KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller and Cutter Set KSMPRA

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  • Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid
  • Powered by your KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Fits all Household KitchenAid Stand Mixers.
  • Convenient front pocket
  • Pasta Roller rolls 6-inch sheets of pasta with 8 thickness settings.
  • Spaghetti Cutter cuts pasta sheets into classic Spaghetti noodles.
  • Fettuccine Cutter cuts pasta sheets into hearty Fettuccine noodles.


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No longer settle for pre-packaged pasta when making it fresh is easy and tastes so much better.

Powered by the KitchenAid stand mixer, the 2-piece pasta cutter set makes authentic, fresh pasta from scratch quickly and easily.

Powered by the KitchenAid Stand Mixer, the 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set makes fresh pasta from scratch quickly & easily.

Includes Pasta Roller, Spaghetti Cutter and Fettuccine Cutter.

Made in Italy. For everything you want to make. KitchenAid.

Specification: KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller and Cutter Set KSMPRA

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions10 × 4 × 2 in






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  1. Keogh

    For the price, I was torn between getting this or the hand crank Marcato Atlas 150 (hands free model is twice as much). It came down to the fact that I already have a KitchenAid Mixer and would be using it to help mix the dough. In retrospect, even though the price on the 3-Piece Pasta Roller hasn’t budged in the whole time that I’ve been tracking, it is still a no brainer – buy this if you have a compatible mixer. It allows you to use both hands to guide the pasta dough and cuts prep time down considerably. Not counting the rest time for the dough, I can literally make and cook fresh pasta in the same amount of time that it takes to boil a box of dried pasta. It has been a real eye opener being able to make fresh pasta dishes. One way to describe it, the pasta becomes part of the dish instead of a vessel for whatever you put on it. One annoying thing, the fettuccine attachment needs extra cleaning – it sounds like a baby rattle after you are done cleaning the outside. You have to shake it and use a tooth pick to get the little pasta curls out.

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  2. J.S.R.

    Nothing like giving a gift with pre made food already in it

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  3. Shelby12

    This is a wonderful set of equipment. I made my first noodles last night and found them to be sooo easy! I didn’t even look at Utube or KitchenAide sites. If you follow the dough recipe (included) exactly then you will have dough that is not sticky and doesn’t need more flour. I made a huge batch of fettucine noodles last night and froze most of them in their own batches. I recommend getting the Norpro Pasta Drying Rack. It’s simply and cheap and does the job. You will need it to put your pasta on until you finish all your batches. I worried about cleaning the pasta roller and cutters, but they were so easy! Simply wait an hour as directed and wipe off. The inside drops the dried pasta easily by tapping the mechanism on your hand or a towel and what doesn’t fall out comes out with the brush. Someone had lots of problem cleaning hers and all I can say is that your noodles may be too sticky or something else is wrong.

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  4. Mad4Terriers

    Took a cooking class at an Italian Restaurant and the chef used a KitchenAid Pasta Roller and Cutter. We ordered ours the next day. Very easy for one person to use. Very reliable. KitchenAid warranty. Makes creating pasta easy and fun.

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  5. Bill Denton

    If you have a commercial mixer with a cage this will NOT lock in to place properly and it will eventually get stuck and snap. I used this twice and on the third time the divet that inserts in to the mixer and keep the wheels rolling snapped. Amazon referred me to Kitchen Aid who pretty mush said Im SOL, and that others have had the same problem but there is nothing they will or can do! And yet still, they don’t say on thier website that the two machines are not compatible. In fact they say the opposite that this part IS compatible with ALL machines, but Im telling you first hand that it is not. Hoping this will help some one out there save some time and money and headache.

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  6. Vera Stepenski

    Its a matter of price decision whether to buy just the pasta roller or the set.The roller is a time and effort savior, you would NOT get the same quality just by hand rolling.The cutters, well…. as I said earlier, price matter decision, I can cut the same way and the same speed, so up to your preference.

