Honeywell HPA300 True Hepa Air Purifier – Black

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  • Extra Large Room Air Purifier: Recommended for Extra Large Rooms (465 Square Feet) This True Hepa Allergen Remover Air Purifier Helps Capture Up to 99.97 Percent of Airborne Particles As Small as 0.3 Microns
  • Turbo Clean: With 3 air cleaning levels plus a Turbo Clean setting, this air purifier helps remove particles like pet dander, pollen, dust, mold & smoke; It also helps capture certain germs & reduce odors
  • HONEYWELL AIR PURIFIERS: Our air purifiers help remove allergens, dust & odors; If you have allergies, pets or stale indoor air, air purifiers help remove airborne particles & help improve air quality
  • FILTER & CIRCULATE: Honeywell Air Purifiers filter & circulate air in the stated room size up to 5 times an hour; Breathe easy knowing the air in your home is fresher & cleaner with fewer allergens
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Improve your air quality & neutralize odors for a clean & healthy breathing experience year round with Honeywell replacement filters for air cleaners & purifiers
  • Compatible for Honeywell Models: HA/HPA300 series, HPA304 series, HPA8350 series models; AHAM verified


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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover captures up to 99.97 percent of microscopic allergens, .3 microns or larger.

Note air purifier is starting to make noise and the air output is less then the filters may be dirty.

High amounts of contaminates can block the pores in the filter and stop the air from moving through it, recommend replacement of filters

Specification: Honeywell HPA300 True Hepa Air Purifier – Black

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions9 × 20 × 22 in






10 reviews for Honeywell HPA300 True Hepa Air Purifier – Black

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  1. Floyd

    Best Quality for the Best Price. I researched air purifiers before buying this one, and have owned many kinds over 20 years. At one time my health depended greatly on having a purifier running at all times. I bought this one because of the good reviews and it covers a larger area than any others in its price range.
    So far I haven’t had any issues and it is making a big difference in my garage. I would recommend this…especially at the price Walmart has it at!

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  2. MARKinIL

    Works even better than expected. I installed this unit in my living room and literally noticed a difference within a few hours. I have 2 cats and carpeting in my living room and even though I clean regularly I still have some allergens roaming around in the air and in the carpet which effect me a little bit. After putting this unit in I started to be able to breathe better and noticed that my eyes weren’t watery at all. I have since bought an HPA200 as well for my master bedroom and use the 8 hour timer and the medium setting in there as well and my sleep has been better for sure. The filters are a little expensive to replace but if you shop around you can find them for quite a bit less than the Honeywell branded ones. Just make sure you replace them with the TRUE HEPA filters that take out 99.97% of the particles. I would recommend it to anyone who asks for sure.

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  3. sinistral98

    Really Quite Good. So far, so good. I’ve only had it for about a couple of weeks, but it works wonders. I have downstairs neighbors who chain smoke at night, and as a nonsmoker, I woke up most mornings sick to my stomach. I put this in my bedroom with no door shut/whole apartment open, and it just about kills every stench. It certainly prevents me from feeling sick and from having to air out the room every morning. My apartment is about 850 square feet, and it doesn’t COMPLETELY remove it all the way I’m using it, but it’s pretty close. I’m sure if I bought an additional smaller one, it would eliminate all problems. It’s moderately noisy, but certainly more bearable than the smell would be. I haven’t seen my energy bill yet (cringe), but it is worth it in exchange for my short-term health and long-term sanity.

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  4. Me0in0houston

    Whiney. I did a lot of research before buying this item. Mostly concerned about noise, because if you can’t take the noise it doesn’t matter how good an air cleaner it is. Since there were so many different opinions on this, i needed to try for myself. There is a very distinct engine whine. I do not mind the rushing sound of the air, but i couod not tolerate the sound of the motor, in the vicinity of middle C. Evidently this is a very personal consideration, but in the end i had to return it.
    The service, the delivery, everything else about the purchase and return was very easy and convenient.

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  5. LibbyReade

    Allergy relief. Every night I struggled with breathing b/c my dog also slept in my room. I researched room air cleaners on line and this one got the best review. Since using, breathing normally. There are three intensities — I choose the one that removes allergens — and a setting for automatic shut off. The unit has a slim profile so it is not obtrusive. Only negative is that it is noisy — like a solid whooosh — while running. I am considering getting another for living room.

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  6. Roger

    Great product. This was a gift. My daughter said there was a major improvement in her breathing overnight after she started running the air cleaner. Ordered a second one for my son after he realized how much of an improvement to air quality it made at my daughters house.

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  7. Pandysbestfriend

    Just what the Doctor ordered – literally! We were having trouble with our lungs and the Doctor said we needed an air purifier. It took a day or two of running but I can actually smell the difference in the air. I have always been a fan of scented candles and air freshners; especially during the winter when the windows are shut. Now, after getting this air purifier, I don’t need or want them. Price was a very big consideration for me and I am so very satisfied with the performance of this air purifier. I have it situated behind my couch where it is out of the way but even if it were front and center it would be attractive. Shipping was very fast. If you are in the market for an air purifier this would be a great choice.

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  8. JayB

    Instant Benefits. My wife is recovering from pneumonia so allergens can easily trigger painful coughing fits. With four kids, two hairy dogs, and several caged birds, our home’s inhabitants produce its share of hazards. I ordered this particular model because it was recommended as a ‘Best Buy’ by Consumer Reports. The benefits were instant. When the unit it running, my wife rarely has an attack. But when it’s off or out of the room, the difference in noticeable. The only drawback I anticipate is the high cost of the replacement filters.

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  9. Madge

    Great Purchase. I bought the Honeywell air purifier to help control dust and pet dander in the air. I have 2 cats and my eyes get irritated easily from their dander. This air purifier does the job in eliminating much of the irritants that affect my allergies. I used the turbo setting when first turning it on but now I just use the allergen setting for daily use. The unit is large enough to cover my kitchen and family room. The noise level is acceptable since I can watch TV without disruption even when purifier is on highest setting. Very pleased with this air purifier so far.

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  10. Likelike

    I like it. I got it September 2018 and I just changed the filters. The filters cost me 23.00 free shipping. I went w the Veva brand.

    I took pictures w the dirty pre filter. The hepa filter picture as you can see has the 2 dirty ones and a new one on the bottom right for better visualization of before and after.

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