Igloo Glide Pro 110 qt Cooler

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  • Polyethylene
  • Unique horizontal Slide-and-Lock telescoping handle provides maximum leverage and lightens lifting loads
  • Ultratherm insulated body and lid keep ice for 5 days at 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Virtually indestructible zinc-plated metal hinges
  • Oversized sport rally wheels. Material : Plastic
  • Attractive, yet rugged styling. Interior Dimensions ( L x W x H )-Top- 31 x 13.43 x 14.65 inches. Bottom- 25.25 x 10.93 x 14.65 inches


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On a hot day at the park or beach, a cold soda is worth its weight in gold.

That weight adds up, but this rolling cooler keeps the transportation easy.

Slide-and-Lock handle is ideal for pulling and also makes for easy storing, and the oversized rally wheels can roll in any terrain.

Extreme cooling is accomplished with Ultratherm insulated body and Cool Riser Technology, which can keep ice for up to five days when it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Zinc-hinges and rugged design will keep this thing going for a long, long time. And a fish scale is molded in for your convenience.

Specification: Igloo Glide Pro 110 qt Cooler

Product Dimensions

39.8 x 18.5 x 19.7 inches, 25.4 pounds

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29.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

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15 reviews for Igloo Glide Pro 110 qt Cooler

4.7 out of 5
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  1. John R. Valles

    I’ve had this product for about two and a half years and I have used it on many hunting and fishing trips.Pros: Affordable. Wheels and extendable handle are convenient. Large capacity. Light weight.Cons: Doesn’t keep items cold for long. Ice won’t typically last a full 24 hours. Latch construction isn’t durable.I’ve have used this cooler on many trips and it has served me well. However, this is NOT a multi-day cooler and will not keep ice for more than a day (nor should you expect it to for the price). More importantly, the latches are really poor quality. The first latch on my cooler broke off after about 18 months of use (probably 6 hunting trips and a dozen fishing trips). The second latch broke off after 24 months of use.The wheels are surprisingly solid. I’ve rolled this cooler through some pretty rough terrain and they have held up well. The slide-out handle is a nice addition, however, within the first 6 months or so it started getting stuck and difficult to pull out and push in.Would I recommend? Yes, but only for light use and not for extended trips. The bottom line is, if you are going to buy a 120 dollar cooler but have to replace it every 2-3 years you would probably be better served buying a 300 dollar cooler that will last you 10 years and hold ice longer (RTIC, Yeti, etc). However, when you don’t have the money to splurge on one of those expensive coolers, then this is a viable option.

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  2. Woodpecker

    For the money this cooler has some great features and does a good job of keeping food cool- IF one employs a few tricks. We just finished a four day car camping trip where the cooler stayed in the back of our minivan the entire trip to prevent critters from accessing. To prepare, I precooled the cooler in the house A/C overnight, then iced it with a layer of 11 x 11 reusable cooler blocks in the bottom, and three one gallon drinking water containers I had frozen solid. Food was placed in small painters buckets, with meat products in ziplock bags separated from other items. Then 1/2 gal milk for the kids and other drinks were placed. TIP: Over the top of the food, lay a thick towel or blanket and wrap down around the sides of the food items and ice. At the end of the fourth day in upper 80 degree temps we still had ice in the gallon jugs (about 20% estimated) and enjoyed our ice cold milk for breakfast. Upon return home on day 5, a temp probe revealed 41 degrees in the cooler. For the $’s and a little prep, I think it did fantastic! CON: I have noticed under heavy load you must be careful not to puncture the bottom exterior with rocks, so be aware of where and how you move the cooler when it’s heavy. LOVE THE EXTENDING HANDLE!!!

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  3. Darci F.

    The unit itself is great quality, but the missing component is in the latches as they basically keep the lid closed, but not tight. This product would be 5 stars if it had a higher quality latches. In two road trips where the OAT was 90 to 100 F and IAT was 70 to 75 F, the ice would melt significantly over an 8 hour period even with infrequent access to the contents. This is a great alternative to a Yeti based on price, but in the South/Southwest US during the summer months, this will not sustain ice for multiple days at 90F as suggested in the specs. (all items in the chest were refrigerated or frozen before placing them in the chest. 40 lbs of ice were added at the beginning of the trip)

