Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148 Blender – 1.2 qt

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  • 700 watts: peak blending power for powerful ice crushing.
  • Wave action system: 700 watt power blender continuously pulls mixture down into the blades for consistently smooth results.
  • 12 blending functions: multi function blender with only 5 simple buttons on the easy to read control panel. Power blender creates smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more.
  • Easy to clean: blades remove for easy cleaning. Jar, blades, and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Clean, easy pour: multi function blender with unique, no mess pouring spout.


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Cooks and anyone who enjoys a good smoothie will appreciate this powerful Hamilton Beach Power Elite multi-Function Blender.

It has 12 blending functions to work with all types of foods. The pulse function on the black power helps you get just the right consistency.

The easy-pour spout prevents a mess when you prepare drinks and other foods. This stainless-steel is durable for heavy, everyday use.

It features a dishwasher-safe glass jar, making for an easy and quick cleanup. The wave on the Hamilton Black Power Blender ensures that ingredients are mixed well, with no unblended pieces.

The 40-ounce jar also allows you to mix multiple smoothies or other drinks at once. This stylish Hamilton Black Power Blender will look sharp on your kitchen counter. It comes with convenient cord storage.

Specification: Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148 Blender – 1.2 qt

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 15 in






15 reviews for Hamilton Beach Power Elite 58148 Blender – 1.2 qt

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  1. Tobrid

    Every morning, I put greek yogurt, a cup of frozen berries, half a frozen banana, a cup of frozen kale, a spoon of chia seeds, couple spoons of ground flaxseed, a handful of raw almonds, and a couple cups of almond milk in my blender. It doesn’t even stutter – just chops it all up into a smoothie I can drink through a straw. Has never given me any trouble or failed to blend perfectly smoothly. Love this thing… especially for the price.Edited to add: I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that it doesn’t blend all the ingredients, gets stuck, requires stirring, etc. I’ve found that when this happens to me, it’s usually because I didn’t add enough liquid to compensate for the solid ingredients. I just pop the top and pour in a little more – water, milk, whatever – and it solves the problem right away. This isn’t the blender’s fault; it’s operator error.

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  2. SBKaren

    This blender was purchased to replace a Cuisinart that I bought at Costco that had all the bells and whistles and cost more than double. When it broke down after a few years worth of work (and that was my second), I decided that I would just get a good blender with nothing fancy. I got this and I love it. I use it to make pudding, puree split pea soup, and some drinks and it’s really a good blender. It surprised me how much better it does the job than my Cuisinart! I love the pouring spout on top as sometimes it was messy pouring from the corner of my old one. I’ve owned this for a while now. I don’t like reviews from folks that do it right out of the box. I like to use the product for a while to test it out. This one definitely passed.

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  3. Jenny

    I don’t normally take the time to write product reviews, but because I’m so impressed with this blender, I’m going to do it.First off let me just say I’m a every day mom. I’ve never been a barista, or used any fancy specialty blender of any sort. I can’t compare this to something like that. What I can say is this blender is AMAZING!!! I bought it to start making my own blended coffees and smoothies at home. I specifically chose this one because of the additional chopping attachment because we have rather large ice cubes, and I thought I would need to use that first to grind them up a bit. I was wrong. This blender does exactly what a blender is supposed to do. It blends all of it’s contents into a nice smooth consistency without leaving behind those big ice chunks I was worried about. A big A+ as far as I’m concerned because I absolutely hate trying to drink my blended coffee when there’s huge chunks of ice that are constantly getting stuck in my straw.The other bonus is speed. In my opinion this blender is quick. (To mean this also gives it an extra bonus for noise because it’s not running do long.) My coffees have been running right around 10 – 15 seconds from start to finish to blend. Some may say “whatever”, but this is a big deal for me if I’m in a hurry. I don’t want to be stopping at the coffee shops because it’s $6.50 every time I do. If I can make my own at home super quick it costs me less than a dollar. Plus, at home I can customize it exactly how I want it.Long story short, BUY THIS BLENDER!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!! 😊😊

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  4. Jamie

    This is the second time we have bought the blender. We thought the first one was a fluke. I did research and the description states that it crushes ice and frozen fruit.It does crush ice and frozen fruit. However, after about a month the motor burned out. We tried a second as the manufacturer said that was a malfunctioning blender and the same thing happened. No amount of extra liquid helps. It doesn’t even crush it well. Unless, if you count it leaving big chunks of uneven pieces.If you’re really looking for something where you need frozen fruit or ice crushed I would spend the extra money to get something that actually works. I will be speaking to the manufacturer on this one as well because it is doing the same thing as the last.I would not mind at all if they did not say it was specifically for crushing ice and fruit etc. ( in the description of the item )So beware, I would hate for you to have to go through what I have went through with burning out motors after just a few uses.

