KitchenAid Classic K45SSWH 4.5-Quart Mixer – White – 275W

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  • 275-watt, 10-speed mixer with tilt-up head
  • 4-1/2-quart bowl holds Enough capacity to mix up to 6 dozen cookies, 3 loaves of bread or 6 pounds of mashed potatoes in a single batch
  • Three handy accessories: flat beater, wire whip, and dough hook
  • Includes a guide with instructions, mixing tips, and 67 recipes. Mixing Speeds:10
  • Measures 13-8/9 by 8-2/3 by 14 inches; 1-year warranty


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An amazing asset for home cooks who want to craft everything from fluffy mashed potatoes, to delicate breads to divine cupcakes, the KitchenAid Classic 4.5-Quart Stand Mixer offers “planetary” mixing action, ensuring the beater spirals to incorporate all ingredients smoothly and thoroughly.

The convenient 10-speed control, powered by a high-performance 275-watt motor, allows you to choose the speed for mixing— from very high to very low stir as your recipe requires.

The KitchenAid stand mixer features smooth, rounded surfaces for extra safety and easy cleaning, and the strong, dependable, all-metal construction will offer years of trouble-free, quiet service.

The 4.5-quart stainless steel bowl is big enough to handle large recipes, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. The KitchenAid Classic 4.5-Quart Stand Mixer includes a coated flat beater, dough hook and a wire whip for versatility.

Specification: KitchenAid Classic K45SSWH 4.5-Quart Mixer – White – 275W

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions9 × 14 × 14 in






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  1. Russ Crowell

    I just opened my new mixer and began familiarizing myself with it. I noticed dried yellow batter all over it. Unless the UPS guy baked a cake, this mixer is used, yet Amazon sold it as new and charged us full price. This is unacceptable.

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  2. Naida Green

    This last week I ordered and received this 4.5 quart classic KitchenAid mixer. It is something my husband and I have been wanting for awhile. My husband does a lot of the baking at our house. It was packaged very well, and received in excellent condition. We haven’t used the mixer but one time, but I am giving the mixer four stars because it looks great and I believe in Kitchenaid products. However, to all that order a Kitchenaid mixer with the STAINLESS STEEL bowl, be aware that washing the bowl in warm soapy water will NOT remove the polishing residue from the bowl. If you use with only this simple washing, your first batch of whatever will probably be ruined. You will probably notice the batter has a black looking substance in it. I called Kitchenaid and was told this is a problem with polishing stainless steel. I was told to make a paste with baking soda, or salt, and lemon juice and scrub the bowl again. I used baking soda and lemon juice, applied with a sponge, gave it a good scrub and now it is fine.

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  3. mark

    I received a used mixer, the power cable and base was dirty with black smudges

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  4. Alai Francesca

    I have been wanting a mixer for so long now. I have gone store to store to look for a decent priced Mixer. Every store I would go to was way too overpriced for me. So Finally I look on amazon and find this baby at a 180 + tax, 200. A friend of mine who is a baker recommended I purchase kitchen Aid and I am so grateful I listened. Its great, I have already made chocolate chip cookies which turned out amazing. When you receive your Mixer, there will a registration form and paper giving instruction to register with kitchen Aid online.Do it, you will receive 25% off on purchasing appliances to attach to your mixer. I purchased the spiralizer, which I can make zucchini noodles with for a cheaper price than posted. I am so in love with this mixer. I can Finally make whatever I please and cannot wait for family members birthday so I can make a kick ass cake. One last thing is it comes with three different accessories for whatever your mixing.

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  5. A. G. Gant

    The reason my Kitchenaid did not get Five stars is not because it didn’t do a good job, but because of incomplete instructions. On my first usage so far, after washing the bowl and beaters. I proceeded to mix homemade yeast bread. Upon removing dough from bowl there was some gray streaks in the dough. At their web site after trouble shooting it stated that a polishing material is used on stainless steel and prevents no danger but to rub this material wash bowl with salt and lemon or scrub with baking soda. It would really have been nice if that had been stated in the instruction booklet.

