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  • Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid
  • Powered by your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Fits all Household KitchenAid Stand Mixers.
  • This juicer attachment is a slow (masticating) juicer which first slices then processes.3 Pulp Screens for Low Pulp and High Pulp Juices, Sauces and Jams.
  • Extra wide feed tube for a variety of sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables.
  • Model KSM1JA includes 3 Pulp Screens, Pitcher, Waste Container



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Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables for everyday use with the KitchenAid juicer and sauce attachment that attaches directly to your KitchenAid stand mixer.

This juicer attachment is a slow (masticating) juicer which first slices then processes soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables for nutrient-rich extraction. With 3 pulp screens the options are endless for low pulp or high pulp juices, sauces and jams.

Specification: KitchenAid Juicer and Sauce Attachment – KSM1JA

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions10 × 7 × 12 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid Juicer and Sauce Attachment – KSM1JA

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  1. David

     Warning! Long review.I wanna give it 5 stars because I do “Love it” (what amazon considers a 5 star item); but this really is NOT a 5 star item.Where to start? First off, if you’re reading my overly long review, it must be because you are looking to buy one. If that’s the case, buy it somewhere with a good return policy! I got mine at Macy’s and they have a very liberal (thankfully) return policy. Bed Bath and Beyond is quite liberal as well.I’m on my second one after two weeks. The manual says that clicking and squeaking is normal. And if you look up “single auger juicer” on you tube you’ll know what they mean. Its a gentle kinda ticking as the gears are humming along and the auger squeaks inside as the wipers wipe as well. Overall, your stand mixer will make more noise and drown out these sounds. The first juicer I had was bad from the get-go. It made a hard plastic thwack when it started up and when the going got tough (hard carrots and such). The sound it made was … hmm … Open a plastic bag clip and let go quickly so that the clip snaps shut as loud as possible. Thats the sound it made at start up and when working hard. It also bucked up and down about 1/8th an inch as it worked. Also the shut off valve never worked and broke when I tried to remove it to wash. Also, the lid was difficult to snap to the lock position. Oh, and the blade had a shard of blade still attached (it was badly stamped). I could certainly understand all the 1 star reviews because that one was just awful. It worked, just clearly a bad unit. Luckily for KitchenAid, the cashier at Macy’s told me to try it more than a few times and give it a chance and return it even if you don’t like it after 3 months. So I did. The broken unit produced juice and kept me yearning how to get the most out of it. I eventually decided to take macy’s up on their policy and swap it for a new one. So far, this second unit has fixed everything that the other was lacking. I’ve used it only once so far to turn 7 apples into about 45 oz of juice; but it didn’t click, the shut off valve worked (it dripped, then I turned harder past a vague detent and it locked shut and stopped dripping – check out the video, it gets 1/4 full and no dripping), this one doesn’t rock about, the blade is well stamped, and even though the defective unit got worn in and became easier to lock close; the new one was easy to lock close from the box. Excellent so far. In KitchenAid’s defense, the first one that had issues did make about 3 gallons in a weeks worth of use and got better over time (clicked only at start up towards the end and the lid became easy to snap on). This is to say, it didn’t break, even with some abusive use. Trust me, there were times when I was trying to bust it by overloading it so that it’d be easier to return. It only got better with use, but still clearly defective. Oh yeah, I also smeared lard onto the square peg that mates with the stand mixer. I could see a gap between the housing and the square peg and figured that might be the ticking. When I greased that bit, the clicking improved vastly from all the time to just at startup. After a use, the grease had turned black and sliver from all the shavings emulsified within it!Ok, enough about that. Lets move on to Pro’s and Con’s.Cons:* Its expensive. MSRP was $249?!?! Wow. It then dropped to $199, and now is less (I got mine for $170). I believe the word is out that many (or the first revision) is just crap. If quality control made every unit behave as my second one does, I could see $129 – $150 as a reasonable price for what it does. Maybe $199 in premium store.