KitchenAid 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Spiral Showerhead – Matte Charcoal Grey

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  • Unique 29-hole spiral showerhead evenly saturates Coffee grounds for optimal extraction
  • Dosage ladder on the gold Tone filter and dosage chart on the water tank
  • Clear, easy to fill removable water tank with large opening to minimize spills
  • Convenient warming plate to keep Coffee at the perfect temperature up to 2 hours
  • 2 brew buttons (side, front) to place the brewer anyway you like on the countertop
  • Unique spout design on the glass carafe helps prevent drips and messes


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Brew delicious drip Coffee, every time. This 12 Cup drip Coffee maker, with spiral showerhead, allows you to brew delicious Coffee, every time.

It evenly saturates Coffee grounds for optimal extraction, producing an exceptionally flavorful cup of Coffee.

Also, this Coffee maker also features a variable brew strength Selector to choose between regular and bold strengths, 24 hour programmability, so your Coffee can be ready at any time, day or night, and a pause and pour feature to pour a cup of Coffee before the brewing is complete.

Specification: KitchenAid 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Spiral Showerhead – Matte Charcoal Grey

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 7 in






8 reviews for KitchenAid 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Spiral Showerhead – Matte Charcoal Grey

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  1. Stary Kozel

    Unpacking immediately released extreme chemical smell. Three days later it is still degassing. This smell is released by the gray plastic. I washed the whole surface 2 times, but it helped only a bit. The black and clear plastic parts are OK. It is not clear if the gray (body) plastic self is degassing or if it is evaporation of some type of the plastic mold release agent. This is serious quality (and therefore customer satisfaction) problem. The company will suffer from a lot of product returns. Too bad. Fire your quality manager. The design is very good and price is very competitive as well. The previous pour-over models rated on the Amazon only 3.3 sat. percentage points. I was hoping that this one will be great. But it is obvious the KitchenAid management is totally clueless as it comes to quality. If there was no problem with this chemical smell, this product would be excellent and would be rated very close to 5.0I received replacement unit and this one seems to be perfect. When we unpacked it, there was absolutely no smell. I should make known that I asked for unit with different datum code in it’s Serial Number.As I wrote originally, I appreciate this Coffee Maker’s design. The shower head really works, compared to our original Hamilton Beach with “normal” single grip opening in the head. The result was, frequent dry coffee grounds around the paper filter edges.This one, KitchenAid KCM1208DG , uses half of the grounds the Hamilton Beach required to achieve the same coffee quality.I roast my own green coffee beans, mostly from African plantations. With this coffee maker I use 11 grams per 2 cups of water. 11 grams = 1 Metal spoon I got from amazon. If you are serious about your coffee’s quality, use small kitchen scale to learn what volume of your beans weights 11 grams. There is NO NEED to use more of the beans or grounds.I also use filtered cold water and grind my beans just before I start brewing; usually 6 cups = 33 grams = 3 spoonfuls.There are other coffee makers with shower heads on Amazon, but those seem to be over-designed, with unnecessary failures.I would give this one 5 stars, but I kept one off because it took too long for the KitchenAid people to respond proactively and positively.

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  2. Vwgn

    I haven’t actually used this yet because I just opened the box and was immediately concerned by the design of the coffee pot itself. The top rim is a plastic piece with a wide lip that is glued in place that already looks difficult to clean the bottom side of the pour spout. When I ran my fingers underneath the ring to see if it might lift out, I noticed a gap between the glass and the unremovable ring, which could potentially be a breeding ground for mold as it will impossible to clean (see photo). Especially so around the pour spout.The reviews sold me on this product, and I was so excited to get it and start using it. There appear to be so many great features. Everyone talks about how easy it is to clean the tank, but I don’t know how everyone missed the impossibility of cleaning the pot. I could only give it one star because I never got any farther than unpacking the coffee pot.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Love, love, love this coffeemaker! The main reason fir purchasing it was the ease of adding water to it, and the ability to clean out the water reservoir. Filling our old pot meant putting water in the pot, adding just a bit because it doesn’t measure accurately, turning the unit sideways to see the tiny markings on the reservoir, and placing a dishtowel next to the unit to catch the inevitable water that didn’t quite make it into the reservoir. I don’t see well, so a black coffeemaker with a narrow, dark, poorly marked window became an instrument of frustration for me. And if the coffee basket (also black with some tiny black hieroglyphics) was not placed exactly right, there was more trouble: grounds in the coffee, basket overflows. My time is worth more than that! So finding a coffeemaker with a clear, removable reservoir was a Eureka moment for me. I can actually SEE how much water is going in the reservoir! The only thing this machine lacks is a water filter, but we use filtered water, so there is no need. This coffeemaker is elegant in its simplicity, easy to use, can go sideways or lengthwise on the counter, AND it makes great coffee.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used Bunn coffee pots for years, but the last one I had was very disappointing and I wanted a coffee pot with a removable water fill. This Kitchen Aide is probably the best coffee pot I’ve ever had – including the Bunn. Great purchase and the coffee is great.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I have purchased many coffee makers during my 60+ years and this is the best I’ve ever owned. It is reasonably priced, attractively designed and works perfectly. My only reason for not giving it five stars (wish I could of given it a 4.9) is my fear of the water container breaking if dropped. It is constructed of a cheaper polycarbonate plastic that would certainly crack upon impact. Otherwise it’s a fine machine.

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  6. I am IT

    Strange action: ran two full pots of water thru to clean. Seemed OK. Set it all up for auto brew. Next morning — no coffee! Thought I did something wrong, put on manual brew of full pot (12 cups). It started and stopped in 20 seconds, I repeated the manual brew with the same results. Used the old coffee maker (I kept just in case) and came back to the KA unit later. Tried several differing attempts to brew to no avail. Tried just water again to verify my ocd. The water went thru two times, but never with the grounds in place? Gave up, repackaged it and returned. A one- off? Don’t know, don’t care. This is very old technology that should work! It did not!

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  7. Charles

    I really love the way its made cuz i have arthritis in my hands. Thanks for thinking of me. The price is worth it because it’s so well made. It looks very nice in my kitchen. I love the clean gray color!

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  8. Tinkdcc12

    So cute and the coffee taste fabulous out of it.

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