Hamilton Beach Variable Speed Hand Blender with Turbo Boost Power

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  • BLEND, MIX, WHIP, PUREE AND CHOP: This all-in-one tool is versatile to chop vegetables for salads, blend eggs for soufflé, mix batter for cake or whip up fresh cream for berries.
  • ACCOMPLISH ALL YOUR BLENDING NEEDS: This 7 piece deluxe set includes stainless steel blending wand; whisk; chopping bowl; and mixing cup with lids to accomplish all your blending and chopping needs.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Attachments are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • BLENDING WAND EASILY MIXES SOUPS, BATTERS AND SHAKES: Mix ingredients for cakes, hot soups and cold shakes with the stainless steel blending wand directly in your glass, bowl or cooking pan.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE AND STORE MIXING CUP AND CHOPPING BOWL: The included 24 ounce mixing cup has convenient marks for easy measuring and the chopping bowl has stainless steel blades for conquering any food prep task. Both come with lids for convenient storage.
  • WHIP UP EGGS, WHIPPED CREAM, PANCAKE BATTER OR GRAVY WITH INCLUDED WHISK: Use the whisk for whipping up your favorites and when you need extra power, the turbo feature gives you the boost you need. It’s great for whipping cream and eggs.
  • EASILY REACH BOWLS AND POTS: The extra-long five-foot cord ensures you have plenty of room to maneuver regardless of how large the bowl or pot is.


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Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders quickly whip, blend, mix, chop and puree directly in your glass, bowl or cooking pan, so you don’t have to clean a separate bowl. How’s that for Good Thinking.

In addition to the blending wand, select hand blenders are equipped with a stainless steel whisk for added versatility and convenience.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders are easy to use and clean. Easy-grip designs provide nonslip speed control and attachments that can be easily removed and washed by hand.

The extra-long five-foot cord on these popular hand blenders ensures that you have plenty of room to maneuver.

Specification: Hamilton Beach Variable Speed Hand Blender with Turbo Boost Power

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions16 × 6 × 6 in

Hamilton Beach





15 reviews for Hamilton Beach Variable Speed Hand Blender with Turbo Boost Power

4.3 out of 5
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  1. outdoorsgirl

    Other reviewers talked about the flimsy construction …. and for the price I wasn’t expecting anything pro-grade. But this is a nice little unit for light use. For tiny home living it’s great, for just one or two people it’s great, for recipies that cal for chopping amounts too small for a processor it’s great. whip eggs, eggwhites, cake batter, pancake batter, blend liquids, chop solids. It is not heavy duty. It cannot take the place of a full sized food processor or mixer. But it did a nice job for me on a small cake, chopping apples, and blending homemade cream of tomato soup. The motor seems fairly stout and adequate power for the attachments. I like Hamilton Beach products for their utility and price points

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  2. ERod

    I got this to make baby food. I didn’t want to make an investment on a baby food making kit. I did it for my first son and he just outgrew it so fast that I felt it wasn’t worth the investment. So for my second baby I decided to get something I’d be able to use for other purposes too. It is great to make baby food. I use both the cup with the immersion blender and the mini processor and it works very well and it’s very easy to clean. The reason why I’m giving 4 stars is because I also wanted to use the immersion blender to make soups (for adults) – so I don’t have to use and wash a regular blender – and it just doesn’t work very well. I end up always finding big chunks of veggies in the middle of the soup.

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  3. Watafindbooks

    Cheap product, and I don’t mean inexpensive.I tried to make mayonnaise and no part of this would make it.I tried to make creamy greek dressing, and it would not congeal because there is just not enough power to make that happen.When I tried to whip the salad dressing, it ran out the top of the closed plastic processor and lid – made a mess. I did not have much in it, but the lid does not seal good when in use.I put the blender stick into the plastic cup, and could not move it up and down because of the suction. When you try to pick up the blender stick, the whole cup comes up.There is no on switch that I could find that keeps one from having to stand there with their finger on the pulse switch.The Plastic containers are light weight, the food arm in the processor is plastic with a small amount of metal at the bottom and does not click in – it floats until you put on the lid that does not seal well.I would not recommend this to anyone.I purchased this for the electric wisk which I have not tried yet. I should have spent my money on an electric wish instead of the plastic bells and whistles on this.

