Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 4.5 qt. 12-Speed Red All-Metal Stand Mixer

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  • Same mixing action as Kitchen Aid stand mixers. Planetary mixing action rotates the beaters around for even and complete bowl coverage for all your baking needs.
  • 12 speed settings: Hamilton Beach eclectrics stand mixers let you go from a slow stir to a fast whip, excellent for mixing anything from sticky bread dough to light whipped cream.
  • Designed for durability: eclectrics stand mixers give you a powerful 400 watt motor and a built to last die cast metal finish.
  • 4. 5 quart stainless steel bowl with handle: Large enough to mix dough for your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, loaves of fresh bread, pans of birthday cake batter or mashed potatoes for your Thanksgiving guests.
  • Accessories included: stand mixer attachments include a flat beater, dough hook, whisk and pouring shield to protect/guard against splatters.
  • Kitchen aid is the registered trademark of Whirlpool properties Use of the Kitchen Aid trademark does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by Kitchen Aid or Whirlpool properties


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Hamilton Beach eclectrics stand mixers makes baking easy and lets you masterfully mix, whip, knead and create your favorite from-scratch baked goods and homemade recipes, thanks to planetary mixing action, 12 speeds and a powerful 400 watt motor.

The durable die-cast metal finish and classic design will stand the test of time.

Specification: Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 4.5 qt. 12-Speed Red All-Metal Stand Mixer

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 12 in

Hamilton Beach





15 reviews for Hamilton Beach Eclectrics 4.5 qt. 12-Speed Red All-Metal Stand Mixer

3.4 out of 5
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  1. J. Henderson

    Edited to add additional comment. It has now been over 2 years and this mixer is still fantastic. I have recommended this machine to friends, family and anyone who asks. It is a great value and a great mixer.After having lost 2 different Kitchen Aid stand mixers (one lasted 3 years, one lasted 2 years) I decided to get a different brand. This mixer has all metal gears, a 3 year manufacturer warranty, and a lot cheaper than the Kitchen Aid. It has a smaller mixing bowl, 4.5 quart vs 6 quart, than my last KA and it is only 400w where as my KA was 600w (I think). I am so happy I decided to try something new! This new mixer is fantastic! It is so quiet, it sounds smooth when it is running, and it does a great job! Yay!!I just finished making 8dz cupcakes, an 8″ cake and about 15lbs of buttercream frosting. This mixer was every bit as good as my biggest KA mixer. It was just as fast, mixed just as well and just as fast. It was so much quieter though! The lack of noise actually threw me off, I was used to the KA making different noises when the frosting was almost done. This mixer just stayed nice and quiet the whole time.Completely satisfied. It can can handle large batches of buttercream without overheating and it looks cute!

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  2. tj

     It’s Terrible!!!

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  3. Wayne Taber

    Used twice for chocolate chip cookie dough. Motor burned out. Hamilton Beach sent replacement but its motor also started smoking and quit operating after only 2 uses..

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  4. diane lake

    I have been wanting this mixer for many years. Back when I first saw it and wanted it, it was more then a basic Kitchenaid stand mixer on Amazon. I got that one and while it did the usual good job of Kitchenaid, I still wished I could have gotten this one.When my daughter married I gave it to her since I was not using it very much.With grandchildren, I now found myself wishing for a stand mixer again.I saw this one for a good price and decided to get it. I still was not sure about spending over 100.00 for a mixer but, I felt this stand mixer, like I have for years, was a really well made mixer that would do a good job.I am glad I spent the money.It is alot of fun to use.Now, I’ve only had this for a short while and have used it about 6 times. But, I have compared it with the old Kitchenaid I had and feel that would be of use to those who are not sure which to get.The Kitchenaid I had was a basic one but, it is a really good mixer and there is nothing wrong with them.For one thing, it is very quiet for a stand mixer. Much quieter then my old Kitchenaid.It is not very heavy and yet, is solid, not plastic.I have had it on semi high, setting 8, and it grips the counter and does not move.For anyone who complains of it not always mixing the very bottom, my old Kitchenaid did the same thing. For me, the bottom not mixed is off and on. And when it does, it leaves so little it is not that big of a deal.I make homemade pizza but, have not used it on the dough yet. The machine feels solid so, I am hoping it will plow through that as I hope it will.This is a very easy to use Stand Mixer. I am really happy with it and though I have not had it very long, I do feel it is an excellent mixer.

