Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Portable Air Purifier – Black

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  • Large Room Air Purifier: Recommended for Large Rooms (Up to 310 Square Feet) This True Hepa Allergen Remover Air Purifier Helps Capture Up to 99.97 Percent of Airborne Particles As Small as 0.3 Microns
  • Easy to Use; With quiet operation, Easy Tap controls & an Auto Off Timer, this air purifier helps remove particles like pet dander, pollen, dust, mold & smoke, & helps capture certain germs & reduce odors
  • HONEYWELL AIR PURIFIERS: Our air purifiers help remove allergens, dust & odors; If you have allergies, pets or stale indoor air, air purifiers help remove airborne particles & help improve air quality
  • FILTER & CIRCULATE: Honeywell Air Purifiers filter & circulate air in the stated room size up to 5 times an hour; Breathe easy knowing the air in your home is fresher & cleaner with fewer allergens
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Improve your air quality & neutralize odors for a clean & healthy breathing experience year round with Honeywell replacement filters for air cleaners & purifiers
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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover captures up to 99.97 percent of microscopic allergens, .3 microns or largercfmTobacco Smoke: 200,Dust: 190,Pollen: 180. Automatic shut off timer, 2, 4 or 8 hours

Specification: Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Portable Air Purifier – Black

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions18 × 10 × 19 in







7 reviews for Honeywell HPA200 True HEPA Portable Air Purifier – Black

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  1. Jim

    I am allergic to grass, most trees, dust, and a certain strain of common mold. I have tried a number of air purifiers over the years to battle this. The Honeywell HPA series is the best of these by far. I have 3 HPA100’s (two kids’ bedrooms + my office), 1 HPA200 (master bedroom), and 1 HPA300 (living room/kitchen). They all run 24/7 keeping me alive and well. Seriously, these are the best.They start to run more loudly when the filters need to be replaced, but I think that’s just physics. I have never had a purifier that didn’t do this.Do not underestimate the pre-filters! Make sure to change those fairly often. DON’T just vacuum them; I have tried this in the past a few times and every time it just makes the filter incredibly ineffective. You need to put a NEW activated carbon filter in there as it’s the activated carbon that filters many chemicals (VOCs) that are terrible for your health!When my hands are really really dry, the buttons don’t respond well to touch. This is easily solved by using two fingers instead of one!And finally, the light can be turned dim or all the way off. This is surprisingly a very nice touch as we use them as pseudo-nightlights in the kids’ rooms and turn the light off in our bedroom.If you can afford it, make sure to go for the model that sucks in the front and blows out the top as you only have to account for one side on the horizontal. This is MUCH easier to work with in any room than the ones that suck in the back and blow out the front since you then have to make sure there’s a clear path to the back and the front.All in all a fantastic purifier. Get some extra filters now so they’re ready when you need to do replacements.

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  2. SRC

    Update:After a year and a half it’s broken. It stinks strongly of a metallic smell that fills the whole room within a couple of minutes of turning on.I’ve had this air purifier for about 3 weeks. We decided to get one because our allergies were getting bad this spring and we have 4 dogs and 2 cats that all hang out in the bedroom. I wasn’t sure it was working so I opened it up to see the filter was completely covered in dust. This is with regular dusting and vacuuming! It is a little loud on allergy and turbo settings, but quieter like white noise on the lower settings.

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  3. A_Wagner

    I’ve been running this product continuously for two years. I’ve replaced the filters several times, as we seem to have especially dirty air in our home and live in a smog-filled city. I also have extraordinary allergies to mold and dust, two things we have in excess on the Gulf Coast. I could smell the difference in air quality within 30 minutes, and it definitely helps reduce allergy attacks. Keep in mind, I set up this machine to run in the master bedroom, and it works very well there. I don’t think it would make as much of a difference in a larger, open space, so if you are wanting a whole-house solution, buy more than one. (I use a different type of air purifier for the rest of the house but wanted a little extra “oomph” where I sleep.) The fact that you can turn off the indicator lights makes this product ideal for long-term use; the lights are multicolored and quite bright. Be forewarned: you should take the front panel off periodically and vacuum the carbon pre-filter. When you release the top of the panel, it tends to just fall forward, so be ready to catch it. It startled me the first time, and I thought I had broken the unit.

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  4. Spidygoat

    I didn’t buy mine from Amazon but I have this exact air purifier. Don’t think twice, get it. It runs 24/7 on the third speed mode. My breathing at night has improved. This air purifier has paid itself back by now. Haven’t had any issues at all. Look at the filters, that’s about 14 months of usage. I’ll be replacing them sooner than 1 year from now on.

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  5. Ross Zietz

    I didn’t notice the bad, chemical smell with the first set of HEPA filters, so the unit performed well for a year. When we got a replacement set of HEPA filters, there was a chemical smell that we couldn’t tolerate. I got in touch with Honeywell’s customer service. They told me that there was a bad batch of filters a few months back. They had me ship back the offending filters (at their expense) and they sent me a replacement set. The new set also stinks. Online, I’m finding that this is a common issue people have with this product.I’m not one to complain unless there is a solid reason to. An air purifier should make the air better, not worse. I have the filters out in the sun now and hopefully in a couple of days the smell might get better. If not, it will all go in the trash can. Consumer Reports highly recommended this filter system, so I’m quite disappointed in them, too.

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  6. Michael Z. Roberts

    Worth every penny. I bought this 310 sqft. model for a 165 sqft. room because of what I smoke in there. Even though I blow the smoke out the window, the room reeks like a skunk every time. 5 minutes on “Turbo” has the room smelling like new. It’s effective on the lowest setting but takes longer. Anyone can build a box with filters but getting the air in a large room to circulate using a quiet fan is not as easy. I bought a Honeywell because I figured “If they make jet engines, they probably know how to move air.” I was right.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    We ordered two of these. They arrived on the date that the were supposed to arrive. Opened the box and took out the device. With all the packaging and the front cover moving around we initially did not notice the rattling noises inside of it. Opened the cover and took out the pre filter and filter out of their plastic bags put them on as told by the attached instructions. Picked up the device to place where it was going to be and that is when we noticed the rattling, as if there were coins inside. Unfortunately there weren’t coins inside, there were screws and a piece of metal. Thinking maybe it was just the one device that had that problem we opened the second one and this time as soon as we took it out of the box we heard the rattling. Some of the screws came out of the device as we moved it around but it is kind of concerning that there are lose metal pieces inside. Not sure who is to blame, the manufacturer or the seller, but we are returning these and will search for another option.

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