KitchenAid Food Processor with Commercial Style Dicing Kit, Silver

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  • Attaches to the power hub
  • Wide feed tube accommodates various sizes of food for less prep work
  • ExactSlice System gives you precise slicing and accuracy for all kinds of foods
  • Compatible with any KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Includes dicing kit and storage case


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Powered by the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, the Food Processor Attachment, with a Commercial Style Dicing Kit, dices, slices, shreds & juliennes fruits, vegetables & hard cheeses, quickly and easily.

For everything you want to make. KitchenAid.

All KitchenAid food processors and accessories as well as other KitchenAid products manufactured after 2011 do not contain BPA.

Specification: KitchenAid Food Processor with Commercial Style Dicing Kit, Silver

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions7 × 10 × 10 in






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  1. Jet Builder

    I had an opportunity to purchase the KitchenAid Food Processor Attachment using some rebates that I’d gotten from an earlier KitchenAid promotion and when i saw a sale for this i decided to give it a try. I’d been looking at it for some time because it was the only item on the market that would dice and not just slice items like my Cuisinart. I’d been looking at the various videos that KitchenAid had on-line as well as independent reviewers and had seen some really impressive results and listened to some very negative comments. It appeared that individuals that bought or reviewed the attachment either found it very helpful or totally hated it. Being an engineer i was curious to see the construction and worried about the mechanism’s quality. So when i received the attachment I had to run it through some tests.The first thing I noticed was how heavy the attachment was. It’s not a lightweight piece of equipment! So my first concern was about the stress the weight would place on the mixer. I’m still worried about that after several hours of use. Like any of the KitchenAid attachments it’s a little noisy when running and there is some vibration. I attribute that to the causing what some reviewers said about the attachment ‘falling off’ the mixer. I don’t believe that’s an issue if one keeps in mind that vibration in any piece of equipment tends to loosen fasteners over time, particuarly friction secured fasteners like KitchenAid uses to hold their attachments to the mixers. My advice? Check the fastener for any sign of loosening if you’re going to use it for a lengthy period of time.So on to the tests. First was a twenty pound bag of russet potatoes, peeled and sliced to fit the hopper. I found varying advice on the speed setting. What i discovered was that in general the harder the item to be sliced and diced the faster you want to set the speed. Potatoes took about a seven to eight setting while larger carrots I set to ten. Apples worked fine at lower settings. Tomatoes (I used Roma) worked well and seemed to do better at a medium speed. That surprised me at first, I was expecting them to do better at a lower speed because of their firmness, but I think it’s because of the skin. I did not try any skinless tomatoes – that might be a test for another time. Cucumbers were best at a low setting (Note: I peeled the cucumbers in my testing and the softer they were the worse the results – English cucumbers worked the best for dicing). Another thing that I found interesting was that i got the best results when dicing if I DID NOT use the pusher to force the vegetables into the hopper – letting their own weight and the angled blade pull them in worked just fine. A big WARNING – don’t try to use the attachment to dice meat – that was a disaster! I have not tried cheese yet and if (when) I do I’ll add to this review.So the dicing aspects of the attachment worked better than i anticipated. Since that was my primary reason for purchasing it I was very happy.I moved on to the slicing blades and was interested to note the adjustable thickness setting on the slicing blade (KitchenAid calls it their ExactSlice System). That’s an interesting touch and i wonder how long that’s going to last. Endurance is just as important to me as functionality since I tend to keep my technology until it expires! I would have preferred a metal mechanism, but that would have necessitated a price increase that probably would have made the overall cost a nonstarter. It worked fine as did the shredding and julienne discs. I typically prefer my Cuisinart for those functions (so many more blades and options) but if I’m going to do dicing as well as slicing and julienne cuts the KitchenAid is my tool of choice.Next was cleanup. How labor intensive was that going to be? I found that cleanup was actually easier than for my Cuisinart. I should note that i clean my tools immediately after use, no matter which brand or device. I’ve learned my lesson from letting debris dry in hard-to-reach places! The KitchenAid came apart as easily as it went together. Most of the pieces came clean in just a spray of warm water and a quick dip into a soapy bath and rinse. A nice scrub brush gets almost anything off easily and KitchenAid has thoughtfully provided a small tool for clearing any food stuck in the dicing grid so you don’t end up with bloody fingers. I also like that there is an insert that lifts out to protect the mechanism from any food particles or fluids that go around with the blades. That was a feature I hadn’t really considered important until it came to cleanup – then that made things a breeze.The included storage case is nice, but I have two concerns. The first one is a little picky, but I had a difficult time in getting the blades back into the case so it would close properly. Turns out that the adjustable thickness slicing has to be in placed into the storage case with what I’ll call the plastic sweeping tab rotated so it’s located to the right of the case or it interferes with the closure. A picky concern, true, but I was beginning to think I’d lost my mind when the case wouldn’t close the first time. Second, the location of the hinge for the case means that in the open position it does not rest on the surface, but is slightly elevated. I’ve seen the same design on other cases and the failure mechanism is when left in that position for too long or if there’s an impact it damages the hinges. A very small design change would have alleviated the possibility with zero additional cost in either materials or fabrication.Overall I think this one’s a winner!Concerns? Well, like all bladed kitchen tools how sharp they are tends to make a huge difference. I am concerned about how well the dicing grid retains its edge since there’s really no way to resharpen it. I didn’t look into the cost of replacement, but i suspect it’s not cheap! The other blades? Well, they seem to be the same quality as the Cuisinart’s, and I’ve used those blades for at least ten years without issue.

