Hamilton Beach 63326 6 Speed 3.5 qt. Stand Mixer Color: Charcoal Gray/Stainless

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  • Same Mixing Action as Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers
  • Complete Bowl Coverage Better Mixing than 2-Beater Stand Mixing
  • 6-Speeds and Special Fold Setting Stainless Steel 3.5-Quart Bowl
  • Mixing Head Spins as it Rotates Completely Inside the Bowl Tilt-up Head Lifts Out Non-Slip Feet
  • 300 Watts INCLUDES: Flat Beater Whisk Dough Hook


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The Hamilton Beach stand mixer is designed for hands-free mixing for a wide variety of foods ranging from light and airy egg whites to sticky bread dough.

A powerful 300W Motor is great for everyday mixing and can even handle the thickest cookie dough and other baking needs. Planetary mixing action gives complete bowl coverage – the mixing head spins as it rotates completely inside the bowl, allowing better mixing than traditional 2-beater stand mixers.

Theres no need to stop and scrape ingredients from the side of the bowl. Six speeds and a special fold setting give you maximum versatility and precise control at every speed.

Adding ingredients while preparing a recipe is easy; The head tilts up out of the way for bowl access. Nonslip feet keep the mixer still while in use.

Attachments include a non-stick flat beater, dough hook, and whisk. All attachments, as well as the stainless steel 4-Quart mixing bowl, are dishwasher safe for fast cleanup.

Specification: Hamilton Beach 63326 6 Speed 3.5 qt. Stand Mixer Color: Charcoal Gray/Stainless

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions14 × 9 × 12 in

Hamilton Beach





15 reviews for Hamilton Beach 63326 6 Speed 3.5 qt. Stand Mixer Color: Charcoal Gray/Stainless

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  1. mchiara

    I have not wanted to invest in a stand mixer. They are so expensive. My son purchased one for his girlfriend and spent a fortune. Being a gluten free person, If I want certain things, I need to make it myself. There is no way that I can make decent breads without a mixer. So, after a lot of looking at lots of different brands. I chose this one. I could not be happier with this mixer! It works beautifully!. Lots of the recipes I have to use are a little stiff. This mixer can handle the job! I rely on reviews to make my purchases. If you find that mine is helpful to you, please click yes for me! Thank you! Please feel free to ask any question, too!

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  2. Ashish Gupta

     BEWARE – black soot / powder is coming off dough blade after first use . If we didn’t notice we would have been eating it mixed into the dough . Do NOT buy this product !!

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  3. The Pericles

    I am taking culinary classes for baking and I quickly realized that if I was going to actually learn anything, I needed to practice at home, and to do that, I needed a “planetary” mixer.In class our mixers range from industry grade KitchenAid to Volrath to Hobart — with the last two being the machines that do the the severe high yield cookie and bread dough jobs.This was an intro class, and we did a little of everything, but I was most interested in bread. Since I am very serious about learning to bake, I began to explore and price planetary stand mixers. Since I am on a strict budget and not absolutely positive that I would continue the class, my goal was to find an “entry level” stand mixer with the planetary mixing action.To be clear, planetary refers to the action of whatever mixer utensil is at work in the bowl. For instance, if you are using the paddle tool, the paddle will be spinning in the bowl much in the same way an egg beater spins, however, there is a second motion in which a separate gear orbits the bowl as the paddle spins — so, there is a double action with a planetary mixer.I bought this at $79, based on the reviews and I honestly felt that it would be fine for practice and that eventually if my passion for baking continued, I would just run this into the ground for the time being. I sort of took the attitude that if things didn’t work out, I wasn’t out a huge investment and if it broke, well, it WAS the cheapest mixer I could find…BUT. WOW!I am NOT a baker but a novice baking student and I can honestly tell you that I have been beating the heck out of this thing and I cannot kill it!At home I have made 14 dozen lean dough french rolls, 8 dozen enriched dough rolls, 7 Pear Frangipane Tarts and several cookie batches.Now I mainly want to talk about the bread since there is a lot of static on here about how this mixes bread dough and the reason I think that this little mixer needs some respect is because — as I practiced, I DIDN’T know what I was doing. I was kneading dough with the bread hook way too long and often at a higher speed.However, bread dough can be very forgiving in the oven and all came out fine — but the amazing thing is that I abused this mixer out of ignorance and it just kept going.The bread recipes each called for 18 oz. of flour with one (Lean French) using 100% Bread Flour the other (Enriched) with a 12/6 oz. split of bread and AP flour.Due to my inexperience and some experimenting. I sometimes kneaded the dough for up to an hour when only 10 or 15 minutes was needed. This made the mixer very warm and I could hear it labor on occasion, but even now it works as well as the day I took it out of the box. It is made of plastic with a metal bowl and suction cup feet. It isn’t any louder than the mixers at school. It has a 3.5 qt. stainless steel bowl which is a little small, so although it was good for me to practice, I will eventually upgrade to a higher capacity mixer. However, at 300 watts — which is a little low, power-wise — it never seemed to struggle as I assumed it would. It would start to labor a bit and then recover as if it shifted gears.This mixer turned out to be a pleasant surprise and even after I upgrade, I will be keeping this little guy around as both a back-up and a secondary mixer if I get on a roll. If you are a hardcore baker with intense high yield formulas, you should probablypass.

