Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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  • LED Headlights: With the LED lights of this home vacuum, you’ll get a better view to clean beneath furniture and the hard-to-see spots in your house. Dust cup capacity – 4.1 liters
  • All-floor Vacuuming: The 5 height adjustment settings of this vacuum cleaner allow you to switch proper mode on hardwood floors, carpet and rug areas effortlessly.
  • XL Dust Cup: The XL dust cup of the multi-surface vacuum holds more dirt and requires less frequent emptying between uses.
  • Wide Operation Reach: The 10-pound lightweight enable users to enjoy up to 8 feet of reach to clean hard-to-reach places like ceilings, the tops of furniture, under appliances and more.
  • Accessories: Included The included pet turbo brush, 2-in-1 upholstery tool, flexible telescoping crevice tool and quick release handle help the users remove pet hair and hard-to-clean substances easily.Detachable handle
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The new Eureka power speed Turbo spotlight gives you the premium functionality you crave with a reasonable price.

-Extremely lightweight at just 10 pounds, the Eureka power speed Turbo spotlight also packs a powerful suction;

-The uniquely engineered motor and brush roll are perfect for cleaning all floor types;

-Equipped with features & accessories like LED headlights and a Pet Turbo brush, this vacuum is ideal for all your cleaning needs;

-2 year limited .

Specification: Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions12 × 15 × 35 in






8 reviews for Eureka NEU188A PowerSpeed Turbo Spotlight Lightweight Upright Vacuum

1.8 out of 5
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  1. Y.O. @Home

    This vacuum cleaner is just perfect as it can get for this price range. I hadn’t vacuumed in a while as I had taking my only vacuum cleaner to another property and left it there. Maybe it was 30 days since I last vacuumed. Well, finally found the cleaner I wanted and on a first pass, you can see all the dust it collected. Kind of embarrassing. It’s very lite so holding it up when you are using the cleaning tools is not an issue. I’ve heard of people saying that the suction is so strong, when they are using the cleaning tools, it eats into their carpet. Well, I put mine on high settings, in case I have to put it back down and held it while using the different add-on tools to reach in high places; and the dusting tool to dust the top of my cabinets. For the price, you can’t beat this.

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  2. George

    Absolute crap I am so angry I have allergies and Asthma and it’s an incredibly important part of being healthy to have a good vacuum. I vacuumed three times we vacuumed regularly for the carpets couldn’t have been that dirty even. All of a sudden I noticed it’s not picking up first then I realized the brush roll quit rolling upon closer inspection a belt was out of place secured in a plastic casing that we couldn’t remove. Unless you are supposed to unscrew it which we were unwilling to do as unscrewing anything would have left us unable to return it.

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  3. Catchoo2

    Do not bother with this product. Keep searching for a vacuum cleaner that is not a huge pain in the a##. I got this as a lightning deal and bought it because of all the positive reviews and it being so lightweight. It’s garbage.One, the hose is all but useless. None of the attachments work when hooked up to the hose. The triangular one doesn’t spin, and none of the others actually have any suction when attached. The hose itself will suck up things but it takes forever to use it, when I’m supposed to be able to use the attachments, on the stairs or furniture. It completely defeats the purpose of lightweight use for the stairs when I’m struggling to vacuum with the base of the cleaner, when I should be able to use the hose and attachments.Two, when using the vacuum on carpeted areas, it grips, or gets caught on the carpet so you can’t turn or do corners with any ease whatsoever. I have to actually lift the vacuum to turn in spaces. I have lower back issues, which is part of the reason the “lightweight” feature was important. Well, it’s lightweight, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to lift it so often while using it. The gripping of the carpet is a huge back killer and I would not recommend this for anyone with lower back problems.Three, the cord is entirely too short. It’s absurd. I had read that it was shorter, and we have a lot of plugs around so I thought it would be less of an issue. It’s not. I have to constantly unplug and replug in this cleaner.Four, It has no suction!!!!!!! The entire point of a vacuum is to suck things up so there are not pieces left on any surface. I just vacuumed the stairs and there are little pieces left all over!! I read that this cleaner specifically is good for people with animals. It’s useless.I’m sure there are more cons I could list about this vacuum but those are the 4 biggest issues I have. I cannot say enough bad things about this vacuum. Do NOT buy this vacuum if you have lower back problems, if you want a vacuum that cleans the floor/surfaces you use it on, if you need a lightweight vacuum for cleaning the stairs, or if you want a quality product at all. Spend more money, look at other products, go elsewhere, etc. I promise, this vacuum is NOT worth any amount of money you might spend!!!!

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  4. Stuart J Davidson

    I contacted Eureka customer support for advice on a replacement for my wonderful (but aging) Eureka AS1000. I’d had this model for years, had parts replaced but now duct tape was holding it together. Customer support suggested the NEU180 series, I picked the top of the line, but was disappointed the first time I used it. I’ve reverted to the AS1000. On the plus side, the headlight of the NEU188A was great, but it burnt out after two months and maybe a dozen uses. The hose is way to short and pulls the vacuum over and hits the floor each time I use it. The brush is horrible. The crevice tool toggles and never stays in one position, its useless. The contents show another tool, which was not in the box, I called support. I don’t like the canister setup and filter. I’ll be donating the NEU188A to Goodwill and buying another AS1000 or some other brand in the near future.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I bought the purple one it worked great on carpets but when it came to the hardwood floors it didn’t do great at all. The cord is also mounted to low so constantly having pull it up. There no extension for the house that’s to short. I gave it a over all 3 stars ended up returning because 85% of my house is hardwood.

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  6. Erin

    I do not recommend this vacuum.Broke after only 5 uses (owned only 3 weeks).The step power pedal would turn unit on but once foot was off it, the power would also turn off.Adjusted the brush for carpet pile height in case it was over heating possibly causing vacuum to shut down but this did not correct the problem.Called eureka customer service and was told to go thru Amazon for any needs.When it did work the vacuum was fine but after this I will not be buying another eureka vacuum.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Excelente succión , súper ligera y practica, muy cómodo y fácil el vaciado de basura. Lo que si no trae es el cepillito redondo para meter en lugares pequeños como zapatos y el tubo extensor me gustaría que fuera un poco mas largo. Sin embargo después de comprar varias aspiradoras, me encanto y la super recomiendo pues aspira perfecto el pelo de mascotas. Es la tercer aspiradora Eureka que tengo y han sido excelentes. La Koblens Equinox que compre el año pasado, siendo el modelo mas caro, fue una desepcion En cuanto a succion y pesima calidad de los accesorios.

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  8. JC

    Excelente producto si tienes mascotas o eres una persona amante de la limpieza, la luz led que trae te permite ver mucho mejor el área a limpiar, no te permite limpiar áreas muy altas la extensión es corta todo lo demás excelente

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