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  2. Michael D.

    This may not be what most people usually think of as a food processor which, to me, is more like a large blender. This ‘food processor’ has no bin to blend things in. Everything is pass-through for slicing, dicing, shredding, grating, etc.Having said that, I love it. The slice thickness lever makes choosing your slice thickness easily and I love the dicing feature! I make pico de gallo quite often and I was used to dicing my Roma tomatoes and red onions by hand. It took a while. Last night I made some pico using the dicing kit and it was the most evenly diced pico I’ve ever made!Also, I read a negative review from someone who didn’t like the dicing kit and even claimed that his KitchenAid stopped when he tried to dice harder items like onions and carrots. I don’t agree. It handled the firm red onions I put through it with no problem whatsoever. I think that other reviewer’s issue was not reading the manual. You want your KitchenAid on a speed of 4-5 for SOFT fruits and veggies – but all the way up to 10 for harder fruits and veggies. I’m betting the guy whose machine stopped didn’t increase the motor speed for the harder items.I’m looking forward to using this attachment a lot for things like pies (dicing the fruit), potatoes O’Brien and potatoes au-gratin, salsa, grated cheese, etc. etc. I would recommend this product to anyone with a KitchenAid mixer.

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  3. Ralph Smithers

    I love the KitchenAid Mixer, and the attachments I have bought as well. This food processor attachment probably does everything other reviewers have said. What they don’t mention is that the feed tube is absurdly narrow. Pictures of sliced tomatoes, for example are misleading. You couldn’t put a normal tomato in the tube. We make sauerkraut using a Cuisinart processor to slice the cabbage, but it is a tedious process. The processor bowl holds about half a cabbage, so slicing 6 cabbages requires about 12 disassemblies of the bowl. I saw photos of the KitchenAid with a regular large mixing bowl under it, so thought I could just keep feeding cabbage into a giant bowl. I could too, if I cut the cabbage heads into narrow slices, but that is more trouble than using the Cuisinart. Again, this thing probably works very well at what it is supposed to do. Just be aware that the feed tube can barely manage a hard boiled egg put in sideways.

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  4. Valerie Ballard

    I bought this for probably the same reason you are looking at buying it now, because I have a kitchenmaid mixer and I want to save appliance space. Well? I wouldn’t toss out your electric food processor quite yet. This works, but not nearly as well as a stand-alone countertop food processor. First of all you have to shove every bit of food you want to process through the very small food shute. The food then meets with the spinning disc and shreds, dices, or whatever disc you are using. That does not make for such a good experience. You end up having to coax the thing to process the food rather than as with the countertop variety, they just shred it up with abandon. Personally, I am sorry that I got rid of my countertop shredder and am thinking of just selling this (at a loss) and repurchasing my countertop processor. They make it look so easy on the infomercials, but this doesn’t work like demonstrated.

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  5. fifty6ford

     I received 2 $50 amazon gift cards for my birthday and had been eyeing this attachment for awhile, so I finally got it. I buy whole pickles in huge jars and slice them. I love the versatility of changing the thickness without changing blades. It worked fantastic for dicing peppers and onions. I diced 19 onions in about 6 1/2 minutes. I spread them out on a baking sheet with a silicone mat, freeze, then put in a freezer bag. I will have vidalias throughout the winter!

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  6. CanuckGirl

    Bought this primarily for the dicing tool. Understand that it might be “commercial style”, but this is not a commercial product, so keep your expectations in line. The feed spout, as mentioned by others is small, you will have to cut up most things (except maybe carrots) that you are putting through this thing. I mean, look at the size of the food processor compared to the size of the mixer. I had no trouble with dicing some red peppers, or carrots. A slightly soft onion did pose some problems, and the tomato I tried to dice was a disaster, but I didn’t really expect that anything less than some kind of laser cutter would give me perfect diced tomatoes. The shredding attachment works great for carrots and apples, though obviously it’s a slower device than my full-size food processor. If I had to slice a whole bunch of things, I’d rather use my full-size processor, but this is great for smaller quantities, and when you don’t want to fill up the dishwasher with your giant food processor bowls, or make room on the counter for the food processor. I love that all the guts of this thing are dishwasher safe, because I hate washing things like this. It’s not the most perfect slicer in the world, but it’s a great time-saver if you can afford it. The fact that the blades and accessories come in a tidy box for storage is also great, because my full-size food processor’s attachments end up all jumbled together in some kind of horrific bowl of sharp blades that may require a blood sacrifice if I’m not careful.For the occasional light shredding work, or slicing, it’s great, but the real reason to get this is for dicing. I was able to dice up an eggplant, zucchini and some peppers in about 2 minutes, with minimal cleanup afterwards. The diced pieces are a little smaller than I’d like, but for the ease of use and speed and lack of personal effort, I’m not complaining. No regrets!