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  5. Marsha

    We love our mixer. We’ve made pizza crust and hamburger buns so far. The mixer has performed as expected. We didn’t go above the 6 setting and it was perfect. I’ve read many reviews before purchasing and some commented on the “bogging down while mixing the dough”. Most mixers will “kick” while mixing heavy products, and this mixer did just that. The motor can absolutely handle the weight, it’s how mixers handle the “resistant” or “heavy” product it’s mixing. We love this mixer and would absolutely buy it again. The mixer doesn’t have the suction cups on the bottom nor does it need them. The rubber stumps the base connects to the counter with worked beautifully on our counter….no dancing around what so ever. The plastic pour in spout is very nice, though I prefer to work without it with what we’ve made so far, though it’ll be great for mashed potatoes. Heavier products aren’t going to spray outside the awesome bowl. Very pleased.

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  6. KandiJo

    Why did I wait so long to buy a stand mixer? All my life I have been mixing by hand, what a dummy. Finally I read the great reviews for this mixer and sucked it up and bought it. Life changer (at least in the kitchen). I love being able to dump ingredients in and walk away while it is mixing. My cookies even tasted better because it will mix much longer than I could ever do by hand. The motor is powerful and quiet, too. No need to buy that more expensive mixer, this one is perfect!

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  7. Gina

    I purchased Hamilton Beach Electrics All Metal Stand Mixer in November 2016. Previous owner of Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer which purchased in 2004, mixer quit on me 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. Repair cost would be $140. Decided to try Hamilton Beach Eclectrics. Was so excited baked pound cake same night it arrived. Put that cake in freezer, made 3 other pound cakes during Thanksgiving. That first cake made with Hamilton Beach was the best of the cakes. I like having pouring shield for adding flour. Flat beater mixes as well as Kitchen Aid mixer. I also like having handle on bowl. I look forward to using this mixer for many years.

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  8. J. Monaghan

    The machine is very sturdy and very effective. It feels high quality in every way except one – the metal of the hub on the wire mixer is of extremely cheap quality. The wires themselves are fine, but the hub part of the attachment has a metal that is deteriorating excessively, leaving a fine black powder on anything it comes into contact, powder that gets worse with moisture and does not completely wipe off because it is the metal itself degrading. I don’t feel safe having that kind of metal near food. We’ll still use the mixer but we are looking for alternative attachments.

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  9. me

    had a problem with oil oozing out the shaft and noise starting up but who ever oiled the shaft must have let some leak down the shaft and the start up noise, I went to a store and tried one and it’s about the same so for the price I figured i’de keep it for now and give it a try.

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  10. maverick01

    Owned it a couple of weeks, so I can’t speak about it’s durability, although it has a solid warranty, We are very pleased with this mixer. It’s solidly built, silent, strong and easy to use.The only critic I can give it is I find that the slider for speed adjustment is a little difficult to position precisely. It’s nothing major, and I may get better at it. Either way, not a biggie.

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  11. Pepahu

    Bought this brand on recommendations of Consumer Reports. Does a fine job on relatively fluid mixes. Tried it on bread dough with the dough hook. The dough tended to spiral up the hook, and overall it did a relatively poor job of kneading.

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  12. Hilda martinez vaquera

    Llegó en menos tiempo de. Lo programado, La batidora cumplió mis expectativas, es grande y se ve muy resistente, funciona excelente, además me encanta el color. Con la seguridad que tu compra es satisfactoria.

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  13. Ana María Prieto Hernández

    Muy buen producto

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  14. Suzanne audet

    Très bon melangeur ..assez fort pour faire le pain et pizzas.

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  15. Angélica Piña

    Llegó mucho más rápido de lo esperado con todos los accesorios y perfectamente protegida.

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