* There are purpose built machines that are in the price ball-park to this ATTACHMENT (no motor included).* There’s no reverse incase the unit jams.* The slicing blade bounces the fruits around and prevents you from seeing when it’s jamming* I have a 475 Watt machine, and this attachment doesn’t phase it at all. It powers through and keeps chugging. I run it at 6 or 8. Others with lower wattages mention the motor slowing down. I believe this is why KitchenAid uses the blanket suggestion of just running it at 10 so that even the 250 watt classic units have a chance of making it work. Running it at 10 makes a lot of noise and is faster than what I would consider a slow juicer.* Quality control may be lacking. I originally got a defective unit which exhibited many of the problems others have had with this attachment. If they stopped these broken units from reaching the market, more people would be satisfied and receive a higher rating over all.* A lot of things to clean. Takes a bit of time, but I suspect not much more than any other auger type juicer.* Lots of plastic. At this price range, I expect more metal in the build. Perhaps the gear housing could be in cast aluminum.* Theres a blade in the design! You have to be aware of this while you’re cleaning it!* Designed for the Tilt mixer – I use this with my lift mixer and it is higher by a few inches. So the juice tends to spatter when it drops that far into the collection cup. Which in turns spits out onto the table and makes a sticky table.* Juicing makes you poop more. True fact for me. Your milage may vary.Pros:* Small enough to keep around in my tiny kitchen (about the size of a 2 or 3 quart pot)* Various pulp baskets to vary the amount of pulp your final product has! I don’t know of another comparable juicer that has this ability!* Makes sauce (apple, tomato)* Makes pulpy juice* Makes (my favorite) mildly pulpy juice. I know I mention pulp 3 times, but the flexibility afforded is really cool.* The blade kinda makes up for the lack of reverse by making the produce easier for the auger to juice and reduces the time you need to prep.* You can vary the speed (given your KitchenAid mixer has the power to do so).* Simple design. I notice many other machines have gears to run the wiper. This design uses notches in the cutting blade plate that spins with the auger to move the wiper along. Pretty simple and straight forward.* It works well! I’ve made literally gallons of apple, carrot and grape juice. I have this for breakfast and has displaced my “lounging at home” soda consumption. Probably the same amount of sugar, but arguably more nutritional than Pepsi.* I like the nesting collection cups that came with it. A bit small for my usage, but they are thick and feel well made. The sealing lid is a nice touch to put fresh juice directly in the fridge. Thank you, to some engineer in KA for giving a hoot.* You know what goes in it. No included additives that are necessary to truck it hundreds of miles and remain “fresh”.* Its also kinda fun to use* The juice can really be cheap. I bought a 4lb bag of carrots for $1.99 (clearance) and that filled an Odwalla carrot juice bottle that costed me $5.99 on sale (usually $7.99) So normally, that’d be about $5 saved. I also find apples on clearance and though they have bruises (what do I care, they’re just gonna get smashed when I get home) they are only 50 cents a pound and make apple cider that get my friends asking me to make more.