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  5. Caroline

     Update (9/13/15): I’ve had this blender for a few months now, and I must say that it’s the worst blender I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried both the blender part and the food processor, and nether works. Well, it will work if you only want about a shot glass worth of smoothie or a third of a zucchini chopped. DO NOT BUY THIS BLENDER/PROCESSOR SET. WASTE OF MONEY. I’m so disappointed in this blender! I did a ton of research into different options because I’m trying to snack smarter with smoothies. The first time I used it, it leaked a bit out the bottom. The next time, not so much. Then, it started leaking like crazy. It takes forever to actually blend up anything. At this point, I’ve used it too many times to be able to get my money back. I wouldn’t recommend.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I’ve used this blender more or less on a daily basis with frozen fruits and vegetables for about two months. I knew that I would be getting a lot of use out of it, and have had experience with both low end blenders (always disappointing) and high end blenders (from working at a smoothie making business), and was a little bit hesitant to purchase one at this price point, rather than investing in a higher end, more powerful one.However, I was happily surprised by both the quality and easy of use of this blender. It has a very solid glass jar (I’ve had bad experiences with cracks in the jars of cheaper plastic blenders). It also comes apart for easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher. It’s so easy to clean and used so frequently in my household that I rarely need to put it in the dishwasher unless I’m in a rush. The motor may not be as powerful as some more high end blenders, but as long as you make sure to start with a liquid base, it has no trouble blending frozen foods.The only caveat that I have is that, about a month into use, my unit started leaking. At first, I thought it was because I was putting it back together incorrectly, but then I noticed a small crack in the plastic/rubber ring in the cutter assembly. After wondering how difficult it would be to get the part replaced, I continued using it for a few weeks, but finally made the call to the Hamilton Beach office in Canada today.The real reason that I had to post this review was the pleasant and quick service that I got while making that call. All I had to do was give them the product model/series and describe the part that was affected. There was no fuss about proof or purchase or anything else. The new part is free because of the 3 year warranty and they charged me $5 for shipping (which I knew I would be paying anyway because of the clear warranty policy). It should arrive within 7-10 days. When you purchase a product that is not so high end, you sometimes worry about the service that you’ll receive if any problems come up. I will not hesitate to purchase similar products from Hamilton Beach in the future if they have such an easy to access warranty service.

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  7. fatim hemraj

    After less than 3 months the blades completely fell off randomly and my protein shake went all over the stove.

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  8. Syed M Moinuddin

    I got this yesterday and have used it a few times. Out of the box, the base had some scuff marks and the blender seemed more like it was refurbished rather than new. Hopefully I don’t have any problems but definitely a little disappointed in the condition it arrived in.

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  9. Frank

    The blender is easy to clean while the power is not decent. When I were trying to make a watermelon smoothie, I have to add some water in order for the blender to work well.. Another drawback is that the lid is made by soft plastic which has the joining/welding mark on it…

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  10. Jordan T.

    The blender operates well, doing a good job making smoothies with ice, frozen fruit, and soy milk. Easy to disassemble and clean, and the lid is a great design for pouring. The brushed metal looking cover is attractive. However, the food processor is practically useless. I attempted grinding parsley, chickpeas, garlic, and a variety of other vegetables and herbs at no avail. If you want a food processor, avoid this product. It only works as a blender and does that job well.Compared to my other blender, this one crushes ice well, although the blending options are fairly limited.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Need more time as hasn’t really been used. It is noisy just as all others are. Found placing a dish towel under it helped with the noise. Like the glass container over plastic. Package came in tact. Lid a little hard to get on and off. Other than that so far happy with it. Have only used it to make smotthies with fruit in it. no ice yet or bigger items than berries.

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  12. PW

    Usually I feel like the 1 star Amazon reviews are exaggerated. However, unfortunately not in this case.As other reviews write the blade is very small and positioned in a dent, surrounded by glass. The result of that is easy to predict – none to one chunk of food gets chopped, the rest is blocked on surrounded glass and do ever reach the blade. Total design failure.

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  13. Suzanne

    I’m very disappointed with this Product. I followed the instructions (as minimal as they were), and it could not ‘chop’ onions anywhere near that displayed in the ads. The pieces either bounced around whole, or where completely minced! No in between. Then, I tried to make Tahini. The blender could not do the job. The chopper ended up doing a fairly good job at that, but it is not large enough to do a lot at once. It should come with a money back return policy. Based on the Marketing, I was led to believe this machine was superior to the ‘standard’ Blender. My ($25) Black and Decker Hand Held Mixer does a better job, with minimal cleaning required. This thing DOES NOT clean itself. It says right in the Instructions that the Easy Clean “feature” is only for in between batches of the same product… Full dismantle and scrubbing are required. So much for saving time in the Kitchen! I should have saved the $70 for something else. I could have spent the extra $10 for the Ninja. Lesson learned. 🙁

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  14. Nil

    I got it because of the price or the glass looking container and for coming with the food processor.The problem is that both options don’t work that well. If you try smoothies the blender only mix well the bottom part. Same goes for the food processor, not that there is some lines of optimal use in the food processor, and it is almost nothing, even then it fails to process it properly.

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  15. Angela Cheng

    I bought this blender after reading many reviews. It is a great blender however i find that i need to blend things for longer especially smoothies if i put a lot of frozen fruits in it. There are sometimes still clumps but overall pretty happy with the purchase. It is easy to clean. I have used it for over a year and it still works great!

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