Hamilton Beach Espresso & Cappuccino Maker – Black

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  • Cafe-Quality Results: Indulge in Espresso, Cappuccinos and Lattes Right at Home Using Either Espresso Pods or Ground Espresso
  • 15 Bar Italian PUMP: Supplies the Pressure Necessary for Excellent Extraction and Rich Crema
  • Easy Setup: No Fiddling With Brew Heads in Hard-To-Access Areas – Just Slide the Patented Slide & Lock Portafilter Into Place From the Front of the Machine and Lock It on the Side
  • Swiveling Steam Wand: Lets You Steam and Froth Milk for Cappuccinos and Lattes
  • Cup Warmer: Keeps Cups Warm Until Serving Time. We Recommend Letting Your Espresso Machine to Run for 15-20 Seconds Before Removing Your Cup. If You Are Using the Single-Serving Filter, This Will Give You 1-1.5oz of Espresso. If You Are Using the Double-Serving Filter, It Will Give You 2-3oz



Take the next step in your pursuit of the perfect cup with the 15-Bar Italian Pump Espresso. You choose either finely ground espresso or a pod, add a tablespoon of espresso or a single pod for each shot and brew with a simple flick of a lever.

Unlike other high-tech machines that can be difficult to operate and cost thousands, the Hamilton Beach Espresso Maker has patented slide & lock technology that makes achieving cafe-quality results practically effortless.

Always use cold water to make coffee. Warm water or other liquids could damage your espresso maker.

If the water from the reservoir is heated, it should take less than 5 seconds for the espresso to start pouring. A full demitasse will take between 15-20 seconds .

A teacup and average size mug will comfortably fit under the spout but a travel mug will be too large ad when the portafilter is locked in place , there will be about 4 ½ inches from the drip tray to the spout and also the product is bpa free.

Specification: Hamilton Beach Espresso & Cappuccino Maker – Black

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 12 in

Hamilton Beach





15 reviews for Hamilton Beach Espresso & Cappuccino Maker – Black

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  1. CarolynH

    The second of the older version of this machine died a few weeks ago. I saw the Mr. Coffee had good ratings here so I went downtown and bought one – big waste of money – bad taste, and almost no crema. Came back to Amazon and looked at other machines and after research and deciding it I wanted a third of the older version or try this new version, I went with this .. I love it! Great Crema, fast brewing, frothing is good, too… [was awful on the Mr. Coffee]……. this machine rates 5 stars for sure!!!!

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  2. Fractalized

    The Hamilton Beach 40792 has some commendable features on top of making a decent espresso. I use a carafe from an older machine to make about 4 shots (ounces) in the morning. The espresso may not be as rich as store bought but not bad. It rises above lower end espresso makers by having a detachable see-through water tank in the back allowing you to make several drinks before having to refill. The manual warns that running the machine without water will damage it. I love the ease of use, especially the locking lever for the filter. Why other, more expensive machines still have you blindly screwing in portafilters is a mystery. Something else unique about this machine, the extraction is not measured, there are no one shot – two shot buttons. The extraction time and therefore the amount of coffee made on one go is up to you. This approach requires you to watch the process or risk a spill. The extraction happens quickly so it’s not much of an inconvenience and allows you to make larger though weaker servings. The instructions advise you to pull the plug after use. When making espresso turn the dial to neutral position to stop. Wait a few seconds for the system to vent then push power button off. You can then unplug the machine.In the absence of microfoam (explanation follows) I pour about 4-6 ounces of espresso into a regular coffee mug with about an inch of cold milk. The coffee is rich enough to maintain a head of foam which if not a latte, comes close in texture. Not bad for less than 100 bucks.On the down side, don’t expect much from the machine’s steam wand which using the plastic nozzle or not, is a disappointment. The wand is good for heating milk but you’ll probably have to spend at least another $300.00 to get microfoam. I have my eye on the Breville Bambino Plus (not available on Amazon at this time) which just went up another $100.00 to $599.00 but promises to easily make microfoam. Still the comparison is unfair. For the price the 40792 is worth it. I would add, using good, finely ground beans will improve results by a lot. And lastly the power cord is short and couldn’t be more that 18 inches so you will likely have to physically move the machine to an outlet to get your beverage.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Over the years I’ve owned Krupps, earlier Hamilton Beach models and for the past decade I’ve stuck with Delonghi even though the pumps are weak and go bad after 18 months or so. I read the reviews for this unit and decided to give it a try after my latest Delonghi pump failure. It makes an outstanding cup of espresso! Extraction is excellent. A rich crema is produced every time through superb engineering of the espresso filter and the espresso filter holder. The unique espresso filter holder clamp illustrates Hamilton Beach thoughtfully approached not only making the best cup of espresso at this price point but also making it consumer friendly.There is only one problem. After my first use I dumped the espresso grounds, rinsed the espresso filter and filter holder and placed them on my drying rack. The next morning I noticed that the interior of the espresso filter holder was oxidizing. Numerous powdery aluminum deposits were visible. I contacted customer support and let them know the problem I was having. They immediately sent a replacement filter holder and again after one use the same oxidizing occurred and the same powdery aluminum deposits were present. The outside of the filter holder seems to have a kind of coating but for some reason this does not continue to the interior.So until Hamilton Beach fixes this issue with the espresso filter holder, I strongly recommend you pass on this otherwise outstanding espresso maker. Powdery oxidized aluminum is probably not a good thing to drink.