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  4. GetUpAndGo

    I’ve been laboriously mixing things by hand for some time. Every hand mixer I’ve bought sprays ingredients everywhere and the 2 standing mixers I’ve bought just shorted out for no discernible reason. This was a great deal so I gave it a try. It’s tough finding a 5 star mixer that’s not $200+. I can’t justify having something that expensive when I bake maybe once a week. This one was $62 which worth a try. My first use I made simple banana bread. It’s so easy to use, the buttons are easy to understand, and the attachments are a good size. The suction at the bottom to keep the stand still? Very convenient!

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  5. Sparrow

    This is the third mixer that I’ve bought from Amazon. The first, a Bodum stand mixer, worked great until it broke a few months later. The second, a two beater Sunbeam Heritage model has survived, but as much as I wanted to like it, I found that it just didn’t mix well and required me to move the bowl manually and otherwise fiddle with it constantly. When I found myself reverting to using an ancient hand mixer, I knew it was time to replace the Sunbeam.Today, I spent the day putting the Hamilton Beach through its paces. First, I made a batch of fairly stiff bread dough, containing 5 cups of flour. This definitely was the upper limit of the mixers capacity, both in terms of volume and power. The motor overheated just as the dough was finished and I thought I had broken it as it stopped mixing. In the time it took me to wash up the dishes, the mixer recovered, however. I next made a half batch of reverse-creamed cup cakes. The mixer performed well and didn’t require a lot of bowl scraping in spite of the small amount of batter. The same was true for the half batch of ermine frosting that I made in it. The last thing I made was a small batch (2 1/4 cups flour) of yeast rolls. I used the dough hook only rather than using the flat beater first, and the dough came together quickly with no problems.Bottom line: so far, so good. I’m not sure how long this mixer will last, but for the low price and the $8 four- year product protection that I bought for it, I’m not too worried. I wish it had a slightly larger capacity, but again, it was inexpensive. By the way, I have used a friend’s Kitchen Aid on a number of occasions and I would say that, at this price point, the Hamilton Beach compares pretty favorably to it.

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  6. Cristina

    El servicio de entrega por Amazon fue excelente y rápido, hace 4 meses que compré la batidora, y la he usado para reposteria de forma moderada, sin ningún problema, hasta que al batir un queso crema para un betún se rompió el accesorio de batir tipo globo, contacté al fabricante en México y contestó que la garantía no cubre los accesorios. Así que no recomiendo la compra de este producto.

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  7. Jorge Ortiz

    Definitivamente una excelente batidora si no puedes/estas dispuesto a pagar una Kitchen Aid. Funciona de maravilla, con buenas opciones de velocidad y tres herramientas para batido.Lo único que me molestó un poco es que es el primer artículo de cocina que compro que no tiene por lo menos un par de recetas en el instructivo, pero bueno, para eso está el internet

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  8. wingman37

    So far, blended pie filling, made cookie dough and mixed bread dough.The machine labors a lot when the dough begins to stiffen. A little concened about the longevity and durability of the mixer.Overall a very good value here, nice variety of mixing options.Appreciate the suction cup feet and the locking bowl which keeps the machine steady under hard mixing.Can’t beat the value for $100 CAD!

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  9. Daniel Nieto

    Excelente productoMi esposa lo utiliza para hacer repostería para un negocio que recién emprendió y funciona de maravilla. Leyó el comentario en esta plataforma que es la batidora Kitchen Aid de los pobres y dice que tienen razón. La relación calidad precio es la más alta de las batidoras que se venden no solo en Amazon sino probablemente en el mercado. La recomendamos 100%

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  10. Patricia Martin

    Just bought this in the last month used a few times now and clearly this is a great product. I’ve run into no issues, the parts all work. spins good, creates dough well, no issues. only thing I would mention is the opening to add your ingredients a touch smaller than i would have liked but just use alton browns way of adding dry ingredients via a paper plate folded up works great :). Powerful and easy to store and clean. stays in place very well with the suctions cups it has on the bottom. UPDATE: just updating since I last reviewed now gotta be 2 months now. LOVE LOVE LOVE my machine, does everything dough for cookies, bread, stays put and is powerful does the job and Im loving it.

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  11. Mike

    It is small compared to a kitchen-aid.But for my cooking enjoyment, I find it’s just right. I can easily make a good size loaf of bread with it. Easy cleaning. Not noisy like kitchenaid. I’ve used it 3 times now and I so far I kind of like it….a lot. For the price it’s worth buying.

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  12. OLINKA G.

    Sus funciones son para cantidades grandes de producto, por ejemplo si quiero batir unas claras a punto de turrón no me funciona porqué el aspa de globo no llega alfondo del tazón y no bate bien, tendría que poner como 8 blanquillos o más, (lo que pudiera hacer con una batidora de mano sin problema con un par de blanquillos),en general si colocas una cantidad pequeña no hará bien sus funciones. Si ocupa un poco de espacio en la cocina. Lo positivo es sencillo de utilizar y de limpiar.

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  13. Carlos Vázquez

    La batidora está bien, unica queja es que le falta un poco de potencia. Es para recetas fáciles cuyos ingredientes no necesitan tanto batido.

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  14. Gurpal Singh Nagra

    It is really nice product. My mom liked it very much since it saves her time and effort. She uses it mostly to dough the flour

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  15. Nelly Rocio

    hasta hoy la funcionalidad de este producto es super buena… todo esta funcionando bien y es super super funcional me parece que 5 estrellas es poca puntuacion para su gran funcionalidad

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