* Despite all the cons; if you have the $$ and you feel its worth the money to you, and you have a kitchenaid stand mixer. All the cons can be overcome by buying smartly and the attachment really is worth it.Use:I’ve done grapes, apples, and carrots so far. I’ll get around to oranges, lemons, and mangos some day. Use water to get things moving if it clogs. If water doesn’t help, you have to stop and clean the auger at the bare minimum.Carrots: They do well. Don’t waste your time slicing to prep them. Wash them and jam them in. Use the small tube (remove the small plunger) if they are small. If they are too big, remove both plungers and jam it in. If you must, slice to fit. I crammed in carrots whole and it did fine. If it seems like its going to jam (you shove in a carrot or two and the pulp doesn’t budge), pour in a little water and it gets things moving again. Straight carrot juice should be watered down anyways, it can be very potent :)Apples: I find that leaving the peels on works best. I thought I was doing it a favor by peeling the apples and it jammed 3 times over the course of 10-15 apples. Cussing the whole way. This was also before I devised my water flush trick, so that might have helped. Anyways, when I quarter the apples and remove the seeds but leave the peels on, and it does great. I guess the peels act like a conveyer belt and keeps things moving along? My current method is to use a corer. The slices are a bit small (which take more time to feed even at 2 or 3 at a time) but the prep time saved is great. I recommend it. Note; the manual says you can feed the extruded pulp in for a second round. BS. Maybe half a hand full, then a few apple slices….maybe. But straight pulp. No, don’t, you’re wasting your time…even with the water trick.Grapes: Not a problem. The juice is AWESOME. Its inefficient though. The pulp is super moist. I had to run it through 3 times (unlike apples, it did fine) and it was still watery. I guess I’ll try putting the pulp in a mesh cloth and manually squeeze the juice out of the pulp in the future.Notes: It takes time to juice. Prepping takes nearly as long as juicing. Washing takes less than 10 minutes. Probably near 5. I get the feeling most of the gripes I’ve read stem from people thinking juicing is like how they see on a 5 minute you tube video. You know, where they have all the materials neatly measured in bowls. Yeah right. Forget the 30 minutes spent washing, and trimming the produce. Even my lazy apple coring method takes half an hour to scrub the fruit, core, pull out everything to get started. Thats why I try to make at least half a gallon at a time. This isn’t a “make one glass” and move along with your day kinda thing. If you want that, buy at a store – the cost is about the same when you off set the cost of the attachment and the value of your own time.To clean:I clean mine by hand. Its not terribly difficult. After I un-twist and remove the feeder/lid I pull the whole plastic bin straight up from the base/gearbox leaving that part still attached to my kitchenaid. I then pull the basket, wiper, and auger from the plastic housing and put that whole thing in one of my mixing bowls that was holding my fruits. I wash the plastic housing first (just rinse it off, little to no scrubbing). The hard part is the poop chute, that takes the included brush, or a chop stick to unjam and clear up. I do the housing first so that as I wash the remaining pieces, I have a clean and safe place to store the rest of the pieces. After that, the wiper (red squeegie part) gets a rinse. I then turn the mesh basket upside down in the bowl, I grip it by the grey plastic band and push the auger out by pushing on the metal hex driver through the bottom hole of the basket. Or you could say I lay it in the bowl and pull the strainer basket away from the auger via the hex driver within the auger via the hole in the bottom of the strainer. This keeps my hands away from the blade as the two parts separate. I then rinse the basket under water and smudge my fingers all over the holes to force out any jammed stuff. I do this over the inside and outside. After about 30-60 seconds I pull away from the running water and visually inspect. Usually by then, the holes are all clear and the basket is ready to be placed back into the wiper basket. Don’t forget to unplug the pulp poop chute. Last is the auger, its usually encrusted with a lot of food chunks, but once it hits water it washes off pretty darned easy. I just rinse it off and it all basically sloughs off and I almost never have to scrub. Often a bit of something will get stuck near the inner corner of the blade. Just use the brush that came with it or a chop stick (or risk a finger) and thats it. Not hard at all. I leave everything sitting in the housing to air dry and leave the lid off. By morning its all dry, I put it back together for grab and go use for the next time.So, to conclude. Quality control sucks. Buy ready to return. It works. It juices well and makes the KitchenAid more versatile. Its smaller than some stand alone juicers. If you get a good unit, you’ll more than likely enjoy it!