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  4. Kindle Customer

    One major problem the porta-filter is made of some inexpensive material, and is just disgusting to my taste. I returned this expresso machine and got the Capresso pro machine that has a stainless steel portafilter much better….

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  5. Mike

    I bought this machine earlier this month and was quite impressed that it’s as good as it is. I have two years of (slightly high-end) barista experience. I’ve been able to make quite velvety milk and some minimal latte art with it. I HIGHLY recommend removing the black plastic cover on the steam wand as it’s much harder to stretch the milk properly with it on.The group head is a bit low, which limits the height of the mugs you can put below it, but that’s not a big deal. My biggest complaint is that when you stop pulling a shot, it leaves water in the portafilter and makes the espresso puck more of a mush. Also, the steam wand is a bit under-powered and only has one hole, which limits the stretching quality, but it gets the job done relatively quickly, so it’s not a big problem at all. As I said, you CAN make latte art with it so what more can you ask for?So far, everything has been good with the machine; I’ll update if I have any issues. For the average at-home user, this machine should be all you need.The fact that it leaves water in the basket is a bit annoying as I said. For the price, I don’t think you can beat it. (People I’ve talked to seem to think that $80 was an obscene amount of money (which is fair considering regular coffee makers can be $15) but in the fancy shmancy coffee world, where professional single-group head machines start at $1300, this is a real deal.

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  6. Chronos Mx

    Una de las mejores compras. Si bien no es una maquina muy sofisticada, es muy buena opción si lo que quieres es un buen café con una preparación bastante sencilla en casa, llevo ya 6 meses con la maquina, la uso todas las mañanas y sigue trabajando muy bien, salvo que el tubo para espumar no es de buena calidad ( no es acero si no aluminio lo que hace que ya se haya hecho feo por el calor y liquidos) los demás materiales parecen buenos.Lo único difícil es encontrar el molido adecuado ya que si es muy delgado te saldrá mucha espuma y si es muy grueso tendrá poco sabor, por lo que recomiendo que al principio compres diferentes tipos de molido en pocas cantidades, hasta que encuentre el adecuado.

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  7. Y. MEDINA

    Ciertamente no hay nada como esas grandes cafeteras italianas que hay en los cafés para obtener el mejor espresso, pero ¿quién quiere invertir 3,000 USD o más en una de ellas? Para el nivel amateur o casero, esta cafetera cumple con las expectativas al proporcionar un muy buen espresso. OJO: Eviodentemente deben contar con café de excelente calidad y con el molido preciso para alargar la vida útil del electrodoméstico.La limpieza de sus piezas es muy práctica, y el uso es sencillo. Me gusta bastante para lo poco que cuesta, en comparación con las grandes máquinas de espresso (para negocio).El espumador de leche funciona muy bien.

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  8. Roberto Jauregui

    Me encantó la cafetera porque su uso es extremadamente sencillo, y te permite tener un café de excelente calidad por un costo no muy elevado. Simplemente se pone el café, se presiona un botón y listo.Si quieren un capuchino con un espuma muy bueno les recomiendo usar leche en cartón, ya que la espuma sale con una mejor consistencia.

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  9. Joshua

    Con su bomba de 15 bares de presión ofrece una excelente extracción y rica crema al momento de preparar tu café, además de tener portafiltros que se deslizan haciendo más fácil su instalación. Cuenta con varilla para calentar y espumar leche, con depósito de agua desmontable y bandeja de goteo. Su sistema de encendido y apagado es muy fácil.

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  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Para menos de 2 mil pesos que costó es bastante decente,fácil de preparar, de lavar y el resultado del espresso en unos segundos, ojo, si son exigentes o puristas, no es para uds. y deberán pagar algo más de 10 mil pesos por una máquina más profesiona!…

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  11. Mayra Iñiguez

    Tengo poco con ella, actualizare mi reseña para que les pueda servir mejor. Pero es fácil de usar, funcional para capuchinos, aun tengo mis dudas en el tema…. La seguiré usando, pero si no eres muy exigente con los expresos y solo la quieres para cappuccinos cumple su función totalmente.

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  12. Nico

    The only espresso machine that you can just glide in and lock the coffee handle. Easy to operate, good results, easy to clean. Takes very little space, looks nice on the counter, big water container. Decent price too. Very pleased for my first experience. I have studied lots of espresso machines, and this is my best find. I recommend it.

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  13. Cliente de Amazon

    Excelente cafetera pero inservible, la compre y al mes dejo de funcionar por lo cual me reenviaron otra, lastimosamente la otra tambien salio defeutuosa. Mientras no salga defectuosa es una excelente compra

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  14. Gerardo Arellano

    Muy fácil de usar, la presión y volumen de la bomba son muy buenos y puedes tener una espuma muy cremosa si pones un buen café, yo use Blasón Expreso y resulta un delicioso café, el vaporizador para capuchino también funciona adecuadamente, muy satisfecho con la compra

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  15. Rubén García

    En general es fácil de usar, sin embargo no tiene un indicador de si se cerro la palanca, si lo olvidas sale el café por todos lados. El recipiente de agua es difícil de lavar lo mismo que la boquilla del capuchino. En general es un buen producto.

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