KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment – KSMVSA

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  • 2 blades to produce thinner or thicker sheets
  • Premium Metal Construction for durable long lasting performance
  • The Vegetable Sheet Cutter packs and organizes inside its own storage case
  • Blades, adaptor, skewer and food holder are dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • KSMSCA includes (1) Thin Blade, (1) Thick Blade, (1) Adapter, (1) Food Holder (1) Skewer


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Easily add freshly sliced or shredded ingredients to all of your favorite salads, entrees, sides and more.

Simply attach the KitchenAid(R) Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment to the power hub of your KitchenAid(R) Stand Mixer, and let it quickly power through the ingredient of your choice.

Specification: KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment – KSMVSA

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 7 in






15 reviews for KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder Attachment – KSMVSA

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  1. majormusiclover

    Our family’s been using the original Kitchen Aid RVSA slicer / shredded attachment for several years (17),so we were excited to use and see if this new version improved on some issues.And = yes this ‘Fresh Prep’ KSMVSA slicer / shredder is improved in some ways,but – some changes created other drawbacks. (Both compatible with any Kitchen Aid stand mixer)Can’t find any statement – either version has stainless steel cones / blades.Below – describing both products – which includes both PRO’s & CON’S together.1. >>> Describing the ORIGINAL RVSA —- (for pointing where ‘Fresh Prep’ is & isn’t better)> Design issue — food hopper / and lid/pusher – sits off center of power hub, and if one uses thisattachment often, the pressure cracks a key area of stability of the housing. — (next to & last photo)After it cracks, it feels iffy to use. Kitchen Aid is good about replacing the housing.(in warranty period) – Used ours several years before cracking.1. >>> FRESH PREP> Housing sits centered on top of power hub, centering placement of pressure. — (photos)> After a bit of use, the housing ‘sit screw’ loosens up a little. Need to keep an eye on this.(ORIGINAL housing doesn’t loosen)> The Lg pusher is curved to press food better against the curve of the blade,therefore – the feed tube has a guide to keep this correctly positioned in use,which can be tedious to line up every time, and is hard to get unstuck if you don’t.> The large pusher has a 1/4″ space between it’s two walls – can’t be dried without knife & paper towel.Small pusher – inside void – 1 1/4″ – same thing. — (photo)> Housing is to be ‘Hand wash only’. I’m guessing – to be extra carefulwith the sonic weld of the two piece housing. (photo)—————–2. >>> The ORIGINAL’S larger size food hatch of approx 3″ W by 2 3/4″ L is much preferred.(Can start an entire round of Kraft Colby cheese without cutting)And the split / two section pusher results in more uniform slices. — (photo)2. >>> FRESH PREP – Food feed tube — Large opening – 2 3/8″ dia – (5″ deep) / Small – 1 3/8″ dia. (4 1/2″ deep)Need to cut food width to fit the feed tubes. (All carrots in 5 lb fit the small tube) — (photo)Obviously can be longer pieces then tube depth,but then I experienced difficultly keeping the pusher from slipping off end of food.(It’s not pleasant to repeatedly smack ones hand on the top of the tube)(Holds one cup of nuts, etc)(Run mixer on speed 4)—————–3. >>> ORIGINAL – Includes 4 solid metal cones – course & fine shredder / thin & thick slicer.Housing and cones dishwasher safe. Easy to clean and dry.> Changing or removing cone form housing usually requires pliers.> The cones do a smooth, fair job cutting a large variety of vegetables, nuts.BUT does better if the blade is occasionally sharpen a little, which we do ourselves.> The larger 3 1/2″ opening of the cone throws food out in a wider path, so can be a little messier.3. >>> FRESH PREP – Includes 3 blades – medium slicing blade – medium & course shredding blades.> Blades are two sections of metal, held together / surrounded by plastic?which has a seam on both sides of the blade. These humps cause your hand to continuallybounce up / down during use, which can get quiet annoying. — (photo)> Food fills in, under the edge of the humps – adding to the cleaning job. – (photo)> Extremely easy and quick to change blades> Blades cut better (for now). But the slicer cuts potato’s thin (from 0 on one side to 1/8″ thick” on the other)So thin that they break apart like country home fries, when fried. — (photo)> Has a smaller opening (2 5/8″) which more directly targets the container.BUT it also get packed full and needs dug out more often. (photo)> Housing – hand wash only – (don’t immerse in water) – Blades & pusher – dishwasher / top rack only.—————–>>> We sliced / shredded several vegetables and nuts for the freezer.>>> Kept track of how long it took to slice / shred the already cleaned food.> Sliced 5 lb potato’s in 4 min. – 1/8″ thick> 3 1/2 Lb carrots in 5 min. – 1/8″ thick> Cuts celery pretty well. — (photo)> One cup pecans 6-8 seconds — but altogether, chopped approx 8 lb of pecans -walnuts – almonds – in a few minutes. (photo)>>> If you’ve not used Kitchen Aid RVSA slicer / shredded attachment from previous years (still available),KitchenAid RVSA Slicer & Shredder AttachmentOR – you have a dishwasher = you may be completely delighted with this ‘fresh prep shredder / slicer kit.>>> Personally – I don’t like the small openings – harder to clean & dry – and the continual bumping up/down during use.Feel 4 stars is generous.(Only real issue with the original is if it happens to crack – We won’t be abandoning it any time soon)>>> Warranty – one year – Comes in sturdy storage box.The registration card is more intrusive then usual. Asks for (among other unnecessary questions) -occupation – info of spouse – annual income – level of education – what credit card you use the most – personal & hobbies -(own a PC – study the Bible – hunt & travel) = there’s not a chance.

