Jura A1 Coffee Machine

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  • Piano white exterior
  • Intuitive symbol display control panel
  • Thermoblock heating system with 15 bar pump
  • Three programmable specialties and coffee strength levels
  • AromaG3 grinder preserves coffee bean aroma



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With this A1 Espresso and Coffee Machine from Jura, you can enjoy delicious brews from the comfort of your own home.

Made to give you the richest brew, this machine features the AromaG3, a grinder that preserves the coffee beans’ natural aroma.

If that isn’t appetizing enough, its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) feature gives it the elusive ability to make ristretto and espresso with the same level of quality.

You can easily adjust the amount of water dispensed and its hardness, and the strength of the coffee.

This machine also has an easily monitored drip tray and programmable switch-off times.

It is the ideal addition to any coffee-lover’s kitchen.

Specification: Jura A1 Coffee Machine

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions13 × 21 × 18 in






3 reviews for Jura A1 Coffee Machine

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  1. PeachyOne

    Just got my new Jura A1 and I love it. I had a Saeco automatic coffee maker for a few years which I really liked, but after only 3 years it bit the dust and after fighting with it and multiple trips to the repair shop I had had enough and went back to a simple drip machine. Well that only lasted about 9 months and I realized I had become spoiled by being able to push a button in the morning and having a delicious cup of coffee instantly instead of spending 10-15 minutes grinding and brewing a pot of coffee every morning.I was going to get the Jura Ena Micro 1 as it looked perfect for me as I only drink coffee not the milky, frothy stuff. The micro had awesome reviews and it did just what I want, make awesome coffee at the push of a button. Then I saw the A1 came out just this year and was the new and improved version. The grinder has been improved and the pulse brewing system implemented. The result is literally the most perfect superautomatic coffee machine you’ll find.Turn it on and it heats up in just a few seconds and it’s ready to go. One feature I really like is the adjustable spout. I like to use big cups and also travel mugs, so being able to fit them under the spout is important and the geniuses at Jura installed an adjustable spout so you can fit just about any size cup under it. You can make espresso and ristretto also if you’re interested.The coffee is full of flavor, smooth and has the crema that comes with brewing coffee in an espresso machine (essentially an Americano). I can’t compare with the Micro, but I just can’t think of a better cup of coffee from any coffee shop (And I live in Seattle). And it’s made at home and doesn’t cost $3.00 a cup!If you just want the most delicious coffee at the push of a button, look no further than this sleek Swiss machine, it’s smooth quiet and fast!

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  2. David

    I know it’s just been a week since I bought the Jura A1, but so far it’s a great product and makes and excellent cup of coffee.I don’t need any specialty drinks, and on the occasion I have visits that would like something else, I have a milk frother that works as an excellent pair. This makes a great cup of coffee, plain and simple, with 3 different drinks, ristretto, espresso and lungo (or large coffee) and 2 different strength settings… more than enough choices for me.Some of the specs I’d like to highlight:-Quick to turn on and be ready-Quick to brew the coffee-Up to 8 oz of coffee per cup not more, you can program anything in between for all 3 of the choices-The water reservoir and bean hopper are on the small size compared to other machines but it saves space on the counter. Plus, filling both is really easy.-Nice amount of crema, but of course, this also depends on your coffee beans, so experiment until you find the right ones!-Truly one touch, so convenience is great!The technology used in the machine, PEP and Aroma grinder, comes normally on bigger and more expensive machines. So if you don’t need a lot of choices and are looking for an extremely good cup and consistent without the need of becoming a barista yourself, the Jura A1 delivers.*** 8 MONTH UPDATESo it’s been 8 months of heavy use of the Jura A1, and I love my machine! On average I think in my house we’re making at least 6 cups per day, so the machine is been tested well over 1,400 cycles by now… it still works like the first time we got it and makes an excellent cup of coffee.I just finished the 6 pack of cleaning tablets which lasted since I bought it, and have changed the filter 3 times since then. I’ve been prompted mote times to change the filter but since I use RO water for the machine the filter is not really needed but decided to change it every other time it prompted, when I’m not changing it I just go though the cycle as if I changed it to let the machine keep track of it… So overall I’ve spent less than $100 for the upkeep of the machine for 8 months, plus the initial investment of the machine, I come to an average of ~$0.60 per cup, which I think is great value for money!! and a bargain for the quality of brew, giving you a few extra $$ to splurge on trying out different coffee beans!Besides your daily cup, one of the things I love is how quickly it brews, which is really handy when I’m entertaining and have to make 10+ cups in a hurry!!

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  3. Brian Reid

    This is the best superautomatic coffee machine I have ever used. It’s small, works well, easy to clean, and looks good. But the amazingly stupid design of the lid for the bean hopper almost causes me to say don’t buy it.The bean hopper lid has a small plastic tab sticking out from it. The machine won’t work unless that fragile little tab is inserted into a slot at the edge of the hopper. The lid has a handle that was designed to look good, not work well. So it’s easy to drop the lid when you remove it. The second time my lid was dropped, it fell to the floor and the plastic tab broke off. Zap. Machine won’t make coffee.I found that if I left the lid off and stuck a screwdriver into the slot, the machine would make coffee. So I lived with a screwdriver sticking out the top while I waited a week for the $30 replacement part to arrive.Jura needs to fire the engineer who designed this lid-interlock mechanism. If there was anything else on the market that met my needs as well as this A1 Ultra Compact, I would recommend it instead. But there isn’t.I keep that screwdriver in the kitchen drawer now, so I’m ready for the next time it breaks.

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