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  2. Mark

    Purchase this Juicer attachment thinking it would be good for making tomato and other type juices to do some time-saving in the canning process however, I could not get the juicer to stop passing massive amounts of seeds no matter how small of screen you used. Followed all instructions meticulously but could still not get it to produce any type of seed free juice. It’s great if you’re making tomato juice or pulp type juices yes it works awesome for that but not for what I bought it for I would definitely not buy it again and I’m actually returning it as for Quality you can’t be beat in Total Quality KitchenAid products but as for doing what it says I’d have to say no

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  3. tdenice

    Do not buy this attachment. While it’s convenient if you have a kitchen aid, it does not work. I previously owned a different brand for 8 years with no problem. This one did not work from the very start. The pulp backs up and does not come out of the chute (yes, it was in the “open position” meaning it was pushed in and the gasket was inserted correctly. The pulp builds up between the blade and the lid and completely fills the auger up inside the screen. Save yourself the trouble. If I could give zero stars I would.

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  4. Sean Leow

    Update on Replacement Set: received replacement set from Amazon today, DOES NOT EVEN SPIN. Called KA helpline, not helpful at all, not listening and quick to assume that there must be mistake in assembly to end call.Hey, the instructions are really direct in the manual, and I can’t compensate your production design fault with how i assemble, WHEN ROTOR CONNECTING TO POWER HUB HAS FAULT CONNECTING TO ROTOR MOVING AUGER AND BLADE!______________________________________________Junk. Thats all it did before it stop spinning.Juicer assembly checked, no problem.Wash & reassemble though nothing was jammed.Changed to other KA attachments, the KA still working.Wasn’t even anything hard like carrots or beetroot, its just a small handful of pomegranate! Would give it 0 stars if i could.

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  5. Kuldeep

    Thanks Amazon for great price and great product. Very happy with this purchase.For other users, few very simple tips:1. Make sure that gasket is firmly in place (in pulp chute). if this is not done, whole assembly will be imbalanced and may create multiple problems.2. This is a slow juicer, works best on speed 4 to 6.3. Don’t push too much down the feed chute. Slow and steady does the job best. Cutter blade for this juicer is not designed for fine grating and will result in big chunks if too much fed to it.4. Once you start using it, cleaning will become very quick and easy.

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  6. Practical Momma

    This attached very nicely to my kitchen aid. The design makes it really easy to assemble and disassemble and washing is a breeze. But, it really. Offed down my motor. You’d think, with a 520W motor for the kitchen pro 600 series, broccoli and kale and carrots would all work alike. WRONG. Harder veggies make this complicated for use. And you can hear it strain the motor.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely dislike. The idea is great, but it’s not secure or strong. The housing cracked early on. The biggest disappointment was when it fell off the connection and spilled 2-3cups of juice all over. I threw the whole juicer in the trash. It’s utterly unreliable. I wish I hadn’t bought it.

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  8. Luann Barney Manseau

    I purchased this juicer attachment along with the actual mixer thinking it would be more convenient and less storage it would take up. Boy! Big Mistake I used the attachment once and it broke, I didn’t even use any products that would be difficult. I was juicing apples and pineapple! I was able to get all of my stuff juiced, broke down the attachment, cleaned it and put it away but when i went to use it the next day it would not turn on or even make any sound! It’s worth the money to buy a separate juicer!

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  9. Maha

    This was honestly the worst purchase I have made in a long time. This juicer is a joke. I had previously had the Hurom Slow Juicer and I thought to try this juicer when it was time to upgrade, hoping to avoid another machine! Big mistake. The idea of slicing just doesn’t work, the auger is small and weak, it doesn’t release the dried fibers properly, there are so many pieces left in the juicer that don’t get pressed, I mean the list just goes on. I tried juicing soft fruit such as grapefruits and lemons and they would get stuck and not get pressed, even when I would try putting drier vegetables such as carrots in between it was the same problem. If you are someone that juices regularly, I wouldn’t go for this at all. I wish I could return this item.

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  10. Laverne

    This machine is a beautiful piece of engineering, by selecting different screens you can go from juicing produce to saucing tomatoes in minutes. Dry pulp is the sign of efficiency, you get dry pulp. The large feed tube and cutting blade allows feeding whole foods which is awesome for saucing bushels of tomatoes without blanching and peeling, baskets of grapes for juice and jellies and apples for cider. After several years of hard use, nothing has broken on it. Cons: a little tricky to assemble properly, screen labels are hard to see, it can be tricky / messy to clean.

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  11. Laura Contreras

    Llevo desde el 2007 utilizando batidoras KitchenAid con una gran variedad de aditamentos, nunca se me ha descompuesto, dañado o si quiera decepcionado un producto, hasta este. Primero vimos que es difícil de limpiar y ahora, pasados unos meses, se fracturó la base. No lo recomiendo.

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  12. Cliente de Amazon

    Funciona bien, cumple todo lo prometido, aunque limpiarlo sí es una lata, no es nada fácil, por lo demás está excelente.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    This did not meet my expectation. Too many parts to attach and the strainer also hard to clean, specially the screen. I felt that the fruits and vegetables are wasted a lot and only tiny amount of juice is extracted.

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  14. Jeff Thistle

    I don’t recommend this at all, mine broke after about a year and warranty was up!

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  15. Louise A LeClair

    It did not meet our expectation, because it took a lot of produce, to make a small amount of juice.

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