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  2. EllieDox

    Grater worked perfect for cheese, but slicer bent while cutting…zucchini! You can see the bent metal. Very poor quality that it would bend on its first use and on a fairly soft vegetable can’t imagine this would slice anything harder like carrots without further damage. Will be returning.

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  3. nellierosie

    Couldn’t shred raw vegetables like a cabbage, tomatoes, onions or peppers! It was brand new out of the box. Really disappointed. It’s like the blades were never sharpened at the factory. Maybe KitchenAid should own up to the problems with the inadequacy of this attachment and issue a recall with refunds and apologies to customers. It’s basically useless. I ended up getting out a 20-year-old HamiltonBeach food processor and doing the job with that instead.

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  4. LCH

    I love all the accessories we have purchased for our KitchenAid stand mixer except this one. It simply doesn’t work as represented. When it arrived, the pusher that fits inside of the feeder tube was firmly jammed inside, requiring a half-hour’s effort to free it. My first (and last) task with it was to grate some cabbage for cole slaw. The large grating cutter made a hopeless mush of the cabbage, and the slicer had to be manually cleared with each cabbage segment passed through it. The KitchenAid website has a picture of a head of cabbage sitting next to it, so they must have thought that the accessory could do something with it. It cannot!Product returned to Amazon for no-hassle full refund.

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  5. karen evans

    This product was a major disappointment. I have happily used KitchenAid products for years. My old grater attachment broke so I thought I would try this “new and improved model.” Grating things like carrots was wonderful, and then when I used it on cheese all of the cheese was mushed together. I dropped the plunger accessory and the plastic broke into shards. When I called KitchenAid they replaced the plunger immediately for free which was wonderful since it was my fault.I used the product last night for grating carrots and then noticed that the new plunger had a piece of plastic that had broken off and was somewhere in with my carrots. I had been careful and slow with my grating and was shocked. Thank goodness I saw the damage to the plunger or my grandson might have ingested the small piece that splintered off.I immediately threw the whole product into the trash. I’m now using the older model which works great.It’s sad that I’ve lost $50 on this, but it seems to be a dangerous product.

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  6. Button Watkins

    Well made but disappointing to use. The large grater works very well. If the grating drums were vertical this would be a better product. The small grater drum fills with shreds and you have to stop and scoop out the cheese every time it fills. The slicer makes about 2 mm slices. Like a Salad Shooter, the drum slicer fails when it comes to celery. Instead of only crescent slices, I got quite a few long strips where the drum pulled the celery stalk through. Also disappointing is that the housing can’t be put in a dishwasher. Hand washing out cheddar smeared in the housing chute & bell was a big reason for the low score. My main use was to be for grating cheese and slicing veggies with the least amount of effort so this is going back in the ‘seldom used’ panty area.

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  7. Jeanniehihi

    This is a wonderful invention. Im so happy i got this and didnt wait any longer. To pick up from previous reviews, one said the grater was difficult to remove from housing, the trick is to wiggle it until there is movement and then its easy to remove. Another said carrots had stained the housing, me too, but i grated cheese after and housing is as white as new. I love this machine, it grates fluffy cheese and some quick! I grated two cracker barrel 750g and cleaned the whole machine in less than 20 minutes. And it was enjoyable. To stop the cheese from flying i just put a dinner plate underneath, that’s all thats needed. I was skeptical of having to clean that big of a machine but not anymore! I had hot water all ready so the cheese didn’t have time to dry.I really recommend this machine. For now i don’t have any cons, but i just grated cheese and sliced carrots and potatoes (btw, its perfect to slice scallop potatoes)

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  8. M A

    Good slicing attachment and works well but small opening makes it difficult to fit in rounder fruits and veggies (ex. onions). You have to chop most foods so they are slim enough to put in the opening with the exception of skinny foods (ex. carrots, zucchini, cucumber). Foods have to be firm enough to slice or grate so when I grated cheese it did grate but some of it smushed on the side of the grater. I put in the freezer for 10 minutes and it was firm enough it grated cleanly this time. So good item but isn’t as fool proof as you might think.

