”t lose with this oven..KitchenAid KCO275SS Convection 1800-watt Digital Countertop Oven, 12-Inch, Stainless Steel

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  9. Marie-Eve Letellier


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  10. carlos calderon

    Me gusto mucho, el diseño es bello, me ha funcionado perfectamente hasta ahora. El sistema de convección mejora la cocción y horneado. Es liviano y facil de ubicar en la cocina.

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