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  4. carefulShopper

    I’m a little new to all this cooler stuff,…sizing, features, type of insulation, cool time, UV issues, etc.. SO I started researching months ago for several good coolers of diff sizes. They all seemed to have their plusses & minuses. When I saw this cooler the QUALITY, FEATURES & Low Price stood out. For the price of a good 16 quart cooler I can get a big, tough cooler like this. So I did! (can always return in 30 days if I goofed up).This is a HIGH QUALITY cooler. Extension handle is great. Squeeze the handy release tab triggers on each side of the handle & it easily extends /retracts & automatically locks into position. Nice. Heavy Duty tubing is recessed in grooves along each side of the cooler for extra strength,… actually flush with the side plus reinforced with square brackets. Solid. And since it’s flush it’s easy to pack tightly right up against other stuff without damage.Great Versatility; BEST OF ALL, I was looking for a quality cooler for double duty as a cooler & as a tool chest on the back of my pick up truck. When not as a cooler, I put tools, cameras, clothing, other things I need waterproofed from rain /snow. The insulation protects stuff from heat /freezing temps. AND it fits nicely under my pick up truck bed cover with about and inch or two to spare! Very Nice. The long handle makes it ideal,…unlike any other cooler…to easily reposition or remove the cooler from under the 20 inch high bed opening. Of course with the bed top folded up it’s completely open & no concern, but with this tough Igloo Glide Pro 110 qrt I have great carry capacity, easy maneuverability & maximum flexibility.Fit & finish is high quality. Beefy nylon wheels with rubberized tread for longer life, much better traction than wheels I’ve seen at this break point. For example, fit /seal of the lid is right on,…, no warping, easy to open yet seals completely when shut. Since there’s no extra seal gasket it’s easy to wipe down from time to time. Exterior fit finish is flawless,…nothing deformed, no burs or extra manufacturing scratches anywhere. Hinges are straight & true, completely stainless steel & well anchored. Two straps at each end of the lid keeps the lid from over opening & flopping backwards too far. Nice touch.Two lid latches are beefy plastic, secure & easy to operate. End handles sufficient for anything. The drain tube is under the handle on the side /bottom which helps protect it from bumps. The screw-on cap is the size of standard garden hose connection so I can drain it right in place…. spraying water in top while draining thru out an old hose screwed on the drain tube. Very Convenient. Thought it might be too big given some of the reviews but it wasn’t. I use handy cooler dividers to lift-in /lift-out stuff. I bot 3 Igloo Insulated Shopper Cooler Tote Bags & they’re also pretty inexpensive (13) but still first class. I wrote a review on the bags you can check out if interested. I usually don’t use ice, just the large styrofoam brick gel cold pacs that are reusable & extremely efficient,…better that the all-gel cooler bags. Be happy to answer any questions.BOTTOM LINE: Tremendous value (77$ bot used Amaz Warehouse & free Prime shipg). Great Quality. Exceptional Flexibility for using in a wide range of situations. Fit /finish & metal handle set up is truly first class. UV protection from the sun Made in America in Katy, Texas! At this price for this quality & USA made,… it’s the deal of the year in my book.Easily Earns *****FIVE***** STARS!

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  5. Crazymom050912

    My family are avid hunters, and we use this to keep our harvest(s) on ice until we process. This cooler works just as well as my buddys Yeti. It keeps ice for days in moderate weather and about 1 day or so in warmer weather (and we live in TX). And that is with us opening it a few times daily to check the ice level and temps of the meat. I LOVE this product. The size of the cooler is perfect for our needs ans the telescoping handle and durable wheels are a bonus! Any decent cooler will work well if you store and clean them properly. Save your money and buy this one!

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  6. kathryn

    Fabulous, put frozen food in it with ice blocks, kept it all frozen for 5 days..Needed 2 people to lift ful into car, but otherwise, easy to handle and absolutly impressed.

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  7. M J Holtom

    Superb cooler – and very easy to move when full thanks to the solid handle

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  8. Mrs J Bulloch

    Looks 2nd hand. No booklet enclosed.

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  9. Wendy Johnstone

    Excellent product for an excellent price.

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  10. Irene Allan

    Brilliant and worth every penny! Still ice after 2 days! Says it all.

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  11. Jonathan Williams

    Love it!

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  12. T. Pettigrew

    Got this handy cooler when the price fell to $90 (delivered). Works as advertised. Telescopic handle makes hauling a heavy load extremely simple and balances the weight very well. I have had this cooler loaded with freshly caught salmon — it holds a ton. I can confirm that it keeps ice for an extremely long time. Loaded up the cooler with 3 large blocks of ice — they were still >50% frozen after 6 days in the cooler.I have owned the equivalent sized Coleman Xtreme wheeled unit for approximately 7 years. The handle on the Igloo is a better design as it distributes the weight better as are the rubberized wheels (they are smoother and don’t sound like a plastic pull toy). The lifting handles on the Igloo are superior as is the locking lid and threaded drain. The Igloo is about 3″ taller than the Coleman and about 5″ longer due to the telescoping handle. Both keep ice for roughly the same amount of time.

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  13. Trendy Vending Inc.

    Great buy. Held my ice cubes for 72 hours, some melt of course but at least 90% still cubes. The extended arms make it easy to lug around 100 lbs of ice. We got ours branded for the worlds first smoothie vending machine. The Smoothie Machine and it looked and worked great!!!

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  14. Álvaro Villalobos

     El producto está bien en general, sólo que el mío llegó golpeado del asa y no sirve. Esperando a que me lo cambien por otra.

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  15. Michele Rooney

    After using this a few times, one of the latches snapped right off. With the size of this cooler, they really should make them metal or a plastic that is more forgiving. Too brittle.Rest of the cooler is great

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