KitchenAid High Performance Series KSB6060FW Die-Cast Metal Blender – 2.8 qt – Matte White

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  • Achieve your ideal texture with a range of variable speeds 1-9, powerful 3.0 peak HP motor and tamper.
  • Optimal performance with the blender’s powerful 3.0 peak HP motor and stainless steel blade for every blend.
  • Tackle tough ingredients with the tamper, which helps push ingredients into the blending vortex for a smooth finish of Extra Thick blends.
  • Durable and long lasting with the die-cast metal base and controls and commercial grade components.
  • Backed by a 10-year Hassle-Free replacement warranty.
  • KSB6060FW Ksb6060 includes (1) blender jar with 60 oz Rated volume, and 90 oz total volume, (1) ingredient measuring cap, (1) tamper


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Explore every taste and Texture with the KitchenAid high performance series blender. This blender features a range of variable speeds (1-9), a powerful 3.0 peak hp motor with stainless blade and simple controls for all of your healthy blends.


Specification: KitchenAid High Performance Series KSB6060FW Die-Cast Metal Blender – 2.8 qt – Matte White

Weight24 lbs
Dimensions9 × 11 × 18 in






9 reviews for KitchenAid High Performance Series KSB6060FW Die-Cast Metal Blender – 2.8 qt – Matte White

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Ruth

    After wasting so much money on other brands blenders which always end up breaking after 1 to 2 months, I decided to invest and buy this one but to my surprise, I have only used this blender to blend fresh red pepper and tomato for sauce for about 5 to 6 times since I bought it, the pitcher is already turning red, this is upsetting and doesn’t worth the price of this machine. I also think it should come with additional pitcher that is wide enough to make something like dough.

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  2. Mamashoppa

    Overall it is the the most powerful Blender I have tried.It’s large so it doesn’t fit under the cabinets. The upside of that is you can make several smoothies at one time.It’s less loud than ninja and Breville that I have had. It is harder to clean on the outside because of the knobs on the front. To clean I do as the manufacturer suggest and add a few drops of soap and fill with water. Takes less than a minute to completely clean.The insert that goes into the lid is hard to get out especially if you any kind of moisture on your hands. It comes with a tamper to push the food down and break up the air bubbles. Overall it does a very good job.My husband made asparagus soup last night and it came out silky smooth.

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  3. Karl

    this thing is awesome, way better than you will get from any other machine! and what a great price!

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  4. Lutheria Bell

    Good quality good price

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  5. Teri K. Wedel

    Love this blender so much. Smoothies are better than Jamba Juice!

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  6. Gary

    Love, love, love it! And it is so powerful, everything is so creamy. Very happy with my purchase.

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  7. James Huff

    I love this blender. It has been a great addition to my kitchen, by far the best blender I’ve used, and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Here are some highlights:Excellent materials and construction. The base is heavy, constructed mostly from metal in a matte black finish, and feels solid as can be. In fact, every part of the blender feels heavy, and heavy-duty, from base to lid. Feels like a serious tool.One benefit of this heavy construction is the elimination of “blender crawl,” that unwanted phenomenon where vibrations cause a blender to scoot across a counter while in blending. The wide, heavy base on this KitchenAid unit does not jitter or move on the counter, at all. Even when running at the highest speed for extended periods, the blender stays put.The container has superior design and materials. Let’s start with the metarials: though plastic, the material is wonderfully clear, not at all clouded or smoky like every other blender I’ve had. In truth it looks clearer and cleaner than the glass container from the last blender I owned.The geometry of the container is also superior to other blenders I’ve owned. It is both wider and shorter, creating a better blending action when in use, and making it more convenient to store when not in use. (The container is two inches shorter than others I have that hold the same volume, so it fits in cabinets where others containers are too tall.)The clean, uncomplicated, one-piece design of the base of the container is super easy to clean, far superior to the more common ringed designs, with their removable gaskets and base attachments. The rubber gasket on the base is removable, making for easy cleanup.The lid fits snugly and securely (deep seal), but is easy to put on and remove.The one possible downside is the weight. For some, it may be heavy enough to prove inconvenient when getting the blender out for use, or putting it away after. Thanks to the attractive matte-black finish and classic styling, though, you can leave it on your counter if you have space.All that said, how well does it actually blend? Amazingly well. In my real-world usage tests, this blender performed great. It crushed ice quickly, and blended fruits for smoothies nearly instantly, with an even texture. Homemade breadcrumbs from stale baguette were a breeze. Milkshakes were a revelation. We almost couldn’t believe how much better the textures were for most things.Did I mention that we love this blender?

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  8. Linda

    I received this blender the other day as a replacement for the KitchenAid Torrent. The Torrent, which I loved at first, eventually started making rather unpleasant grinding noises. KitchenAid replaced it, but a year later I had the same problem with the second machine. When I contacted KitchenAid, they advised me they were discontinuing the Torrent and they would send me their High Performance machine (KSB6060) instead.I was a bit skeptical at first since I loved the Torrent, but after two days of using the High Performance blender I can honestly say I’m really happy with this blender and like it much more than the Torrent. It has a powerful 3 HP motor (compared to the Torrent’s 1.8). It’s much quieter than the Torrent (even when it was working properly). On the mid to lower speeds — which is all I normally have to use — you hardly know it’s running. It also blends my morning smoothie (which includes ground flax seeds) noticeably better. There are no longer little bits of flax seeds once I get to the bottom of the drink. Everything is blended beautifully. KitchenAid’s customer service is excellent. They stand behind their products. The High Performance blender comes with a 10 year warranty. I’ve had other KitchenAid appliances over the years and recommend this company — and this blender — without hesitation.

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  9. Edgar González

    Entiendo que esta marca se encuentra entre una de las mejores actualmente, cuando llego la licuadora (en tiempo adecuado) la abrimos y se ve una maquina robusta, fuerte y confiable, lamentablemente llegó sin tapa para el vaso por lo que nos fue imposible usarla, tuvimos que regresarla al día siguiente. Amazon devolvió el costo de forma inmediata al recibir el producto.

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