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  9. Bat A

    I’ve always had an issue with Kitchenaid’s pricing on their attachments, but this product is great.If you shred a lot of cheese or buy pre-shredded cheese and also have a KA mixer, I highly recommend this attachment. It makes quick work of entire bricks of cheese and only has a little bit of waste (sometimes little slivers get stuck, but you can get them out and eat them). The same goes for grating veggies, and let me tell you, this mixer does a great job. I haven’t used the slicer attachment yet (nor do I plan to in the near future), so I can’t really comment on that, but if it works anything like the grater, it’s probably awesome.Some people said it’s tough to clean, but I find it’s one of the easiest things to clean. The pieces pop out easily and all of the openings are relatively wide, so there’s no struggle to reach in with a sponge and clean things out. Compared to the grinder attachment, cleaning this thing is a blessing.The only reason I’ve knocked a star off is that I do think it’s a bit overpriced. $70 (before tax) seems a bit steep for an attachment like this, but if you’re constantly grating things, the price is absolutely worth it.

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  10. MamaO_4

    I absolutely love this it shreds cheese so easily. The only problem I have is after it shredded it seems like some of the cheese gets caught between the white holder and the shredder because the cheese gets thin and gets stuck. That is anyoning. But in saying that I have 4 kids plus my husband and I I shredd a block of cheese in a couple mins and it done for all of them and we go through cheese like crazy. I did slice cucumber and it was okay but I think if my cucumber wasnt so ripe and it was harder it would have sliced much better.

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  11. cbshopper

    When advertised on TV this product looked to be something that would be a time saver for me however it did not work the same ‘easy’ way for me. The food kept getting stuck in the cylinder and I had to stop several times to clean it out. The food also does not just drop into a bowl unless you held the bowl up to the cylinder. Right now I have put mine away and I doubt that I will ever use it again. If my experience with it had been better it wouldn’t be collecting dust now.

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  12. Alicia

    I just ordered this last week and it arrived on the weekend with one-day shipping. I am now thoroughly spoiled!Upsides:1. It’s extremely easy to setup and attach to your stand mixer.2. It’s extremely easy to change blades.3. The top loader is very convenient and can fit a decent amount of stuff.Downsides:1. It is not dishwasher safe.2. I needed to turn the mixer up to 10 in order to grate carrots.3. I had to push quite hard to get the carrots to go through the grater.4. The grater/slicer is quite high off the counter, so you have to be careful you don’t get food everywhere!In general I love this grater/slicer (as I’ll call it). It easy-to-use and works great. I’ve only attempted to use it once since I got it, so my one experience is the only thing I can base my review on. I was able to shred carrots with it, but it was a little harder than I expected. I *think* it might have been because of the blade I used, but I’m not sure. I look forward to trying it again with something like cheese.

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  13. Bill Clarke

    Have used the large shredder barrel attachment several times to grate cheese for recipes. Works very well, clean up is easy. Took the slicer barrel out of the box for the first time to slice peppers and mushrooms for pizza toppings, and found that one of the blades was bent and mangled…as if the product had been used to slice metal. It was obviously a production flaw that had not been caught during final quality control and packaging.

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  14. Meghan Palmer

    Game changer to my kitchen!I used to spend ages grating veggies, cheese, etc.Minutes to grater things down. You just have to pace yourself feeding things through. I find the last little bit of cheese doesnt get grated, typically sticks inbetween the grater and the white funnel part.All things considered I am immensely pleased with this purchase

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  15. RandyWPG

    I purchased this for the sole purpose of grating mozzarella/cheddar cheeses as an alternative to myRVSA Rotor Slicer/Shredder Attachment. I was not pleased with the opening on the Rotor Slicer and angle at which to feed longer blocks of cheese being an awkward 45 degrees, so when I seen this product pushing downward looked like a great alternative.The good:The Fresh Prep Slicer cleans up much easier, with fewer moving parts.The blades on Fresh Prep Slicer appear to be much sharper.Pressing directly down to feed it, instead of at a 45 degree angle with the Rotor slicer is much easier with the Fresh Prep SlicerThe bad:The small opening on the Fresh Prep Slicer/Shredder is not a huge issue, but it requires some cutting to fit.The gap between the barrel and grater blades is too big, and nearly every end of a cheese piece ends up being pulled in between and gathers. It doesn’t slide around the barrel and become grated, or form rolls that fall out like the Rotor slicer does. If doing several blocks, the entire barrel will be lined with 1/4inch solid slabs of cheese ends.Conclusion: If deciding between Fresh Prep Slicer and Rotor slicer for grating mozzarella/cheddar cheeses I would choose the Rotor Slicer instead.

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