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  7. ShopsAlot

    This is a very confusing attachment to use. If you don’t use it on a regular basis, you have to refer to the book to remind you how it goes together. The shredder makes a mess and does not shred cabbage fine enough for coleslaw. . The dicer does not dice small enough if you are wanting to make a relish and it will not dice things like tomatoes , apples or peppers(for your relish) . It turns most fruits /veggies into a slaughtered mess. It is a pain to get back into the storage box that it comes in. It is not easy to clean. If it worked well, it would make big projects easy, but for daily use, it is far too much hassle to dig it out and figure out how to get it to work for a small task.I am very disappointed!

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  8. Hector Ponce

    Este accesorio es ideal si estás buscando un procesador y no quieres que sea un monstruo. Obviamente debes tener una batidora KitchenAid. Revisé muchos procesadores de todos los precios y en general son super grandes y los mas completos complicados y tienen una caja de accesorios que es mas grande que el mismo procesador!!!.Yo estaba buscando algo para picar y rallar (no tanto para rebanar) y que no ocupara mucho espacio para guardarlo. La calidad de todas las piezas es buena y las navajas y cuchillas parece que van a durar un buen rato. Como todo procesador, tiene muchas piezas que hay que saber armar y luego hay que lavar o limpiar pero así son todos los procesadores.El picador funciona mejor de lo que se pueden imaginar, simplemente pica y muchas veces no hay que empujar la comida por el alimentador, solita va cayendo. El tamaño de los cubos es de 8mm por lado y salen perfectos. Yo he picado cebolla, zanahorias, calabazas, jícamas, pepinos, queso manchego (debe estar muy frio), jamón y salchichas sin problema. Los tomates también se pican bien pero no deben estar muy maduros porque se aplastan y salen sin forma los pedazos. La boca del alimentador si es algo chica pero el proceso de picar es tan rápido que vale la pena cortar las cosas a la medida para acabar en un dos por tres!El rallador en fino o grueso funciona bien y ahi si no hay mucha ciencia. Hemos rallado zanahorias, calabazas y sobre todo queso. El queso debe ser duro (como Parmesano) o estar casi congelado para el rallado sea limpio y no se “embarre” el queso en el disco.La función de rebanar es la que menos nos interesaba pero sí la hemos usado y funciona bien. El tamaño del alimentador limita mucho su utilidad. No puedes rebanar tomates para las hamburguesas o un pepino para la ensalada porque hay que partir el tomate en 2 o 4 para quepa y el pepino a la mitad (a lo largo) para obtener mitades o cuartos de rebanada normal. El hecho de que puedas modificar el grosor de la rebanada es muy bueno y util para cosas mas chicas como apio, zanahorias, salchichas, cebolla (en mitades), etc.Trae un disco para hacer cortes juliana que creo es el que menos sirve. Todo sale como si fuera rallado y como el alimentador es chico, el largo de la juliana está limitado y no hace mucho sentido.Este accesorio de la batidora no tiene un depósito en el que haya cuchillas para triturar, moler, amasar, etc. Si estas buscando algo que haga eso y además rebane y ralle, vas a tener que comprar un procesador completo. Yo compré un Food Chopper de 3.5 tasas de la misma marca y con eso tengo para picar finamente cebolla, nueces, hierbas, etc.

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  9. Jeran Hopfe

    Super finicky and was such a hassle that is was never worth using. One time a blade flew off while in use, I would think a safety on it would prevent that. It more mushed food and waisted a ton, not designed well at all.

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  10. GDC

    extremely satisfied with the kitchen gadget. Would be great if the dicer blade gets bundled at a reasonable price.However one really needs the special box for housing the blades.

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  11. Robyn

    So disappointed in this. We didn’t use it right away and when we did get around to using it, it jams up with almost every type of food we’ve tried. It clunks and grinds and have contemplated contacting the manufacturer, but it is likely too late now. Such a great idea and concept, but a waste of a lot of money.

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  12. Phyllis

    I bought this for the dicing feature. It works great. It would have been nice to be able to adjust the size of the dice though. I’ve also used the slicer. It’s good too.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Excelente producto, es de plástico y metal más grueso que otros procesadores de alimentos.Hasta ahora sólo lo he usado para picar en cubitos de manzana y pera, y quedan muy bien, ahorra mucho tiempo si haces grandes cantidades.

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  14. Luciano Machado

    j’ai acheter cette pièce et après un coup de utilisations l’en-grainage a saisy et as partiellement endommager mon robotje conseil prudence et au si tot que vous sentez que le robot force arrêtez et retournez la pièce en question car l’en-grainage saisi le moteur force et vous allez endommager votre robot culinaire

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  15. Tigallop

    Très bon produit, remplace en partie un robot culinaire mais pas pour tout. Les cubes sont à mon avis un peu trop petit mais c’est une opinion personnelle; pour faire de la macédoine c’est exactement la bonne grosseur par contre.

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