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  6. Noemi

    Anyone that has ever owned a KitchenAid product, should know, that this is one of the best! Look out for sales, as the mixer is a bit on the expensive side, but you’ll never look back after getting one of these! It will make everything so much easier and once you get the hang of it, you can start building your attachment collection, that can help you with various other tasks, such as making fresh pasta from scratch, or creating that perfect burger patty with just the right amount of fat and meats in the meat grinder!So versatile! I recommend every kitchen have one of these! I have worked in restaurants where they also use an industrial version of this product! It should be every home chef’s and professional chef’s choice!You will never regret this purchase!

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  7. Joe

    Joined Amazon Prime to get this mixer for the weekend, big party. Plugged it in and just hum’s. Gears are jammed and will not turn. That’s Quality Control for ya.

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  8. Edward Martinez

    Definitely a good purchase of you are a fan of cooking. I have used this to make cheesecake and other baked goods, and no surprise it gets the job done. Would recommend buying the flex edge beater if you are going to be dealing with sticky mixes that get stuck to the edge.A word of warning: the protective fluid or whatever that is found on the bowl right out the box is no joke. Read about it myself before ordering and tried a thorough hand wash (tried the lemon juice) but that stuff did not want to come off. First round of cake that was made with this had a bitter aftertaste. Very easy to spot if you run your hand across the surface of the No complaints once the stuff it is finally broken in though.

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  9. Jonathan

    Product was used, with clear evidence of chocolate and probably butter on it. Had a continental plug on it as well even though listed as a UK plug. Plug as can be seen was heavily scuffed and marked.This was a birthday present. Imagine my horror when it was opened.Returned

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  10. Maxine

    If you are considering a cheaper alternative don’t ! I purchased a cheaper model from another manufacturer within a month the bowl started to rust.Yes, I had problems with my first KitchenAid as it wouldn’t turn the hook, beater or paddle. They quickly replaced it with one which works beautifully.I am delighted with this gadget, I make bread rolls and my husband says that they are the best rolls ever. The KitchenAid May cost more but it’s worth every penny.Only draw back was the bowl got stuck on the machine. Quite a common fault it would appear. A quick check on you tube a little oil, problem solved.

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  11. david harris

    This product is great. Makes perfect meringue and makes baking of any kind easy. Not sure I would ever need the more expensive model. This one does it all anyway. Don’t be put off by not having a handle on the bowl. Makes no difference.

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  12. Artsreadings

    This is bulky, this is sturdy, and this feels like driving an expensive machine, as it is indeed expensive.However, this is value for money. It does what it is meant to do, and it does it well.Only thing I wonder about is how the promotional material talks about 10 speeds, as it shows on the machine itself.To me, there are only 5 speed settings to move the handle to. Do you share the same experience?

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  13. Amazon Customer

    No handle on the bowl which makes transferring mixes very difficult – also there is a dome in the base which means that some ingredients get stuck in the base and never get mixed in – i saved up for a long time for this and am very disappointed – so much so that i have reverted to my electric hand mixer and processor which do the jobs far better at a fraction of the price ! Also, when i was struggling to get things creamed together (even constant scraping down didn’t help) i bought a flexi-edged attachment (also very expensive) which was no better and started to disintegrate after the second use – not at all impressed and am now wondering if my machine was a refurbished return !

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  14. Susana

    I was lucky to get this product on offer. Therefore I consider it value for money. I would have got the kenwood offer with loads of attachments but that particular model does not support a pasta machine; something I really want. And that is why I got the KitchenAid – and in time I hope to get it as well as other attachments. If you don’t mind not having a pasta attachment then I would consider getting the kenwood. Otherwise, the KitchenAid is better and definitely more stylish.

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  15. Tim Kemp

    Massively expensive, but feels a quality item. Got friends still using these after 20 years with no troubles along the way.

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