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  7. Jnorth

    The pasta attachment for the KitchenAid in my mind are a must after using them. Making your own pasta with the rollers is super easy. The end product is so much better than you can buy in a store. I would honestly say that the spaghetti cutter has left my pasta looking a little more like ramen, but hey fresh ramen works too. I think if you really want to do spagetti right you will likely need a drying rack. I love the sheet roller and the fettuccine cutter they work perfect. I would recommend these attachments to anyone that owns a KitchenAid. This has to be one of my favorite tools in the kitchen.

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  8. Taylor Davidson

    Makes the process easy and speedy. Make sure pasta dough is floured well enough as the cutters and rollers wont work smoothly if the dough is at all sticky. I like the metal and heavy construction, the only downside is the price (usual across the board for KitchenAid accessories) and the cleaning process. No pieces fold out or detach to more easily reach for cleaning. Easy to brush dried up buildup away, but I truly feel bad for someone who accidentally puts super sticky dough in the first time and has the machine glob it up.

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  9. Allan

    First box was returned for exchange. It appeared to be returned item (open box with broken attachment). The drive stem on one of the attachment was sheared off. I am not sure how much use it had before this happen, but makes me question the durability.The new box appears to be new and working great. Only used the roller and spaghetti attachments. Very easy to setup and use. Nice firm clicks for adjusting the roller thickness. I made sure to sprinkle some flours in the attachments which makes cleaning easier. Let the flour dry and used included brush to get remaining pieces off. Do not wash or submerge in water. It will rust.The attachments are expensive, but worth the money and time saved over a manual machine. My only concern is the durability of the drive stem.

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  10. Darren

    I would give 0 stars if I could. This product is absolutely horrible. I make noodles once a year and purchased the set after my previous one broke. I used the spaghetti cutter after a year from purchase once for about 45 min of actual use and it died. It was after the warranty so I could not get it replaced which is fine. What is not fine is that I can’t buy just the spaghetti cutter alone. I have to buy the whole set again. I don’t want to have three complete sets minus the spaghetti cutter. Their products break and you cannot replace them. They are squeezing you for every penny they can.

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  11. Judy

    Bought this as a gift to replace my dad’s hand-crank machine. This significantly reduced the time (and effort) of making delicious pasta! Great product overall and comes with a cleaning brush (see pictures) – no issues but a couple of things to note:- The pasta rolling gear dial was easy to use, but felt a bit fragile when you pull the knob to twist so change dial with care.- You need to let any residual dough to dry on the attachments for about an hour before cleaning them. A bit of a hassle to wait and come back to it.- The pasta seems to roll out better when you leave the dough hanging on the attachment at the top instead of supporting it with your hand.

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  12. Jay

    The product is good. However, The roller is broken after being used for 6 times. Is there any way to get a replacement?

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  13. Jen

    Absolutely love this. I have only used the roller attachment so far, and am excited to use the cutters. I used the roller to rolls out wonton dough, and it got it paper thin before I even got to the highest setting. HIGHLY recommend! It is fun to use, easy and rolled my dough out beautifully. I only had to brush it off a tiny bit after using it, but barely anything even needed to be cleaned off. Never immerse in water!

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  14. Robert C. Pfeiffer

    I decided to start making fresh pasta and first tried doing it all by hand. That’s hard work and it makes inconsistent pasta. I purchased this package of 3 tools because I already owned a KitchenAid mixer. It has been absolutely fantastic. They are well built, easy to use and now I make pasta as often as I can because it’s just so fast and easy. I’ve made spaghetti, fettuccine, farfalle and I plan on doing tortellini this weekend. I could not be happier with this set!

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  15. GillesH

    Bought as a replacement for a manual pasta machine that broke after 15 years of solid use. This kitchen aid attachment is much easier to use, effortless in fact, and hopefully it will last as long. As with all of these pasta makers, you can’t wash under water, but the design of this one allows you to shake out any dried bits of pasta after use and there’s a handy brush to help also. We’ve only used it 4 or 5 times for spaghetti so can’t really rate long-term sturdiness, which one expects given the cost. However, it does feel sturdy. Love it so far.

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