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  4. Cynthia

    I bought this to replace a Braun hand blender which stopped working after 20 years (seriously, 20 years) I thought the new Brauns were too expensive at $99.99. The Hamilton Beach is about half as much and about half as good. The blender cup cracked in about 2 weeks. The cup is also about half as thick as the Braun cup. The Hamilton blender tends to leave unblended food at the bottom of the cup. I never figured out how to use it so this didn’t happen. If you can afford a better hand blender, like the Braun hand blender, buy it. I did and I’m hoping it will last another 20 years.

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  5. rOAdpIzzA

    My one this is replacing did the job faster. I do like that the blade end is detachable from the motor. The included attachments seem a little flimsy. As it’s unlikely that I’ll be using them often, I’ll probably never know their durability.

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  6. Frank P

    After a while it completely stopped working, so I cannot recommend it.When it did work, it got the job done. Although it splashed too much.

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  7. Diving Dave

    This stick mixer meets every expectation that I had. I got it to make creamed soups right in the pot and it does it perfectly. I was using a blender which worked but then I had to clean the blender. Why I didn’t use one of these sooner? Saves me time, it’s easy to clean and store. It has plenty of power. I’ve only used the lowest power setting and it makes short work of creaming the soups.

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  8. Mary

    I love all the tools that came with it, and it is compact and easy to store.

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  9. Sid Gould

    I’m really impressed with this immersion blender and whisk. I’ve not used the little food processor/chopper and likely won’t, but am very pleased to have all of the rest of the pieces. The unit is much quieter than my old stick blender and the whisk has worked like a charm. I’m very pleased with the positive lock on the attachments and have found this easy to clean, powerful enough for the jobs I’ve done and much quieter than others I’ve owned or used.

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  10. Jose R.

    Cuando lo compramos no pensamos que lo íbamos a usar tanto. Tiene buena potencia, y los utensilios nos han servido mucho. Lo usamos muy frecuentemente para preparar pasta de atún, a nuestro hijo pequeño no le gusta mucho la textura del atún y cuando lo procesamos con mayonesa queda una pasta que puede comer con galletas y le encanta. El picador puede picar cebolla en trozos no tan finos lo cual es perfecto para preparar salsas donde quieres una textura no tan fina. Lo hemos usado mucho para preparar salsa tártara para pescado frito y queda deliciosa ( mayonesa, pimienta blanca, limón, alcaparras, cebolla, pizca de sal ). El utensilio (globo) para batir no lo hemos usado nunca. Al preparar licuados de fruta congelada salpica un poco fuera del vaso las primeras veces, pero con algo de práctica puedes lograrlo sin ensuciar mucho. Moler atún y carne para agregarlos a la salsa de la pasta y también a las tortitas de papa ha sido algo muy bueno para nosotros. Se lava muy fácil, el material no guarda olores y en general lo estamos usando mucho más de lo que habíamos pensado. Buena compra, recomendable.

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  11. Smith Clan

    I love all the different accessory options, and so far the motor seems strong. The only thing I’m not happy about is one of the” lids” has a crack in it already, and it hasn’t even been in the dishwasher. Not a deal breaker, but just thought it should be noted.

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  12. Francis Bergeron

    Super!!! J’adore ce petit électro.J’en est même offert un a ma mère pour Noël, depuis qu’elle l’a essayer chez moi elle en a voulu un !!! Parfais pour potage etc… et plus de brûlure au yeux a couper des oignons avec le petit robot!!!Parfais p’ur une personne qui s’enva en appartement, j’ai même fais ma sauce a spag. Avec le petit robot!Vous ne p’urr Plus vous en passer!!

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  13. The Zen Maestro

    Absolute crap. The buttons jammed in less than 3 months of usage. Can’t even use high power mode anymore. Don’t even know where to claim warranty. Never going back to the same brand again.

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  14. Lau Jimenez

    Práctico para hacer licuados (hasta con fruta congelada), batir masa para hotcakes y moler café de grano.Súper fácil de lavar y almacenar, las tapas de los recipientes resultan muy prácticas para guardarlas en el refrigerador.Un indispensable en la cocina 🙂 estoy muy satisfecha con esta compra.

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  15. Richard Elder

    Good product and affordable price. Strong enough to chop up carrot and other veggie for cooking. Easy to wash.

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